Round 2 club Championship matches this weekend

This year’s club Championships within the county continue this weekend, with a full schedule of Round 2 fixtures in the Senior, Intermediate and Junior Championships down for decision.

Here’s the full run-down of games on this weekend.


A preview of all the weekend’s SFC games is available from the Mayo Newshere.


A preview of all this weekend’s IFC ties is available from the Mayo Newshere.


The matches being streamed live by Mayo GAA TV this weekend are both Senior games and they’re arguably the pick of the bunch from the schedule. On Saturday evening they’ve got the Westport/Ballintubber game from Group 1 (throw-in 5pm), while on Sunday they’ve got the Group 2 clash between champions Knockmore and Ballina Stephenites (throw-in 2pm).

Information on match-day passes and all that for Mayo GAA TV is here.

UPDATE: Match-day programmes for all this weekend’s games are available here.

We’ve got a bonus podcast episode for club members over on Patreon, in which Mike and Ed preview all of the weekend’s action. Join the club here.

There are also a number of matches in the LGFA club Championships this weekend. Here’s what’s on there – all these games take place on Sunday (11th) with 11am throw-ins:


  • GROUP A: Castlebar Mitchels v Kilmovee Shamrocks (at Castlebar), Westport v Knockmore (at Westport);
  • GROUP B: Burrishoole v Moy Davitts (at Newport), Hollymount v Carnacon (at Hollymount).


  • GROUP A: Davitts v Cill Chomáin, Louisburgh v Charlestown;
  • GROUP B: MacHale Rovers v Kiltimagh (at Crossmolina), Kilmoremoy v Swinford Killasser (at Ballina).


  • GROUP A: Kiltane v Parke (at Bangor), St Brigid’s v Ballyhaunis (at Moygownagh);
  • GROUP B: The Neale v Aghamore (at Cong), Breaffy bye.

It’s not just club action that’s on this weekend as the Mayo Masters take on Cavan up on their home turf in Ballinagh on Saturday in the Gaelic Masters All-Ireland Plate final. Throw-in there is 1.30pm on Saturday and the game is being streamed live on Facebook by the Gaelic Masters Association – details here.

82 thoughts on “Round 2 club Championship matches this weekend

  1. Some cracking games this weekend and the 2nd weekend always seems such an important one if you don’t want to enter the last chance saloon. Anyway time for breakfast coffee and the podcast. Not a bad way to start the day.

  2. Absolutely – Charlestown and Garry looks like a virtual playoff game with the winner going through.. on the other end of the scale, Aghamore v Ballagh and particularly Mayo Gaels v Neale look all the hallmarks of bottom of the group deciders

    Westport v Tubber will be very intriguing even if its only the order of the top two positions at stake, but Ballina and Knockmore is even more interesting imo – if Ballina were to sneak that, suddenly Knockmore are playing for their ch’ship survival next week if ballagh can bea Aghamore

    It mightn’t be the most marquee tie on paper but C’morris and Belmullet is the standout one of the weekend in my personal view given what’s at stake.. is there any sort of kick in Claremorris at all?

    I suspect Castlebar and Breaffy will have fairly facile wins

    Intermediate then is fascinating altogether, clubs like Crossmolina, Haunis, Hollymount and Kiltane – all brushing shoulders in senior not too long ago – fighting to stay in the chship

  3. Hard to see anything but a Gaels win and Neale look destined for Intermediate. Injuries to T Conroy, S Conry, Sullivan, Walsh etc. is to much for anyteam. Add that to the retirements of Hennelly and Hopkins means the jersing room lost big characters.
    Gaels by 6

  4. One thing I was struck with after watching and reading reports of the First Round of the Championship was the abundance of young talent in the county, and frankly, it just sickened me that we didn’t go further in the U20 series.
    I counted 22 odd players who had big impacts for their clubs this weekend, who were either
    1. Played in their proper position and did well for Mayo
    2. Were played out of position by Sheridan in comparison to their natural position
    3. Wasted on bench
    4. Not used by Sheridan at all

