Roscommon 0-13 Mayo 1-15: strong in the sun

After what has felt like a decade of rain and wind, a rare summer-like day provided the background to this spring afternoon at Dr. Hyde Park. In the suffocating heat it was Mayo who managed the conditions better, surging clear of hosts Roscommon after the break to win by five points.

We opted for the terrace and so had the baking sun on our heads for the afternoon. It was hot up on the concrete and I’m sure it was equally tough going out on the field, where a claustrophobic first half gave way to a more open second, in which we emerged the stronger outfit.

We made two changes in advance. Donnacha McHugh started instead of Enda Hession, while Jordan Flynn lined out in place of Bob Tuohy. For them, Ben O’Carroll was preferred to Tadhg O’Rourke in their starting fifteen.

We struck first in a match in which we’d never trail. Paddy Durcan fired over after Aidan O’Shea laid it off for him.

Aidan had fumbled the first two balls into him but the next time he got on it, fed by Fergal Boland, he slashed through the cover and stabbed the ball to the net.

This was the fast start we’d wanted. From then to the break, though, we largely – though not completely – squandered it, as we took a one-point lead into the half-time dressing room.

They opened their account on nine minutes. Diarmuid Murtagh, who ended with four from play, landed a delicious score into the town end but we responded immediately. Ryan O’Donoghue took the hit as he collected the ball but bounced off the contact, turned and fired over.

Two from Murtagh, the first from a free, cut the gap to two and Cregg left the minimum between them. We didn’t get a free until 24 minutes were played – Seán Hurson fairly let it flow all day – but, when we did, Ryan clipped over the placed ball.

Ryan then fisted over after Murray had scored for them. Points from Donie Smith and Murtagh hauled them level but we responded with points from Fergal Boland and Ryan (a free) before a Cregg free cut the gap to just one at the break.

It was a jittery interval for us on the terrace. We’d looked typically laboured in attack in the first half and the early dominance we’d shown on breaks had given way to Roscommon cleaning up around the middle.

That would continue in the second half too but, despite this, the scoreboard started to tick strongly in our favour.

We made one change for the second half, with Enda Hession coming in for Donnacha McHugh.

They pulled level when Cregg, bearing down on goal, went for power but blasted it over. That was a let-off for us.

Down the other end Tommy Conroy got sight of the posts and a huge cheer, much of it a sound of relief, rang out as he hit the target. Ryan then claimed and converted a mark.

Cregg landed a boomer. I had my head in my notebook jotting down this score and when I looked up it was to see Ryan popping one over at the other end. This game was opening up now.

The next score, you felt, would be crucial. Roscommon shot a wide after a long period of possession. Then Sam Callinan’s effort hit the post and went wide. Soon after Colm Reape hauled down a ball that was just heading over his bar.

Crucially, we eventually got the next score. Ryan had a shot that was blocked but Aidan claimed the rebound and fisted over.

It was then we powered on. Conor Loftus, less than sixty seconds on the pitch in place of Paddy Durcan, banged one over. They responded but points from Ryan (a free), Fergal from distance and Tommy (again!) pushed us six clear.

In such hot weather and with the clock now against the home team, we were now all but out the gap.

We defended well in the closing stages, rarely fouling and never giving them sight of the goal, knowing that preventing a three-pointer would see us home.

Points from McCormack and Murtagh shaved the gap to four but that was their scoring done for the day. A second Conor Loftus point was the grace note on a fully-deserved five-point win for us.

So we’ve finally beaten one of Roscommon and Galway in a non-knockout Connacht Championship fixture, the first time we’ve done this since 2015. Now it’s on to Pearse Stadium in a fortnight’s time, where we’ll be aiming to beat the other one of that particular duo.

Mayo: Colm Reape; Jack Coyne, Rory Brickenden, Sam Callinan; Paddy Durcan (0-1), David McBrien, Donnacha McHugh; Stephen Coen, Matthew Ruane; Jordan Flynn, Fergal Boland (0-2), Jack Carney; Aidan O’Shea (1-1), Tommy Conroy (0-2), Ryan O’Donoghue (0-7, four frees and a mark). Subs: Enda Hession for McHugh, Conor Loftus (0-2) for Durcan, Bob Tuohy for O’Shea, Paul Towey for Flynn, Padraig O’Hora for Coyne.

