Roscommon 1-15 Mayo 2-14: job done, just about

Mayo this evening got their second win over Roscommon in this year’s Championship in five weeks. It was less decisive than the five-point victory we enjoyed over them at Dr Hyde Park in April but today’s win at the same venue was more consequential, as we’re now guaranteed, at worst, a home All-Ireland preliminary quarter-final berth, with a shot at winning the group still there for us in a fortnight’s time.

We made one change ahead of throw-in today. Tommy Conroy didn’t start, with Padraig O’Hora lining out instead, as we chose to shore up our backline a bit more.

They drew blood straight away. Having won the throw-in the ball was transferred quickly to Donie Smith who, aided by the swirling wind, arrowed it over.

We shot the first of seven first half wides – this opening one from Matthew Ruane – before Darren McHale clipped a neat equaliser over. Mattie then made rapid amends for that early miss by firing over after we’d burgled their restart.

Frees from Murtagh and Cox edged them back at front. When Dolan, cutting across the ball from distance, nailed a beauty that was greeted with a big roar from the home support, we briefly looked in a bit of bother.

Then Eoghan McLaughlin – who was excellent for us all day – rammed it over after a trademark rapid burst. From then all the way to the break it was a case of trading scores, with never any more than a point between the sides, who went in level at the short whistle.

The bigger narrative for us then was our wastefulness. We’d shot seven wides but the bulk of these were from central positions so we should, with the ball we’d had, have gone in a few to the good.

David McBrien didn’t reappear for the second half, with Conor Loftus coming on instead. There was no word afterwards from the Mayo management as to what the problem was but, in such a constricted season, it’s got to be a worry for us.

We were never in arrears from half-time onwards. Cillian O’Connor got our opening score of the second half when he lofted a super score from distance over the deep-lying Rossie blanket. Strangely, this wasn’t a shot we tried again in this game.

A Murtagh free levelled but we were back in front when Darren McHale, fed by Cillian, shot over.

A sliding doors moment followed that. Cox’s free just didn’t have the distance, Colm Reape leaping to claim the leather. Seconds later down at the other end a looping effort from Ryan O’Donoghue from out the wing just made it over, with the help of the crossbar, to put us two up.

But they continued to hang in there. Their ‘keeper Carroll rammed over a ’45 to cut the gap to the minimum. Then Jordan Flynn, taking possession from Tommy Conroy (now on for Cillian) boomed it over.

We survived a goalmouth scramble but then at the other end we got what looked a very fortuitous penalty. There was loud Rossie grumbling about steps before Ryan was fouled – with plenty of justification, you’d have to say – and, to add insult to injury, the Belmullet man made no mistake from the spot.

We should have been out the gap then but Cox added two to their tally, one from a free and the other a mark. They were still clinging to our coattails.

Eoghan McLaughlin finished another strong burst forward with a point, his third of the day, to give us some breathing space. But Doyle immediately responded at the other end with a cracking effort.

With two minutes of normal time left we broke through for our second goal. Eoghan was involved again, as was Ryan, with Donnacha McHugh arriving late to palm the ball to the net.

The sound of seats emptying rang out around the stand. Incredibly, however, we gave them a final chink of light in this contest.

Roscommon’s penalty was no more valid than ours was but Cox’s finish was as good as Ryan’s had been. That left just three between the sides but we were now in injury time and Enda Smith had hobbled from the fray.

We got a breakout, with a goal chance on. Tommy, wisely, opted to fist it over.

Time – and more – was up but Barry Cassidy chose to add a few minutes, in which time they scored twice again and Fergal Boland picked up a straight red. He looked baffled and I’ve heard it may have been a case of mistaken identity.

It crowned a rather hapless performance from the Derry ref. Davy Burke, spitting nails afterwards, made it sound like Cassidy had cost his team victory, which was, of course, nonsense, but it was by any measure an inept display of whistling.

No matter. We came for the win and, not in wholly convincing manner, a win was what we got. That makes it two from two for us in this group and, with the Dubs on their way to victory over Cavan in this evening’s other Group 2 game, we’ll now face the defending champions in a fortnight’s time for what is a group decider.

