Rossies rolling in on Saturday evening

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Round 3 of this year’s National Football League takes place this coming weekend. Once again it’s a tasty Saturday evening fixture under the lights for us, back on home soil where the visiting opposition are neighbours Roscommon. Throw-in at MacHale Park on Saturday has been set for 7pm.

When we last met in the League, at the end of March last year, things were a bit different for both of us. The Rossies were riding high in Division One and heading for the play-offs while we had lost four times in five outings. Had the neighbours beaten us that March Sunday on a sodden Hyde Park surface they’d have relegated us but instead our win over them that day was the start of a 2016 tailspin for them, while it marked our first stirrings in what subsequently proved a long year’s action for us.

Eleven months on and it’s a case of contrasting fortunes. While we haven’t exactly burst from the blocks in this year’s League, one win from two outings does represent a more positive start for us, not least in light of the fact that the victory was chiselled out of adversity down in Tralee. Roscommon, by contrast, have lost two from two and with the likes of Dublin and Kerry still to come for them they’re already in a battle to retain their Division One status.

Like Monaghan in the opening round, the Rossies are sure to have earmarked this match against us as one to target. They’ve a good recent record against us at MacHale Park too – even if it’s only in the FBD – and if they win on Saturday evening it’ll be the third time in a row that they’ll have prevailed against us at Castlebar. More importantly, though, it’d also mark their first League or championship success over us since the 2001 Connacht final.

Neither side will be anything close to full strength. Kevin McStay’s squad have had well-documented issues of late with players retiring and/or opting off the panel while our lengthy injury list was added to last weekend by Kevin Keane’s season-ending cruciate damage.

A report on the RTÉ website (here) provides some information about player availability on our side for this weekend. Aidan and Seamus O’Shea remain out: the Mayo News reported yesterday (paper and digital versions) that Aidan’s recovery has been slower than expected and that he hasn’t even returned to full training yet. This would suggest that there’s no way he’ll be back in time for the Dublin match the weekend after next and Seamus could well miss the entire League at this stage.

Tom Parsons is, of course, suspended for Saturday – a ludicrous state of affairs but one we’re stuck with. Ger Cafferkey continues to make progress but his projected time for returning to action is March while Chris Barrett and Michael Hall remain sidelined too.

That’s the bad news. The more positive developments are that All-Star corner-back Brendan Harrison and forward Conor Loftus are both likely to be in the match-day panel for Saturday. Lee Keegan might be as well, though I guess that depends on how the celebrations are going down in Westport. Ceteris paribus, as the man says, it’d be as well to let that well-deserved carousing run its course before involving Lee again but that’s one for Stephen Rochford and the Footballer of the Year to sort out between them.

So, given all that, what team are we likely to see lining out for us in MacHale Park? Rochy’s style in naming his pick is one of incremental change, with the default option of only making changes to the previous day’s line-out where this is forced upon him. Tom’s unavailability means we’ll see at least one alteration to the side that started down in Tralee – most likely with Danny Kirby coming in for the Charlestown man – but if the decision is to go with the more assured backline we saw in the second half against Kerry then it could be two switches rather than one, with Eoin O’Donoghue perhaps poised to make his full League debut at corner-back.

As usual, we’ll most likely be naming our team for this one on Friday evening. And, no, don’t expect us to name our bench then. I’ve no idea when they’ll be announcing their line-up – last time out they did so on the Thursday, ahead of their Sunday afternoon clash with Donegal.

Perspectives from the two sides ahead of Saturday evening: Billy Joe Padden in the Mayo News (here) and Ian Cooney in the Roscommon Herald (here).

The ref for this one, by the way, is our old pal Joe McQuillan. We last had the pleasure of the Cavan official’s company in that Round 2B qualifier game against Fermanagh in early July last year.

Let’s end with a poll: the bookies have us down for this one at prohibitive odds of 1/6 but how do you reckon it’ll go under the lights on Saturday evening?

How will we do against Roscommon?

  • Win (80%, 350 Votes)
  • Lose (12%, 53 Votes)
  • Draw (8%, 33 Votes)

Total Voters: 436

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125 thoughts on “Rossies rolling in on Saturday evening

  1. It would be good to give the Westport u21s n seniors a break. Mental more than physical. I always think a player needs to start each season mentally fresh. Those lads are still finishing out 2016 to some degree.

  2. How come Joe is not reffing in Ballybofey for the Dubs?

    I expect a comfortable win on Saturday, anything less will be a disappointment. Roscommon have only one quality back, a middlin’ midfield and only two quality forwards (granted I would love to have both, Murtagh and Smith, in a Mayo geansai) but the rest of the side is poor enough. As for their great U21 sides? They must be pensioners by now.
    How the roles have reversed, this time last year they were going to relegate us and win Connaught. That went well for them! They even forced us to play in their water-polo pitch (the only league game they played in the Hyde last season I think) to aid their cause. Their supporters dignity in defeat shone through in Kiltoom when we snatched victory in injury time as, all of a sudden, their jovial mood and “sure this in only the FBD” comments soon turned to spiteful resentful badgering. How I loved the walk back to the car that day 🙂 McStay has a lot of work on his hands there but fair play to him for not taking any shite from their so-called “star players”. He is the kiddie and the players either toe the line or stay at home. Proper order.
    Sir Alex Ferguson used to say to his Utd team in the dressing room before taking the field to play Spurs, “lads, it Tottenham”. Nothing else was needed. If we perform to 85% of what we produced in the second half in Tralee we will be whistling with 5 minutes to go. Lads, it’s the Rossies.
    As for Mayo, I am not heart broken that Aidan O’Shea is still out injured to be honest. I have the feeling that we would not have fashioned the Tralee victory if he had been on the field. My belief for this is that he, too often, is the focal point of our attack and as such there is no unpredictability in our attacking strategies when he is there, therefore, our attack is easily stifled. We displayed a speed of thought and action, a fluidity of attack and a variety in the points of our attack last Saturday night week that made us more difficult to defend against. I believe we are beginning to see the early stages of a more flexible coherent attacking set-up than what we have been used to over the last few seasons. We have the goalie, we have the defense, we have the midfield, now we need the attack.
    I hope Rochford keeps faith with Boland and Conor O’Shea in the front six. I’d play Cillian at 11 as play maker flanked by Boland and Conor O’Shea (who I would ask to drift infield if Roscommon decide to go long and attack our weakened midfield on their kickouts). I’d put Andy at 14 with McLoughlin and Regan either side of him. I’d give McLoughlin a free roaming role in our attack and ask Regan to stay close to, and feed off, Andy. I would also plan to get Loftus on the field at some point. For me, the improvement in our performance the last day was founded on moving Coen to midfield. I would partner him and Kirby there for Saturday evening in front of a back 6 of O’Donohue, Higgins, Newcombe, Vaughan, Boyle and Durcan.
    I’m really looking forward to this one.

