RIP Jim Stynes

There’s been a damburst of tributes in the wake of the sad news out of Australia last night that the great Jim Stynes had finally lost his battle with cancer.

Anyone who has seen the incredibly moving Every Heart Beats True documentary – which, by an odd coincidence, I watched again only the other night – will have a good idea about what an inspiring individual he was and how he touched the lives of so many in such a positive way.

Jim’s death has sparked an enormous reaction in his adopted Australia – this is just one sample – and the respect with which he was held in the country he had lived in for the best part of 30 years has been dramatically underlined by the decision to afford him a State funeral in Melbourne. It’s a fitting tribute to such a distinguished adopted son. May this great Irishman rest in peace.

(Thanks to @sportsdes for tweeting the above video).

9 thoughts on “RIP Jim Stynes

  1. A Great Man and a true gent! His battle against his illness personifies true courage and bravery. May he Rest in Peace.

  2. I always used to hate people say they were in tears by the death of a celebrity/sportsperson who they had never met, but that youtube clip had me in ner tears.

    RIP to the man

  3. Its hard for people in Ireland to realise how well known and respected this guy was in Australia, one of the most famous AFL players of all time. Massive outpouring of tributes over here. RIP Jim

  4. As an Aussie born n bred of Irish parents – a Mayo man & Dublin lady – I am very proud of the Irish communities contribution to Melbourne life. As a kid (25 +yearboth s ago) I saw Jim Stynes & Sean White arrive in the Irish Melbourne community, participating in games at Gaelic Park & be well and truely embraced and contribute so much to all they met. Sadly the two gents have now passed however I and many more will not forget the men they will always be in our memories, the contribution they made & the reminder not to take life for granted.

  5. Out-&-Out Champion who’s consecutive games record and strong willingness to succeed, will never be broken

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