Who was our MOTM against Roscommon? Pick your top three performers

  • Ryan O'Donoghue (32%, 896 Votes)
  • Aidan O'Shea (26%, 738 Votes)
  • Tommy Conroy (8%, 219 Votes)
  • Conor Loftus (6%, 172 Votes)
  • Fergal Boland (6%, 168 Votes)
  • David McBrien (4%, 109 Votes)
  • Matthew Ruane (3%, 95 Votes)
  • Stephen Coen (3%, 83 Votes)
  • Sam Callinan (2%, 64 Votes)
  • Enda Hession (2%, 51 Votes)
  • Paddy Durcan (2%, 51 Votes)
  • Jack Carney (1%, 27 Votes)
  • Jack Coyne (1%, 26 Votes)
  • Rory Brickenden (1%, 26 Votes)
  • Colm Reape (1%, 24 Votes)
  • Donnacha McHugh (0%, 13 Votes)
  • Jordan Flynn (0%, 12 Votes)
  • Padraig O'Hora (0%, 10 Votes)
  • Bob Tuohy (0%, 9 Votes)
  • Paul Towey (0%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,323

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52 thoughts on “Roscommon 0-13 Mayo 1-15: strong in the sun

  1. Very poor standard of football today. Roscommon were very poor and we laboured to close it out. Do not look like we have any structure to our set up and approach. Will have to improve to beat Galway!

  2. Well done to the lads .
    Was edgy at times at mid first half and ros forwards looked to be getting in their strides but we suffocated them out .

    A man who won’t get many flowers but did and continues to do a great job is Stephen coen.
    Can see the dynamic mcbrien brings to 6 but just be safer with him at 3 , brick in corner and Sam out to 6.
    Eoin mac, conor James carr and the o conors getting fit will be great for the Galway game and also jordan will have blown out some dirty diesel.
    Credit to Aos he did very well ans will fancy his chances as he always gets better of galways Sean chap with the mullet.

    I’d give reape a pass on long kickouts as we were flat out there but add in eoin Mac a fit flynn and or Loftus with a fit paddy and we will win more than our fair share .

    Good job done I was nervous and understandably so as murtagh was tapping em.over at ease
    Let’s not get carried away tho , we lost alot of kickouts and let them through for few goal chances

  3. Long kickouts weren’t actually bad – our batting down of these to the opposition was the issue. When that was improved and roscommon midfield tired, we made hay off long kickouts.
    Plenty to work on there. Intensity will have to be hugely increased for final.
    Paddy’s injury worried me. Did not look good moving off.
    Our full forward line were very good for scores as was Boland. Hopefully we can keep these guys scoring.

  4. We did not have any fielders in the middle for the long kick out. Thought Colm if he had acted a bit quicker with kick-out, there were lots of short options. Also one went over the sideline. This thing of him coming up to the edge of the D the far end of the field needs to stop. It’s a joke. He nearly got caught again today. It’s going to cost us shortly.
    We need to look at other options for kick outs.
    The pressure was put on the kick out today and we didn’t have any idea of what to do. Fair play to OShea, Ryan and Tommy looked a good bit better today. Hope Paddy is not injured. He looked to be limping a small bit going off.

  5. Diarmuid back fit be the man u need for the long kick outs and hoovering up breaking ball .
    Maybe he’s the man for the no6 role

  6. Coen got one of my three votes indeed outside of the boot . Very happy with this win. Galway were no great shakes yesterday . We’ll need to improve but we can and we can win again in Salthill.

  7. Well done to the guys I was nervous the first half not going to lie!

    But we came good the 2nd lots to work on for sure but I think it’s good that we didn’t hammer the rossies it’ll keep us all level headed.

    Ryan O D class act as always. Paddy durcan hope he’s Ok. Aido got a great goal in he gets so much abuse from within and outside the county but he’s still a really important player for us.

    Tommy conroy delighted for him and he can still improve to which I’m sure he will but today will give him that bit of confidence he’s been lacking.

    Galway v mayo is always an exciting match is the final in Galway?

    And with Diarmuid&cillian O Connor & eoghan mc to come back I don’t think we are in a bad place though a semi would be a good spot for us this year and maybe next year hope for more but all in all happy enough!