  3. Pebblesmeller, there will be plenty of time for “Dublin Joe” to head off up to Donegal after he is finished in Castlebar and reach Ballybofey well before 14.00 hours on Sunday.

    Load a shite that about Parsons. Can we not take the appeal higher. You know to that panel that sits until 0300 in the morning. Its worked for others.

    If i’m not mistaken in our last 4 competitive games we have scored zero, one, zero and zero goals. One goal in our last 4 games. Time me thinks for Loftus and Irwin to start if they are fit along with the 2 O’Connors and Andy Moran and one more up front. As David Coleman once famously said at the 1974 cup final “Goals pay the rent and Keegan does his shift”.

    A different game and a different Keegan but he is the only man to hit the onion bag in the last 4 outings. Time for a few others to make the net bulge at the “bacon factory end” this Saturday. Lads its Roscommon (or Rosgommon as Marty Morrisey says).

  4. Replace cos at 12 with d’O’connor & that will be near enuf the team. Nallly may be an option fb with k Higgins at 4.
    Midfield may be under pressure. Gain parity around the middle & this team should have enough to beat Ross.
    COS may be an option to win ball if Ross winning midfield.

  5. There is nothing like a good local rivalry and I have been looking forward to this game since, oh, the last time we beat the Rossies!

    This game however has real potential to be a banana skin for us, especially given our home form of late, and I hope there is no complacency there (though to be fair, you could rarely accuse this Mayo team of complacency). Roscommon badly need this win, and nothing would give them more pleasure than to beat us on home soil in a competitive fixture for a change (it’s been a while, after all) so we need to have the guard up. Like Pebblesmeller I would give my left arm to have either Murtagh or Smith in a green and red geansaí, and if we leave great gaping holes in our defence like we did in the first half in Tralee and indeed in Kiltoom, we will be punished.

    That said, I feel we should win this comfortably enough and I would be pretty damn disappointed if we didn’t, not least because this place would go into meltdown again for the week.

    Kirby I think is a good option at midfield – he is a great fielder of the ball however I’d almost prefer to see him in the half-forward line with Coen in midfield. Agree strongly too that it’s no harm to let the team find its shape without Aidan for a while and let them figure out a different attacking dynamic rather than the tiresome and frustrating one-dimensional pattern we tend to fall into when he is on the field.

    I will now throw in my usual comment about not being able to beat the Rossies often enough or hard enough and wait for our saffron and blue friends to emerge 😉 I hope we see some contributions here from RosTown and Rossie Shane and the rest during the week – they are always worth a read.

  6. Delighted to hear Harrison and Loftus are returning. Hopefully Loftus can get a run of games. I feel he offers more than Regan and of course freeman is gone so he has to grab his chance.

  7. Some players out for both sides yes, but I would imagine both managers will be fielding as strong a team as they can as both are under pressure to win this one. 2 wins from 3 and we’re back on track, 1 from 3 and we’re under pressure again. Rossies need a win or its curtains for them. Don’t agree with some comments above and am shocked at our odds. Was impressed with Rossies last performance eventhough they lost. Think this will be a humdinger. The FBD clash along with the pressure for points has set this up nicely. I’m really excited/nervous bout this one, MAYO by 1.

  8. Most important thing on Saturday is to keep trying out younger players particularly up-front. Its no harm in that regard that some of the established players are not available – let them rest/recover whilst some new options are tried out.

    I’m really hoping some new forward talent is tried out. The one ‘negative’ from the Kerry match was that the star man up front was a 33 year old – we want some 23 year-olds being the star men up front.

    BTW, does anyone know the status of Brian Reape at the moment?

    Match is live on Eir.

  9. I’ll take any kind of a win Saturday night. Murtagh and Smith are coming into their prime and are dangerous running at defenders.
    They’ve been competitive against Donegal and Tyrone. We’ve had one half of good football in the league so far. Agree on putting Coen to midfield. It worked well, in fact I’d like to see our second half team versus Kerry line out.

  10. I don’t have any great hatred for the Rossies but these matches are everything that is great in real GAA rivalry. You can keep your Q/Fs and S/Fs in Croker. These are the games I remember at the end of the year. The U21 Connaught final last year is indelibly etched in my brain forever. The match in Kiltoom a few weeks ago will be up there also at the end of the year. These games hold a beauty in their bleakness in that they are real rivalries not embellished by TV, sponsors or journalistic spin merchants. Everyone that is there can see what is happening right in front of them. The supporters make up their own minds. The rivalry is real and has been developed through personal experience be that in the pub, at work or at old matches in the past. The players coming off don’t need to be told where or if they went wrong. This applies equally to both sets of supporters. At the moment Mayo are in the ascendancy. In the past Roscommon were the top dogs. To the Mayo players and supporters ”For fxxx sakes lads its The Rossies”.

  11. As a neutral, I’ve always enjoyed Mayo V The Rossies, it does seem this clash always gets the blood pumping all round.

    Given Roscommon’s well publicized absentees, I don’t see how they have the firepower to exploit the weakened-by-injury full back line Mayo will field. The half back line, good as it is, can’t do the work of six. This is where the battle will be won and lost, but I wouldn’t be loosing sleep over it.

    Mayo by 3 for me. 1-11 to 0-11.

  12. I’m pretty sure Rochford will be a little more respectful of the challenge Roscommon will bring to town nest Saturday evening than some of the Mayo supporters are. With the current injury too or non availability of normal championship starters Mayo could find themselves in a right dogfight here. Mayo did the business in Austin Stack Park on the 11th of Feb in that second half but they were facing an extremely depleted Kerry side who were without O Donoghue, Geaney (for 55mins of the game), Copper, D O Sullivan, Donaghy and Stephen o Brien in the forwards and our midfield backup of Maher, Sheehan and the marauding Brendan o sollivan, not to mention the loss of Yound and Enright in the backs. I think if we had any three of those forwards available to us ye could have been heading home to the hungry family with an empty fishing basket on the carrier on the bike.

    I know Mayo were without Several of their Championship starters as well but they had a pretty healthy number of starters where we had only a handful in that second half, on reflection ye should have given Kerry a nice little trimming that night. Andy is a born inside forward but he has the mileage on the clock and if he is stifled in a game or has an off day Mayo could find themselves in real trouble, perhaps not now but after the hay is saved it could have a significant bearing on a result. Cillian kicked nine points from dead ball but ge missed a few sitters too so I hope he doesn’t start a trend in his missed kicks. Bearing Cillian’s accuracy in mind the Roscommon boys will be far more careful in their tackling and if they manage this Mayo will have to start creating plays that put forwards in a good position to score.

