Roscommon game confirmed for 4pm on Sunday week

We’ve known for a fair while that, providing we managed to get over the hurdle presented by New York at Gaelic Park, we’d be facing Roscommon in the Connacht SFC semi-final. We also kew that this game would be played on Sunday 21st April.

It’s now been confirmed that throw-in for the game will be 4pm and that it’ll be shown live on RTÉ. The ticket link for the match is here.

14 thoughts on “Roscommon game confirmed for 4pm on Sunday week

  1. Thanks Willie Joe on keeping us updated on what is happening in the world of Mayo GAA .

  2. Many thanks Willie Joe.. I’m actually over in London next weekend for the marathon, so I should be well done and dusted by the time the action in Ros commences, an I couldn’t miss that game for the world!
    I know you like the Oxford arms in Camden WJ an I might try there, but would you or anyone else in the know on here know of a decent spot (with good food an beer) to watch the game on Sun afternoon – ideally somewhere central with big screens etc
    Anyone have any good recommendations?
    It’s a long time since I lived there and I’ve half forgotten the place!

  3. Date and time fixed for Roscommon game, but what about team selection. For me McBrien has to be full back, McHugh has to be picked to mark E Smith. Dont think D O Connor or J Carr can start even if fully fit due to lack of match time so far. Roscommon will have a plan to keep Ryan well marked and stop his scoring, so where are the scores coming from, Cillian only other forward that can and does score so he has to start . Should beat Roscommon but its a bit crazy having no settled team at this stage. Whatever team is put out let them play attacking football and forget the back passing and keeper moving out the field.

  4. Predicted team for the Rossies:

    Coyne Brickenden Callinan
    Durcan McBrien MacLaughlin
    McHugh Ruane
    Carney Boland Flynn
    O’Shea Conroy O’Donoghue

    So just Flynn in for Carney.

    It’d be great to have Diarmuid back but he hasn’t a lot of football in him so I’d hold him back.

    Flynn has, so straight back in, and the impression I’ve gotten is that if the games had been important he would have at least had a few minutes in him. IMO Jordan hasn’t been at his best this year to date – harsh but he has been missing chances.

    Very hard to pick a Mayo team without Stephen Coen but if everyone is fit… (I’d be delighted but surprised if we haven’t picked up any knocks)

    I haven’t picked him, but an ideal game for Towey (or James Carr).

    When the group stage starts I’d like to see 3 or 4 changes from game to game, just to keep things fresh, but right now it’s about building form in our key players.

    Beat them by 6 in the league and the scoring differences work out at roughly 5.
    0-13 to 0-17 would be the likely score based on stats. As usual if we can put a decent performance in they’ll likely need two goals.

    Personally IMO we’re 7 better than them, and if it’s good weather I think we’ll score closer to 20, but I do think it’ll be closer than that and I’m going to go with the stats and predict a “Clare win” – Mayo by 4.

  5. I just can’t see any thing but an easy Mayo victory,about ten points I expect

  6. Near enough FrosT. I think Bob Tuohy will start in place of Donnacha. I really don’t think Tommy C should be there on current form – I’d start Carr.

    Rossies will have picked themselves up, and when they look at the league video, they won’t be scared.

  7. Couldn’t start Carr on current form either Catcol as he has not played Tommy has not had a great league but I presume management are just hoping he will play his way back into form. Lots of confidence in a Mayo win but with exception of Ryan where will scores come from Boland kicked a few nice points in league but rest of forwards have been score shy. We may reckon we are better than Roscommon but at least they have forwards who know where the posts are so no foregone conclusion next Sunday

  8. 1993 is the last time the Rossies put the ball over the bar more times than us in League or Championship, and 1991 the last time they actually beat us doing so.

    The stats from the league this year suggests that the Mayo forwards are kicking 2 more points from play than their Roscommon counterparts game on game.
    (The Rossies tendency to name E Smith at midfield is complicating the calculations – so I have left out some of his scores but I’m pretty confident that Carney and Ruane’s scores would cancel those out.)

    Long felt there has been an element of far away fields in the common perception of the Roscommon. Great on highlights but when you watch them week on week….

  9. Imagine if we lost as many long kickouts as the dubs today… People would lose it!

    FrostTHammer – I made that exact same observation before our league game with Ros. Certain posters pointing out their top class scoring ability compared to us but the stats do not back that up. If it’s an open high scoring game next week in the Hyde, we’re almost certain to win. If it’s low scoring, niggly with lots of stoppages like last year it plays into Roscommon hands.

  10. It was great to see so many long kickouts today and goes to show how important Brian Fenton is to Dublin although I don’t think Dublin bothered to come out of second gear

  11. @Wide Ball

    And what happened in that League Game?
    According to statistician Stephen O’Meara, Roscommon recorded one the lowest conversion rates in his 10 years recording stat.

  12. Have a bad feeling about this game. I dont think we will beat them .be a dour affair with rossies probably putting up 1:12 to our 0-13 . Dont think we are equipped at the back to deal with a decent forward line. Galway will give the winners a fair trimming either way , walsh, comer and mcdaid all back for may weekend according to a few .

  13. Aiden will be pulled and dragged around the field all day and Hurson wont see a thing. Might be the day to bring him on at half time around the middle of field,, defensive midfielder.

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