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Mayo News podcast

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It’s back and with added Robbie Hennelly. The Mayo News football podcast has in recent years become an integral part of the #mayogaa scene and, ahead of the county’s opening NFL Division One clash with Kerry this coming Sunday at McHale Park (throw-in 2.30pm), the lads are back – with former Mayo ‘keeper Robbie Hennelly in tow – to chew the fat on love, life and the Mayo football team. As usual, the podcast is well worth a listen and you can do so here.

7 thoughts on “Return of the Mayo News podcast

  1. Sean Moran gives an analysis of the upcoming NFL div 1 entitled ‘Top eight all face hard questions’ he goes on to give his opinion on the chances of 7 teams who did he forget to mention yes you have guessed it Mayo – got my blood up reading through it with not a mention of Mayo, aside from the fact that we are the most consistent team to maintain div 1 status and the fact that we reached the league final last year!

    What is it with the media and Mayo they seem to think they can off hand us and still maintain a credible stance – this should be shown to the lads ahead of the opener in Mchale park on Sunday, for those of you who haven’t seen it:

  2. I have noted recently that Mayo, its players and manager have not got much media attention apart from the spat that came six months too late.

    Perhaps the have taken the not unreasonable view that Mayo have no more to offer in terms of hidden secrets or depths not yet explored. They possibly might have a point there. Mayo make finals across the spheres but tend to come up very short last year against Donegal too. So its kinda folks…move on there nothing to trouble ye here.

    We are not seen as gilt edged contenders, Donegal, Cork, Kerry and Dublin have the jump there. Tyrone would be rated ahead of us and we are in the mix after that. martin Breheny a man whom i have disagreed with often, this week wrote a piece. not easy for a Mayo man to digest but all truth and medicine without sugar.

    At the end of the day we gotta bend the media not the other way round. At the moment they dont really buy our package and i for one cannot fault them. Sorry about that and all that stuff, no doubt Mayo will now go and stuff Kerry on Sunday and make a fool of me but will they do it in high autumn that’s the question.

    One other thing…how in the name of the great man above was James Kilcullen allowed to go and declare for Sligo. One of the few Mayo players I ever saw with heft, balls and guts in recent years. I think it was two years ago in the league that he sickened a few arrogant Cork boys. Would he have been out of place at 11 , 12 or 14 in last years All Ireland final? We must be stacked shelf high with warriors if this lad can be cut adrift. There are a few I would love to have seen slip away to somewhere else but James Kilcullen wouldnt be one of them. No doubt sooner rather than later he will bit our arse somewhere.

  3. i do agree with most you say John but I wasnt looking for special treatment in the article just a fair mention anyway I wrote to the Irish Times and I just got a response from the man himself Sean Moran:

    “Dear Nathan

    The newspaper has forwarded me your complaint, which I have to say is justified. I was distracted when writing by the emerging news about Dónal Óg Cusack and failed to include Mayo. That’s not an excuse, just an explanation of how it happened. My apologies for the omission and I shall make it my business to focus on the county over the next two weeks.

    Yours faithfully

    Seán Moran.

    so there ya go what can you say I hope he doesn’t OD on the Mayo team now as I don’t want that either just fair coverage – are you listening Mr Brolly?

  4. Well done Nally Stand, for noting the omission in Sean Moran’s analysis and more importantly doing something about it. We will now wait with interest his next few reports.
    Lets hope our match with kerry will give him some positives to write about us !

  5. Well done from this corner too, Nally Stand. I was reading through it myself earlier this evening and was thinking they’ve left us until the very end again, but I was wrong – they left us out completely! I had to read it over a few times in case I had missed it.

    If the lads are willing to put their all into play on the field, the rest of us in the Mayo football family shoud be willing to get stuck in when the need arises even if it’s only an indignant e-mail or letter to RTE or one of the papers.

    I’ll be listening out for the first sign of condescending arrogance from the Umbrella Man in the coming weeks.

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