Ronan McGarritty withdraws from panel due to illness

It was announced by John O’Mahony on Mid-West Radio this evening that Ronan McGarritty has withdrawn from the Mayo senior panel due to a serious illness. Rumours had been circulating earlier in the day to this effect, although with no names being mentioned. The condition is understood to be serious, though not life-threatening, and there is every hope and expectation that Ronan will make a full recovery.

We can all become very passionate about football and we can, in the immortal words of Bill Shankly, take the view that it’s more than just life and death. Then, along comes news like this to prove that such a viewpoint is, at best, more than a little glib. Sport can seem so central to what many of us think and do but this kind of development shows that what happens on the playing field – including how the beloved teams we follow with such devotion perform – is less important than we often let on.

Get well soon, Ronan – I’m sure all of Mayo is rooting for you at this difficult time.

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