Return of the Monday match reports

Mayo NUIG final score


It’s Monday, it’s back to reality but, with the football back, it’s also time for the Monday match reports to reappear. Mind you, such was the sterling job that Digits did on yesterday’s opening FBD game – and in short order too, his piece on the match against NUIG was in my inbox before 6pm yesterday – I’m not sure you need to see any of the other reports but, what the heck, it’s Monday so here they are.

Locals: Mayo Advertiser, Mayo News. Nationals: Irish Independent, Irish Times, Irish Examiner. Other: Hogan Stand.

Colm Gannon in the Mayo Advertiser also got some post-match quotes from Pat and Noel – here. The lads sounded happy enough to have got their first match under their belts, with Pat stressing that the key thing for now is that the work ethic is right. Noel said that there’ll be further experimentation over the next two matches with the intention to have the panel trimmed to “the late 30s” for the start of the League.

There are plenty of other pics in Mayo Mick’s collection from the game aside from the one used above – the full gallery is here.

33 thoughts on “Return of the Monday match reports

  1. Can anyone tell me how to get from bus station in ballina to where the match is on next Sunday. As far as I know there are to pitches around the town.

  2. mayomaningalway, when you come out of the station go left for about 500 yds until you come to junction,left again and another 500 yds will have you at the pitch.

  3. Just booked a hotel close to Fitzgerald Stadium for the NFL game v Kerry. Looking foward to it.

  4. The link to the quotes after the game is the same link as The examiner match report

  5. I did not know Tommy Conroy lost his Dad on Stephen’s Day. (Reported in media today) He buried his All Ireland medal with him in what is a very sad story. Condolences to Tommy and his family on their loss. Hopefully his dad will be looking down on him win a senior All Ireland in the next few years.

    Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam

  6. I was debating that option as well RosTown re the Kerry game, but seeing as February brings with it Valentine’s Day and the mid-term (for us teachers) that’s ruled out immediately. I’ll have to travel on the day.

  7. Farr,wouldn’t a ‘romantic’ trip to Kerry make a lovely early Valentines surprise….2 birds with the one stone(If ya pardon the pun!).

  8. Condolences to tommy Conroy and his family on his loss, hopefully he will do his dad proud later this year with mayo u21s and maybe even seniors

  9. I knew it wouldn’t take Anne-Marie very long to bring a bit of romance into this football thing, a class act for sure 🙂

  10. With the greatest respect Ann Marie for anyone letting love or romance detract from their enjoyment of a Mayo/Kerry encounter; I would advise that the mental hospital skirts the boundary of this great stadium.

  11. Why not organise a get together on Saturday night 31st in Killarney all Mayos who have made the trip.

  12. Good to know citog! I won’t even make Killarney unfortunately, due to other commitments that weekend so no danger of distraction, romance or incarceration for me 😉

    RosTown, I believe the other Club ’51 folks are planning a get-together down there for the Mayo crowd on the Saturday night – keep an eye on the website the week towards the end of the month, There’ll be some info on car pooling from various parts of the country as well I reckon – it’s a long trek down there especially if you’re flying solo.

  13. A very difficult time for Tommy and his family. They need all the support they can get and I’m sure the Mayo GAA family will rally round them as they struggle to come to terms with their loss.

  14. Condolences to the Conroys. Never a good time to go.
    I read the predictions of some reporters on the Mayo News today, they vote for Dublin to win Sam. It’s very early but I think Mayo are going to be ferocious this summer, it’ll be Mayo for Sam.
    Another thing, Mayo may not win Sam in a few weeks in Kerry but they should leave a mark, a big mark. Go out and win the league and forget this burnout talk if they’ve been resting a lot since last August. It’s a national title, the players need it.

  15. I think it great they going the dubs that means that màyo are under radar congrats to zippy and cillian are be captains they deserve it. Is cillian suspended for the kerry game next month anyone know.

  16. There seems to be a lot of confusion over that Cait. Is it the first league or championship match? Can anyone clarify or confirm for definite?

  17. Isn’t it the same competition as the one he received the red in? Nearly sure I read that somewhere. Makes Salthill, (and that’s where we’ll be going) that bit tougher.

  18. Cillian is suspended for the 1st competitive Mayo match which is vs Kerry.FBD or challange matches do not count for his ban.

  19. cait, he did it and will pay the price but it means someone else can go to kerry and wear the jersey, maybe someone out of the 20 lads that have been training since connelly took charge. I wonder will we see an experimenting with bigger players in the kerry square? id like to see one or two big lads put in there and kick it in high to see what happens

  20. Can’t understand people talking about the importance of going down to Kerry and laying down a marker/hammering them etc etc. The first game of the league means absolutely nothing, sure half the Kerry lads will probably still be on holidays. I’m far more interested in how some of our fringe players play and whether they show they might have something to offer in late summer when the serious stuff comes around. Of course a win would be nice, but no big deal if we lose. Also like to see regulars like Higgins, o Shea, Dillon, o Connor rested. We know these guys will be in the thick of the action next August. We don’t need to see them bursting their asses in early February. As far as I can see most of the standout players in the all Ireland series in recent years take it nice and handy during the league, especially the early rounds. Likes of donaghy, brogan, Flynn, Marc o se, David Moran etc. The usual suspects will be flying in round 1 of course, Kildare will probably win by 20 points their first game! Ya won’t see them in late August though.

  21. Agree with Mac.

    The time for laying down a marking and hammering Kerry was last August. We failed.

    Go down to Tralee and win the game, but in the big scheme of things it is two points to stay in Division 1 which has to be the first aim of the season.

  22. Mayo have laid down plenty of markers against Kerry in recent Leagues.

    None of them mattered a damn come the championship.

  23. The “mark” is to beat Kerry and enough others to position themselves to win the league. It’s a national title, one other than the Connaught title of which they have bags of medals for. Win one final in Croker and move to setting up for the big one.

  24. Agree 100% with the last three posters. We need to try out our new players. Kerry did that last year and were crap the first few games. They got it right!!!
    But why would we ever heed Kerry, they’re only the All Ireland champions after all. As well, they changed their style of football and won the All Ireland. Again, we are Mayo and why should we change our style.
    We won’t win Sam but we play lovely football, year after year, proud Mayo people. I’d much prefer to be proud when we win the f..king thing. Eamon Fitzmaurice said he didn’t like the way they played but they won!!!! Will we learn this year? I hope so.

  25. I totally agree comments on laying down markers. The time to do it is in CP on final day and not just the AI. How many League finals have we been to and the guys laying down marters in earlier games were nowhere to be seen. What is required are players that show up in the final ,League or AI, and show true leadership. Winning Connaught titles recently it pains me to stay has not been a major challenge. Kicking great points while on top against weak or beaten oppposition is one thing, stepping up in the last twenty minutes of a final in CP and delivering is another thing. That is when the real class shows.

  26. Yeah lads, I agree as well, this year we can’t become fixated on Kerry. I think that we fell into this trap the last two years. Last year it was all about Dublin, the year before it was Donegal. We don’t want to get caught up thinking about the revenge factor again in 2015. We want to be the best team in the Country in 2015, thats our main objective. Donegal were the best team in 2012, Dublin in 2013 and Kerry in 2014. We can’t change that now but we can control what happens in 2015, getting our own house in order is our main aim.

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