    I have no preference other than selfish ones in that if Roscommon win they might be a tad softer when we play them as if ye beat them they will be squarely on the trapdoor. We should beat Monaghan depending availability of some players but they could cause us no end of trouble if we don’t have a few lads back. I’m not sure that McQuillians appointment as referee will make much difference as he is a pretty good referee once he is not officiating at a game involving Dublin, when he is you have to be at least three points better than them especially in the championship. The local Darby factor will make it a must see game and I am looking forward to seeing it but I hope no player is suspended for being a little overzealous like poor Tom Parsons was in Tralee, bad decision that !!

    Good luck and I hope SR starts with a little firepower on Saturday, otherwise ye might just get a belly full,,

  13. I think we will win on Saturday but not in an emphatic fashion. We are up against a hungry Roscommon team desperately seeking points who would love nothing more than to get one over us in our own backyard. They weren’t far off it against Donegal. We will be fielding an inexperienced midfield pairing and we still haven’t nailed down a cohesive attacking unit. Big improvements needed in the forwards as we can’t keep counting on Andy and Cillian to keep bailing us out.

    All the injuries may be a blessing in disguise however as we are forced to go with newer options. Expecting big games from Kirby, Loftus, Boland, Regan et al. This is the time of the year to be laying down a marker for the championship.

    Mayo by two.

  14. Can I state a few facts here that hopefully will put a bit more balance on the narrative that is the aging dinosaur Mayo beat an U12 Kerry development squad in Tralee. Because, correct me if I’m wrong, I seem to remember watching a Kerry team tear Mayo to bits with movement and accuracy, aggression and power, and they certainly did not look like a young inexperienced “thrown-together” squad of players. Are you trying to tell me that the very players that ripped us to bits for 28 minutes all of a sudden became poor, weak young fellas that you’ll never see in the jersey again? No, that’s not the actual case but, it is the case that is portrayed in the media and, if you don’t mind me saying so, is being used as an excuse in Kerry. Because if anyone should have been given a trimming that night it was Mayo. Kerry missed a peno, struck timber twice and had us on the back foot for almost all the first half yet could not put us away. Mayo went up several gears at half time and brought a far sharper mind and more aggressive physical approach to their game and we drove on to win.
    To provide further balance, we were without the current player of the year Keegan, an All Star corner back in Harrison, a former All Star full back in Cafferkey, could not start the two time Young Player of the Year Diarmaid O’Connor, had to play a corner back at full back and were without Kevin Keane, Aidan and Seamus O’Shea due to injury. In Newcombe and Boland we had two lads starting only their second league game ever, brought Kirby on for only his second appearance ever and also had Plunkett and O’Donoghue making their senior debuts!
    The facts are, and I stress it is only February, but when Kerry realized they had not put Mayo away and Mayo hung in and eventually fought back, there was no response from Kerry. Both sides were equally depleted and we managed to push on for the win. It will count for nothing in the Summer.

  15. Well in fairness they lost their best defender in Young and he is their most consistent and best defender along with Enright who was also out.
    They lost their best forward in Geaney.
    It wasn’t a weak Kerry team but it was weaker than Mayo coming down the stretch. Newer lads like Morley, Barry, O’Sullivan weren’t at the same level of likes of Durcan, Parsons and ODonoghue in terms of their equivalents on the Mayo team.
    However it was a bit overdone that narrative overall as little enough allowance was made of Mayo’s team being short several.
    Kerry should have won but left us in it due to a lack of goal taking experience with newer players.

  16. This is a banana skin match. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if we get beaten.

  17. I always like to approach a game from a performance point off view but of course what we get in that respect is predicated by the players available and their deployment by the mangmt.
    There was a smart turnabout in Kerry in second half which was more than encouraging to see. Having witnessed that then I wouldn’t have died if Kerry had been more able than circumstances allowed and had been a stronger challenge or had even won! The improvement up front I’m seeing as a pointer to what’s along the line…maybe we re beginning to click into a gear that we haven’t been in for quite a while. Good to welcome back C Lof and Harrison too at this time….one for each end eventually during the day or the start! Ball has to be moved quick and snappy and that’s what it comes down to all the time.
    Higgins I’m sure would prefer to be back in his own corner….not happy at 3. However the boss should know what’s possible and best here for the occasion!
    Looking forward to another great event under lights and hoping to follow the exchanges from far away!?

  18. E Varley
    A Freeman
    C Carolan
    T Cunnife
    M Conroy
    K keane
    C Barrett
    G Caff
    Aidan O shea
    Seamus O shea
    B Moran
    A Dillon
    S Mchale
    M Ronaldson
    M Sweeney

    Thats a full team of players that were involved in the last few years that wont be involved this weekend due to long and short term injury retirement and unavailable….Thats a lot of talent to replace and its up to the young guns now to do just that…Its time to give them that chance play as many young guns as posible….

  19. I think Vaughan will have to play fullback or they will destroy us with Fintan Cregg at Full forward .
    Even Devanney and either Smiths would get better of Higgins so that line needs reinforcing .

    Bar that O Donoughue looks the part and race between he and Newcombe for a cornerback/1st choice corner back sub role is ultra competitive . The returning Harrision Caff and Barrett make it all the more interesting .
    Smith , Devanny and or Connolly in the corners pose the threat of speed bit of dirt and sharp forwards so our new boys will get a good run out .
    If Donie goes FB , then Nally , Durkan and Boyle would tenacious and teak tough and will need to be with the other Murtagh and Smith .

    Centerfield I am not worried about and would like to see Coen and Kirby, I do prefer Kirby at 11 but with assisteance from Conor O shea out there we will be fine .

    I think we need a bit more fire power than up front so would actually start Kevin Mc Diarmuid and Boland as traditional halfforwards with Conor O Shea dropping into midfield from no.13 .

    Andy and Cillian to stay inside for me, I think Cillian is that good that we should clone him and play him at 11 and 15 but we cant so for me we keep him as near as the goal as possible . We have plenty work horses but not as many as accurate as Cillian so keep him inside I think .