Mayo: Colm Reape; Jack Coyne, David McBrien, Donnacha McHugh (1-0); Stephen Coen, Sam Callinan, Eoghan McLaughlin (0-3); Jack Carney, Matthew Ruane (0-1); Darren McHale (0-2), Ryan O’Donoghue (1-4, penalty goal and two frees), Jordan Flynn (0-2); Aidan O’Shea, Padraig O’Hora, Cillian O’Connor (0-1). Subs: Conor Loftus for McBrien, Tommy Conroy (0-1) for O’Connor, Fergal Boland for O’Shea, Enda Hession for McHale, Bob Tuohy for McLaughlin.

Who was our MOTM against Roscommon? Pick your top three performers

  • Eoghan McLaughlin (36%, 860 Votes)
  • Darren McHale (11%, 261 Votes)
  • Ryan O'Donoghue (10%, 242 Votes)
  • Aidan O'Shea (8%, 196 Votes)
  • Donnacha McHugh (7%, 167 Votes)
  • Matthew Ruane (6%, 134 Votes)
  • Jordan Flynn (5%, 125 Votes)
  • Stephen Coen (5%, 116 Votes)
  • Sam Callinan (2%, 59 Votes)
  • Conor Loftus (2%, 53 Votes)
  • Colm Reape (2%, 48 Votes)
  • Cillian O'Connor (2%, 43 Votes)
  • Jack Carney (1%, 25 Votes)
  • Padraig O'Hora (1%, 25 Votes)
  • Jack Coyne (1%, 15 Votes)
  • Tommy Conroy (1%, 14 Votes)
  • Bob Tuohy (0%, 11 Votes)
  • David McBrien (0%, 9 Votes)
  • Fergal Boland (0%, 9 Votes)
  • Enda Hession (0%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,149

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43 thoughts on “Roscommon 1-15 Mayo 2-14: job done, just about

  1. A win is a win.

    Lots of patience needed on the pitch and to watch it too. Our swashbuckling displays are a thing of the past, such is the modern game.

    Two weeks and hammer the hammer at Dublin, no reason not to.

  2. McHugh is having a fantastic season hard to believe he is still only 21/22. McLaughlin really stood up today hopefully he can get a run of injury free games now, he causes teams all sorts of problems with his directness.

  3. Did MCStay give any update on McBrien ? Also Eoghan’s interview suggested Diarmuid was trying to be fit for the Dublin game so he may not be to nad

  4. Eoghan McLaughlin was brilliant, really stood up today. McHale was very good. Thought the roscommon fans were very poor and spiteful today. The way the cheered every mayo wide and booed O’Shea off when he was being subbed. Bad form, don’t understand what O’Shea has done to deserve that. Oh well, maybe next year they might finally win a game in Croke Park. What has it been, 44 years.

  5. I know I sis it but eoghan mc what a player he was the same v kerrylast year got that great goal with his goal and pace..

    Feel soo sorry for boland I think mcstay needs to step in here and aj what the hell was that for

    Sorry but that was so harsh I’ve seen way harsh in other hanesas I’ve said many are like what did he even do…

  6. Whats the stroy with O Shea. Is Rochford doing what he did with Boyle and Higgins last time he was involved. Taking off same players at same time in each game no matter how well they were playing. In most games Boyle was only warming up when he was pulled off. Aiden has now been taken off in games when he was still playing well including today and last year against Dublin. Once he is taken off Mayo there is full panic for Mayo with games we were completely in control of like today ending in total collapse and panic stations at the end. Think Aiden should be played as a defensive midfield player from now on to reduce the amount of running he has to do in the game. He has to be on the field for last quarter for his strength and fielding ability around our own goalmouth .

  7. Not great would have expected a bigger margin of win for Mayo when you consider the rossies had a 7 day turnaround and burnt up a lot of energy. The penalty could easily have been pulled for steps and needed in the end as only won by two points.

    Need to keep the scoreline respectable against Dublin next.

  8. Plunkett; the Roscommon fans are sickened – 3 beatings in a matter of months.
    It’s cringe the carry on, booing off Aidan, they did more cheering for that and wides than anything else, that and their Managers comments after the game are cringe.

    & Who could ever forget their booing in Croke Park, it was the most embarrassing display from supporters I’ve ever witnessed – Andy Moran was the bogey man for them that day.

