Rochy resigns


After a day of rumours and counter-rumours, Stephen Rochford has this evening announced he’s stepping down as Mayo manager. Here, in full, is the statement he’s just issued, bringing to an end his three-year tenure:

After a meeting of the Mayo GAA Board’s Executive Committee last night, held to discuss the management team I had assembled to manage Mayo senior men’s team in 2019, the board issued a statement saying they wished to meet the management team and me about our structure and plans.

It was apparent from what transpired at that meeting that the desired level of support for me as manager was not forthcoming from the Executive Committee. This disappoints me greatly.

Accordingly, I see no value in meeting with the officers of the board and I am resigning my position as Mayo manager. I thank all those who supported me during the past three years, two of which saw Mayo come so close to winning the All-Ireland title.

Like all Mayo people, I enjoyed the good days when the team won and suffered the disappointments when the results didn’t go our way. It was a great privilege to manage the Mayo team.

The 2018 season was a disappointing one for all involved, and for our supporters. However, I had every confidence that our new backroom team had the capacity to build on the progress of previous years and drive the team on in 2019.

In particular, I thank the players, backroom team, spouses and partners, family members, our team sponsors Intersport Elverys, the county board, the clubs and the Mayo supporters worldwide who turned out in huge numbers to support us during the three years and who lent financial backing to the team. A special word of thanks to my wife, Laura, and our children, and both our families, for their support and forbearance at all times.

I wish all who will wear the Mayo jersey in 2019 and beyond every success and I look forward to supporting the footballing fortunes of the county.

Needless to say, this is a deeply depressing development. Stephen brought us so, so close to the Promised Land in 2016 and 2017 and while 2018 was a disappointment for everyone, the manager included, there were good grounds to believe that a renewed push for honours could and would be made with Stephen at the helm in 2019. Sadly, this wasn’t to be.

This is a black, black day for Mayo GAA. It’s an outcome that can only weaken us and will make our task of rising again in 2019 all the harder. There are no winners out of this.

Stephen deserves to depart the manager’s seat with the good wishes of Mayo supporters everywhere and with profound thanks for all his unceasing efforts to get us over the line in the championship. You gave us many days to be proud of, Stephen – thanks for all you’ve given and everything you’ve done for the county.

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  1. It’s clear d county board wanted him gone!
    I wonder will, Jimmy be winning matches in Mayo next season?

  2. Jimmy is heading Stateside, so won’t be winning matches in Mayo that is unless he is taking over New York team.

  3. Absolutely gutted to hear this break on the radio earlier. Not that it is any surprise, but Jesus Christ the man who brought us closer than anyone to Sam really deserved more than this.

    I hope all the armchair critics/wannabe managers out there are now satisfied, but be very, very careful what you wish for.

    This is indeed a very dark day for Mayo football and yet again, a complete embarrassment for us.

    Thanks to Stephen and his family for everything he has put into the cause, for very little thanks. It might be cold comfort now but we have some incredible memories of some of the great days. I fear we won’t be reaching heights like those any time soon again.

  4. We are a circus. Sadly, with the current county board in place, I can’t see ya winning an All Ireland. There are too many people inside there pushing their own agendas. Feel for Rochy, he made mistakes, sure, but he put us in as good a position as anyone in 2017 to win Sam.

    Looking forward, I’d love, if he was interested to give James Horan 3 years to develop the u-21 all ireland winners and current u-20 team into a force.

  5. Just in case anyone thinks this is open season here to post whatever you want, it isn’t. I’ve already had to bin several comments from some who seem to be of this opinion. I’d ask everyone to inform themselves of the facts about what happened today before making any claims or laying allegations against anyone.

  6. The county board have just wasted 2 months of everyone’s time. I hope they’ve someone else planned but I have my doubts.

    Thanks Stephen for the last few years.

  7. No words. No need for this. Thank you county board you will always find a way to screw it. Thanks Stephen for the memories.

  8. I am absolutely gutted for Stephen. He came in to take over after a very tricky situation and got us so close. He deserved more respect.
    Thank you to Stephen for everything you have done for us. I sincerely wish Stephen the best and I’m very sorry to see him go.

  9. Its a sad end for Rochford. Deserved a better send off than this. You just wonder why Mayo never fail to do these things in the full glare of the public. If this was Dublin, it would all be done behind closed doors and proffessionaly. We love a few headlines and drama in this county.

  10. Didn’t want Stephen but don’t like to see anyone treated like that. Thank you for your service Stephen and thank you for your honesty in your statement.

  11. What a monumental mess they have made of this..I am so gutted for Rochford this evening..And for supporters who will know that we are serious trouble now..If we thought Mc Stay was treated badly this is way beyond..

  12. I’ll say it again – this is not a handy place to come and dump your vitriol. If people aren’t willing to post what they have to say in a reasonable manner I’m going to be left with no option but to take action in relation to how people post comments here.

  13. This is a disaster and it could get worse if some of our mature players decide to walk as well. SR is a thoroughly decent man and a top coach. Doesn’t deserve this.
    Best of luck for the future, Stephen.

  14. Sorry to see how this has played out men’s and women’s teams in deep shit now.
    Thanks to Stephen for all his efforts and best of luck to him and his family.

  15. Thank you stephen for the great days in corker. You gave it your all. Life is cruel stephen believed he could get us back on track and he would have given it his all in 2019 at least his family will be the biggest winners mayo loss.

  16. Sad day for Mayo football. SR brought us so so close. He deserves huge credit. Football has been very full this summer.

    Time to dust down and go at it again but being led by whom. The pool of talent is there we just have to deliver.

    Once again our CB shower themselves in glory.

  17. This is indeed a dark day, Mayo again a laughing stock. Stephen deserved much better than this. I’m really embarrassed that this is the way our board conducts it’s business.

    It’s not just Stephen this affects, what of Ford and Conway? This puts them in a difficult position with their club.

    No one will want to manage Mayo after seeing this is the way a manager is treated. This will affect the team greatly and I wouldn’t be surprised if some call it a day. All the Board have accomplished today is to put us back to 2010.

  18. Really disappointed to see it turn out this way. SR appears to have been forced. Can’t believe the circus that is created every time there is a change in management. Other teams change management and there never is any drama. We end up giving the national media and outsiders a stick to beat us with. I though leaving the race for Sam early would give management the chance to see club footballers around the county at senior and intermediate ply their trade during the summer months with a view to unearthing a few new players and ultimately the inter county lads having a well deserved winter break. Instead we will end up having a debacle for the next number of weeks as the CB start the process of seeking nominations for a new manager. I for one am sorry to see stephen go. I criticized him a few times but overall he developed a fantastic team over 16-17 that played a super brand of attacking football. Just unlucky to come up against one of the best team of all times in Dublin. I really thought a new backroom team and a couple of new players might work wonders for 2019. As someone else said this is like Mickey moran all over again, and we all know where we went between 2007-2010.

  19. A very sad end for Stephen Rochford after coming into a tough situation after 2015. Could see arguments either way as to whether to persist after a very disappointing 2018 season in both League and Championship, but this year has also shown just how hard it is to be competitive with Dublin. But once he was confirmed as staying on he should have got complete County Board support. Thanks for some great days Stephen.

  20. Feel for rochy.what a thankless job an intercounty manager has become.
    Wish you did your best and came very of inches.
    Lets hope there is a plan b in place.

  21. We forget that the clubs appoint the county board members. We don’t know what’s been said at these metings

  22. I firmly believe the big issue here is the noose that is tied around Mayo GAA. The debt on McHale Park. It is not feasible for any county board to make the repayments and the day that we extended the debt was the day we sold out the county.

    I remember an article proclaiming the great job the county board officers done and I was flabbergasted.

  23. Devastated to see Stephen go, thought he did very well , thought he was a top coach. Mayo gaa in a bad place tonight, thanks for everything Stephen it was an amazing rollercoaster .

  24. I think Rochford made mistakes but equally deserved at least one more year. There will be a queue of counties looking to hire him.

  25. Wow, very disappointing. Thank you Stephen for your commitment and passion and best wishes to you and your family in whatever comes next. This is tough to stomach. Didn’t need to demolish the house when a little paint job and maybe a couple of pieces of new furniture were all that was needed.

  26. Wont be posted here but will say it anyway…
    people are understandably upset and despite differing opinions we sll wish an obviously decent man all the best..