    It will be tough , it will be rough and a hard slog but imagine with 12 mins to go springing the current All Ireland Inter Champion and Player of the Year from the bench, I think he deserves the reception he will get an no better place than a home game to allow us all show our appreciation (even if he has consumed 100 gallons of beer since Sunday, he still is fitter and better player than most)

  20. I should have said Aerially I feel we are weak in fullback line and they will lorry ball in on top of Cregg

  21. Danny Kirby receives a one match ban from the *malee in Tralee*. This has to be a joke????

    Posted by the Mayo News a few minutes ago,

    Danny Kirby suspended for Roscommon game
    MAYO footballer Danny Kirby has been hit with a one-game suspension for his part in the melee at the end of the recent National League win over Kerry in Tralee.
    The ban means that the Castlebar midfielder will miss Mayo’s derby clash with Roscommon at MacHale Park on Saturday night next.
    The Mayo News has learned that Kirby’s suspension was imposed after the GAA’s Central Hearings Committee viewed video evidence last week during Tom Parsons’ appeal against the red card he received for his part in the same incident.
    Kirby’s ban was then handed down retrospectively.
    His absence means that Stephen Rochford’s midfield options have been severely stretched with Aidan and Seamus O’Shea (both injured), Tom Parsons (suspended) and Barry Moran (still to rejoin the panel) all out of the reckoning as well.

  22. It appears Kirby will now not be available to us at the weekend either having been, according to the Mayo News, hit with a one-game suspension for his involvement in the melee that got Tom Parsons suspended.

    I actually have no words.

  23. So Kirby is now banned too. Do we have any options in midfield at this point?

  24. This will be tight on Saturday and I think will be hard to call.
    I really want to see some big performances from the new players. For me, that’s as important as the result, if not more. Competion for places is essential and will keep the more established players on their toes.

    I wouldn’t like to see Keegan at all. I’d keep him away for another month. He needs a break, mentally as much as anything.

    Rochford has to give Irwin a run. He’s been on the bench last two games, no play at all. There’s no point in having a new guy on the panel if they’re not given proper game time. I’m repeating previous posts now but there’s little to be gained by sauntering thru the league with tried and tested players.

    On the Kerry game. We had a far more experienced team out than they did for the 2nd half. That’s just a simple fact. At the moment we are relying far too much on Moran. IMO Cillian needs to be deployed closer to goal or Doherty possibly.

    I don’t know about all of you but I’d certainly get more satisfaction out of seeing us lose or draw a league game but where Eoin O’Donoghue plays a stormer, Coen lays down a real marker and one of Loftus/Irwin or Regan score 1-4(from play!). This would tell me we have a real player now who is pushing for a starting jersey RATHER than winning a game with our usual experienced players and fringe players hardly featuring or only playing a token role. The Kerry win was nice, but only really because we didn’t lose and be uses we were so dire in the first half. Boland do ok. O’Donoghue wasn’t really tested. It was out experienced players that won it for us. Sure, it’s great to see Andy buzzing and scoring in Jan/Feb but can he keep this up in August?? As things stand no one else is pitching in with scores from play or even looking menacing in front of goal. This needs fixing.

  25. Think we’re very light around the middle and this will be a struggle, looks like we’ll be playing or 5th an 6th choice midfield pairing. Something tells me Roscommon will nick this, as they will basically have their championship 15 starting, and our form in McHale park is atrocious. I really hope im wrong and we win this, as it will more or less gurauntee our safety in the division. Best of luck to all.

  26. Important to keep them down if we can. I’m hoping the management will send a message that we cannot hope to stay in the division if our home form does not improve.

    Looking forward to seeing more of Conor Loftus with the seniors. He’s a clever player and with some game time could be a huge asset later in the year.

  27. Pebble having talked to my Roscommon friends close to their camp most of the players gone from their panel Claffey,Colllins,Carty,both Kilbrides Donie Shine Cathal Cregg etc have either retired or opted out due to college or work commitments. McStay if he could would like to have all those players available for selection but he hasn’t any his hand is far weaker this year.

    The only player fall out seemed to be with Niall Daly two weeks ago and it could be related to the two younger brothers Ronan,Conor two talented footballers not selected on the panel.

    On their “great” U21 teams they did win the 2012,2013,2015 Connacht titles and only lost the 2013,2016 Connacht finals narrowly in games they could easily have won not too shabby of a record for a county as small as Roscommon. The main problem I see with Roscommon seniors now is too much youth starting and not enough experience they are in total transition and are certain to get relegated most in Roscommon have already accepted this faith by the sounds of it.

    I’d expect few changes to the Mayo starting 15 team this weekend but maybe two big ones with Keegan and D O Connor starting. To be honest I expect a fairly comfortable win for Mayo on Saturday night by 6 to 8 points.

  28. Kirby was banned for his part in the melee against Kerry, RiseAgain. Apparently two other Kerry players were as well. Means we’re very light on the ground in terms of midfielders. I’d say Vaughan will definitely have to start there due to lack of other options.

  29. Jesus lads I’m getting even more nervous with all these confident comments . Rossies not far off Donegal and mayo bet the worst Kerry team we have played in years. Christ ever think them so called stars that retired or left the rossie panel might not be a bad thing for them , few serious egos . Mc stay won’t take any of that shit from them and he alone will now call the shots . Will need to find our shouting voices for this one . Reckon we will need them !

  30. Kirby out after the handbags in Kerry…was he fighting with himself as I hear no mention of any Kerry players getting the same sanction..Midfield in serious bother so…Would be surprised and relieved with the comfortable win some are predicting but I don’t see it..Nicking it is fine by me with the amount of players we will be missing..

  31. If that the case. … I would question the county board again.
    If no card dished out to kerry players. .
    After all the bullshit decision mayo players & teams have had to put up with over the last few years ….
    I wonder would the same gaa authorities give the same & uphold the same decisions if it was Dublin, Kerry … Tipp (hurling) kilkenny (hurling) …..

  32. So that’s Freeman, Parsons and Kirby all missing from the Kerry game panel. All attackers or midfielders and all big men. It will be interesting to see what three players come in.

  33. My team for Saturday – barring any fake news !

    D O’Connor

  34. Likely starting 15 David Clarke; Donie Newcombe, Keith Higgins, Paddy Durcan; Colm Boyle, Stephen Coen, Lee Keegan; Donal Vaughan,Connor O Shea; Diarmuid O Connor, Kevin McLoughlin, Jason Doherty; Evan Regan, Cillian O’Connor,Andy Moran

    With championship starter Harrison to be brought on. So arguably A O Shea,T Parsons,S O Shea maybe Cafferky the only championship starting 15 missing this weekend?

    Roscommon in comparison will have a rookie goal keeper, full back,centre back and midfielder starting on Saturday night. Two of their best players Diarmuid Murtagh,Cathal Compton are just back from injury and Harney is ruled out with a hamstring injury. Lets be honest anything less than a straightforward Mayo win will be a big surprise.

  35. Ha ha Jim Flag……………….I agree fully re Tom P, but I’d suggest leave the ‘panel that sits until 03.00am’ alone for now……………in case we’d ever need them again before the year is out !