    Colm Boyle hit the nail on the head with his article today, trying to beat Mayo is the be and all and end all and it’s a limiting obsession.

  9. Mayo are so frustrating. They are so inconsistent during a game,. Very decent in the 1st half apart from the wides put plenty of attacking intent.
    Then in the 2nd with the wind, we had fewer lads in the forward line than in 1sf half, hard to understand. Baffling. Is this inconsistency of tactics and Performance down to the management?

  10. I genuinely and honestly think we will beat the dubs or go dam close to it .
    Coyne on Mannion
    Donnacha mchugh on con
    Mcbrien on paddy small
    Coen on kilkenny
    Sam on costello
    Loftus on scully ( leave Eoin Mac in free roaming halfback role )
    Flynn on Fenton
    Forwards same but I’d start Tommy over AOS, not anti AOS but think he can have more impact off bench and Tommy pace will frighten the dubs and keep tabs on murchan

  11. Davy Burke’s comments were strange but i suppose he needs to clutch at straws as he only has 1 win in 10 games in league and championship this year. It’s always easier to blame everyone rather than take some responsibility yourself.

  12. @culmore.
    Aiden was visibly out of gas.
    Thought our subs all added something.
    Anytime we beat the Rossies 3 times in one year is a good one .
    Do you on the blog expect us to win every game or indeed do we as supporters expect to beat good teams regardless of what injuries we have .
    I’m delighted to beat the Rossies as always.
    I’d like to hear Billy Joe , or the likes of James Nallen or Ciaran McD on the Pods .
    Love Boyler as a footballer and on the radio but a different voice on the blog would be welcome

  13. @outside, you must be enjoying the pints tonight because looking at those matchups and Dublin’s form they will beat Mayo by 7+.

    I don’t think people realise how important Eoghan Mc is to this team. His tackling is now as good as Aidan’s but he has the pace to keep up with anyone. He’s a turnover machine. Scored 3 from play and created the space for the second goal.

    O’Hora was ok but will get destroyed by Kerry/Dublin forwards. Enda Hession must have regressed some amount to not be starting on this Mayo team.

    Competition for starting spots is very weak. Not matter how Jack Carney plays he starts every game and that is not a good sign.

  14. Ah no GB, positives thoughts, we will be there or there about .
    No offence to O Hora he’s limited for that level, fine for today but not for Croker , ya maybe hession isn’t 100% yet but they must he holding him .
    I’d say carneys a stat monster, ground covered positional sense, short pass stats , recycling blah blah, he’s a better player than he’s currently playing but in reality playing flat and poorly.
    If Diarmuid is back he drops out fact .

  15. I like to wait a day for match comments and thoughts usually.But having watched the first half in the stand we were freezing and moved across to the terrace.I had an excellent view of i think it was Doyles effort at a score and to me it looked 6 or 8 feet wide.Certainly nowhere near a score.

  16. Loftus on as a back ahead of Hession was
    Very strange, o’hora would get roasted
    Against the dubs as happened last year,
    Just doesn’t have the pace for this level

  17. As a self employed pleb in the building game who had no chance of making Roscommon for 5 on a sunny Saturday evening can I ask did Eoghan play in the half forward line or was he running from deeper? Really impressive performance either way but if his runs were from half back, that’s outstanding .

  18. Strange atmosphere at the game. Thought it got ugly at times with the booing and all. The Rossies beside me were livid throughout. Both management teams on the sideline were ratty with the officials. The format combined with the condensed season is just not clicking with supporters. Mayo playing Roscommon in a championship game in the summer should always be a big occasion but like last week with the Cavan game it all feels like shadow-boxing until the real action starts in the prelims. Of course the Rossies would dearly have loved to have finally turned us over in the Hyde but the prize on offer was home advantage in a prelim QF. After seeing the massacre up in Cavan I can’t say I’m feeling jubilant tonight. We should have been out the door in the last few minutes (and indeed many fans were) but of course we nearly let them back into it.

