Roscommon team for Sunday named

The Roscommon team for Sunday’s Connacht semi-final clash with our lads was named a short while ago. Here it is:

Roscommon (Connacht SFC v Mayo, 8/6/2014): Darren O’Malley (Michael Glaveys); Seánie McDermott (Western Gaels), Niall Carty (Padraig Pearses, captain), Neil Collins (Castlerea St. Kevins); Ian Kilbride (St. Brigids), Niall Daly (Padraig Pearses), Ciarán Cafferkey (Western Gaels); Cathal Shine (Clann na nGael), Kevin Higgins (Western Gaels); David O’Gara (Roscommon Gaels), Donie Shine (Clann na nGael), Ronan Stack (St. Brigids); Senan Kilbride (St. Brigids), Cathal Cregg (Western Gaels), Ciaráin Murtagh (St. Faithleachs).

The Rossies haven’t named a list of subs at this stage.

The above team shows just a single change from the one that started in the county’s facile preliminary round victory over Leitrim a few weeks back. It’s an enforced change too with hamstring victim David Keenan replaced at right half-back by Ian Kilbride. This means that John Evans has once again opted to leave his talented U21 contingent on the bench but no doubt a few of them will see active service at some stage on Sunday.

Roscommon’s team for Sunday shows five changes from the side that fell to a 12-point defeat to our lads at the same stage of the Connacht championship this time past year. Missing from that day are Conor Daly, Michael Finneran, Conor Devaney, Karol Mannion and Donal Smith with that quintet replaced by Ciarán Cafferkey, Cathal and Donal Shine (both of whom came off the bench last year), Ronan Stack and Ciaráin Murtagh.

According to Connacht GAA, we’re due to announce our team at some point this evening.

33 thoughts on “Roscommon team for Sunday named

  1. A big strong team and I think that leaving out the U21’s indicates that it will be a physical game from the start with the U21s coming on probably in the second half. It may well follow the same pattern as last year with Mayo taking sometime to take control. It will be interesting to see if James follows the same lines, e.g. Richie Feeney starting in preference to Diarmuid O’Connor. Or will Alan Dillon start? I do not expect many changes from the NY lineup.

  2. A good Roscommon line-up and David Keenan will be a loss to them.

    I’d say in simple terms,the Rossies are playing much better and with more confidence than last year and we’re certainly well behind where we were this time twelve months ago.

    Then when you swap McHale Park for the Hyde and their never say die attitude at home – it could be a lot closer than most Mayo supporters believe.

    For me it comes down to two or three things on Sunday – first and foremost our forward’s selection (who will JH start?) and also the subs used in attack in the second half.
    It will be interesting to see what kind of exercise the NY game really was in terms of his starting forwards selection and sub choices over there? And any player that doesn’t feature at some stage in the forward line on Sunday, could feel their race is run for this year.

    The second is preventing ball getting in to their dangerous inside forwards.

    And the third was mentioned earlier, discipline anywhere in our own half so Shine doesn’t get too many scorable free opportunities.

    Mayo by four points in the end, after a hard battle!

  3. Why Cloud9 do you think we’re well behind where we were this time last year ?

  4. Great to see the 3 O’Sheas in the starting 15. I’m surprised Andy isn’t included, best of luck to Diarmuid O’Connor.

  5. Mayo are definetly not behind where they were last year, they stayed in division 1 rather easily and lost the games they lost by very little.
    The New York game was a training game at best and i seen that first hand.
    Even if Roscommon go toe to toe with Mayo on Sunday, which they can, I believe there’s too much character built into Mayo after what they’ve experienced since 2011 to fail in a tight game with a division 3 side
    Albeit a newly minted division 2 team, Roscommon will need to be in that division a few years to build up the complete game needed to contend with the top teams, again they can and I expect them to.

    Mayo by 5-8 points or more if on goals. Let’s hope we cut out some of the mistakes and that freezer has a blaster of a game.

  6. Well for you Tom, now would you tell us the score for Sunday so we can lay on a few bets 🙂

  7. Not sure if that team named by Tom is accurate or not, but it’d be a surprise to see Conor O’Shea starting. But a positive in my mind.