    Tier 1
    Frank Irwin (Ballina) 7 points, in midfield for club and county
    Donnacha McHugh (Mitchels) CB for both
    Paddy Heneghan (Mitchels) 4 from play, FF for both
    Dylan Thornton (Ballina) Wing Forward ; both
    Jack Fallon (Mayo Gaels) MF for both
    Cian O’Connell (Ballinrobe) 1-00, Corner forward for both
    Ruairi Keane (Mayo Gaels) FB Or C)

    Tier 2 – Played out of position by Sheridan
    Sean Morahan (Mitchels) 17 year old elite talent who was amazing at corner back, but was played wing forward by Sheridan
    Conal Dawson (Westport) Played corner back by Sheridan, but he kicked 3 from wing forward
    Fenton Kelly (Davitts) Played corner back by Sheridan, started in midfield
    Aiden Cosgrave (Kiltimagh) Played wing back for Sheridan, kicked two points from wing forward
    Tom O’Flaherty (Aghamore) Starred at Wing back , played wing forward by Sheridan

    Tier 3 – Bit part under Sheridan
    Bob Touhy (Mitchels) only a sub but is impressive
    Niall Treacy (Davitts) a sub but kicked 5 at corner forward
    Cian McHale (Moy Davitts) kicked 7, 5 from play for but was a sub
    Conor Reid (Moy Davitts) 2 points, sub for Sheridan

    Tier 4 – Not on the matchday 26
    Ryan Fadden (Balla) – Brilliant at wing forward
    Paul Walsh (Mitchels) Huge goal threat
    Shea O’Donoghue (Belmullet) Tenacious and a scrappy defender
    Mark Gibbons (Garrymore) Scored 1-1 from Full forward
    Mark Cunningham (Mitchels) Corner forward with loads of talent
    Ethan Henry (Mayo Gaels) – Kicked a point from Midfield

    By my count that is 7 players who Sheridan played in their natural position, with a whopping 15 players who Sheridan either misused or didn’t play. This is a seriously worrying number, when you combine it with the atrocious style of play accompanied by it, you would have to question the leadership of Sheridan as our U20 manager.

  5. Give Sheridan a break, we let in 2 goals in the end that a cock of hay would have stopped
    This from a county that produced great goalies from Rooney in the sixties to the present time.
    If could produce forwards like them!!!
    Here in Meath mcEntee used something between 11 and 14 goalies in his 5 year term.

  6. No point in raking over Sheridan as thing we have our fill of management talk since James retired.
    Honestly I thought the way he set up his team and style of play was so bad that he may not feature in any major Coaching roles in the future.
    Super weekend of club football ahead again this weekend.. lots like Sunday is going to be very wet

  7. Did Jack Livingston not play in goal for the u20s last year?
    Ciaran I don’t think claremorris are good enough to trouble belmullet. They are limited enough at senior level right now, and the fact that they have 3 or 4 exceptional talents at u17 won’t have any bearing for a couple of years yet.

  8. Big day for some teams today. Expecting wins for Mayo Gaels, Mitchell’s, and Breaffy which leaves The Neale, Balla and Davitts scrapping for their lives next time out to avoid a relegation battle. The Aghamore/Ballaghadereen game is one I am finding hard to pick a result for. Logic says Ballagh but my heart says Aghamore. I’m gonna go with my heart. Finally there is a little matter of Westport and Ballintubber and just not sure how both teams will approach it. Both teams will be confident of getting wins over the Gaels and the Neale respectively so may be a bit of shadow boxing ing this one where they may rest one or two each. I’ll give a tentative vote to Westport but that doesn’t mean that Ballintubber won’t be there when we reach semi final stage.

  9. We’ve another pod up this morning for club members, this one featuring Mike in conversation with John Maughan about Kevin McStay’s appointment and the pressures of modern-day inter-county management.

    By the way, Mayo GAA haven’t yet put this weekend’s team sheets for the club Championship games online but I’ll post them here once they do.

  10. Anyone know do you have to buy the game from mayo tv before or during the game..I know you can watch back later but just wondering could you sit down and buy the westport match tonight if it turned out to be a good game

  11. You can watch Mayo Gaa Tv games back at anytime , a brillant service.My plan is to go to Breaffy v Balla at 5 and watch the Westport v Ballintubber game when I get home without knowing the score. Probably head for Charlestown V Garrymore at 2 tomorrow ,then go to the Kilmaine v Kiltimagh game at 4 and then watch back Knockmore v Ballina later that night plus the Belmullet v Claremorris stream if Belmullet Gaa leave it up online hopefully.