  36. MO2017, I’ve never seen a more pathetic attempt at trolling in my life Lol. Not gunna work on this blog. Hope you’ll have ur club rossie umbrella for saturday night,, could be a wet one.

  37. Opportunity to throw Diarmuid O Connor into the midfield. I would prefer to see Patrick Durcan in half back line. Keith Higgins not a full back, maybe Coen could be tried in there. Keegan needs well earned rest. Well time to start Irwin. Clarkes kickouts will come under the microscope once more so lets hope to see some improvement.
    Plan for a rainy night in castlebar.

  38. Can’t see what the issue is with playing Keegan from the start -apart from the effects of the celebrations. What burnout? He’s played 2 competitive games this year; I see that as a plus and his training should give him an edge on most of his colleagues.

    On midfield we need to get fielders back in there otherwise rivals will skin us with clever use of the mark.

  39. Roscommon are very beatable and management will have learnt a lot from the encounter in Kiltoom. The first priority is that Mayo will need to play Colm Boyle at No. 6 to offer a bit of resistance down the middle. Too many times in the Kiltoom game, Roscommon (and more recently – Kerry) targeted this position with strong direct running. Paddy Durkan was also given the task initially to mark Murtagh, – I felt that he wasn’t a great match up and diminished Durkans ability to take the game to the opposition.

    Its unfortunate that there are so many players unavailable… not so much because we may or may not win, but more so, because its frustrates Rochford’s ability to develop systems of play. It is only February however and sometimes when things look most bleak unexpected things can occur. A draw might be on the cards however in a tight encounter.

  40. I beg your pardon Juan, trolling?? What because I posted a possible Mayo starting 15 and highlighted who the rossies will be starting. Iookit if something is really telling you that Roscommon will nick it then go ahead and put money on them to win at their current odds of 5/1.

  41. But Keegan has been training intensively for at least the last 14 months without a break. Even professional sportsmen get a couple of months to rest and recharge the batteries.

  42. MO2017, just change your username to RN2017, you’ll feel better, we won’t bite. The way your describing it in your last paragraph, you’d swear its the Roscommon u-16’s who’ll be lining out on Saturday. It’ll be very very close to roscommons championship team, and nothing close to our starting 15, just look at the midfields who are out for a start.

  43. Lads, this might be a good time for me to step in and intervene. As I`ve stated here before, I`m a Mayoman living in Roscommon and married to a Ros woman, so the in laws never miss the chance to fill me in on Ros matters, even though I can see them for myself.

    In my eyes, things are a bit of a mess in Ros. If my info is correct, Niall Daly has left their panel for the year…They don`t seem to have any recognisable defensive system, even if they didn`t concede goals against Tyrone or Donegal..But they did concede 0-18 and 0-16 respectively in those games.
    They are really struggling at midfield and have been for years. All they seem to have available in that sector now is a number of young players. Regardless of what pairing Mayo come up with at midfield for this game, I`d expect Ros to struggle there.
    Where Ros really are strong though is in their forwards, but only if they`re on form. Consistency of performance is still a problem for some of them imo.
    The Ros forward I would fear the most is Diarmuid Murtagh, who has always scored well against Mayo across underage and Senior. But as he`s just back from injury, we might be spared his contribution on Saturday night.

    For Mayo`s part, I think our physical strength and conditioning etc will be a huge plus against what is a young and lighter Roscommon team..
    Once again, the area that concerns me most is our forwards. Nowadays, it seems to be Cillian with frees, Andy`s usual points or goals contribution… a few sporadic points scattered between a few defenders and midfielders.
    Forwards like Regan, Doherty and Conor O`Shea if he plays, need to be scoring more than they do. Thats why I believe that there are places in the forwards up for grabs on this Mayo team. A chance for the likes of Fergal Boland, Liam Irwin and Conor Loftus to seize their chance, in much the same way as Donie Newcombe has done in defence.

    I don`t share the same concerns that some posters here have about the outcome of this match.
    Yes, it will be a dogfight, it will have a physical edge to it and we might have to bide our time.
    But, I think that our physical advantage, greater experience etc should see Mayo win this one by 5-6 points.

  44. I’ve just seen the spat in the comments now. Juan – I think it’s you that’s out of order: under the ‘play the ball not the person’ rule. All M02017 was doing (regardless of where s/he is from) was giving an opinion about possible line-ups for Saturday evening, which is perfectly okay and couldn’t be termed as trolling. You could easily have taken issue with the guessed-at team selection – personally, I’m outraged that Fergal Boland didn’t make his/her first fifteen! – rather than focusing your ire on the person making the comment. Please bear in mind for future reference.

  45. Would have to be Vaughan and Coen in midfield… who else is there? Shane Nally could go into the backs. I recall he didn’t do a bad job against Dublin last year…

  46. The decision to retrospectively ban Kirby (and the 2 Kerry players – who are they anyway??) is a bit of a joke.
    Is it the case that these bans only came about because we decided to appeal the initial red card, so the video was reviewed when it otherwise wouldn’t have been? If so, it looks like additional punishment for us having the temerity to question a ref’s decision and appeal.

    On the game, I think it’ll be a bit of a dogfight. Both sides are seriously depleted, so hard to judge it.
    I’d expect our stronger panel to win out and we should be able to boss the rossies physically. Like others, I want to see some of the new lads really shine. Coen, Newcombe and/or O’Donoghue will have their hands full with the rossie forwards, so a good test for them.
    3 point win for me.

  47. Other options at midfield …. c o shear & d o connor.
    D Vaughan was poor at midfield v kerry. Granted needs must for Saturday evening as options are ver limited.

  48. Roscommon are even money at +5 and 9/2 for the win with PP, and have been for a few days now. I’m surprised the odds didn’t shorten a little when the 10 days later Kirby ban was announced.
    I’ve no issues with these bans provided it’s applied consistently. I’ve no doubt however that it won’t, particularly when it comes to the current consumers of the majority of development funding. Sure I suppose the GAA have to get a return on that investment too, even if the rest of the country can just go and f**k themselves and keep paying for them.

  49. Thinking on midfield options.
    Stephen Coen – worked out against Kerry and is the obvious player to start with to give one of two.
    The other midfielder we need to have at least one 6’3″ traditional midfielder. I just can’t see Mayo togging without that kinda size if Coen is the other midfielder.
    That gives then :
    Conor OShea
    Donal Vaughan – bit more of a runner and not quite the height and ability in the air
    Padraig Prendergast – Needs must. Surely he is worth a look. I’d be surprised if he wasn’t being monitored or involved. He gives you a full 6’5″ traditional midfielder with a suprising turn of pace.
    With this lack of options and Shane Scott coming down off of the club final I’d personally bring in Padraig Prendergast at least as no. 26 cover.
    Gives you likely then Stephen Coen and Conor OShea as Rochford is usually incremental with change. But I don’t think Conor OShea has ever gone well at midfield and he doesn’t replace Toms physicality with the same chunky strength.