    Also, a few preferred teams have been named by posters, particularly focusing on the forwards.
    No-one has named D O’Connor though. Thought he played well out in NY and deserves another chance to shine, particularly as this will be a proper test for him.

  8. I’m expecting a good few hits and Ross to try and rough us up. We will prevail but may take time to settle into it

  9. Tom – I’d appreciate it if you could please leave the team announcements to the official sources. It serves no good to be jumping the gun in this respect, regardless of the accuracy or otherwise of what you have to say.

  10. I think that Ros side has six changes from last year as David Keenan also started that game. Michael Finneran according to some rossies is their best midfielder but injury has kept him out of the side and the retirement of Karol Mannion has left a big void to fill. Ciaráin Murtagh isn’t as good as his brother however maybe Evans feels now is not the time to start a 19 year old?

  11. team not picked..just spoke to Andy Moran an hour ago so Tom stop that shit thanks

  12. David I fail to share you’re confident in forecasting a comfortable win for Mayo. Of course we’re all hoping for a good win but I just can’t see beyond a very close result and God forbid, when do we ever win a close match. The result in the end could come down to a good or bad call on the side line – this could be a real test for Horan……

  13. Mayo McHale, I was referring to fitness due to starting training much later this year, with the aim of peaking later in late August and September. From memory, I think we played the first FBD game after their Dubai trip without having had a full training session.
    It was obvious all through the league that other sides were sharper, and I believe it was also the root cause of a lot of the goals we conceded in the NL.
    And since the New York trip, there have been half the training sessions in the last month (compared to May last year) due to a week off after NY and a week with their clubs for the championship.
    I feel we’re definitely behind compared to this time last year, but if we keep winning and getting sharper every time out, it will hopefully pay off later in the season.

  14. Good to have you back on board WJ.

    98 leaves me very cautious approaching Sunday’s game. Horan having featured as a player then should be well aware of the dangers.

    We didn’t realise until after that match that the tank was empty after two all-ireland defeats in a row and we had to watch Galway go and do what we had failed to do. The Rosssies aren’t as good as that Galway team but they are a coming side and the Hyde is a big plus for them.

    So on Sunday what Mayo need more than anything else is the hunger and the stomach for a scrap. All the tactics and forward selections in the world will make little difference if the team hasn’t got in them to go again.

    We’ll be a lot wiser come Sunday evening.

  15. Won’t get anything easy in the Hyde, expect mayo to win by 2points, also expect the Rossies supporters to be on their best behaviour, at least we know the rest of the country will be rooting for us,,,,,,,,,

  16. Mchale

    Sorry to hear about your lack of confidence. I don’t know how to help you, the team was very competitive in division 1 and narrowly lost an allireland 8 months ago and have the lads back to full fitness that were not 100%.
    I don’t know what else they can do to improve your view apart from winning Sam! And they’ll try hard to go that in 2014
    Roscommon are a middling side but until I see them beat division 1 teams frequently they wont scare me.
    I could pay them lip service like jim Gavin is paying Laois, it the politically correct thing to do but it’s a foregone conclusion, laois are no donegal or Kerry or Tyrone and Dublin will win.
    Now, let’s face the enemy and not be afraid of any of them.

  17. Unrelated but Help me out here if anyone has opinion . Is it more difficult to shoot into the town end at The Hyde? I always prefer to see Mayo play into graveyard end in the 2nd half as scores seem to come more easily that end. Anyway best to Mayo on Sunday and would love to see Andy M have a blinder if his recent club form translates

  18. That is an odd Mayo team (just announced). Half forward line of Diarmuid O’Connor, Conor O’Shea and Jason Doherty? I will be amazed if it starts like that in Roscommon.

  19. Mayo Team: Hennelly, Cunniffe, Caff, Higgins, Keegan, Boyle, Vaughan, AOS, SOS, D O’Connor, COS, Doherty, McLoughlin, Freeman, C O’Connor.

