Rob Hennelly’s club transfer – Mayo Football Podcast 2023 E4

A bonus episode this weekend as Mayo goalkeeper Rob Hennelly sits down with our own Edwin McGreal to chat about his his planned transfer from Breaffy to Dublin’s Raheny, discussing the reasons behind the move.

During the podcast he speaks about the emotions involved in leaving his home club. He talks about how travel has impinged on his club performances in recent years and how he hopes that transferring clubs will extend his playing career.

He also reflects on Mayo’s draw with Galway on Saturday evening, his efforts to return to full fitness after a broken toe, his impressions of the new Mayo management team and his hopes for the season both personally and collectively.

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18 thoughts on “Rob Hennelly’s club transfer – Mayo Football Podcast 2023 E4

  1. Good move all round.
    If things go to plan Robbie will extend his playing career and the new talent at Breaffy can be developed.
    I really hope he’s back in with Mayo soon.

  2. Good luck to Rob. Has given Breaffy fantastic service and hopefully he leaves with their full support.

    It’s a savage commitment travelling up and down from Dublin each week. It might be manageable as a student or with some other professions, but once the family comes along it’s not sustainable.

  3. Good luck to Robbie with this move to Dublin, I was wondering why he didn’t go to one of the Dublin big guns, will he play for Mayo soon ?

  4. Jees Cashel, that was a bit of a rant! Hope you’re OK.

    Not scoring from play (bar Andy’s goal) in all of the 2nd half cost us the 13 final – in that game Hennelly made two outrageous saves. He’s also the only reason we got to the final in 2021. Not to mention saving us in a league final, keeping us up from relegation against Monaghan, saving us from a loss up in Donegal with one of the finest strikes of a ball you’re likely to see. Ah the list of big performances is practically never-ending.

  5. Cashel 74 – I’ll tell you what’s useless: your moronic comment, that’s what. You’re now in moderation for your troubles and you won’t be coming out of it either until I can be confident that you’re not going to post anything in that same idiotic vein.

  6. People seem to look for somebody to take the blame for anything now.
    There also seems to be a badness in some Gaa people when a player moves from one club to another, there is nothing wrong with it whatsoever.
    I hope to see Robbie Hennelly in the Mayo team soon.

  7. Best of luck to Robbie. It’s a good time for him to make the move, as his understudy in Breaffy, Livingstone, is an excellent keeper. I honestly don’t know how intercounty players make the commitment to play every year.

  8. Cashel 74 – you can have any opinion you want but if you want to comment here you have to do so in conformity with the house rules. Calling a named player “useless” doesn’t cut it in that respect. It is acceptable to criticise named players and the rules on posting comments (which are here – I’d advise you to read them before seeking to comment again) will explain how. In short, you can’t simply posts insults and you have to back up your assertions with concrete examples.

  9. Cashel 74 – you didn’t and you didn’t this time either. My advice at this stage is that you either engage your brain properly or go find somewhere else as an outlet for your thoughts on this topic.

  10. Hey,
    Rob Hennelly is my distant cousin I’m trying to get in touch or find some where to reach him or to order a jersey of his. Help!

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