    But if we really are serious about winning The All-Ireland abd not just a ‘few great days out’ a change was needed…this current team led in this way has not and would not win anything..

    on a related matfer its disheartening how differing viewpoints arent respectes here…just because a number of us didnt believe in SR we are perceived not to be ‘real fans’ just sayin
    lets move on…

  27. Erm OK , can you tell me the actual specifics in why you are all bashing the CB? Stephen resigned , right ?

  28. This is bad news. All Ireland week and we are biggest story for the wrong reasons.

    I hope you weren’t expecting a quite few days Willie Joe!!

  29. Sad day for Mayo football – What some Mayo ‘supporters don’t realise is that we have lived through a golden age of Mayo football and Stephen and his team were very much part of it.
    I have seen the Dark Days of Mayo football in the 70’ / 80’s and early 90’s – let’s hope we don’t visit our Wasteland again!
    Good luck Stephen in your retirement- ‘you’ve done your county great service’

  30. It waa time for Stephen to go, but not the way it has transpired…Hoping James Horan comes, to build his 2nd team

  31. A depressing day, a sad way for Rochford for leave the job, and makes me feel like just saying “fuck this, what’s the point” – the time, money and emotional investment is huge and that’s just from a supporter’s viewpoint!
    I know that attitude will change, but I am so annoyed and fed up of Mayo making a circus out of every problem that arises.

  32. The Mayo circus continues. I still think Buckley is a bigger loss and Rochford leaving is probably because no like for like replacement for Buckley was forthcoming.

  33. Blondie , are the executive entitled to ask management of the senior team what his plans are for the years ahead ? What are the duties of the executive in your opinion ?

  34. @Jeff can I ask you to clarify what you mean by ‘pick players in best position and not those in the “clique”.

  35. Ok time2getoffthebandwagon ‘ who do you suggest is a better appointment for mayo manager than rochford?

  36. Sean Burke, do the executive have a better manager and team than the exiting manager and his proposed team in mind or do they have one in their sights? If yes, there might be an iota of sense to this. Those who are looking for a fresh approach, freshening up etc have a high degree of confidence that a professional manager and backroom team are to be found. I don’t see any evidence whatsoever to support that confidence.

  37. The scene was set for Mayo. An early exit from the championship. No all ireland final defeat for the country to ponder over for weeks. The players and managment could quietly go qbout their business in preparation for the 2019 season. Now we’re back in the headlines again for all the wrong reasons and that wont change anytime soon as the search for a new manager continues, unless the cb have already someone lined up. Its a poisoned chalice. There is no greater pressure on any manager in the country than Mayo. The pressure to end the famine is immense.

  38. Very torn on this. While Rochford brought us closer than ever to Sam, the whole thing seemed to have gone a little stale. McEntee and Buckley were huge losses as well. I’ve a funny feeling the players were getting a bit fed up of him but obviously couldn’t say a word. The yearly plan of going in undercooked against Galway so that we’d peak later on failed badly this time. However, is there anyone better out there?? Far away fields are green and all that

  39. Willie Joe , I wanted to ask if my comments are being thrown out for technical or other reasons .?

  40. Swahili – you keep breaking the rules. Either tone down what you have to say or stop posting. For obvious reasons I don’t have the time to engage in debate with you.

  41. Agree Sean Burke. Hold the CB bashing. SR chose his backroom ? Surely this has to be ratified before a committee and then announced officially. Thanks for everything Stephen, you did but There are two sides to every story

  42. All the best to Stephen – we have alot to thank him for. Hopefully this decision wont be seen as the start of another bleak period for Mayo football. I feel he deserved at least another year. I was speaking with my 2 sons, 12 and 14, last night and they said they would never forget the mix of emotions following Mayo – their highlights being Cillian pointing in the last kick of the game against Dublin to put it to a replay. their eyes filled with tears of joy, it felt like winning the all Ireland! We live on the Roscommon borders and the display, beating “the neighbours” and claiming the bragging rights was so important – this what GAA is all about. Great years on the road, meeting great people! I hope for Stephen, all the excitement he brought to the game is for ever remembered. Thanks for everything!!

  43. Sad for it to end for Rochford like this, he is a credit to the county. Though I was surprised he was staying on when the rest left . Horan is the only appointment I can see that can bring stability out of this

  44. There will be new management put in place at some stage alright.

    Their 1st aim will be to TRY and win Connacht. That will be their big target.

    Forget about Sam.

    This is a bad day for Mayo football.

    Stevens main target was to win SAM not Connacht.

    Thanks to Steven and hope he and his family enjoy some downtime.

  45. Not sure from what SR said how the CB were less supportive than he would have liked, likelihood is that we won’t get any further clarification but an odd sequence of events AGAIN. Damn but it would be great if the focus was the football and not the CB or the individual players or any club or management, we are a tough audience I know but we have to pull together for a greater good. Time to start building, maigheo abu

  46. Feel sorry for Stephen this evening..a young, family man who has been poorly treated.
    Who would want to be a Mayo manager after this ? When you put this episode with the Kevin Mc Stay episode, and then add the Mickey Moran and Holmes/ Connelly episodes, it all adds up to a fiasco.

  47. excellent n obvious question Thomas re who should be next manager…

    I dont even pretend to have the golden answer, I would leave that to people who are entrusted to interview and choose those they feel will do the best job…but the fact there isnt sn immediately obvious successor doesnt mean you should stick with a system that isnt working – if u have a worker who isnt doing the job to your satisfaction do u just stick with it?

    however- if u pinned me by the collar for an immediate answer I would suggest James Horan ..despite some tactical failings I feel he got the most out of the team. just an opinion

  48. Sad to see it turn out like this. However we don’t know the full facts. It was stated that we had taken a financial hit. Maybe that fed into the lack of support.

  49. Betting odds ..

    McGuiness is favorite @ even money

    James horan opened at 7/2 is now backed into 11/8 inside an hour of market opening .

    Mike solan @9/2

  50. The sun will rise again tomorrow. This is disappointing for sure. I didn’t want to see Stephen go. But can anyone honestly say they were excited by the new coaching staff? This was a terrible year for us and just maybe a fresh sweep is what’s needed. We need new ideas and a big injection of youth and at the very least we need to return to being competitive in the league again. What’s done is done and the opportunity for a new approach that the players will get behind needs to be grasped. I hope this doesn’t turn into a repeat of the Connelly-Holmes saga where things descended into nastiness very quickly indeed, we’ve had enough shitshows in Mayo GAA and we need another one like a shotgun blast to the face. I’m probably being a tad optimistic mind.

  51. Sad sad day for Mayo football , would imagine the players are gutted too. Over to the county board to find a better manager . Sickened . Thanks to Stephen for all his commitment .

  52. I wouldn’t want McGuinness. He has no interesti in the development of Mayo football. I feel he would only be a mercenary and I’m not sure if the county board would stump up his price

  53. The writing was on the wall when the CB gave Rochy a deadline of the 31st of August to appoint his new back room team. Approximately 4 weeks after Buckley and co announced they were leaving. How is that sufficient time to get in a top level backroom team? Now that’s a fact. It’s was obvious they didn’t want him. Now let’s see where these geniuses lead us. And aside from anyone opinions on football Stephen Rochford is a decent man and the way he was treated is disgraceful. Why on earth would anyone want to come in and manage mayo now.

  54. I’m sorry for Stephen the manner in which it ended. The county board by not ratifying his selectors have obviously wanted to force Stephen Rochford’s hand. They would do well to recognise that in managerial terms Stephen Rochford is still very young and all these experiences over the last 3 years with Mayo on top of the Corofin job will only make him better with time. Sure he made mistakes but there is a lot to be said about stability. It might not be an ideal comparison (as he has won All-Irelands) but look at the patience that Tyrone have given Mickey Harte over the years and they are highly stable and always competitive. We’d take that scenario tonight. This is not good timing especially on the back of the Carnacon debacle – another fine mess that Mayo authorities have made for themselves.

  55. well done to Stephen Rochford on his reign.

    lost 16 final after replay.

    during the match last September was the first time since 96 that i thought we were in a real position to win the all ireland and beat Kerry for the first time in 20 years.we were decimated by injuries this year so this year has to be written off entirely.

  56. The level of dynamic managerial decision-making competence needed to match Dublin is very rare in any sport and a good manager combines this with people skills which makes good guys very rare – are there 5 in the Premier League??? – but this combo is crucial to actually win at higher levels. I think that the new manager must therefore be a new face to the Mayo senior team!!