  50. Regarding the talk of additional retrospective bans for three players I don’t see any mention of this anywhere. As far as I am aware none of the Kerry players were sanctioned and no Mayo player other than Parsons received a match ban.
    Can someone confirm that Kirby was sanctioned or is this story of the “non fact checked” variety ??

  51. I’m aware that a lot of posters on this site reside outside the county and would be somewhat removed from the club scene, but the lack of discussion regarding the abhorrent treatment of club players is surprising. Its telling that the first county Paraic and the boys rolled into to sell their “Super 8” proposal was Mayo. Why risk going to a county that might reject your proposal and threaten your campaign when you can go with a sure fire lap dog who’ll jump through hoops to ensure its success, “they’ll go to Limerick if they know what’s good for them”.The real legacy of that stand wil be subservience to Croke Park and it’ll long outlive the badly place steel girders.

  52. According to the Examiner, Donnacha Riverdance Walsh and Peter Crowley were also given retrospective bans.

  53. Gamechanger10 this was reported by the Mayo News last night. I’m hearing Crowley and Walsh also got a 1 game, but this does seem to be unconfirmed at the moment.

  54. Regarding the super 8, it’s plain and simple that there was a tour organised of the counties to barge through a Yes vote. However there is hope in that both the Gpa and Cpa and Cork are against it.

  55. I know that we are short on midfield options but I really hope that we don’t start Donal Vaughan there. It was only when we had Donie, Boyler and Paddy Durcan in the half-back line that we started to motor down in Tralee. Until that we were been cut open down the middle of our defence both in the Monaghan game and in the first-half of the Kerry game. At this time of the year Donie is a lot more productive facing the ball and driving forward rather than been on the back foot.

    You always like to have at least one established player along with a rookie, like Tom Parsons and Stephen Coen were together in midfield, again in the second-half in Tralee. We might not have that luxury for this game though. I’d even prefer Conor O’Shea or Diarmuid O’Connor (if he is fully fit) at midfield before I’d start Vaughan there again. If Barry Moran is up to it, then himself and Coen might be a good fit too. It’ll be interesting to see if Barry Moran takes to the mark, as you’d think of any player, he should be perfectly suited to it. He is some man to catch a ball when on form!

    Higgins for them is a good midfielder and Enda Smith up front is a lively lad also. Hopefully Conor Loftus and Liam Irwin will see some game time for us. We really have to start winning our home games as winning on the road is really devalued when you don’t back that up by getting victories in your home games.

  56. I think a lot on here might be underestimating this young Roscommon team. I watched all of their match v Donegal, and with a minute to go the match was tied. Had the Ross forward shown a little more composure in front of goal, with only the keeper to beat, they should have won the match. From the kick out, Donegal won the ball, moved it up field in a flash and popped it over for the winning score – a bit like what they did to us last year in MacHale Park, when with the last kick of the game, they equalized and deprive us of a semi-final slot. Message here is – don’t take this match as a given, especially when playing at home.

  57. FBD
    Thanks for that, if you are correct we will be in real trouble on Sunday as they were one of the last remaining strengths in defence and attack we had. If it’s true it would be the first time four players were sanctioned as a result of a few handbags being swung in a national league game,, complete horse***t

  58. Wishing Kevin Keane a speedy recovery and every good wish to Alan Freeman. Saturday’s night game with Roscommon is most certainly a potential banana skin for us. All the ingredients are there for Complacency to set into the team ( the bookies odds, a lot of talk about all the players that have left the Rossies Panel, the over optimistic views of some posters here on this site). Which Mayo team will turn up on Saturday night, the first or second half team against Kerry? Two hard earned points were secured in Tralee, I sincerely hope the good work done in Kerry is not undone by a below par performance in Mac Park on Saturday night. Mayo were complacent against Down last year in Castlebar and were nearly caught in a game they had to win to stay in the division. Complacency was the reason Mayo lost to Galway last year in the championship. Remember Roscommon have four very good forwards in Smith, Cregg, Devanney and Murtagh.

  59. I wouldn’t be surprised if Roscommon beat us. I think the Kerry result may have glossed over the Monaghan one. We are still missing a raft of players. It kind of evens up the score and with them looking for points it will be a very close game. I would gladly take a one point win right now.

  60. Tis true yew tree. I can’t help but feel we are getting ahead of ourselves because of the Kerry second half . I thought we were very poor in castlebar v Monaghan and first half v Kerry even poorer .

    Midfield a massive concern because of injuries, suspension and not available. Whats the story with aido? Is Barry Moran available or not ?

  61. Off topic, but I find this ‘Super 8’ idea terrible and very unfair.
    Nothing in whatsoever for weaker counties or the clubs.
    So what do the likes of Leitrim and Wicklow get out of it ?
    More money for the GAA and more games/money for the stronger counties.
    Why bother putting the weaker counties in the Championship at all ?
    The GAA will do anything to hold onto the provincial structures and this is the latest money making idea they have come up with !!!

    The GPA and CPA do no want it, but the GAA top brass are going to try and push it through anyway.
    The players(club and county) need to grasp the initiative and do whatever it takes to make
    the GAA suits see sense.

    Really very strange and would turn you off the GAA.

  62. OnTheDitch – do you not think Clarke has been very impressive this year.

    In my opinion he has been our best player in the opening two league games

  63. Sean Burke – I believe the two O’Se’s are still unavailable (possibly back for Dublin), Barry Moran out and of course Kirby and Parsons suspended. Our midfield pairing by my guess will be Vaughan/Coen.

    I thought we were terrible v Kerry in first half. We are two weeks further down the road in training and fitness but this is a huge banana skin. If we loose we are back in trouble with Dublin on the horizon.

  64. I thought that we didn’t have the balance right at the back, in midfield, or up-front, a lot of the time in our first two games. Then at half-time in Tralee, we got the balance a lot better at the back and in midfield, we also improved a bit up-front, hence the better performance.

    It’s a real pity that we are so short in midfield for this game as you would have liked to have seen us continue to improve the balance up-front in this game, building on from the last match. Roscommon have struggled at midfield in the last few years, so that’s good for us going into this game, with us missing so many midfield options, although Kevin Higgins is a good midfield player for them if he starts. Our physicality has really told against them in recent years but with the O’Sheas, Parsons and probably Keegan missing for us, that balances things up a bit.

