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Well, it’s a filthy old wet morning alright – and a Monday one at that – but where are all these howling gales we were promised? It’s as calm and quiet here as … well, as Hill 16 was after Super Mac walloped that winning point into them back in 2006. Want to see it again? Oh, go on, then – here it is.

With a paucity of news to report on, I may as well take the opportunity to let you know about the fruits of my labours so far on the results archive I’m putting together on this site. I’ve now completed what may be styled as Phase 1 of the project, which comprises a complete record of all results for the last ten years, right back to that first league match of 1998 against Carlow (yes, Carlow!). What’s more, I’ve been able to link most of these results with match reports that are available on the web, mainly from the Western. I’ve got a link to every single league and championship match report back to the start of the 2003 season (just click on the match result and you’re there) and while I’ve been able to source links to all championship match reports back as far as 1998, some of the league fixtures for the period 1998-2002 are missing.

You’ll also notice that for 2007 I’ve included, where available, links to more than one match report and, in compiling the current year’s results, I’m endeavouring to include for each match at least one report from the national media, the local papers and from the local paper of the opposition on the day. As this builds up over time, it should provide anyone looking for details of a particular match with all the information they need.

Phase 2 is going to involve more spadework (in the form of a sub to the digital version of the Irish Times and close perusal of same) and no more links, as we’ve already reached the Stone Age in terms of the internet. It’ll also take time, quite a bit of it I reckon, and may involve (particularly when I tunnel back a few decades) having to consult other sources.

I’ll keep you updated on progress over the coming months. In the meantime, enjoy Phase 1.

4 thoughts on “Results archive update

  1. Fair play on the results archive, it’s a great resource for all Mayo gaa fans, you have put some amount of work into for the betterment of us all. Phase 2 will be some undertaking if your able to find all the results.
    This is something that Co Board should have undertaken themselves along time ago, keep up the good work.

  2. Back to 1998 was easy enough to do, if a bit time-consuming but filling it the results back over the decades will be a lot tougher alright. I’m going to try to list the results in the same way (i.e. including the team, the subs and who scored) as far back as I can but I suspect that, at some point, I’ll have trouble getting anything more than the result.

    It is strange, I agree, that there’s no official record available online because the GAA obviously have the material themselves somewhere!

  3. Thanks for putting the stats together. Read Saturdays Irish Independent and I loved the quote from one Micheal Lynn “Don’t let perfect get in the way of good. We need to drive it home or we will end up like the Mayo football team” Should be painted in red letters on the dressing room in Castlebar, Lynn for next manager?

  4. I think that gentleman, if it’s the same one I think it is, has plenty on his plate right now!

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