  57. – For every smooth manager transition there are ten stand-off/contentious ones so we are no different really. Thank you SR for the massive commitment you bought to the job.
    – The statement from the County Board last night was a strange one and certainly got my attention that things were not right.
    – It would appear logical that the County Board pushed this to the edge because they have other options otherwise why would they bother.
    – On the other hand if they were just playing hard ball and have now lost man and ball then they have big questions to answer.
    – Who next ? Queue of one the last time we had a vacancy.
    – Time is on our side to appoint a new management team…no need to panic. Mayo GAA is not dead
    – Mean while as Dublin close in on their 4 in a row the biggest problem they have is Jim Gavin wondering whether the system/process will allow him to smile if they win and win I hope they do as Tyrone winning would be a travesty because of their feigning injury and sledging.

  58. Gutted and just heartbroken
    Black black day is rite W.J.
    After Pope Francis signed the Mayo jersey yest I was on a high.
    Stephen is a gentleman and the one I believe should lead and deliver in ’19 and boy it looks like very few gentlemen if any in top Mayo Gaa to have allowed this to happen. Sad sad day.
    Thank you Stephen and management for all your dedication and hard work in last 3yrs.

  59. I said here a few weeks ago that both Rochford and Big Kevin were on thin ice for different reasons but I thought Kevin would go first. Some in Galway would be thinking maybe Rochford might be the man to take us beyond the defensive strategies Kevin and Tally have employed. Id say Stephen wont be taking any job and is glad to be out of the limelight and back to normal life.
    Hard to know how Mayo can improve on Rochford from the current crop of managers available. Going backwards for an old manager is always suspect and with youth bring inexperience so it will be interesting how the suits will dig themselves out of this hole. I think Rochford did his best but just didnt have the range of attacking options needed to win an AI but he did really really well with what he had to get Mayo so close. Galway and Roscommon will sleep sounder tonight knowing a difficult foe has been retired.

  60. We needed change let a new year begin with a new manager and give them time to build we have the players it’s a new build which will be for the best rochy done his best and fair play to Buckley he gave us so much but it move on to better times

  61. No two ways about it SR effectively got the sack. The timeline ultimatum for the back room team was a clue that the CB wanted him out.

    From reading local articles last week and listening to 2fm this evening their is a train of thought that the players wanted SR out…and JH back. WJ – as this ‘rumour’ was in the public domain I don’t think I’m breaking house rules ( via the said articles and tonight’s 2fm broadcast).

    On Thursday next Newstalk have a AI special. Guess who’s on as guests……A O’Shea, JH, JMcGuiness and Cora Staunton! Make sure to tune in.

    One tip- watch out for JMcGuiness over the next few hours. If he doesn’t distance himself from the job then u can take it he’s interested.

  62. Any chance we could temp Jim Gavin wesht with a big offer? Surely he must be getting fed up of winning with the Dubs now! The lure of getting us to the promised land must be greater than any of his won to date! In all seriousness though I think it might be time to reimagine how we approach this. Horan before he left Mayo in 2014 spoke of a professional rugby style template and maybe we should look beyond the usual suspects. It would take a bit of trawling moneyball style but it would be worth it.

  63. I bet Gavin and CO. are smiling tonight. The only man that was there and could put them to the pin of their collar is gone. They’ll be looking at 8 in a row.

  64. Another fine mess.

    Smacks of when O Mahoney lost his position after 89.

    I have zero faith in the county board, based upon their actions over the past 6 years and from personal interaction with them. I’d be absolutely amazed if they have anyone lined up. Anyone decent/progressive that is.

    I feel very sorry for Rocford. In three seasons he led us to two All Ireland finals. Sure 2018 was a dip but it was to be expected. In my opinion he was the guy to stay in charge. Foe goodness sake, he wanted it and my understanding is the players wanted him too. Continuity for us now was crucial leading into the winter. Now we are back to square one. Another fine mess.

    On McGuinness, I’ve said several times on here that he would have won us an All Ireland if I’m charge during the 2012-17 period. Would I take him now? Definitely (there are no other viable candidates in my opinion). I would be more than amazed if this co board have him lined up unless some very wealthy backer has arranged such.

    Regardless, very poor treatment of Rochford. A sad day for Mayo and as long as the same clowns are running the show, it’ll always be a circus. Feels like GROUNDHOG DAY.

  65. I could be hallucinating but I thought I heard Rochford being asked in an interview last season whether it was a difficult decision to wait on… and he answered that the fact Buckley and McEntee wanted to stay, made his decision easier.

    This year they decided to go, which makes these events fairly natural in my eyes.

  66. OK maybe I’m reading too much into it, but SR specifically thanks the county board in his statement. If he was shafted in the manner people here are suggesting… why would he thank them?? He could make a point by leaving them out…. i think there is a lot of people here putting their own opinion as actual events…. alternative facts are alive and well …

  67. Thank you Stephen Rochford for all you have done for Mayo. You and our amazing players deserve so much better from our CB

  68. As one who was critical of many of Stephen Rochford decisions this year.. I have to say that I think that he deserved to be treated much better… I am no fan of the way our county board does its business… We can go back to the treatment of Moran and Morrison in 2006 who were inexplecly turfed out,.. To the handling of the ‘supposed interview? of Kevin McStay and Liam McHale, to the appointment of Connelly and Holmes.. At this particular time Michael Connelly was vice chairman of the County board… his brother Noel was joint manager and Michael was appointed as the players representive… I’m sure all do their very best for Mayo but the sum of all the things that are done seems to always be played out in the full glare of the media.. And this is not the best way of doing business.. Last year the county board gave Stephen Rochford an extension to his contract we were told.. Why did they do this if they didn’t mean to honour it, and maybe they did at the time.. Two weeks ago we were told that Stephen was staying on… We have to learn to do our business in a respectful and confidential manner.. It is clear that some in the know recently were leaking sensitive information… Anyways I wish Steven and indeed Peter Burke, Tony McEntee and Donie Buckle all the very best.. And all done their very best for Mayo and always with dignity.. Under their management Mayo played the 3 best game’s any Mayo team ever played.. Twice against Dublin in 2016, and again last year… Whoever does eventually become our manager (is it already a done deal like happened when John O Mahoney took over from Moran and Morrison in 2006…?…. It’s a tough job to manage Mayo, always has been… I wish whoever gets the job eventually all the very best!

  69. It’s not even their opinion in most cases it’s just a blame the CB reaction.

    Maybe ye could just be more specific and those of us who don’t understand the CB bashing on this particular saga could learn what your particular grievences are and with whom , it’s a very wide brush and especially when using a time period where positions were held by different people .

  70. Michael geoghan annaghdown gaa manager should be in the frame has transformed this club into a powerhouse i’m.galway football

    Brillant motivator and great with young players… he has Alan Flynn as coach

  71. Thank you Stephen for your input into the team best football in my lifetime,but if the board are not behind you you were right to walk,don’t believe we will be competitive over the next few years

  72. Hi All,
    Just a quick message to Stephen wishing him the very best of luck. I never met the Man but he always came over in interviews as being very sound.

    Kind Regards
    Martin the Dub

  73. Disappointing development to say the least. Why does this always have to happen in Mayo. Big mess after Horan left in 2014. Bigger mess with the Holmes Connelly saga 2015. And now this. A year ago we were preparing for AI and put in a strong performance. Now look at us. I don’t know what’s going on with Co Board so don’t feel in a position to apportion blame but it’s hard to be too confident about them from past experiences. Fair play to Stephen Rochford. He gave his best. Made bold decisions and took us so close. I am really sorry to see him gone. Hopefully the Co Board have a decent plan B. If not I fear for the future.

  74. Hard luck to Stephen he did his best martin the dub how do you think Sunday will go. Dublin by 10

  75. With this today and the issues with Mayo ladies, you would have to wonder how come County boards, management teams and players are not pulling together? It’s a dysfunctional mess and I’m sad to say I don’t know who to blame.
    It just smacks of amateurish, the way mens and ladies football are ran in Mayo.

  76. The statements out of CB over the past number of days certainly had a feel of the screw being tightened on Stephen Rochford. Like many, I was just hoping that I was reading too much into things and that all would be fine. But the selector announcement and subsequent CB statement last night both had a strange feeling about them. I am gutted for Stephen. He got us so close. While some sideline decisions were a bit puzzling at times, he did an awful lot more right with this team. This county will never win an All Ireland as long as we have a board that requires professional management is being led by bunch of buneaters.

  77. I was behind SR all through though I was wondering where he’d get replacements for his departed leiutenants.
    However I thought he could take his time and find some of the best available to coach both in Mayo and for the Dublin lads. The lads he announced were as “selectors” not necessarily coaches and I would be happy with someone with Peter Ford’s track record as part of the setup.
    As for Horan and McGuinness, I can’t see any obvious others that we’d be happy with having alienated McStay last time we were here. Don’t agree with Brady on Newstalk ruling out the outside manager option by saying next appointee needs to be a development one. That role can be left to someone else as we see with Jack OC in Kerry.
    The only other option is a big rowing back of today which is unlikely

  78. Sad to see Stephen go on these terms. It’s clear from his attendance at matches and his previous statements this summer that this section was one that was made for him. He gave me the best day of my life beating Kerry in that repay after the controversial Aido and Donaghy saga. The elation I felt that day was the closest feeling I’d imagine to winning the All Ireland. Although I don’t necessarily like McGuinness’ style of football I always fell his analysis of Mayo was considered and insightful.