    Well done to the players. It was a hard fought victory against a team that desperately loathe the amount of times we’ve beaten them at home. But we are in for a tough outing in two weeks unless there is a big uplift across the board

  19. Pretty poor by Mayo tbh. No one willing to have a go except Eoghan and Jordan.Conor Loftus is a hard worker as is Boland who I think was red carded for nothing.Penalty was beyond dubious but many other calls went against Mayo.Thought Callinan immense and Aidan never gives up.Cillian needs to get up to speed.
    Cant see how we can match Dublin but can we manage a loss…thats the question.
    Finally Davy Burkes is Mayo’s 16th man…out of his depth.

  20. Cillian has a job lined up as a weatherman after he finishes playing. His grass toss in the lead up to his monster point shows he had the shot lined up long before he got the ball.
    Our penalty is not as controversial as people say, Ryan was fouled twice, once outside the box and the other time inside. You’d give him a few steps to steady following a foul advantage although I don’t think the ref signalled a free. The Rossies didn’t need to foul Ryan but they did.
    Where the ref was really poor was the number of extra minutes beyond the 3 indicated (7 in total). Almost cost us.And the Rossie penalty looked to take place outside the parallelogram. McBrien will be a loss, we’ll need Diarmaid back. O Hora gave Cox a few too many chances for my liking.
    We’re way off Dubs today but have 2 weeks to prepare which can be a positive. Only about half our players played well. The positives are Eoghan Mac on the right wing turns out to be the right call and Darren McHale. Some players good in the 1st half were quiet in the 2nd. The other positive was our 2nd goal. Very well worked.
    One of the keys to beating the Dubs is to not fear them. Too many teams do. Less formidable than the 2010s teams they had but still frequently excellent, helped by fearful opponents. We should look forward to playing them.

  21. If this team can sort the waste it is capable of beating any team. Mayo have been the best team in all the games they have played in the championship this year so far. If we can up our strike rate we will beat Dublin. There are problems at midfield and in defence that we need to tweak. But if this team click on the day they will be awesome. We must believe in ourselves. We can’t go into the Dublin game looking to keep the score respectable. Dublin go into games to win and expect to win. We cannot afford to give them too much respect. Management have two weeks to sort the problems. We have to shed the defeatist attitude if we are to beat Dublin.

  22. Poor Davy, should keep his thoughts to himself for few hours after a game,if mayo penalty had steps issue, the rossie penalty was very soft

  23. Good win . Fair play to the lads. Winning without Paddy and Diarmaid and losing McBrien at half time is a good achievement. Some here think we should be beating everyone all the time, playing swashbuckling football, not really conceding much, playing fast direct football and scoring every time we cross the half way line. I am afraid we are not good enough to do that. Even Jimmy doesn’t win matches all the time. So instead of the doom and gloom, let’s give a bit of credit to our lads. Have won both games after the disappointment of losing to Galway. Our panel is well stretched and we are some way behind the top teams yet we keep hanging in. Kerry, Dublin and Galway are the only unbeaten teams in championship and they are probably the top 3 teams (Galway if they are at full strength) Finally to Davy Burke, he looked perplexed after the game, and sought to blame others for his teams defeat . Must have been chatting to P Joyce lately.

  24. It was interesting to hear what Michael Murphy had to say about mayo management before the game and who could argue with him. Basically he was saying that we were back trying something we started with… went away from and are now back at it again re cillian and aos. Mcstay as usual in his always upbeat manner ahead of the match.. you would think mayo were going to come and blitz the world. Should Tommy conroy not be starting where carney is failing. Start Tommy conroy on the forty for god sake and stop bottling him up in the corner. He needs to be facing goal with acres in front of him.

  25. Some signs of progress yesterday and still plenty of opportunities for improvement. Some of the forward play was good, created goal chances but we were inconsistent. Overall, we did well in the middle third and have improved from the connacht championship. Defensively we conceded fewer goal chances than previous matches.
    Agree that we need to go in with a positive attitude versus the Dubs, we look fit but queries over strength in depth will come against us down the stretch. At a minimum we need to be competitive, building confidence is important for the following matches.