  8. Tommy+joe.
    The long kick out killed us today. At least 5 points came off them, as we lost them. The kick outs when long we’re not kicked directly, they are hanging in the air too long. All the Roscommon midfielders had to do was break the ball, they didn’t need to catch them. The trajectory of the ball is all wrong when it hangs in the air too long. Advantage will always go to the other team , when this happens. Management don’t appear to be working out any kick out strategies at all. This is going on since the start of the league, and we have still no other strategy worked out. Bad and all as Galway
    We’re last evening, we will need to improve greatly to win in Salthill.

  9. A win today thats what it was about, no need to destroy teams one day and flop the next. Good to see a bit of form from Conroy and Loftus and both picking points. Thought the defence didnt show enough aggression, let Roscommon have a few shots for points and no defender near them, a forward should never get a free shot at goals, defenders need to get up close and personal with the forwards, just like Donegal last night.

  10. In Salthill. Roscommon tired and that let us into it. Can only fault Reaper on one kickout. Interesting when the stats are done on our long kickouts. We will be the weakest link if we make it to SF but a valuable experience even if we get a roasting. Let’s win Connacht and go forward as a 1 seed though I’m not sure home games in castlebar is any advantage to us.
    13000 a small crowd considering the day

  11. Roscommon left a lot behind them today, lots of shots dropped. A better team would be raising the flags. Worry about our attack against blanket defence.

    Hoping Cillian can be used more. Anybody hear updates from McStay about him?

  12. Delighted for Aidan today. Set up the first point, took his goal well… and then he mostly played between half forward and half back for a lot of the game.

    He can be a menace if left around the goal. Why take him out of there?

  13. We mixed the good and bad today. More bad than good but we got the win.
    The cons were I thought where we positioned players didn’t work.
    McBrien didn’t add threat further up although Bric did well at 3. We lost so many kickouts (8 in total) and although some were unlucky Reape didn’t spot a few players free, kicked one straight to them (possibly blinded by the sun) and one over the sideline. Almost lined up a point but had to break stride and got turned over for panic station scramble. McHugh did fairly well on one occasion made huge ground to stop a dangerous Ros break. Not sure why he was subbed but Hession did fine. Flynn was a bit below par but Boland good and FF line posed a good threat. Ryan excellent.
    Also on the con side, paddy’s fitness may be a concern but like Flynn at least he got game time.
    Also Ros no 5 was left free far too often and blew a few decent chances. If Ros took their chances it could have been a draw.
    Again on the plus side Conor Loftus looked good and driven, put his hand up. I’d consider replacing Carnet with him because of Loftus’ willingness to take on shots. Mattie ok but not his A game. The kick pass to Aido was abandoned once Ros got into the game as Aido came out,
    I think this could be his decision not management’s but I would acknowledge he was the only big man showing for kickouts for a fair chunk of the game. Our FB line got opened a fair bit in 1st half but improved a bit. Coen very good decision making as always but was he in midfield or not? Possibly not as McHugh man marked Smith in 1st half. Happy for Coen to play but not in midfield.
    Galway no great shakes but we need a big improvement as by all accounts Comer turned the game for them.

  14. Well done to Mayo today, I thought the better team by far, particularly in the 2nd half.
    I’m just back home in the door, and listened to the Final Whistle podcast in the car. One point I have to take up with Rob and John was in relation to the Mayo crowd, which you said was outnumbered by the Rossies. You also said you were on the terrace side of the ground. Well having been in the stand (section H to be specific) I thought the Mayo crowd around were by far in bigger numbers. The biggest roars we heard & contributed for scores were for Aiden’s goal and Tommy’s 2 points. Maybe there were more primrose & blue jerseys around you on the terrace, but the one Rossie lad sitting in row 18 behind us was very much in the minority. So maybe it just depended where in the ground you were located… mini- rant over.
    And credit where credit is due, Dr Hyde Park is now a really good venue, and looks fantastic.

  15. Firstly ,Well done to the team and management.
    It was a tough day heat wise in the Rossies back garden .
    Work rate was good , composure when needed was excellent.
    Yes lads made mistakes and wrong decisions but for me , Mayo beating Roscommon is one of the great pleasures in life .Fair play to Aiden he quietened them with his goal and general play..
    I thought the workmate of all the lads was great in the hot conditions.
    Most pleasing was the discipline in the tackle ,
    You could see today why Stephen Coen brings .
    ,organisation, encouragement and workrate, all done under the radar
    I’m happy to win the game comfortably with lots to work on .
    Well done lads and thanks