  79. I feel saddened and sickened by devolopments this evening I am sad to see Stephen go he did his best and gave everything to the cause I’ll never forget one of his kids was seriously ill In hospital in Dublin the week before the 2016 all Ireland final yet how he managed to be a father a manager and hold down a full time job at that time I’ll never know. Anyway God bless him and his wife and family and I wish him all the luck in the
    World. I don’t like the way we change managers in this county and as a Mayo supporter who has worn my colors all over the world I am sickened by the way Stephen has been treated.

  80. Has anyone considered the idea that perhaps deep down Stephen didn’t really want to stay on, or perhaps was 50/50… surely a definitive statement soon after the Kildare game would have put the rumours to bed, instead we had a situation where things slowly began to snowball and tonight it rolled off the cliff…

  81. A lot of people commenting on here wanted SR gone – they got their wish. What management team do they think should take over now? Can’t see where the better options are. Remember we haven’t JP Mc Manus backing us with an unlimited amount of money. When Mayo win- the players got the praise. When we lost – it was Rochfords fault.

  82. Don’t know where we’re going after this. As if it’s not enough to have the Ladies Board messing up! I always said years ago that Peter Forde, as captain of the team in 1992 when they refused to continue under Brian McDonald, would never be welcomed by officialdom in Mayo football but surely that should be forgotten about by now. Or is officialdom capable of forgetting, even if none then involved would be still around?
    I said a week or so ago that expecting the coaching roles to be filled this early in the year was foolish as most coaches are still involved with clubs or keeping options open. So putting a deadline on Stephen indicates to me that Co Board powers that be wanted him out. Do the officers have an alternative in mind? I doubt it – that sounds far too longsighted for me to believe. If we are as strapped for cash due to MacHale Park as some suggest we can forget about outside managers or coaches as we can’t afford them.

  83. Don’t think so Walter – it’s just there are so many comments being posted so your one is a bit down the page already. Time stands still for no-one in the fast-moving Mayo GAA soap opera.

  84. Forgot in my last post to say thanks to Stephen, his family and all those around him for the efforts he put in for the past three years, three of the best football years I recall in my almost 70 years.

  85. Best wishes to Stephen Rochford and thanks for all your good work. A decent man. Feel he has been very shabbily treated. Not much team spirit / loyalty in brand Mayo at present. Won’t make commercial director’s job any easier.

  86. Well another fine mess alright but and there are a few buts….
    I’m not sure Stephen could improve the backroom team well enough to make a difference. I do think we are still very close and just need a different approach and new voices and new young players pushing through. I have heard a lot of talk about where we are now and not too many were saying we were going to improve radically next year.
    Even though I am disgusted with the way Stephen was treated and I have no faith in Connelly as every time he speaks he puts his foot in it, in the cold light of day maybe there is an opportunity here for one final huge push with a new manager, new backroom team, new young players pushing through and a core of players who are as good as anyone in the country.
    Does a manager have a better chance of winning in first year or fourth year?
    Finally thank you Stephen and all backroom team. If we do win it next year it will be yours as much as anyone’s.

  87. Congratulations and thanks to Willie Joe for his success in controlling the level of discourse on this highly emotive exchange of views. Well done.

  88. As an outsider, I’m amazed at how the last few months were handled by the Mayo Co Board. Surely you either publicly back the man that you’ve appointed, 100%, or you publicly withdraw his appointment.
    Why is there ever a need to say anything else?
    This nonsense of publicly setting a timeframe for meetings and confirmations (or otherwise) of management teams seems like an outrageous way of doing business.
    It seems to be both incompetent and downright disrespectful.
    Mystified …

  89. WJ it’s not a good day for Mayo Football, Stephen Rochford is a top coach/manager & he has vast experience at the top level that will be impossible to replace in a couple of weeks or months. The s**t has hit the fan now for sure & who ever takes the job will need to be fully aware of what’s expected of him & he’s management team to bring the Mayo senior team to a successful level of class & toughness, ability & very high skills of the game (ie) taking scores from all angles, not depending on two or three quality forwards ? I wonder who could take up the job? Not many real good ones.

  90. Who in their right mind would want us? I’m actually amazed Stephen even wanted to stay on after the Kildare game to be honest.

  91. Thanks for memories Steve rochfords n besta luck in future….mistakes made for sure…
    Not all doom n gloom for me…..James horan back in with Mike solan and maybe Peter forde n conway……a strong mayo management team.n all mayo men…..

  92. Just when you thought you could take a step back from the blog WJ. Never a dull moment in Mayo football unfortunately. youl have to pack in the job, start charging a membership fee for this place and become the full time CEO of Mayo Gaa Blog Ltd. its the only logical answer.

  93. Here’s the Co Board statement from the Indo:
    Mayo Chairman Mike Connolly said: “We sincerely thank Stephen Rochford for all the hard work and commitment he has given to Mayo GAA since he was appointed in 2015. Stephen has given an enormous amount of service to Mayo and has given us as supporters many great days on the pitch.

    “Since he become senior team manager he has been involved in three great years for Mayo GAA. He has brought Mayo to two All Ireland finals, losing both by the narrowest of margins. We wish him and his family all the best for the future and thank him for all he has done for Mayo GAA.”

    Definitely the statement of someone who has somebody else in mind.

  94. After reading again SR resignation it seems his structures and plans did’nt get the full approval of the Executive Committee. Could this be financial – not enough money there to carry a top class back room team, travel expenses, catering etc. Maybe that’s why the others left. It must cost a fortune to finance Mayo with half them working in Dublin. They must have clocked more miles than any team in Ireland bar Donegal. Money talks & BS walks. It would be good to hear the Exec Committee reasoning.

  95. A month ago that would’ve been seen as mental Jaden but with the shlobbering of the last week and few days who knows?
    It’s a balls.

  96. As a Mayo person living in Kerry for nearly 20 years – the difference between Kerry and Mayo is : in Kerry there isn’t half as much talk about football as there is in Mayo. In Kerry it’s all about action – development squads, winning 5 allireland minor in a row, a state of the art centre of excellence with four floodlight pitches, gym, physio room etc good fundraising. When a manager has to be replaced – commitee is formed and new manager is put in place – no messing. In Mayo we talk too much bulls###. Make a mess of most things and are years behind in terms of development and structures. This is another example of it. Kerry wouldn’t tolerate the bulls### in Mayo football – that is why they are where there are and we are where we are.

  97. As I thought ‘time2getoffthebandwagon’ no better alternative made. James horan has made no intention to takeover again in the past few seasons

  98. Jabers WJ, the powers that be in Mayo gaelic games seem determined not to allow you to enjoy your holidays!

    Holmes and Connelly, anyone?

  99. Ha ha Willie Joe. I’ll have a few quite months away from the blog. Throw in a few club championship updates and maybe even get Netflix for the winter. Good luck with that. Thanks for everything to Stephen and his assistants. Best of luck to Tom Parsons on his upcoming operation. Like he said. Our recovery will be stronger than our set back.

  100. This has to mentally affect the players again.
    Wonder what they feeling tonite.
    Tough that they enduring all this and a complete new management. Unfair on our players who give so so much of themselves to our county.

  101. @South Mayo Exile: Sadly I think a lot of what you’ve written is true. In the 30 odd years that I’ve been around, we’ve had several managerial putsches/ shite acting around the management set up, mostly down to whatever county board constellation we had at the time.

    Even having read the many books on Mayo football, it seems like we have an unrivaled ability for airing dirty linen in public and for shooting ourselves in both feet.

  102. Whats needed in the next few days now is Mc Guinness, Horan etc to publically state if they are interested. Personally i believe it will be one of Sheridan, Peter Forde or long shot Alan Flynn.

  103. Fair play to Stephen he read the situation well and took the correct decision,
    showing that he is much smarter than those that were trying to edge him out over the last number of weeks, while not having the decency to tell him straight up that he was,nt wanted any longer. Ah ref seemed to know the inside story though,much like Aiden Henry of Connact Telegraph fame usually does. Anyone think they might be one and the same.Thanks for the memories Stephen !

