Roscommon review – Mayo News football podcast 2020 E34

2015 was the most recent year Mayo featured in a Connacht final and this year defending champions Roscommon stood in the way of a first provincial final appearance by the Green and Red in five years. It was a challenge that James Horan’s side were well up for as they came away from Dr Hyde Park on Sunday with a six-point win. Next up it’s Galway in the Connacht final a week from now.

In this episode of the Mayo News football podcast we review the win over Roscommon. Rob Murphy and Edwin McGreal host the show from Hyde Park, where they take us through a match Mayo were in control of right from the start. 

Post-game we hear reaction from James Horan,  after which Rob catches up with Martin Carney and Andy Moran to get their take on Mayo’s victory. Edwin then sums up his thinking on the game before Rob checks in with Mayo News columnist Billy Joe Padden to get his reflections on the weekend’s Championship action.    

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12 thoughts on “Roscommon review – Mayo News football podcast 2020 E34

  1. Donie Shoes, a gem from Andy there!

    If there’s one thing Mayo teams have been guilty of in the past, it’s following a good performance with a bad one, we even saw that a few weeks back following the high of the Galway game in the league, trailed by a terrible performance against Tyrone.

    Galway will also be fired up and in much better condition for us next weekend, on a windy pitch where we don’t often play well. A lot for them depends on the fitness of Comer and Walsh who are their talismen and who have caused us a lot of problems in the past (and also finding a reliable kicking goalie).

    Hopefully JH and his team will settle minds in the coming days; Sunday is the only thing that matters.

    Would agree with Billie Joe that it’s 50/50, and that winning a Nestor Cup would make for a decent season even notwithstanding relegation. Win the damn thing and take whatever would come next as bonus territory.

    Anyone else really enjoying the return to knockout football? If I were GAA President I’d bring that format back, though we will probably never see it again due to the loss in revenues associated with a lack of qualifiers/quarter-finals.

  2. Willie Joe.
    I don’t often comment on here but I thoroughly enjoy the site. I don’t know whether everyone understands the amount of work it must take…preview the games, report the games, create and edit the podcast, provide all the newspaper coverage and I am sure much, much more.
    You do a great service to Mayo people everywhere.

    Thank you

  3. I like the qualifiers. I know it’s not where you want to be but on a personal level my very best memories have been those years following Mayo all over the country with my 8,9,10 year old him running on after to get autographs and hanging back before school on the Monday morning to wait for the draw

  4. Pat. You remember those great days on the roads with this Mayo team and the enjoyment it brings to your family. Your children will be recalling those great days to you 25 years from now and only then will you realise how much it means to them. Mhaigh Eo go deo.

  5. I see a good improvement in Mayo’s commitment to man on man marking. The newcomers are blending in well, and their intensity level barometer is also rising. However, Galway will be no push over, and there is one element of Mayo’s game which I think needs attention , that is, their last quarter commitment. Roscommon came back and scored 4 unanswered points, and Mayo seemed to have their foot off the pedal for a short while. This is the most crucial time of any match, when leads can be whittled away, so tighten up on this lads, it’s a full 70 minutes plus, game, and ye cannot let your guard down for a moment. Onwards and upwards. Mayo forever.

  6. Just an idea but why not play a knockout all ireland series for the provincial champs before the Super 8s. Semis and final on successive weekends, decided on the day. I think it would add a week to calendar, since one of those weekends would be for the last round of qualifiers anyway

  7. Andy is gas! Like a man high on life. I know he runs the gyms but you only have to listen to that once to realize it won’t be long before he is either managing or coaching the Mayo senior team.

  8. Great win yesterday. The bottom line was that mayo had more desire for battle than roscommon. Get them running towards their own goal and u knock stuffing out of them. Guilty of that before. Nothing changes unless u change it. Hunger passion desire. After that it dont matter if ur big or small. Guts will see u through

  9. “The trap is set”…line of the podcast. Thought Carney sounded a bit too excited. Glad to hear BJP start with his comment that Roscommon were just not up for it. Overall consensus is we did ok, played well in patches but definitely room for improvement. Again BJP said we need more from other forwards the next day. Far, far too much reliance on Cillian.

    It’s a 50/50 game on Sunday. I gotta say it’s a while since I’ve been this apprehensive before a Mayo match. I hope we are mentally ready.

  10. PJ
    There is only 1 of them that travel but he went through years 8, 9 & 10 in qualifier territory.
    Great days though and to be honest I will be forever grateful to God guys that dished it up for us.
    Should mention Ennis in 2016 as well!!.
    We have another good 10 years ahead of us when Horan gets this bunch right!.

  11. Galway will be different kettle fish next Sunday, their biggest drawback, no games coming into the final, we have had two, I can see Moran or and maybe and Fionn coming in on Sunday

  12. Sile na peil you are spot on there. There seems to have been work done on the man to man marking aspect with less reliance on systems though the D they set up on the forty stopped a lot of Rossie attacks. I thought Mullen and Barrett have a bit or work to do here and I am sure they will be up to scratch the next day. I fail to see how the best man I have seen to hold a man up – Eoin O’Donoghue – is not playing. He has immense strength and Donie Smith or Cox would not waltz around him like what happened on Sunday. Overall though Mayo were very good.

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