  16. I’d agree Young Fella, I was in the uncovered seating in front of the stand, and the vast majority were from Mayo – probably a lot to do with the number of season ticket holders.
    I haven’t read many of the comments, but from my own viewpoint it was a very mixed bag.
    We got off to a great start with the goal, but from there to half time I thought Ros were the better team. I don’t think we won a ball around midfield for the last 20 mins of that half.
    In the 3rd quarter we really upped it though, tackled in packs and with intensity, fellas were making runs and we worked some great scores – Tommy’s being the highlight.
    I thought we switched off after O’Shea went off, let Ros take the initiative again, and but for their awful shooting, they could have made it very nervy. Some of it can be put down to pressure from Mayo, but some were just bad shots.

    Plenty to work on, but McStay was right – this was a very important win, we needed to be back in a Connacht final, and now we need to win it.

  17. @Young Fella

    I was in the same section and my Rossie companion was mortified at being surrounded by Mayos.

  18. Could Conor Loftus do a job at centre half forward. He has a lot of the skills needed – good footpasser, can score

  19. Just home myself, have to be happy with that one. Mixed bag performance, but I was delighted Boland showed his worth today. Tommy chipping in with a few scores was also great.

    The team is crying out for Diarmuid to come back. Worrying about Durcan and Coyne now, but that’s the nature of this championship unfortunately. Thought Brick did well in the second half but need McBrien in full back line with him from now on.

    Hession made a huge difference in the second half. Great from Conor Loftus as well after such little game time. I’d agree with the poster who noted Coen’s consistency, he is a big player in that Mayo side now.

    That Connacht final is a very 50/50 game as Mayo v Galway matches usually are. I don’t think we can read much into that Sligo performance yesterday from Galway, they will be all guns blazing in two weeks time. Comer would be my biggest worry.

    All in all it was a good working performance. I still would struggle to see a pattern with this team at times, but they are persisting with a kicking game. It’s far from perfect, but they are continuing to use it and I’d welcome it as it gives us more options. Boland and O’Donoghue had a nice bit of communication at times.

    My own opinion on the lack of optimism and low turnouts is due to the fact that this current side don’t look to be challenging for the big prize. I tend to hold that view about Mayo, but we could still get a nice few days out yet. If we keep winning, as mentioned in the podcast, we will be on our way to a semi final. The last four is where we want to be. If they turn over Galway again in a fortnights time it puts them in a great position.

  20. The old mantra trottedout again on RTE……..Mayo don’t have the forwards……Roscommon have better forwards……in 2 weeks time it’ll be the same but swap Galway for Roscommon………we pretty much get the same drivel before we play every big team and it’s been said so often it’s being echoed on here. Let’s look at the “big teams starting forwards this weekend.
    So Mayo starting forwards scored more than any of the other starting forwards in 70 mins.
    Perhaps we’re too hard on ourselves.

  21. Thought it was a decent game between two good sides.

    Defence was quite solid. We seemed to allow them the opportunity to both kick inside and from range, knowing both were 30% kind of chances. When they didn’t take their chances we kind of eased the game out – I would have liked another point or two, just to edge a little closer to the 20 point mark.

    As a performance it felt kind of like the next step forward in terms of progress. Nothing today to make teams quake in their boots – but did we make it as hard a job as Kerry, Tyrone and Galway did?

    It was a long way from perfect but then a Killarney like performance today would have been overkill. We roll on to Salthill and a Galway team who got a right rattle and haven’t won a home game all season. More of the same, as in a 10% improvement will likely do us, and hopefully a big performance then first group game.

  22. Job done Semi finals are for winning and we did that relatively comfortable without being great. Defence and keeper were solid throughout. We struggled for spells at midfield. Half forwards just ok with exception of Fergal . Good return from full forward line and subs did fine. Not long home but enjoyed reading the comments section as the game developed. The negativity is amazing. Presume most of the comments are from people watching on tv rather than in The Hyde. It was too warm there to be posting comments at half time. Everybody was bad seemingly in the first half against a weak Roscommon team. Amazing that we were in front at all after being that bad. No doubt the Galway posters on the WJ Galway version blog must be raging at how their team only beat Sligo by an injury time goal. On the WJ Derry blog, I expect they will be calling for Mickeys head. The Kerry bloggers must still be in shock that they trailed Cork at half time and only won by 3 while the lads in Tyrone blog must be perplexed that they let an eight point lead slide and only scraped by in extra time. Meanwhile the hurling bloggers in the Clare equivalent must be in convulsions after blowing a big lead v Limerick while the poor old rebels were humbled by Waterford. Amazing the way opinions vary. Well done Mayo team and management. Decent win, move on to Galway. Great to see Donegal beat Derry, Cork put it up to Kerry, CAvan and Sligo perform excellently against more fancied opponents. Sport is fantastic, unpredictable and on a beautiful weekend like this it should be enjoyed