  104. Hi WJ, just wondering if you can publish my previous post from around 15minutes ago? Thanks

  105. what’s it got to do with you Tuamstar are you from Mayo?
    McGuinness, Horan etc are not required to make any comment if they so wish

  106. Stephen Rochford actually was more than “close” to winning an All Ireland. When Bastick blatantly picked the ball off the ground in front of the referee and the linesman a simple tap in free to win the All Ireland was denied to us. Again, in 2017 all our back line were pulled down as David Clarke tried to take the last kick out. Again, no free given which would win the AI. Some of you will say we should have been far enough ahead not to need the last kick of the game. But why should we? Stephen Cluxton was happy to win an AI with a last kick 45. Imagine if he hadn’t been given that 45 and a kick out was given instead. But that wouldn’t happen the Dubs

  107. You’ll have your work cut out the next few days WJ what with the ‘grassy knoll’ conspiracy theories that are/will fly about re the reasons behind his departure, speculations on who’s going to take over etc. I don’t envy you!

    I think it’s a pity that we’re a bit of a pantomime again; more off-the-field controversy. Don’t forget the ladies situation either.

    Don’t forget Newstalk Thursday night – it shall make for interesting listening.

  108. We’re not exactly an attractive proposition for any prospective manager. Nothing to do with the talent available – just the pure bureaucratic and political shite that underpins/undermines it all.

    Any chance we could get the likes of Liam Horan to run for the CB? At some point the clubs are going to have to acknowledge that we’re a laughing stock.

  109. Thanks for everything Stephen you gave us some great days out. Realistically out of the top 6 favorites with the bookies the most likely to take the job if offered are Solan or Sheridan.

  110. Reading the CB statement there is no sense of don’t let the door hit on the way out. No chance of either side coming back to the table. Connelly made he opinions clear and the questions he wanted answering in his interview with the western people a month ago. SR should had expected as much and it shouldn’t have been a surprise. Both sides where using the media. Rockford ruffles a few feathers by letting the media know his intentions before telling the CB, then this weekend did the same with his selections of forde and Conway. CB are right in a way that the manager has to do a yearly review and submit his plan for the year ahead. Connelly wanted more work put in if youth development something he though Amongst others that SR failed On. Well time to move on and may the best man get the job and players get picked on merit. Don’t need a cheap alternative Or a CB yes man could do with less selectors and more hands on coaches.

  111. While I appreciate all he has done,the epic games we were in and how close we came;to be doom merchants on the strength of his resignation may be premature.
    For a bit of balance I’ll throw this out there & risk the wrath of many…

    While there will be upheaval there needs to be freshness of training drills,ideas and personnel (Jim Gavin “survives” by virtue of winning,Micky Harte “is” Tyrone GAA!)
    The only experimentation we seen was while the squad were abroad,the Crowes,Nallys & O’Donoghues who got a longer look were bizarrely ignored come summer.
    Fergal Boland had the audacity to play a hurling game and became an outcast whilst others continued selections beggar belief.

    So we go on an annual predictable season of survival in Div.1 with last day heroics,we lose dour,ill tempered clueless games to Galway and stumble through qualifiers against a multitude of minnows while our more experienced men suffering from ill discipline & red mist descending on them at the worst possible times…a trend that shouldn’t have gone beyond Keith’s red in Salthill but it wasn’t nipped in the bud…but then;like flicking a switch – the squad come to life in autumn!

    For all those whinging about the County board (& they are their own worst enemies!) the incumbents at any given convention are only replaced firstly IF there’s a contest and then IF the votes tally up…they just can’t be fired-better candidates have to step forward & be nominated.There is no other way!.

    Hopefully the right manager is got asap & is strong enough not to be swayed by any vested interests & get us to the promised land & a re-invigorated squad will take care of their side of things.
    Hand on heart;was anyone blown away by his proposed new men anyway?

  112. Good man centrefield.. nicely put. Open conversation allowed here on a blog.. over 100 comments and only you with a “thick ” remark.

  113. Is it true that every club in Mayo has to pay a levy of €7000 every year for the stand in McHale Park?

  114. Would like to wish Stephen all the best into the future.He deserve’s great credit for the way he got us to peak and perform in all Ireland finals.Also we became a better kicking team under him.County board chairman stated a number of weeks ago young blood was required in team which is true,it is also needed in county board.As regards new manager would like to see Horan and maybe bringing his sky colleague Peter Canavan in as coach.

  115. Steven was on a slippery slope that got steeper following the defeat to Kildare and the departure of Buckley, McEntee and Bourke was the equivalent of an avalanche on that particular slope. Connellys interview in the Western People was a clear indicator that Stevens days were numbered. I feel sorry for Steven and his family at a personal level but maybe a fresh voice is what’s needed. The issue now is that whoever is appointed must have huge credibility with the players or else we are in for a long period in the doldrums.

  116. Ease up there, Centrefield. Tuamstar is perfectly entitled to comment here if he wants. He’s been doing so for some time and is welcome to continue if he wants without having personal jibes directed at him.

  117. EamonMayo – I won’t, not the way you phrased it at any rate. I can see you’ve a valid point to make but you don’t have to hurl insults in doing so. It’ll be the morning before I see your second draft if you’re minded to go at it again.

  118. There’s a lot of assumptions made since the news broke. Are you all positive he had the players full backing ? It’s an absolute disgrace to lose to galway three years on the bounce , twice in castlebar . Stop wrapping certain personalities in cotton wool and blaming others for their failings . On one hand ye are demanding a winning culture like a Kerry template and then the other you want to act like Irish soccer fans singing the fields whilst the team is getting their arses kicked off the pitch.

    Move on now , look forward to 2019 . Today is nothing just another chapter . Thanks to Stephen , put in a decent term .

  119. Think whoever takes over next we need a very good backroom performance coach. Too often under various managers our lack of real belief has cost us the big games. Best of luck to SR for future..

  120. Very sad to see Stephen go in this manner but I am sure that he would have been disappointed that his backroom team had departed. It seems that the cb gave him little time to get together a new crew. This was an indication to Stephen that the cb were looking for a clean sweep of management. I think Stephen did the right thing in the circumstances. He has done very well with Mayo over the last 3 years and it’s not going to be easy for anyone to better let alone to match either. As manager he has given us some great days out and wish to thank him for all his endeavour and commitment. Knowing the way they do things, I would be surprised if the cb have an alternative setup in place.

  121. EamonMayo – Go back and read what you wrote again. And read the house rules on commenting (seeing as you haven’t posted here before). Hint: referring to people being “stuck in the dark ages” and calling them “power trippers” is just trash-talking and insulting. You don’t have to use pejorative terms like that to get a point across. I’m sorry but I simply don’t have the time right now to coach you on how to comment here but just read the house rules and it should be clear.

  122. A big thank you, to Stephen and his backroom staff, so close to getting us over the line ,.Under Stephen management, Mayo played the best football in my 50+ years watching the Green and Red. Just lets hope Pattin, Noel and Maughen are not waiting in the wings.

  123. Why is everyone mentioning “the way kerry do it” ?
    Where exactly is the Kerry manager at the moment ? Did he not resign after having received nasty threatening letters to him and some of his players.

    Are we going to be told by the executives why they were not behind Steven ?

    If Steven was not the right man for the job, who is going to be held accountable if the replacement manager does not come within 1 point of winning the All Ireland next year ?.

    Will the County Board then put their hands up and say they have got this wrong and step down as gracefully as Steven did today ?

    I don’t think so !

  124. One final appeal tonight about the tone in the comments, not least given the fact that, from experience, the most intemperate contributions tend to be posted here between the hours of midnight and 6am. Despite my words of caution this evening, a growing minority appear to think it’s okay to come on here and hurl intemperate insults – invariably at the county board – without making any attempt to justify or back up what they’re saying. I’ve deleted dozens of comments at this stage and edited out the worst excesses from others but there’s a limit to my patience. I’m not prepared to run a website that people think they can abuse by coming on and taking free shots at others. I’ve no wish to disable the comments function or inhibit the flow of debate but unless people cop themselves on that’s the direction this is headed in, at least until some kind of reason is restored.

  125. Anyone feel we should try and get malachy o’rourke from monaghan.Hes been there since 2012 and has done very well with a county that has such a low population winning 2 Ulster titles, topped their super 8 group and very unlucky not to make this years final.

  126. Want to thank Stephen for 3 great years. Met him during that time and found him to be a gentleman. County board come out of this looking very unprofessional, he deserved much better than that. Going forward I think Horan has to be the man to freshen things up, solan needs to be on board in some capacity as well to blood some of his teams through. Going to be an interesting couple of months, I just hope the next appointment is someone that is going to keep Mayo on the front foot pushing for provincial and all Ireland honours.

