Revolution at the Bacon Factory End

I’ve been contacted by representatives of the Mayo Supporters Revolution, who have asked for a plug for their efforts to create a bit more atmosphere at McHale Park for the Connacht final. God knows, we could do with it – the ambience amongst the pitifully small crowd the last day was positively funereal, but I suppose the crap weather and the lack of a meaningful challenge from Sligo had a lot to do with that. We should, of course, have a full house the next day and it must be said that Connacht finals at McHale Park aren’t usually short of the right atmosphere.

But the revolutionaries propose to improve on this on July 13th, by gathering en masse under the scoreboard at the Bacon Factory End and engaging in all manner of a-hootin’ and a-hollerin’. They’re also aiming to come up with a number of player-related chants, which, as I’m reclining on my sun lounger in what promises to be a warm, sunny climate for the next two weeks (I did say I was going on holidays, didn’t I?), I told them I’d try to see if I could add to the canon.

My only effort to date, however, in that respect was as far back as 1985 when I distinctly recall careering around the quays in Dublin sometime around midnight on the night prior to the drawn game with the Dubs ululating something along the lines of “oh Barney, mind your rocks” to the tune the Hill uses for Come on Yew Boyz in Blew so maybe the Bacon Factory Bolsheviks shouldn’t hold their breath on that one. I think that instead we need to look across the water for inspiration for suitable ditties. Two come to mind: “he’s big, he’s black, he’s had a heart attack” (Arsenal supporters about Kanu) or “he’s blond, he’s quick, his name’s a porno flick” (Arsenal supporters again, this time about Emanuelle Petit). You get the idea.

Anyway, that’s the crack – it sounds like a good idea and if the lads on the field do the business as well, we could have a fun day out at McHale Park on July 13th.

2 thoughts on “Revolution at the Bacon Factory End

  1. Player chants!! Sounds like soccer yobbish behaviour. We’d be the laughing stock of the country. Who are these revolutionaries anyway.

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