  23. I enjoyed the game for what it was. A real dogfight in tough conditions. There’s no love lost between the two teams. Some massive hits put in. Davy Burke was non-stop annoying the sideline official. The hit on Ryan could be heard on the terrace. Midfield had a hard time of it in the first half but much improved in the second. Roscommon were out on their feet by the closing stages. Hugely encouraging spread of scorers and good impact off the bench. Some tweaks needed around the backs and midfield. Interesting to see how the O’Connors and McLaughlin will slot back in when they return.

    I thought the Mayo support turned out in good numbers but perhaps not as loud as usual. The atmosphere was a bit subdued at times, could hear what was being said on the pitch. Not like the old days

  24. On that hit on Ryan,by Smith? I think. and a free given against him??..the argument that he got a clean hit on the ball does not stack up. Ryan’s face was higher than the ball so obviously he hit Ryan across the face first. The follow through hit the ball alright but it was very reckless.
    Fair play to Ryan it didn’t put him off his stride.
    He’s made of tough shtuff.

  25. Well done Mayo..have to win Connaught to stand a chance this year. Semi final for sure then I’d say or maybe even a final dare I say.

  26. Mighty work rate from our lads today in that heat. Semi finals are for winning and now we have Salthill to look forward to. Galway looked poor yesterday so I would be thinking we can take the win. Hoping Durcan injury not too bad, we need him. Heard McStay say on RTE that injured players, Diarmuid and McLaughlin, all trained this morning. No update on Darren McH or Cillian. Good to have their firepower from the bench

  27. @2hops fully agree with you

    Couldn’t believe that hit on Ryan definetly hit Ryan across the face from the view I got.

    Ryan is definetly made of tough stuff as you say.

    They always go for the best players though.

    Really was impressed with conor loftus to when he came on I think he’s bulked up a bit to.

  28. @ 2 hops… Donie Smith has form when it comes to his particular style of “tackling technique”. I can recall him clearly eye-gouging a few years ago in a league game under lights in Castlebar.. was it Keith Higgins on the receiving end that night?

  29. To be fair to mcstay, you can now see the benefit of playing aidan tommy rod consistently throughout the league, they all contributed handsomely to the scoreboard.

    Aidan had a stormer, people criticised his handling at times but i would question whether the pass was on.

    Posters giving boland kudos for his 2 points but I do think he can really slow down the game. I think it might take him another season to get up to speed, he seemed gassed mid second half.

    Attack looks dangerous when there’s pace or when rod is in possession as he looks to probe an opening rather than pass backwards like a lot of players instinctively do.

    However, i felt we had no structure to our play in the last 15 mins, we were nearly jogging cluelessly around getting in each other way and blocking up space. Do we unnecessarily expend energy making tommy aido and rod track back?

    Dublin always look to draw a man in before passing to release a runner, watch james mccarthy break out of defence. We often take 3 or 4 passes to players in close proximity without making ground or drawing in and picking off opposition to advance up the field.

    I think it went unnoticed but coyne had a tough time keeping tabs on ben o carroll, he also was caught a few times in the league. He’ll need to tighten up for galway. Our Scramble defence worked well and we blocked the centre channel effectively, an area of concern last year.

    Brickenden looks comfortable around the middle, splitting defences with kickpasses. Could he play 6?? Get him to interchange with flynn or even diarmuid when he’s back, allowing him to move up and be a quarterback.

    Midfield needs attention…very simple to rectify, just have to be ravenous on breaks. Also I noticed the roscommon keepers kickouts were aimed towards the sideline favouring their catcher to run out to. Many of reapes kickouts curl inwards disadvantaging our fielders. It’s something to work on.

    Lastly we need to be more aware of space rather than defending the man. Every mayo forward followed their marker to one side of the pitcg allowing the goalie advance into acres of space leading to a score. There was also other incidents when mayo were defending on their 45 and kept watching their man outside as the ball was played by them.