  127. Wow lads, Mayo is the soap opera that keeps on giving. Six days out from a all Ireland between The Dubs and Tyrone aaand the internet is broken by Mayo.As a outsider I’ve nothing to say about Stephen .Came across as a true Gael , Family man and loved his football but it is a unforgiving place as manager of a County. But look at the difference between Kerry manager stepping down and this carry on, compare other county camps and how little is leaked . Is it the pressure in Mayo from its lunatic fans that causes the drama year after a brave man to take over. As one of the teams left that plays a beautiful version of our football I really hope a northern manager is not the next option ….meanwhile Jim and Mickey must be delighted with the spotlight elsewhere…keep the faith

  128. Would Michael Solan be the hot favourite to take over or would i be misreading things.

    Also anyone know what McEntees status is, could he be a potential candidate for the hot seat i liked the edge McEntee brought to things thought he unsettled the opposition a bit

  129. Solan is possibly a bit young at the moment. He’s the same age as David Clarke and Andy Moran! It would also be a shame to remove him from the U20s.

  130. So now we really are a team in transition.
    Good man Stephen Rochford you have managed to head Mayo’s greatest performances post black and white T.V.

    With out doubt Mayo’s two best preforming Managers have been Rochford and Horan, both had major issue with this county board, Also McStay and McHale have been victim of their dynamics. I feel bad for Homes and Connelly as from the start they were undermined by this boards decision to trust neither with the role on their own. Our players held their opinions so low that they delivered a written statement to them with out discussion. Many of the figures in the drama that is Mayo GAA politics have changed yet the county board has essentially remained the same bar swapping roles while staying on the Board. It is what it is, yet it needs transparent change.

  131. Absolute disaster and as obvious a hatchet job as I’ve seen from.this county board. It was clear the from the string of undermining statements the last few weeks that they were building up to this, and yet again Mayo is in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Who is actually going to want this job now? Who is going to want to work with that county board? It’s a poisoned chalice. And don’t start with McGuinness, a man with a waning interest in GAA nevermind zero interest in Mayo football.

  132. Well done Stephen Rochford. I think we may look back in a few years and really appreciate how well he did in 2016 and ’17. He was not afraid to make brave decisions. He was very unlucky conceding two own goals in 2016 and indiscipline let his side down last year.

    If Mayo are to go through a rough patch or transition period, we may regret getting rid of Rochy today.

    For the new manager, I think James Horan could get the job again. I would love to see three good candidates put themselves forward and interview for the post. However I am starting to worry that our reputation might proceed us and managers might see it as a very tough job go for.

    I don’t think there’s any chance Jim McGuinness would come back to Gaelic having spent the last five years developing a soccer philosophy. I think it would be bizarre to take over a football team.

  133. Would love to see the idea of a joint manger ticket explored again. Two is better than one as the old saying goes. Who knows what would’ve happened if Pat and Noel had been given a little longer. We’ve got a couple of fabulous young coaches there in Maurice Sheridan and Michael Solan. Throw King John Maughan and Martin Carney to add that little bit of charisma and experience and you’ve got the makings of a winning formula.

  134. I’m for 1won’t apologise for telling the truth.Rochford is no loss to mayo.a completely incompetent manager who dropped an all star gloalkeeer in all Ireland final and when we’re losing against galway he brought drake on to change the game.I’m sorry folks but I’m a very happy man tonight

  135. Poor Willie Joe thought he was going to have a nice relaxing autumn and crank it up again in January ! Lord only knows who and when the new management will be installed but there will be some amount of print and talk about it. I really hope the county board have a good plan of what they are doing and I do mean a good plan, not making it up as they go.

  136. After the Kildare game I’d have preferred a change of manager. I have been very critical of some Management decisions over the course of the last 3 seasons. However the fact that Stephen initially decided to continue was ok with me. Lets not forget he did bring us to within a whisker of an All Ireland in each of the last 2 years. He owes us nothing and I can only wish him the very best for the future. As for who will be the next manager……….Michael Solan or Jim McGuinness if either of them are interested. I would hope the County Board appoint someone quickly and not leave it drag on too long.

  137. Is there an All Ireland final later this week?… Well if its not a good match… I don’t think Mayo have a duty to entertain the Irish Public with a regular ‘Soap Opera Show’.. If All Ireland titles were handed out for ‘Soap Opera’ we’d be ‘King of the Hill’… Both our Ladies and Gentlemen involved in Mayo County teams need to learn from mistakes of the past and indeed the present… We can do better.. And I wish every well intentioned person involved the wisdom to put the administration of this Gaelic-football mad County on a better footing!

  138. People on here now giving preference to Mike Solan for the job. Only a few short weeks ago the same people were highly critical of his performance in the u 20 final saying he showed naivete in his reluctance to make any defensive changes as we went man to man with the Kildare forwards and were ripped apart. Its just hard to know. I think Horan would be the best option at the moment. Familiar with the players and set up but its hard to know if he will return or if the county board would take him on again after a turbulent relationship. They may hire a candidate which will give them the least amout of difficulty or a yes man in other words.

  139. It’s a totall shame what’s going on. Feel very sorry for SR he made a commitment and went after a good backroom team in Peter Forde not sure about the other Breaffy man Two men from the same club was a little odd but Rochford took the bait and walked away he should have stuck to his guns the two guys were only selectors Who was going to be the rest of his backroom team. Rumours were spread that McGuinnes was available which was BS and I wouldn’t want him any where neare Mayo football with his northern defensive shite he got a lucky all ireland and what has he done since Thanks to Stephan Rochford and his family for his years of dedicated service and a true gentleman

  140. What’s done is done! It’s an embarrassment surely. I want to wish SR all the best and I feel he brought us to within a whiskers breath of winning Sam these last two years. I say this with a heavy heart as I dislike the man but Pat Spillane is right. The fact is indiscipline and lack of scoring prowess ; we are short at least 2 top class forwards. Along with a severe degree of bad luck cost Mayo the last two years. However I don’t believe in bad luck as I feel you should be able to create your own luck. We never seem to be able to do this. What I saw against Kildare was a burnt out team who have been on the road far too long. What Mayo need to do now is get Jack O Connor and Maurice Fitzgearld possibly Tomas O Se on board. Along with a selector of their choice maybe from Mayo. I believe Horan could be this man but would he want this position???. These Kerry lads are proven winners remember what they did to us in 04, 06. Unless we develop better scoring forwards who preform and chose the right options when the going gets tough we will win nothing. Buckley in relation to this, in my opinion, is a bigger loss than Rochford. We also need a manager with a ruthless streak who commands respect. The last thing we need now is Jim Mc Guinness with his 14 men behind the ball philosophy. Just can’t see that sitting well with our current players. We still have the spine of a great team we need someone to properly develop these younger lads coming through. I also think Cian Hanley could be a massive player going forward. As much as it pains me. It’s time to let certain older players go. Their is at least three who have been great servants to Mayo football but I just feel age and they haven’t got a full 100% in them for 75 mins any more.

  141. Solan needs to manage a competitive senior team before being ready for the Mayo senior job. I think he has done a decent job at u21/20 level to date…but tactically his management team made a massive blunder in the u20 AIF this summer.

    McGuinness, very unfair to say his All Ireland was lucky. He put together a strategy to win and succeeded. Donegal were unstoppable in 2012. Let’s put it another way; Donegal wouldn’t have won Sam in 2012 without McGuinness. And a defensive minded coach would actually be better for this Mayo team. We have the best defenders in the country buy not the best defendensive structure. In my opinion, for thos Mayo team to have won or to win an All Ireland we required/require a much more solid and co-ordinared defence. Our strengths don’t lie in attack. To win Sam you should play to your strengths. Whoever takes over, they should look at the Donegal 2012 template and make Mayo very hard to score against.

  142. Rochie started 14 V Kildare who had played County before he got the job. That is not Progress!

  143. Revellino – if you think that kind of contribution is helping matters you’ve very much wrong. Cop yourself on. I’ve no option but to put you in moderation if that’s the kind of stuff you’re going to post here on this issue.

  144. Hi Cait,
    I honestly think Sunday’s game will be a much closer call than people think. We ll miss the craic on Sunday with the good people of Mayo.

    Kind Regards
    Martin the Dub

  145. No, you shouldn’t Revellino. It’s not as if I haven’t been warning people, repeatedly, to be reasonable in what they say. Apology accepted, though.