  12. Finbarr McLoughlin exceptional today. I called this in the week that this was two clubs passing each other in competitive fortunes.
    They’ve been great but Tubber will not be in the running in the seasons ahead.
    Westport seven up at their leisure.
    Finbarr McLoughlins feet for his last point… he even sent me off for a cup o tay.
    I was full sure he was closed down in a tight space.
    Fionn McDonagh moving well.

  13. Famous result for aghamore.. will fancy sending ballina packing too. Dare to dream!

    Ballagh in relegation most likely – what a seriously disappointing few seasons for them, with all the talent they have

  14. Big result in mayo abbey too, where the gaels more or less assure senior status. Good on them

    Would take a very brave man to back against the Neale going down

  15. Westport very good , could nearly make them favourites now . Finbarr mcgloughlin looks a good prospect , Paul lambert had a solid game ,fionn looked good at times . Most of all the most disappointing aspect and almost sadness from a mayo perspective, Cillian looks like injuries have caught up with him, hope I’m so wrong but have my doubts we will see him star for Mayo like he used to ever again .

  16. @Sean Burke. There was an interesting point by Andy on the podcast about the advantage of Mgmt being a little bit away from things and then coming in looking with fresh eyes at players.
    I have to say I think it’s much much more likely you are right, the days of Cillian being a top intercounty forward starting games may be over. He now has close to no pace thinking about the 2023 top 6 sides, it is time to be thinking 15 minute game intelligence role off the bench.
    Not even sure on that with his lack of pace.

  17. Well done Aghamore! Shoul be safe for another year now. Westport with their pace and ball skills are definitely a match for anyone as long as the going remains good or good to firm. The Neale will find it hard to stay up I think as will Balla but they may just do enough. Are Breaffy this years dark horses?

  18. Sean I said the same earlier,injuries and mileage catching up on him.
    Big decision for new manager and it may define him
    Cillian the best forward we ever produced, a little extra pace would have been the icing on the cake.And well able to look after himself unlike most forwards.

  19. Cillian was 29 when he got that injury. Andy was 28 when he got his injury. Andy made it back to the top although it took him a while to get back to speed. This will be like a pre season for Cillian. A run of games will do him good. Feel his way back in softly softly.
    I predict him to peak again late next summer just in time to land the big one.

  20. Mind the house, hope you are right but I can not see it.
    If not fully fit we cannot carry him.All injuries are different.

  21. I’d worry for the neale after seeing them tonight, well beaten and really should of lost by a lot more, gaels should of got 6/7 goals, tough few weeks ahead for them, westport and aghamore very impressive too

  22. Christ at least let the lad prove himself before writing him off and making assumptions about his fitness. He is coming off a long term injury which always takes time to get back from. It is 7/8 months before the inter-county championship starts, its a bit premature to be labelling him a passenger.

  23. RosTown, download ‘What’s the scór’ app. It’s great for live updates and results.
    When will the venues for the final round be announced? Or is it already decided, haven’t been online in a while?
    Breaffy v Balla was a feisty enough affair but Breaffy looked comfortable.
    When Balla missed their penalty their chance of getting back into it was all but gone.

  24. Westport not really tested. Brickenden on course to make Mayo panel but needs greater test. Fionn outstanding, as long as he avoids injury, Westport are serious contenders. Eoghan still on the rusty side but so much talent..lot of other good individual performances
    Westport will be hard to beat on a good surface..

  25. The Neale will need a freakish result altogether to avoid the drop. Not looking good for them, but they’ve taken some right trimmings since their promotion, don’t have near big enough a squad to compete at this level

    Joe.G, I personally think Balla will have more than enough to survive .. well beaten today, but a lot to play for in that group, they can actually even still qualify!

  26. – Great crowd at the Westport v Ballintubber game in fabulous weather
    – Westport in control from start to finish even if they have a tendency to ovetplay the ball right in front of opposition goal.
    – Ballintubber handling was poor and they struggled with Westport’s pace. Agree that Cillian today was a pale shadow of himself.
    -Westport have plenty of football in them but still maybe have ‘too many pups for the boreen’ and not enough ‘old dogs for the hard road’ . Tougher tests ahead.

