Results round-up

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Finally, some results to report on. There was a slew of Michael Walsh League matches on this weekend and here’s a list of the results of these fixtures.

This is how the Senior games went:

These were the Intermediate results:

And these were the Junior results:

Quick plug for the Mayo GAA Lotto while I’m at it – the next draw is on tomorrow night and the jackpot now stands at €6,200. You can play the Lotto here.

6 thoughts on “Results round-up

  1. Anybody able to tell me if Mayo Lotto continued to run through the lockdown?
    My practice was to do it in ten week blocks even though I got weekly reminders about it. Of course that weekly reminder meant that when I needed the reminder, i.e. when the ten weeks were up, the reminder was useless. Anyway I haven’t had a reminder for months as my phone went missing early on in the lockdown and I am now on a new number. Getting my old number revived was not so easy as it was originally a corporate phone and only the company, who I said goodbye to a few years ago, can request it be reinstated.

  2. Anyone willing to provide an update on the form of some of our lads? I heard Tommy Conroy went to town for the Neale. Anyone else show well?

  3. Some comeback from Belmullet who conceded 3 goals in the first 7 minutes, a 4th goal after 18 minutes, were 12 points down at half time and won by 2 in the end.

  4. How are fans going to get tickets for club championship games? Will county board release them?

  5. Noticed in all the articles Chris Barrett is listed as 34 this year. He’s 33 this year, he was last year minor 2005. Before we age him off the team 🙂

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