  146. @kenny how can you call Rochford incompetent? He got is to too All Ireland Final and lost by a point, once after a replay. He has been the only manager to get anywhere close to thiabDublin team in the last 3 season. @houseofpride before Rochford take over Andy Moran was coming off the bench under Rochford he was playing full forward and the Lynch pin of own attack and who played of the year. Under Rochford Lee Keegan began the best man marker in the game. Other players have improved too. So if Rochford get criticised for not bringing in enough youth or for the keeper switch in 2016 then he deserves credit for developing player and our good performances.
    I’m really worried about some of the names being mentioned as replacement.

  147. oh lets go back to Horan.

    the man who left Keane isolated on Michael Murphy and Cafferkey on Donnaghey.

    Forget it if he comes back

  148. To hear people throwing out names like jack oconnor t. ose and maurice fitz is very strange,
    Correct me if im wrong but if they are the solution surely kerry would scoop them up.
    SR is gone and i think its very bad timing, he put so many players on the operating table to get that bit more out of them for this year.
    The only man i can see to manage this team next year is the coach who has stood with the last three managements.
    Will it happen not in this county.
    Willie joe its a hard old station

  149. The county board publicly stating that they wanted to meet Stephen and his management team to hear their plans for 2019 was not appropriate and verged on humiliating the prospective management team.
    The pool of top class inter county managers, selectors and coaches is tiny and I hope the county board have confidence that they can get some high calibre people on their management team.
    I resent this circus been created and when it comes to managerial changes you have to be very careful what you wish for.

  150. Wanting to meet a new mgmt team to review plans is absolutely best practice and standard. If they ratified without such a meeting it would be more ridiculous.

  151. Bob by all accounts, and as reported on Newstalk, the proposed management team were as surprised as us, the County Board and their club by the announcement on Sat!

  152. One thing that hasn’t been mentioned here too much.
    The Mayo News ran the story of who the new back room team nominees were (not ratified).
    The Mayo News never run stories without having very close to the story sources. I have yet to see them get something major wrong in recent years concerning the Mayo senior team.
    Now, put yourself in the position of the county board. They learn via a news story who the mgmt backroom team nominees are.

  153. I’m sad disappointed and hurt for Stephen but I am also very grateful to him and his family for years of dedicated hard work. Like us all he has made mistakes but that’s life.
    To be honest I don’t see a whole pile of options out there for us. I’m a big fan of Liam Kearns, the Tipperary manager. He’s someone I would happily entrust with our fortunes. But please not Jim McG or James Horan. I admire and respect both but feel we need new enthusiasm and fresh ideas…thank you Stephen… always.

  154. Anyone who thinks Solan should get the job needs to watch this years u20 final again.

    Jim McGuinness is not an option.

    Looks like we are back to James Horan who left keane on Murphy in 12, Higgins on OGara in 13 and Cafferkey on Donaghy in 14.

  155. @donedeal, If you don’t think Solan and Horan should get it , then who would you give it too ?

  156. The new manager can’t be McGuinness or indeed any outsider, everyone on here has been shouting for new blood, give youth a chance, new players wanted etc etc. Therefore the manager must come from within the county, know the club scene and have a relationship with local managers/trainers. If McGuinness got the job he would concentrate on last year’s panel simply because that’s all he knows about Mayo, he doesn’t know Mayo club players, he would most likely bring outside selectors so there would be no development of players for the future. An outside manager may have some short term success but will damage Mayo football long term. The new manager must come from within the county with an interest in developing for future years.

  157. That’s a very valid point JP. Surely there should have been nothing in the press until everything including a backroom team were agreed.I found it very strange that Stephen announced he was staying on at a point when all the other backroom team had left. Surely the wise thing to do would have been to hold on any announcements until everything including the new backroom team was agreed.

  158. Oisín McConville is fairly unequivocal in today’s Irish Examiner on who is responsible for driving this sequence of events, and let’s just say he’s not placing as much blame on the county board as everyone else. He’s essentially called this another heave. And while rumours are rumours (no-one is left unscathed, but let’s face it, most of us have heard them) if this is in fact the case, I really don’t envy any manager going in there because the balance of power is just not quite right.

    Centrefield, spot on. I was as big a Horan fan as anyone and am very grateful for where he brought us, but there are a lot of rose-tinted glasses here. His decision-making (or lack of) on the sideline was consistently every bit as baffling as Rochford’s.

  159. Mayo51, I don’t know, we had a good man and I don’t understand why they wanted him out.

  160. Surely the dream team for Mayo would be Horan/Rochford partnership.

    Horan changed the mindset of Mayo and thought them the physicality and tackling required to take on the likes of Dubs and Kerry. Rochford however was tactically far more astute i believe – combining their respective talents I would thought worth a crack.

    But maybe you can only have one elvis in the band.

  161. I cant believe at such a serious time people are trying to be funny by suggesting names for the mayo job like Martin Carney, John Maughan and TOSe. Really great people in their own right but not what the Mayo team need to manage…not now-not ever.

  162. I look forward to seeing Horan rebuilding a competitive mayo panel. Very much his own man, strong personality, knows what he needs to get from his players. I think too he will be much stronger on the sideline this time round, a much wiser man. Interesting to see what kind of management team he can muster up…needs to be top notch…

  163. I really hope what McConville is suggesting isn’t true and as yet there isn’t any evidence to back his claim up. If however the players did influence the CB into removing Rochford (and that’s what they did, they created a situation where Stephen had no choice but to walk), then I am finished following this team.

  164. Sean Burke, don’t for one minute get sucker punched by the semantics of all of this. You are too smart for that. what would you do when you are told one thing, but at the last minute, the goal posts are moved? Let no-one be in any doubt that while the statement says that Rochford resigned, he was forced to resign by the actions of the county board.
    The county board have, on the face of it, come out of this OK. They are on record as backing their man by their statement released on Monday afternoon (unconvincingly though as the chairman dropped enough subtle hints that there was no communication between him and SR since the Kildare game, and let it be known that they were “in the dark” about the management team etc, let’s not even mention a deadline). However, behind closed doors, it is crystal clear that they did not, and possibly never were going to, support SR. Their ill-advised Tweet and the impression given to SR in that meeting made it impossible for him to carry on. They have, in effect, forced SR to step down. If this was an employer/employee relationship it would amount to constructive dismissal. SR has too much class and dignity to put up with those in the county board in this situation and rightly walked.
    Now, the county board have, for the 3rd time since 2014, brought the good name of Mayo football to the front pages yet again. McNicholas’ failure to back Horan in his objection to going to Limerick for the ’14 replay with Kerry showed that we have a spineless, cowering county board. Then his attempts to shoe-horn Connelly & Holmes in to the managers job brought disgrace on our county and showed our board to be inept in the extreme (will anyone ever forget the embarrassing national interview by Vincent Neary) and bordering on nepotism. Now, we have this saga, on Connellys watch. As blatant a show of disrespect towards a successful manager as you can get. Invite him up the garden path, open the door for him, invite him in for tea and then spit in the teapot. Furthermore, anyone who was in NY in 2014 and saw the “operations” of OUR county board in fundraising knows exactly the level of intelligence and innovation our managers have to deal with. We are not talking Einstein levels, that’s for sure.
    Whatever your view on SR, I wanted him to remain (although I had slight concerns regarding his proposed backroom team and with his player management) and felt he earned the right to remain. However, his treatment by OUR county board is disgraceful. For all those living in cloud cuckoo land and expecting the county board to have an elite manager lined up? Wake up! What self respecting coach/manager in his right mind would want to come in? For all those getting excited about a proposed new development at Lough Lannagh? Wake up! Clubs are still paying €7,000 pa for the overpriced, closed tender, under designed stand at MacHale Park (if ever there was a “job for the boys”, that was it – the board meetings held in Mick Byrnes pub on Friday evening). Until there is an independent, transparent, fully costed and audited set of figures to back this proposal up, and full details of where the funding is coming from, there should not be 1 cent of clubs/supporters money put forward.
    For what it’s worth, and it’s not much, my regular Monday evening text from “Mayo GAA Lotto” was replied to but this time it was not to buy tickets, it was to log on and click “unsubscribe”. Also, for anyone that is interested and on the waiting list, there will be 4 season tickets on the market for next year. Not 1 cent will I put in to Mayo GAA while the current board is in place.
    Finally, if I was Elverys I would be taking a long hard look at where I am ploughing my sponsorship money.

  165. whatever ye do dont bring in Jim McGuinness , he destroyed Gaelic football both to watch and play. Best solution is a combination of Horan and Rochford ,with Horan in charge of training and tactics and Rochford in charge when team takes the field with NO interference from County Board or Clubs

  166. Pebblesmeller – I’ve edited back the worst of your insults there. I get your sentiments but, as a long-standing and well-respected contributor here, you must know that posting a comment in those terms makes my job, already almost an impossible one, even harder.