  27. Great result for Aghamore. I was on the wrong side of the country this week and couldn’t get there. Looking forward to getting a match report

  28. Ciaran your right in a lot of ways. The Neale went 2 up early in the second half. Conceded another goal and there was no leadership (hence the loss i mentioned)to push on.
    On “all known form” the neale will be relegated. Currently they are a junior team.

  29. Currently they are an intermediate team I would say. In fairness they would be playing far better stuff with their players fit.

  30. Bit harsh to be saying cillian o Connor is a passenger he’s only just back from a long term serius injury and hasn’t had that much game time. I do think he’ll come straight back into being fully fit and the way he used to be with time give him a chance. Great to see Lee keagan playing so well for westport fingers crossed he stays with Mayo for another year at least !

  31. No one wrote the word passenger apart from those stating two of us were angling at ‘passenger’.
    My view is the game has changed and there is no room for slow players. It affects JDoc, Cillian and Aidan. For me none of these three can start now. They’d even be struggling at their peak, because the game has changed and now almost everyone is quick.

  32. Gizmobibs did Cillian get injured again?
    It seems to me like the biggest barrier to westports chances was the county board waiting around for 2 months to start the championship and ensuring the final will be played in most likely a heavy wet pitch in October.

  33. Mikey3 – semi finals and final will surely be played in MacHale Park which should be in good condition all year round now. Of course there might be wind and rain to deal with, which wouldn’t suit Westport.

    Cillian seemed to go over on his ankle after 6 or 7 minutes. Played on until half time before being subbed off.

  34. If you have pace either side, Cillian is a guy that will unlock the space for these guys-has been playing the smarts game for years-That was why he was sorely missed in the ’21 final

  35. Paul Towey is a class above for Charlestown. Has kicked some fine scores in the first half against Garrymore.

  36. Some shooting from Paul Towey today. He can kick points from ridiculous angles. Would remind you of Conor McManus when he’s on form.

  37. Ballina were simply superb. That team is full of pace, skill, power and they are as combative as hell. No point in picking out one or two of them because from 2 to 15 plus the subs they were fantastic. Didn’t feel the need to include David Clarke as the Stephenite backs left him with almost nothing to do. A very impressive victory.

  38. Hard to understand when we were short of natural scoring forwards this year that Towey didn’t get more game time. We were crying out all year for a player who had the instinct to play in the full forward line and was able to score when given the chance

  39. Southmayo Exile. Just finished watching the Charlestown game and indeed Towey was superb. 5 frees and 5 from play 2or3 of which were unbelievable. During the summer I watched his exploits in Chicago and some people pointed out that the standard wouldn’t have been the best. Started today being marked by Enda Hession but Towey got the better of him and anyone else they switched onto him. Is wall able to win his own ball, has great vision and will fight his corner. Seemingly McStay and Rochford were in attendance and had to be impressed.

  40. Towey was well marshalled last week and didn’t have much impact.

    Ballina deserving winners but really had to win today which you could see by way they went about it compared to Knockmore, they were far hungrier. Seemed a lot like 2020 when met in group stages, Ballina needed win then and won well that day to. Knockmore kept rotating players in forwards as well. They responded well to second goal tacking on 4 quick points. McStay the standout. Evan Regan lively as well, took on few erratic shots. Must be tough on lads training day in day out when supplanted by someone away for near 4 months.

    Yes Mikey, went over on ankle it seemed after 9 minutes or so, struggled on till the break and was off then.

    Claremorris ahead in Tallaght, streamed live of Bellmullet Facebook for those interested.

  41. The Balla win could prove crucial for Bellmullet, they in spot of bother again today, this time in Tallaght. Could easily be few more points down.

  42. Conor McStay has great vision and skill. He sees play quickly. He gave Regan the signal to make a direct run and then put the ball ahead of him to run onto it. He’s a real playmaker McStay.