  26. Some of ye seem surprised by the atmosphere yesterday. I was on the terrace and it might have been a bit more vicious than other times but in truth there is always an air of nastiness and spite with that lot.
    Referee was poor throughout and after watching the game again neither penalty should have been given. We don’t have too many big men and once McBrien, O’Shea and Cillian were off we lost a lot of strength and poise.
    Burke talking shite as usual and if Mayo scored what they should have done in the first half the game would have been done and dusted.
    Eoghan Mc. is developing into an absolute beast and has proved many doubters wrong.
    Wonder if we’ll be returning to the Hyde in two weeks to face the Dubs. If we do then it has to be a case of throwing everything at it and see where it takes us………..also gives the Rossies a few days to aquire some Dublin flags!

  27. The Rossies I was beside last year were sporting all through so it’s a bit unfair to label them all.
    I thought our penalty should stand as the first foul outside the zone knocked Ryan off balance so you’d have to allow him a few steps during contact and the 2nd inside the zone although minor was a foul. Yer man didn’t need to foul him. The Ros penalty looked outside though you couldn’t be 100% sure and it was a foul by us (unnecessary).
    Re Dublin, we should be going in n without fear looking forward to it as they will be hot favourites. Too many of their opponents went in afraid. Our teams traditionally don’t go in afraid, in fact the we’re at times quite confident of beating them. Our backs are to the wall, we could do with Diarmaid back as McBrien with likely be out but so what, it won’t be the first time.

  28. Can’t really take much notice of results until knockout stages, are we going to go all out to beat the dubs, what’s the reward for toping the group from a draw perspective?
    Thought AOS played well yesterday, has anyone noticed that we start to get a little loose at the back when he goes off, happened against Galway as well.

  29. The Rossies around us were fairly spiteful too. It’s great to see 🙂
    The thing is, they hate the ground we walk on. We are their biggest rivals and they are all happy in Rossieland as long as they beat us. No other game matters for them. They poured out of MacHale Park last year with tears in their eyes after beating us. They travelled in from Castlerea and Ballinlough to drink and sing in Ballyhaunis that night too. As they have done after every one of our losing All Ireland Finals.
    But for us, they are just a nuisance. Like a midge that won’t stop buzzing around your ear. You know he’s not going to do any harm but he’s a pain in the hole nonetheless. A little slap or two and he’s done. The thing is for me is, and I grew up on the East Mayo border with them, we don’t respect them. We don’t see them as rivals or even equals. We don’t see them as a threat and they know that. And that boils their blood even moreso. They’re like that midge, something that you have to listen to, something you have to endure, until you just swat it away with a slap.
    Galway are our real rivals. The night before any Galway game and there is that feeling in the pit of my stomach, the edge, the almost fear. The night before a Rossie game is as peaceful a sleep as you’ll get.

    Two wins from two, in 2nd place as a minimum and a free hit at the Dubs (if we want to take it?). Can’t ask for much more. We can only beat what’s in front of us and it’s all about results for now. The performances will have to come if we are to prorgess to s semi final though.

    The ref was abysmal, miles behind the play and incorrect in many calls. There should have been another Rossie peno for a foot block by a Mayo defender and he called back play in the 1st half on Roscommon when the player was running free with advantage. Incorrect calls on Cillian for fouls in the 1st half and totally clueless as to what the lineswoman was calling on the red card. Not good enough.
    As for the game? Football is fucked unless there is a major restructure in the rules and their implementation. Yesterdays game, a scorching hot day on a bank holiday weekend, could only muster 8,800 spectators. The game was flat, the atmosphere was worse and the GAA have totally misread their “customers” (because that’s what we are now! customers, not supporters) with their pricing, fixture scheduling and promotion of the games. The game is too expensive, too inaccessible for elderly people, too negative, too tilted and rewarding to defensive play and too slow. If things don’t change the future for football is bleak.

  30. @Pebblesmeller: “There should have been another Rossie peno for a foot block by a Mayo defender…”

    Shows how thankless a job reffing is when he’s being hit with one of the calls he nailed perfectly.

    Blocking a ball with a foot isn’t a foot block. The name seems to confuse people. A lot. Including (Roscommon) managers.

    A foot block is blocking the kicking of a ball with the boot. Mattie didn’t impede Cregg’s kick or its follow through, which carried through its full arc perfectly, and was never in danger of doing so. He blocked the ball a couple of foot beyond the kick and only as Cregg had mishit it wide towards the corner. There was never a danger to the player there and no (accurate) question of it being a penalty.

    “… totally clueless as to what the lineswoman was calling on the red card.”

