Revamped county website goes live

We’ve all been critical down the years about the official county website, which, although it was one of the first of its kind when it was first launched back in the good old 1990s, has been showing its age in a fairly transparent way in more recent times. It’s good to see, then, that the site has now undergone a comprehensive revamp and that the shiny new updated version has just gone live.

There’s loads of new features on the site and I know that significant work has been put in over the last number of months to get the job done. With our opening championship match of 2010 just around the corner, the timing for the launch of the new website is pretty much spot-on too so well done to County PRO Kevin O’Toole and everyone else who made it all happen.

You’ll probably notice that there are still some glitches here and there on the site and I know that various things are still being tweaked and generally getting knocked into shape. If you spot anything that you think needs sorting out, don’t just moan about it and instead drop an email to  If you prefer, you can let me know via the comments here or by sending me an email and I can then point any such comments in the right direction. I know that the clear intention now is to make this a site that we can all be proud of so all constructive criticism will, I’m sure, be gratefully received and acted on.

Although I can’t claim any of the credit for the revamp, I am happy to announce that the county’s results archive, which I’ve been working on for longer than I care to remember, will soon be available on the new Mayo GAA site as well. I’ve always felt that the official site is the real spiritual home for this kind of information and I’m delighted that this is now going to happen, in the process making the Mayo site the first of its kind in the country to have a results archive of this nature. In the fullness of time, hopefully, the archive will encompass a complete record of all league and championship matches the county has played in but there’s still a fair old distance to go before that position is reached.

You’ll notice that the updated site contains a book of condolence where you can sympathise with the family and friends of Adrian Freeman, the talented young Mayo hurler from Aghamore who tragically died in a traffic accident in Australia at the weekend.  You could do worse than adding your own name to those who have already been on to express their sympathies in relation to this heartbreaking loss of life.

20 thoughts on “Revamped county website goes live

  1. Hope its kept up to date , unlike the last one. By the way, have they gone and changed the county crest for the second time. It looks more like the Galway or Cork one, little or no green in it? I will still be tuning in to radio WJ for the up to date info on Mayo regardless of the county boards new site but a welcome addition if kept updated.

  2. Its nice to see they’ve upgraded at last. Like ontheroad Green and Red will still be my first choice for Mayo football news.

  3. Revamped but far slower than the last site. Pages are taking 30 seconds or more to load which is unacceptable. A new web server wouldnt go astray there!

  4. new site is impressive if a bit slow but i presume that will be worked the others though i am sticking with green and red for latest news and lets hope the defenders are a good deal quicker on sunday

  5. Nice to see that the County Board have moved with the times. Though I think you have stolen a march on them W.J. They will have their work cut out to capture some of your loyal audience.
    Their site has potential but must be kept up to date. Player Profile section needs to be expanded. Needs some info on players. Their home clubs not mentioned.
    And an astonishing revelation that Tom Cuniffe has reached the ripe old age of 40. Hope the Sligo lads dont get wind of this information or our defensive line up may get the run around.
    Safe journey west everyone for the weekend and see you there.

  6. I understand that the crest they’ve put up on the new site is the wrong one and changing it back is one of the jobs on the ‘to do’ list.

  7. Didnt take them long to cock up, if your a Mayo man how can you get the crest wrong. Thats a basic, probably wanted to change it and hoped nobody would notice. I presume that since they are all modern and nifty that the wrong crest will be removed by this evening? I can tell you WJ, we will be looking at it in a years time.

  8. it’s just a lick of paint….. nothing new and if anything slower than the last version.

    Cynical Cynthia —– priceless!!

  9. The team is named

    1, David Clarke (Ballina Stephenites); 2, Chris Barrett (Belmullet), 3, Ger Cafferkey (Ballina Stephenites), 4, Keith Higgins (Ballyhaunis); 5, Donal Vaughan (Ballinrobe), 6, Tom Cunniffe (Castlebar Mitchels), 7, Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore); 8, Tom Parsons (Charlestown), 9, Ronan McGarrity (Ballina Stephenites); 10, Andy Moran (Ballaghaderreen), 11, Seamus O’Shea (Breaffy), 12, Trevor Mortimer CAPT (Shrule/Glencorrib); 13, Conor Mortimer (Shrule/Glencorrib), 14, Alan Freeman (Aghamore), 15, Enda Varley (Garrymore).

  10. The twin towers from last year both gone is a surprise. Peadars injury earlier in the year has cost him also.

  11. As good as the original P Solon, you just got in ahead of me. No Aiden O Shea, Dillon, Harte,BJ Padden, Gardiner, O Malley. Expect plenty of subs. JOM has gone for broke with that team.

  12. Don’t think anyone would have predicted that 15 to start. Injuries, of course haved forced some of the selections. Varley has earned his place, Vaughan rightfully holds Gardiner off, Parsons a tad lucky, SoS would be better in mf. Barrett offers more than LOM and deserves his chance. Emotional week for Keith and Alan F (puts things in perspective really), is there an injury to AOS (subs not named yet). Trev, as capn, had to start. Small ff line will dictate a running game in a tight pitch, that will suit the sligo lads. Dillon the biggest loss. Could be very sweaty sat eve, (revising my mini league prediction)!! Still expect us to win but by narrow margin.

  13. Topo D Rite, why has Trev to start?, you say because he is captain. Darren O Sullivan didnt start every game fro Kerry last year, Bryan Sheehan probably wont start every one this year. Being captain should not get you on the team automatically, Kevin O Neill found that out in 2007 and Gardiner has been vice captain but has lost out a few times as well.

  14. He was capn throughout the (largely successful) league campaign. He must have had a very important role when the team was on the road (no pun intended) for the difficult 4 away games when the team played with great spirit and fighting qualities. You can be sure that he is leading by example at training and has a lot of very useful advice and strategies for his now very young team mates. He will be bursting a gut in an honest and unselfish way on sat eve, as he always does. A lot of what you will see from him will not be pretty, but he will never stop trying or give up. I’m not his biggest fan, as I said before, but now is not the time to drop not the captain, it’s not like there’s a line of suitable options in waiting. I think that mr Parsons is the one who is luckiest to get his place. Anyway, I hope that both have blinders and help the team over the line. BTW Kerry pick their captains by default, i.e. capn of the co champs. The real leaders in the Kerry teams will be found in each line of the team. The named captain’s main role is to pick heads or tails and leg it up the steps most septembers to hoist the silverware (alas).

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