  43. Went in to watch ballina and Knockmore today. Ballina impressive to say the very least. Knockmore just fell asleep for the goals and that was the difference in the end. Good hard game played with a real edge. I thought at times that edge went over board. A lot of off the ball fouls and drag downs, in particular from Ballina. Whilst it was necessary to win the game I thought it could have been stamped out quickly. Personally I thought there should have been 6 black cards today. 4 for ballina and 2 for knockmore. And never once was a card issued. I’d go back to the county semi last year between belmullet and Westport where Kevin Connolly did a great job in laying down the law. But despite that Ballina deserved the win, coming from a Ardnaree man.

  44. Gizmobobs. Away to Mitchells last week was always going to be a tough one but Towey still managed 5 points. Nobody is going to shoot the lights out every time.

  45. Hugely important win for cmorris, balla will be confident in two weeks tho, this group could have more twists yet..

    Some statement by ballina, wouldn’t write off knockmore yet tho?? Imagine them v Westport in quarter!!

  46. Most bizarre result of the weekend must be kilmaine annihilating kilti…

    Intermediate is an absolute lottery, what a competition though!!

  47. Ciaran. I have to agree with you on the Kilmaine result. After the first round I was thinking Kiltimagh had to be among the overall challengers. It’s a funny old game.

  48. I think it was one from play Gizmobobs but I think 3 of his frees were for fouls on himself. Same as today 3 of his frees were for fouls on himself including his last one when pulled down through on goal. He is actually strong and wins a lot of his own ball. As with Fergal Boland who scored 7 for Aghamore yesterday the size issue is often brought up but Mayo club football is pretty rugged and you don’t survive unless you can look after yourself. His 10 points today was even more impressive as he spent 10mins in the sin-bin for a running tussle with Enda Hessiin.

  49. The most that can be learnt from that performance is that Hession is not a corner back. Ballina have some decent backs and they aren’t afraid to be be negative which is what’s required.

  50. Joe,Bernard Flynn was one of the best corner forwards I have seen and heis not big except for his mouth.

  51. Joe,football people here in Meath,rate Flynn way ahead of o’Rourke and the Castlebar born man Robbie o Malley as their best back of the eighties.

  52. Jr. That ? was supposed to be “haha”. Regarding Flynn, not sure if he was better than O’Rourke but he was certainly talented.

  53. After attending the Ballagh v Aghamore and Charlestown v Garrymore games the weekend ,it is clear that both Fergal Boland and Paul Towey deserve to get a full League campaign for Mayo next season.Both outstanding this weekend.
    other players that have potential to break into the squad
    Oisin McLaughlin Westport
    Finbarr McLoughlin Westport
    Pat Lambert Westport
    Connell Dempsey Knockmore
    Kuba Callaghan Ballagh
    Conor Diskin Claremorris
    James McCormack Claremorris
    Jack Livingstone Breaffy

  54. Attended hollymount kilmeena, breaffy balla and Mitchel’s davitts. Watched the claremorris belmullet game just there on Facebook.
    Jack Carney (Kilmeena)
    Darragh Keaveney(Kilmeena)
    Stephen and Darren Coen (Holly/Carra)
    Robbie Fadden (Breaffy)
    Donie Newcombe (Mitchel’s)
    Niall Treacy (Davitts)
    Fenton Kelly (Davitts)
    Joe Touhy (Mitchel’s)
    James McCormack (Claremorris)
    Brian McGuinness (Claremorris)
    Conor Diskin (Claremorris)

    Brian McGuinness in particular looks to be the best option in the county in terms of a fly keeper, if McStay goes that way. Good pedigree of being the u20 keeper a few years ago and has committed to football properly for the first time in a few years. Still only 22

  55. Retrocut
    Coens were poor last week against Kilkimagh .If your a Mayo Senior and not standing out at Intermediate, you should not be a County player.

  56. I agree 1969
    However Stephen went on Keaveney who had 4 from play, kept him scoreless, went up the other end and kicked a bomb from 50 to put them up 3 with 5 to play.
    Darren Coen had 1-8 and was flawless from placed balls, just because they’re county players doesn’t mean they didn’t stand out in the game.

  57. That’s not necessarily fair re the Coens imo, it can be easy to get overly giddy about certain players based on club games, and equally easy to get despondent about others, but in reality the club game is almost like a different sport

    That’s the challenge facing inter-county managers

  58. Thought Ballina were full value for victory in a tough physical game. Knockmore struggling upfront didn’t help them but Ballina had a tough back line.

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