  65. Theres no point bringing in Barry Moran into midfield this weekend …We need mobile pacey young hungry lads to back up Parsons and Seamie when they are not available or to replace during games….. S Coen D oconnor and Conor O S hea should be now given that reponsibility play the 3 of them in around midfield on Saturday….Later on in the year i would like Mathew Ruane to get his chance when finished with u 21….I agree with other posters Lee Keegan should be given a break and Irwin and Loftus Boland Odonaghue Plunkett Newcombe and Nally should get lots of gametime…

  66. Kevin Higgins the one experienced midfielder the Rossies have is apparently out with a knee injury they surprising cut Cathal Shine from the panel. Their current midfield options are Killoran,O Rourke,Corcoran all young lads recently introduced to the senior ranks. Coen and Vaughan looks like Mayo most likely midfield unless Gibbons or Barry Moran is back?

  67. facetheball, as long as enough of delegates from counties support it at Congress, it will go through. Mayo GAA will be supporting it, they have said.

    I agree with everything you say – this does nothing for either club players or weaker counties and it’s hard not to conclude that the motivation is financial, much like many of the other decisions made by the top brass these days.

  68. Missing the o Sheas, Parsons, Kirby and Gibbons?? is a real challenge at midfield. But it is also a great opportunity for others to step up. Conor O Shea, Stephen Coen, Diarmuid O Connor are three who could provide real options in midfield for later in the season or next year. I wouldn’t bother with Barry Moran right now. He is only back from honeymoon and Donal Vaughan hasn’t 70 mins in him yet.
    Winning on Sat is important for lots of reasons but I would be bold and throw down the gauntlet to a couple of them at midfield and challenge them to “show us what you got!” Of course it is risky but it might pay off later in the year. We need a few lads to really step up and inject new energy and menace to the team.

  69. Latest news on the melee in Tralee:

    Kerry pair Peter Crowley and Donnchadh Walsh will appeal their retrospective bans tonight at a meeting of the Central Hearings Committee reports the Irish Examiner. Both players, along with Mayo’s Danny Kirby, were cited for their alleged involvement in the melee which took place between the two counties during their Allianz League meeting in Tralee last Saturday week.

    As it stands, Crowley and Walsh are set to miss the Kingdom’s third round clash with Monaghan this Sunday in Killarney as a result of the one game suspension they were each handed down, while Kirby is in the same boat for Mayo’s derby against Roscommon in Castlebar on Saturday night.

    All three will appeal their bans at the CHC’s meeting in Dublin tonight, with Tom Parsons already ruled out of the Westerners’ meeting with the Rossies after having his one match ban from the same incident upheld.

  70. Agree Jucer, delighted to have him back available to us. Certainly a talented forward and well able to kick a free too. I hope he’s not left only as an option if Cillian can’t play or has to come off.
    He could easily be laying claim to a starting Jersey soon enough.

  71. Delighted to see Adam Gallagher brought into the Mayo squad, he has a great natural style and is a very intelligent footballer. It is important that new talent are given adequate game time to prove themselves, we need to be looking at the longer term picture and not just aiming for one off league wins.

  72. Telegraph also mentions Jason Gibbons as a option if true that should strengthen the midfield area for saturday leaving rochford to decide who is best to partner Gibbons in midfield.

  73. Are Reape/Akram/Ruane in the squad surely these fellas should be fairly high up the pecking order of potential newcomers

  74. @ mayoman re Clarke
    As a shotstopper, yes
    And as a goalkeeper coming of his line to act as last defender, yes he generally gets it right
    But what I want to see on saturday night is some sign that he is working on his long kickouts. That there is more drive the ball than fliat the ball in them.
    Can Mayo win an all ireland when they get poor retention of possesion from kickouts
    Imo, no. Sharper teams wi convert possesion in midfield toa scoring chance.

  75. No point in blaming Clarke for the kick outs all the time the players on the field should be able to give him options I’d say watching Cluxton and his out field players they plan all this in training he always has a player running loose ld say it takes a lot of rehearsal

  76. MD ….On the Ditch is making a fair point regarding d clarke kickouts.
    Look out for it on Saturday evening.

  77. What chance is there that ‘Dublin Joes’ ridiculous free-kick awarded to Dublin against Tyrone will now be rescinded and Tyrone awarded the match now that the GAA sees fit to retrospectively amend other refereeing decisions?

    I had an epiphany at the Kerry game……….how about Conor O’Shea at FF? Decent in the air with a nuisance value around the square with AM to feed off him. He actually played well enough against Kerry but needs to learn to take players on.

    I have absolutely no doubt we’ll win tomorrow night. We had our bad spells in the first two games but overall there’s a bit of focus and determination that was not there this time last year. People cannot expect perfect all-round performances at this time of year ……..after just two rounds no team has a 100% record.

  78. Delighted to read that Gallagher is back in the senior squad. He gave us a good runaround in the FBD game earlier this year and I remember him kicking 7 points up in Omagh a few seasons ago in an NFL game. Even then he couldn’t quite shake off a few niggly shoulder and thigh injuries but hopefully he’s all sorted now. He’s no giant but he is a beautifully balanced, intelligent footballer that sees and uses space. He’s not unlike Boland in his style and given time, particularly with regard to his physique, he could be a smart addition to our match day squad.

  79. Adam Gallagher is about the same size as Diarmuid and was likely held back severely by his hip complaint. Once fit his physique won’t be an issue. He looks bulked up compared to when he was 21.

  80. In relation to Adam Gallagher I think he needs to be given time. After a serious injury like his with a hip it will take considerable time to get back to his best. I saw him twice last year for Mayo Gaels and he was very average but given his talent should be kept training with the squad for the season. Unfortunately he’s not the only Minor star that we’ve had in the last few years that has had serious injuries from the tough training regimes.
    With the Rossies I think we should be happy with two points in any way or form, its looking like were going to get rain so it will be a dogfight. Them games are about winning, get the two points and go and have a real crack at the dubs the following week.
    I think Coen should play in midfield with Gibbons, he has the composure to raid forward successfully and the instinct to track back.

  81. Going on his FBD performances Adam Gallagher is an exciting addition to the panel.
    He is a ‘scoring’ forward. A good free taker and genuine hard working player.

  82. Wouldnt be over confident for Saturday night but still expect to win. We were poor v Monaghan and poor v Kerry for one half Ros too have their fair share of problems but will enjoy coming to Castlebar which is far from the fortress it should be. Though Ros lost both league games so far they performed reasonably well and if they cant really lift themselves to play us then they are in serious bother. We are seriously depleted with injuries and suspensions and though our S and C should benefit us we are missing a number of our strong and powerful men who put Ros to the sword in the soft conditions in the Hyde last year. Expect a real dogfight and will be delighted to come out on top. Win and we are comfortable, lose and we are back in the mire.