    Anyways, we wont fix anything. Connacht final awaits. These 2 games are really like rugby world cup warm up games before the 3 matches in the pool stage. Long way to go.

  30. Good to get the win, and a decent performance. We really are incredibly dull to watch these days…I don’t enjoy watching Mayo anywhere near as much as I did 3/4 years ago, but perhaps the performances and style of play will improve as the year goes on.

  31. He will be missed forever and a day when he does hamg them up KM79. His importance to Mayo down the years is very underrated amongst the experts . His character is his strength , the shit he has put up with it on and off the field has been intense , the scrutiny he has been put under , the blame he gets everytime we have lost a big game he is the target . I dont think hes ever reacted , always gone about his business and gave his all for Mayo .

  32. A man came to my door before Christmas asking me to pay my tv license and like a gobshite I went and paid it again. Watching the Sunday game tonight, it’s just fucking brutal, didn’t even cover the Mayo game just a stupid montage of interviews.

  33. Looking like the plan is there is no plan, very workmanlike effort today, a better opponent would have converted the chances mayo offered, but we won’t encounter that level of opposition until later in the year , hopefully peaking in may Jun and July, that’s the plan?

  34. Good win against a team that only won one league game. Great start. Fell away. Defensively poor in the first half. Reape poor first half. Nearly caught again. Kick outs poor. Full forward line very good. Boland decent. Flynn not his usual self. Carney reasonable. Backs very loose first half. Matty good. Really happy for Loftus. Two good points and offers us plenty now that he is in the right position. . The most thing thar annoyed me was when we went 5 points clear… we started playing Rochford ball. Did we not learn anything from the cork match last year. Why couldn’t we finish them off. Overall I’m happy enough but I think everyone knows massive improvement needed to compete with the Dublin s of this world

  35. There is an awful lot of work to do…

    I thought Roscommon were dreadful, what has happened to Enda Smith? He doesnt look interested.

    Niall Daly got one point with not a mayo man within 10 yards of him… Then missed two more chances and there was not a man near him…

    Flynn was very rusty, Ruane cant field ball and was gassing badly after 40mins, he still takes too much out of the ball…

    Brickendon defending is still questionable, he should have brought O’Hora on earlier and ran the bench. Very surprised he didnt bring in McHale and Carr as well

    On a positive note good to see Loftus show a bit of cut and thrust. Boland moving nicely, Hession looks fit, Tommy chipping in with a few nice scores. McBrien is the real deal

    O’Shea needs to back up this performance with a few more scores against Galway

    Galway will be a different proposition altogether…

  36. Was in The Hyde. Start with positives…it’s always good to beat the rassies.

    But it was two average teams going at it today. We were better. More clinical, we had better basic skills and more organised in defence but that being said I felt a better team would have opened us a few times.

    I said during the league in wasn’t overly concerned about our attack. Don’t get me wrong, take ROD out and we are massively weakened but for me, our biggest issue is midfield. Ok, Flynn wasn’t 100% today but Carney again had a fairly quiet game. It’s a area of pitch we need most improvement in.

    But lads, Ros were dreadful today. I think Galway will be a much harder nut to crack.

  37. Not the best of championship games got the win in the end and by a margin of five points but it was greatly helped by the rossies only scoring 13 points from 27 shots and they wasted some decent goal scoring chances. Midfield battle especially the breaking ball was overly great from Mayo today either. Need to wrap Ryan O’Donoghue cotton wool for the rest of the championship. Side note Hyde Park is looking better than it ever did.

    Should beat a injury hit Galway next and need to in order to top the group as best to avoid 1st seed Dublin,Kerry and Ulster champions.

  38. @Quayman.I agree completely about the Sunday Game coverage. Some, probably, highly paid genius has obviously come up with this new idea of how to cover the highlights. It consisted of scores etc. interspersed with various interviews. Who on earth thought this was a good idea-it was terrible and frustrated the hell out of me. I hav’nt got to watch all of the programme yet-was ours the only game that got this ridiculous treatment?

  39. Hard to credit that we actually won the game given the general tenor of the comments here.

    No doubt there’s loads to improve on but I’d have snapped your hand off for a five point win before the game.