    What are ye up to with that team lads? Ye are after giving Evans and co a massive confidence boost if that is actually the team that starts, DOC and COS didn’t do much against our under 21s and none of our under 21s are even starting

  20. Team just up now:
    1) Robbie Hennelly – Breaffy
    2) Tom Cunniffe – Castlebar
    3) Ger Cafferkey – Ballina
    4) Keith Higgins – Ballyhaunis
    5) Lee Keegan – Westport (Captain)
    6) Colm Boyle – Davitts
    7) Donal Vaughan – Ballinrobe
    8) Aidan O’Shea – Breaffy
    9) Seamus O’Shea – Breaffy
    10) Diarmuid O’Connor – Ballintubber
    11) Conor O’Shea – Breaffy
    12) Jason Doherty – Burrishoole
    13) Kevin McLoughlin – Knockmore
    14) Alan Freeman – Aughamore
    15) Cillian O’Connor – Ballintubber

    Twelve of the team are as practically everyone expected, but maybe not in the positions.
    I’d certainly play Kevin Mc at 10.

    I wish Diarmuid and Conor all the very best in their first big championship match, and their biggest test so far. I’m they will be long and successful playing careers.

    Plus Jason Doherty really needs a good game to repay JH’s ongoing confidence in him. I’ve said it before – Doc has what it takes but he needs to start showing it and consistently.

    And the very best of luck to Lee Keegan in his additional role as captain on the day!

    I’m sure Andy Moran and Alan Dillon will get run-outs on Sunday but I hope JH also includes Sweeney and Feeney in the subs and also gives them playing time on Sunday.
    The 11, 12 and 13 jerseys are far from nailed down and he needs to give the main contenders every opportunity to stake their claims.

    At the other end of the pitch, it would be good to see Chris Barrett getting his
    first outing back and possibly Harrison too! And with Gibbons and Parsons
    unfortunately injured, it would be great to see Barry Moran getting 15 minutes
    in the second-half.

  21. Very strange team selection. Is he taking the Jim Gavin route, finish with your strongest team. Ross backs will be glad to see that forward line. And Kevin Mc in the corner again, one of the best half forwards in the country. Very strange indeed.

  22. Just seen the team on the county website and Tom was right in his info. Conor O’Shea is named on the forty, flanked by Diarmuid O’Connor and Jason Doherty. Full forward line is Kevin Mac, Freezer and Cillian O’C. Goalkeeper, defence and midfield as might be expected, Hennelly, Cunniffe, Cafferkey, Higgins, Keegan, Boyle, Vaughan and the two older O’Shea’s. Defence seems solid and the forward line looks potentially exciting to me.
    I suspect that Kevin Mac will rove outfield leaving a two man full forward line to exploit space.
    No subs are named and I expect we will have to get to the Hyde before getting any reliable info on them.

  23. I’m happy enough with this selection, now is the time to blood a few in the championship. As mentioned above I can see a few positional switches and some game time for veterans, am one of those that would have liked to see Sweeney line out but am glad that Doc is in, he has workrate ,passion and can put it over or under when the chance presents itself.
    Ross at the Hyde is never easy but I bet those young guns are well primed and itching to go.
    If we have ambition of making it a long summer we need a full squad with championship experience to get us there.
    I’d expect it to be tight for the first quarter with the Rossies pushing as hard as they can but I feel with our lads greater experience at the higher level, we will take control and should finish 6+.
    That said, it would be no harm for our mettle to be tested with a tight final 10 mins and us to come out on top……….something like that (though not good for the fingernails) would put to bed any hangovers of the Dub, Derry, NL performances.
    We need to be able to finish out tight games.
    MaighEo Abú

  24. From my recall the graveyard end does seem to be the scoring end alright.

  25. Andy not starting but his attitude will be top class and he will be raring to go when he comes on. Looking forward to seeing DOC and COS in action. Kevin Mc will be causing them bother everywhere (my tip for MOTM) and one of Freezer and Cillian will grab a goal. Mayo by 4-6. Good luck lads! Mayo forever.

  26. Yes strange half forwards
    Would like to know how Tom got team before it was released hope it don’t cause trouble
    I still think there will be changes to the team before the match

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