  83. A Meath man for a match at Croke Park involving us: what could possibly go wrong? Apologies, by the way, Mayomagic – I didn’t realise that refs for next weekend had been confirmed already but I can see from the GAA website that they have. In fairness to Coldrick, he was okay the last time we had him, for the All-Ireland semi-final against Tipperary.

  84. Apologies Willie Joe, but. I cannot bring myself to use the words fairness and Coldrick in the same sentence. ( Goddamnit there I’ve done it).

  85. I feel that our constant commenting on referees is hurting our teams. We are getting known as whingy childish supporters. I even find myself going down this route. I feel the #thingsleedid did not help the team in the final or the replay last year. I feel if anything it just put refs backs up and provided opposition players and mentors fuel to point us out as weaker and in need of help form officialdom. Whether the points you make are true or not is irrelevant. Making a point for the sake of pointing out the justice or injustice of something is merely self indulgence. I know you will say people are entitled to fair comment but this should not be exercised if the comment has the potential to damage our great team.

  86. is there a big crowd expected for this?.
    Tickets no longer available online, but the gaa tickets site is suggesting you can still get them in Centras/Supervalu.

    Glad I bought mine already now.

  87. It could have been worse. Cormac Reilly is back on the panel again. By the way, we are disgracefully treated by refs and the blame lies with a docile lap dog county board going back as far as I can remember. Wait until Reilly is penciled in to ref us. Should be fun.

  88. Delighted to see Adam Gallagher back I think he will be a good addition to the panel and I hope he does well will be good to see Conor Loftus in action again too. I’m disapointed with Evan Reagan’s progress I would have hoped he’d be able to nail down a place on the team but as of yet unfortunately not

  89. Lads will ye stop going on about referees….ffs I am fed up of hearing about them. Fact is we do enough and make enough mistakes to win and loose games ourselves. Every team have decision go for and against them.
    Maybe we are known as a county for whinging about ref’s for a reason.

  90. Sinabhuil, #thingsleedid was a response to a highly orchestrated media campaign from our opposition targeting our best player. What were we meant to do, just take it lying down?

  91. Anyone know if our game is on Eir sport one or two , I’ve searched everywhere, all I can come up with it’s been televised on Eir sport ?

  92. Any word on d kirby appeal?badly needed at mf Hope conor loftus starts.his speed and scoring threat woild be a big help.Also has proven a reliable freeiaker in pressure situations in underage finals.Id like to see mattie flanagan get a chance in goal An excellent shotstopper he could solve our restart problems and provide a long distance free taking option

  93. It is embarrassing at this stage the way that some people keep going on about refs, even some of our players have said this in interviews, that they hate it and are embarrassed by it.

    That was one thing that I noticed when I was reading back through the 10 articles over 10 years of this great blog. When we had good days there was little or no mention about refs, venues etc. While on the bad days, there was plenty of comments about refs, venues etc. Surely there is a lesson in there somewhere for us.

    Our Minors in 2013, our U21’s last year and Westport last week have shown us the All-Ireland winning template. Been solid at that back, been highly competitive at midfield, having a bit of flair up front and been shrewd on the sideline. Throw in a bit of luck, making as few mistakes as possible and plenty of hard work. We have never managed to get all of those ingredients right on All-Ireland final day with our senior team. When we do, we’ll win it and until we do, we won’t win it. It’s all in our own hands!

  94. Have to say I think Coldrick is as good a ref as there is. No ref is perfect and the only top level ones I have major issues with are Cormac and up until last year, Conor Lane. Though he did quite a good job in the first final, to my surprise.

  95. I’m not sure we are whingers at all, maybe years ago but not so much now.

    You can’t just sweep crucial bad decisions that actually cost us big time . we’ve never got the rub of the green in a final , look at the last play of the drawn game , crikey almighty man it was Sam Maguire ffs, clean up off the ground but the philly knancmahons weren’t going to let that free be awarded .

  96. I’m away this weekend lads and got the impression Eir Sport was showing the game live to find that it’s only on the HD channel! Laois and Tipp live, very disappointing

  97. I agree Backdoor re Regan, I am begining to think he is a confidence player and still think one good game will turn his season round. Conor Loftus Brian Reape and liam Irwin all good additions to our forward panel. All of the potential to become scoring forwards.

  98. And vastly more experienced Cillian O Connor could learn a lot from young Colm Morans performance last Sunday. He rarely moved out of his scoring zone and was a real life wire when in possesion. Cillian in recent games is all over the field chasing guys he is not going to catch and not available in his corner when we go forward, resulting in overload on Andys side.
    I for one will be watching his performance with interest tomorrow night.

  99. Agree there Sean, clean off the ground in full view of a ref that was too afraid to give the free in, had coc knocked it over to win Sam he would never ref a match again at intercounty level. No backbone, then we seen the next referee, a weak lad who was forced by pro dubs media and sent off the man who had the dub hero in his pocket and even scored goal of the season before his black card.
    Hopefully dublin win this weekend and are still on the nonlosing roll when we get to them.

  100. Here is the Mayo team to face Roscommon tomorrow in round 3 of the Allianz Football League in Elverys MacHale at 7pm:

    1. David Clarke (Ballina Stephenites)
    2. Donie Newcombe (Castlebar Mitchels)
    3. Keith Higgins (Ballyhaunis)
    4. Paddy Durcan(Castlebar Mitchels)
    5. Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore)
    6. Colm Boyle (Davitts)
    7. David Drake (Ballaghaderreen)
    8. Donal Vaughan (Ballinrobe)
    9. Jason Gibbons (Ballintubber)
    10. Fergal Boland (Aghamore)
    11. Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore)
    12. Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber)
    13. Andy Moran (Ballaghaderreen)
    14. Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber, Capt)
    15. Jason Doherty (Burrishoole)

  101. Well done Hope Spring Eternal.
    A lot of players out of position imo.
    I hope Rochford make use of subs bench
    We need to see Liam Irwin Gallagher Loftus Reape ….

  102. Awesome commentary and detailed analysis by so many! Love reading it all. That being said, We have momentum on our side: the pure joy of the Kerry win and the Mayo pride in Westport this last week. I think The Rossies will look at their history on our pitch in Castlebar and figure they have it won already and aTHAT is when we will beat them. The west is certainly awake so I say we are going to win against the Rossies and march in to Croker next week on a two win bounce and end Dublin’s streak. Who is up for some more “Green and Red of Mayo” over the Croker PA? Keeping the faith!!! Safe travels to everyone and scream a cheer for me from Florida! Maigh Eo Abú!

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