  167. Good luck to Stephen and wish him well. Good luck to the host also who will have his work cut out in the moderation side of things today!!

  168. Carta Bui, WJ. Fair enough, apologies.
    The red mist that descended last night has not yet lifted. Unbelievable is not the word. I’ll keep the tackling clean and “hands out” the next time.

  169. Pebbles- I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiment and opinion.

    I and I’m sure quite a few others dug deep into our bank accounts to support ‘Mayo GAA’ in the run up to the finals in 16 and 17. Thousands. As far as I’m concerned it all went toward the debt incurred for the stand rather than anything to support the senior team or assist youth development.

    If I was head of a major sponsor I’d be asking serious questions. I have no faith in those that run Mayo GAA. It’s a terrible shame. I gain zero satisfaction from this.

    The biggest problem and issue in Mayo GAA are those at the helm. Anyone who thinks otherwise hasn’t a clue.

  170. Thanks, Pebbles – if the likes of yourself and other sound-minded contributors stray too far off the middle ground then the ship goes under. I can’t keep it afloat on my own.

  171. I reckon the CB have someone (whom they think is better) lined up for the position of manager. I got that feeling from a while back since Mike Connolly’s interview with the Western a few weeks ago. If they haven’t someone of real quality in mind and have effectively sacked Steven Rochford then that would amount to foolishness on a grand scale. As always I reckon there’s an awful lot more to this than we know right now. I for one will wait and see what emerges before passing judgement. In the meantime my sympathies are with Steven and his family – rejection is not easy. I wish him well and like all manager he made mistakes but he did his best for Mayo.
    I’m keeping up my cairde ticket and will still subscribe to everything that looks like it might help Mayo. We’re not dead yet! Something has changed in Mayo football over the last few years and we will never be the same again – thankfully!
    By the way stick with it WJ. You are playing a blinder albeit you are against the wind and rain at the minute. Much appreciated by Mayo fans everywhere.

  172. I’m not here to cover the CB in glory . I’m just trying to understand what they did wrong here , there is no holy Joe involved at the top level of anything , everyone has a ruthless streak or they wouldn’t be there ,that includes senior county managers.

    Are the executive just expected to roll over for management , after such a disappointing year compounded by the resignations of Buckley , mcantee & Burke. Surely to ask for a meeting with a discussion on future plans is not too much to ask for or what is it I’m missing ? Or is it ye who’s missing something . Honestly I’m not at all sure ye have this right at all.

    As for where our monies go , there has been no let up on first team expenditure , it’s there for everyone to see. Don’t know where the notion comes from it went elsewhere.

    The fundraising in US last time was an absolute disaster ,I don’t think anyone disagrees with that . My problem is ,if this is rectified for may next year and there is a successful fundraising campaign will people still harp on about the time before .

    I like everyone else here just want mayo to maximise on everything to make us the best Gaelic football county in Ireland . We have to keep moving forward . The stand is there , no point in knocking it down is there , loan repayment s have to be met . We can’t keep harping on about past mistakes .

  173. Sean – I think Buckley and McEntee left because the county board were unhappy at the amount they were costing and wanted to cut expenses. This left it very difficult to find quality replacement. If however the rumours were true that there is somebody willing to pay wages of another manager then they were always going to be able to put a better backroom team in place and had a very unfair advantage on Rochford.

  174. Just a thought, is this fact or hearsay? Genuine question. I would have thought Buckley and McEntee left because they felt they had given as much as they could, but that’s only my own opinion.

    Sean, if you can’t see how unprofessionally the county board have handled this – including their very public statements as WJ has outlined in the next post – then you must be very desensitised by the events of recent years! This is just not how things should be done.

  175. Just a thought – echoing Anne-Marie’s question, do you have any facts to back that up? From what I’ve heard finance was not an issue in all this.

  176. Does anyone know for sure if a players group met with the CB as is rumoured in general and further by mcconville. Whether they gave rochford a full endorsement or wanted him gone surely isnt the issue. Its the fact such a meeting takes place. Should the players be meeting anyone other than management to air any problems or give opinions. It should certainly not take place where rochford wasnt there.

  177. Anne Marie – For it to be fact would you need it to be confirmed in writing by the county board or the former selectors? Hearsay i guess so. Heard it before they resigned. Ideal both replacements could walk to training.

  178. Thanks Stephen for some great days – you got a lot more right than wrong. Hope you get another twist down the line & enjoy your time away. I doubt McConvilles’s rumour that players spoke with county board recently.. The knives were out for SR after Kildare loss… Shame CB didn’t have a quiet word with SR to avoid ambarassment & circus… its done now and i don’t deny the CB have legitimiate right to choose who they want..They just better have someone better lined up! – Anyway, we’ll go again – we just need to score more and concede less next year. Horan is probably the best choice at this stage – don’t see too many others…
    Interview with Mike Finnerty (Mayo News) at 1hr:06 mark below:
    Good Luck to Maughan in Offaly.

  179. Just a thought – thanks for the clarification. When exactly did I say it was okay to post info based on hearsay here? I’ve been pretty bloody clear about not doing so but some people simply won’t listen.

  180. Anne Marie , my opinion is never really welcomed here but for what it’s worth I think Stephen should of walked after Kildare game , it was a disaster of a managerial performance imho. I believe he dug his heels in and shouldn’t of bothered if the outcome was going to be the same.

    Our approach to Galway games in 16/17 was all wrong , we were steeped in luck to make the progress we did in 17 ,no doubt the performance in the final was very good though . Again this year losing to Galway was not good enough albeit our approach was somewhat different to previous two years and we had a run of bad luck in the game itself and the low levels of sledging Galway have stooped to towards certain mayo players is disgusting too, accumulating in a lot of cards for our bucks n league and championship encounters.

  181. Isn’t meetings between player representatives and the CB par for the course though? I feel people, including Oisin McConville (how would he even be privy to what was said in such a meeting?), may be reading too much into that. It’s my understanding the club delegates did not support him.

  182. Sean Burke
    “Our approach to Galway games in 16/17 was all wrong , we were steeped in luck to make the progress we did in 17 ,no doubt the performance in the final was very good though . Again this year losing to Galway was not good enough albeit our approach was somewhat different to previous two years and we had a run of bad luck in the game itself and the low levels of sledging Galway have stooped to towards certain mayo players is disgusting too, accumulating in a lot of cards for our bucks n league and championship encounters.”

    Is Diarmuid O Connor disgusting for elbowing Paul Conroy in the face? Everyone is to blame except the Mayo players for losing again to Galway.

  183. Sorry Willie Joe but I didnt like the use of the word “disgusting” in Seans post. I think a mistake has been made in letting Rochford go and the general feeling here appears to be Rochford remaining as manager benefits Mayo.
    What more could Rochford do as the current squad ages and he doesnt have the calibre of players to replace with loads of injuries and mileage etc I suppose we will never know now but getting a “better” manager than SR is unlikely from my point of view and it only creates division as I can see from the many posts on here.

  184. Re McConville and his comments! He is full of …, he is someone I disagree with and do not share the same opinion. A bit like Brady, he full of soundbites, tactically wrong on many occasion and only looking for clickbait.
    If anyone saw McConvilles behaviour on the sideline when Mitchels beat his Crossmaglen side two years ago in the All Ireland club semi-final, they would take a very different view of him. Disgraceful, out of control and an embarrassment to himself and his club.

  185. I agree with Sean Burke , we haven’t been competitive since JH left, I know everyone will point to AI finals but the truth is we were lucky to make any of them. It was time to go after Kildare match, I like SR he has a lot to offer but it was the end of road this year

  186. “Standards” these days is an apt word. Based on the viewing this year it’s actually no that difficult to be second best.

    Maybe it’s not a case that the Dubs are so far ahead and maybe its a case that the chasing pack are so poor.

    On any given day I would give a poor Mayo team a chance to beat today’s Tyrone, Donegal, Galway or Kerry.

    Fitzmaurice was in last chance saloon territory this year and chanced youth and cost his county an AI u20 title, wrong approach imo. Rochy would’ve been in the same thankless position in 2019 if he stayed on, perhaps he knew this? Either way I would’ve preferred to see it handled differently but then again no one here knows the exact circumstances.

    It’s probably best that a new manager is allowed space to cut in some youth into the set-up with a 3 year plan of trying to get Sam in 2020 or 21. Maybe the Dubs 5 in a row team will have enough at that stage. Better timing for a new manager to change things than a manager in the “last chance saloon” .

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