Rochford’s appointment set to be ratified tonight

Stephen Rochford

Photo: Hogan Stand (Inpho/James Crombie)

Both the Western People (Anthony Hennigan) and the Mayo News have tweeted this morning that Stephen Rochford’s appointment as Mayo manager is set to be confirmed at a meeting of the County Board tonight. The original plan, as reported last week, was for this to happen tomorrow night but the discussions with County Board officials that were due to take place over the weekend must have been sufficiently productive for the formal ratification to be advanced by 24 hours.

So the new era is almost upon us. Great that this day has at last arrived.

22 thoughts on “Rochford’s appointment set to be ratified tonight

  1. Thank God there’s an end in sight this is going on longer than the “who shot JR” saga but credit to the county board its a good appointment

  2. Good stuff and the best of luck to Stephen Rochford , back room team and all players in 2016 . Mayo for Sam.

  3. Brilliant news, best of luck to all involved. Once again, i hope that the regulars are given a good rest throughout the league, as said previously, the league is just about surviving. The dubs will walk it again, cork will fly out of the traps, kerry will wake up around the last round or two and the newly promoted rossies will be booking jurys for september if they take a scalp or two lol.

    If i were manager id be trying keegan in the half forwards, i know Horan experimented a bit with him, but i feel he could be the answer to our problems, durcan could fill his spot in the half back line, and we gain a hard as nails forward with speed and aggression….i think it could be the difference.

  4. Let’s get this show on the road!

    Wouldn’t mind an oul challenge match in mid December – say Monaghan in Scotstown, Donegal in Ballybofey, Kildare, well south of Athy. Wouldn’t mind the conditions, the more atrocious the better.

  5. Shane Nally captained Garrymore to their third Senior Competition win of the year on Saturday night. He gave an outstanding display in the Middle of the field and has been consistently excellent for the past two years after a loss of form in 2012-13 He was voted Garrymore player for the second time in three years by his peers after the match.

    I believe he would flourish as part of the Mayo setup as Johnno put back his progress by bringing him into a panel at 18. He is now 25 and a big unit with one of the best left legs in the county.

  6. WJ, That was meant for the other thread where Shane was being discussed, if you can move it there please do

  7. Really hope all goes well for mgmt and players …its been a dour few mths for mayo football with all the controversy ..onwards we go again..

  8. Best news in a long, long time. Great to have that saga behind us and be moving forward again.
    I was at the Cross v Scotstown clash yesterday and I’m convinced that Castlebar will need to be on their toes to make their way to Croker on Patrick’s Day. Not that Cross looked as good as the teams which won All Irelands in the past but, boy do they have fighting spirit. With Jamie Clarke back to bring a bit of magic to their forward line and the Kernan brothers bringing calmness and skill to the table they will be formidable. They largely nullified the Hughes brothers to a degree most county teams did not do this year.
    I do not know who Ardnaree will be meeting in the New Year but, if it is Ulster Junior winners Rockcorry of Monaghan, they too will have a big job on hands. Rockcorry looked strong all round team and a step above most Junior champions yesterday.

  9. All reports are positive on Rochford and adding McEntee is a great move. Anyone who reads his Examiner column will see the kind of in depth analysis he likes.
    Mayo could have won any of the last 4 AIs, if Roch can maintain them at that standard for the next 4 I’ll be very happy with him.

  10. Love your league prediction Juan 😀

    Very best of luck to Stephen and I’m thrilled to see him stepping in to this role. I genuinely think it will be a big step forward for Mayo football.

  11. REDCOL, thanks for that update on Shane Nally; delighted to hear it.

    He was a guy who played outstandingly well for the 08 minors, especially in the replay against Tyrone. I left Longford that day feeling certain that he had a great future ahead of him. I have been mystified by his ‘disappearance’ since. I know people will say, there’s minor talent for you, but he seemed tempermentally very solid and likely to overcome setbacks.

    So it’s great to see that he is on the way back. As for Johnno developing talent, remember that Aidan O’Shea was practically on his way out before JH rescued his career.

  12. From what I saw of Scotstown yesterday; ’twas a case of lightly laden crania… good luck Stephen and all who sail with you!

  13. Looking forward to next year too best of luck to stephen. Hopefully cillian be captain next season but I fear injury could cost him that.

  14. Welcome to a new era of Mayo football. It will at least be v interesting to many onlookers. To the usual herd of suffering souls it will provide further moments of highs and lows, triumphs and celebrations and hopefully something v special for all at some stage down the line. Best of luck to all involved.

    I’d be thinking that our forward div. primarily needs a proper system of play before any inclusion of new names. New names there can be as long as they are accompanied by a reassessment of the roles of the different positions . It’s a team game and when a group plays with that in their bellies the scores will come.

  15. I have just been listening to Arsenal FC’s injury woes and the thought occurred that Barry Solan, as their S & C guru, may possibly be coming under pressure which would interfere with his commitment to Mayo.

  16. Redcol That is great news from Garrymore. I would love to see a Garry player involved with the mayo setup. Good form as a minor is meaningless, good form in senior football in Mayo is key.

  17. AndyD – I was thinking the same re Crossmaglen while watching on TG4 yesterday from the comfort of my sofa !! They played with serious intensity, pace and skill…at a level that Mitchels would not have encountered to date. A big challenge for Mitchels awaits but they have a few months now to prepare.

  18. 3yr term for SR to be reviewed annually. Best wishes to Stephen and his backroom team. Hopefully he can put in place a system of play and some personnel changes in a couple of key positions to finally get us over the line in 2016.

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