  40. A couple of quick points….
    Huge credit must go to the Roscommon county board for the way they have developed Hyde Park into one of the best grounds in the country. Not too long ago it was a quagmire of a pitch and terrible facilities around it. Now, it puts the MacHale Park pitch and all the €€€s spent on it into shame.
    I would have gladly taken a 5 point win going into this game but sweet Jesus the standard of football on offer in that first half was as bad as anything served up so far this year. Two bad teams. Mayo stretched their legs out from the 5th min to the 25th min of the second half and the Rossies couldn’t live with that burst. We maintained it for the final 13mins of the game to see things out comfortably. But, the Rossies had 5 or 6 chances that they will rue. If Galway get the goal chances that the Rossies got yesterday it will be curtains for our Nestor Cup hopes.
    Huge credit to O’Shea for his performance yesterday. I thought he was excellent and got my man of the match vote in the poll. He led the line, won ball, set up scores, scored 1-1 himself and, for a man that was obviously targetted by the Rossies in last years championship tie, he certainly served up a big dish-full of revenge. They couldn’t handle him and had he been left inside for longer and fed more qulaity ball, I believe we would have put the game to bed even sooner than we did.
    Finally, credit to McStay, we looked a different animal in that second half so hopefully they got a rocket up their holes in the dressing room at half time, they certainly took their time coming back out for the second half.

  41. @GlasagusDearg: Yeah. All the other games, including ones shown live, were treated normally.

    Felt a little surreal watching the montage, thought I was back in the Screen Cinema or something.

  42. It’s rare I give out but I was royally POed at the Sunday Game.

    I’d rushed back in time for it, to the extent that I took a shortcut and got lost. Got back late but they were still on the hurling. Sat through that and the Ulster championship – and then they gave us that BS.

    I don’t mind them providing less coverage of the game they showed live but the way they covered was imo a bit disrespectful of both sides.

    And then they wasted so much time talking about referees, black cards and goalkeepers, which imo would be far better covered in a midweek analysis show.

    There are so many games to cover now – the Sunday Game should be focusing on the highlights and the more overarching analysis should be covered later imo

  43. If I’d that was what was coming, I would have simply rewatched the live coverage.

  44. RO’D was brilliant. What would we do without him. Good to see Boland and Conroy show their scoring skills. Tommy will get his confidence back by getting on the score sheet. Midfield a problem and Reape does not have a target when has to go long. Clearly management recognise this too as they replace them for the throw in. But I’m sure if there were other options management would have tried it out.

  45. Delighted for Aidan and the forwards overall. The emergence of Loftus in a Half-Forward position could be very beneficial to us as well. Fergal Boland has added 2-3 points per game to a half-forward line that wasn’t scoring last year. The kick passes into the full-forward line was very good, we have obviously been working on it.

    Midfield is still a major problem though. Coen not the answer there and if we want to progress we will need to nail down 2 midfielders. Our individual defending doesn’t seem up to scratch either. Where is the famed Donie Buckley intensity in the tackle? Despite having big numbers back the Rossies were still able to get shots off and on a different day that could have hurt us.

    Overall a good performance with plenty to improve upon

  46. Right, Craggy – you’ve finally overstepped the mark. I’ve had enough of our constant fact-free agenda against the current management team so you’re now in moderation full-time. And there you’ll be staying too. As you well know (or at least should) reasoned criticisms are always okay here but this drip-drip agenda-laden stuff has no place here. I warned you before about this but you chose to ignore me so you’ve left me with no option but to take this action.

  47. @FrostTHammer: To be fair to them, and not sure I’ve said anything positive about The Sunday Game in the last 5 years (I find the lack of anything even approaching actual analysis incredibly frustrating given there’s no licensing agreements for other content creators to do it properly), they’ve fairly listened to the feedback.

    Very much a “we’ll not do that again” according to Jacqui Hurley and Rory O’Neill on their Pod and they even recut a more traditional package to try and make up for it:

  48. I’m in the uk and I need this column to stay in touch and keep me sane while abroad. I apologise if I over cooked it. But willie joe.. There is merit to some of it

  49. Craggy – if this place is so important to you then you’d think that you’d have taken heed of previous warnings about what you were posting. But you didn’t and continued to impugn named individuals and the other two comments from you that you posted with this one (both of which I’ve deleted) would seem to indicate the message still hasn’t landed with you.

    You can continue to comment here but everything you do post from now on will be vetted before it goes up. I’ve no desire to baby-sit you in this way but I’ve had it with your personal attacks on those involved with the team and I won’t have you debasing the debate here any further.

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