    Just prior to the foot-block claims, Ultan Harney laid the ball off out the wing. Fergie came in just after he’d laid off the ball and made contact – Harney’s head to Fergie’s arm/shoulder. No obvious malicious or intention, borderline one they might challenge, but at a glance I’d agree with the red personally (~2 hours 40 seconds into the GAAGO coverage).

    Plenty of questionable calls. Those specific ones both correct, imho.

  31. I wonder has anyone in management (or elsewhere) done a stat on how frequently we have let a lead slip or lost the match following the replacement of Aidan O Shea?

  32. Agree TsuDhonim. The lack of understanding on a what constitutes a footblock is one that always puzzles me, it’s a pretty simple one my GAA rule standards.

    Did you get to watch back the scramble in box where O’Hora won and then lost ball going across square by any chance? Thought we could have been done for penalty for technical foul there in small square but didn’t see replay after to know for sure 🙂

  33. That was a heart-in-mouth moment for sure, Gizmobobs. We could just as easily have conceded a goal from play in that incident too.

  34. @Gizmobobs: Hadn’t watched it back before but just fired it up.

    The tackle, pick up & fall were all fine, so the question moves to how the ball popped from O’Hora to Coen and Coen to Ruane.

    The camera angle has a shocking view of Swanee’s action, but his position (upside down and fairly curled up) & time of action (happened incredibly quickly) suggest there was no intentional throw by O’Hora and it hit/bounced off him rather than an intentional act – umpire was staring right at that one so you’d expect they’d have spotted it if anything dodgy there.

    Watching Stephen Coen’s following pass to Mattie Ruane (~47:58 into the GAAGO coverage or 17:45 on the clock if anyone wants a look) it’s a super fine margin call. He either didn’t take control/possession of the ball and instead just two-handed pushed/slapped it towards Mattie and all fine (under the umpire’s nose for that one so probably not a great view) or he did momentarily take possession and it was a throw ball as definitely no clear striking action visible.

    Having watched it now about 15 times I’m still not certain…. but my gut is he had a two-handed grip on the ball for a split-second and we got very, very, very lucky on that one.

  35. Pebbles,I have to agree with you about our competitors,Galway are our rivals,in another note,and I am not calling anyone out about our best players,but Stephen Coen was immense yesterday,o I don’t know him,but he was calmness personified

  36. Forgot from last year that top of group goes straight to 1/4 , I see now that it might be in Tullamore, if that’s the case it only holds 18k, would say that will sell out

  37. I’d have to disagree about it being the wise decision for Tommy Conroy to fist over the bar WJ. Three on one attack with goalkeeper stranded if he had flicked it across the goal, could even have gone for goal himself but the confidence clearly isn’t there anymore for that. The Kerry’s, Dublin’s and, as we saw today, the Armagh’s won’t hesitate in going for the jugular. Even Mayo under Horan would have gone for the goal and really hammer home the victory.

    Under McStay that ruthless streak just isn’t there. We seem too feeble and slow in attack and it allows defences to get back. I dare say that we would not have taken advantage of Derry the way Donegal and Armagh have this season. We’d have let them stay in the game and given them a chance towards the end.

    McStay is always talking about the game being in the melting pot instead of sending his team out to win early. It inevitably means you will give the other team a chance and that’s what Mayo keep doing. Roscommon (both times), Galway and even New York & Cavan had their own periods of being on top and luckily Galway were the only ones able to capitalise (granted Cavan & NY weren’t near enough to take advantage).

    I don’t subscribe to the same doom & gloom about the Dublin game as everyone else. Its a free hit for Mayo and I’d love to believe that McStay would let the players off the leash regardless of how it works out but I can’t see it happening. Once again we’ll start with about 9 or 10 defensive players and try to keep the score down and with the Dubs not going full tilt it might actually work and we could sneak something from the game but worst case scenario we’ve a home game the following week probably against Cork, Derry or Monaghan, all more than winnable games.

    Hon Mayo

  38. Mike k. There will be no off the leash while Rochford is involved in mayo. It’s not in his method. Take a look at donegal now compared to his 4 years of torture football up there. He has too much influence. Too negative. It would take a miracle for mayo to beat Dublin playing his way.

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