Round 3 club Championship fixture details confirmed

This coming weekend sees the SFC, IFC and JFC take a break following the opening two rounds of games on successive weekends. The Round 3 matches will take place the weekend after next and fixture details have now been confirmed for these ties, which are as follows:


Group 1: Ballintubber v Claremorris (at Hollymount) and Davitts v Ballina Stephenites (Fr O’Hara Park) on Sunday 17th October at 4pm

Group 2: Belmullet v Aghamore (James Stephens Park) and Knockmore v Charlestown Sarsfields (Breaffy) on Saturday 16th at 4pm

Group 3: Ballaghaderreen v Castlebar Mitchels (Aghamore, Friday 15th at 8pm) and Balla v Westport (Crossmolina, Saturday 16th at 2pm)

Group 4: Garrymore v Breaffy (Centre of Excellence, Bekan on Saturday 16th at 8pm) and The Neale v Kiltane (Josie Munnelly Park, Sunday 17th at 2pm)


Group 1: Parke v Swinford (Kiltimagh on Saturday 16th at 2pm) and Bohola Moy Davitts v Bonniconlon (Parke, Sunday 17th 12pm)

Group 2: Hollymount/Carramore v Burrishoole (Clogher, Saturday 16th at 3pm) and Mayo Gaels v Lahardane (Westport, Sunday 17th at 2pm)

Group 3: Ardnaree v Kilmaine (Swinford) and Louisburgh v Kiltimagh (Knockmore) on Sunday 17th at 1pm

Group 4: Ballyhaunis v Castlebar Mitchels (Davitts, Sunday 17th at 1pm) and Ballinrobe v Crossmolina Deel Rovers (Balla, Sunday 17th at 3pm)


Group 1: Ardagh v Kilmeena (McGovern Park) and Tourmakeady v Kilfian (Foxford) on Sunday 17th at 3pm

Group 2: Achill v Kilmovee Shamrocks (Achill, Saturday 16th at 4pm) and Cill Chomain w/o Lacken

Group 3: Ballycastle v Moygownagh (Lacken) and Shrule/Glencorrib v Eastern Gaels (Garrymore) on Sunday 17th at 1pm

Group 4: Islandeady v Ballycroy (Islandeady, Saturday 4pm)

It hasn’t been confirmed yet which Round 3 matches will be streamed live on Mayo GAA TV but that’ll be announced early next week. On that topic, I have to say I’m well impressed with the Mayo GAA TV service so far this year. The picture quality and graphics are close to broadcast standard and having replays of key incidents is a major plus too so well done to them and their new streaming partner for these improvements.

Finally, if it’s live match action you’re looking for this weekend then it’s of the small ball variety, in the form of Round 3 of the Senior Hurling Championship.

Tyrrell Cup holders Ballyhaunis and Tooreen are two wins from two so far but they meet on Saturday in Ballyhaunis at 4pm so one (or maybe) both of those 100% records will fall then, in what’s all but guaranteed to be dress rehearsal for the final. At the same time that afternoon at Josie Munnelly Park in Castlebar, the Mitchels host Westport in the other Round 3 tie.

58 thoughts on “Round 3 club Championship fixture details confirmed

  1. Is there a valid reason shamrocks have to travel to Achill to play Achill and all other ties are neutral , surely with the w/o in the other game they could of played it in josie Munnelly on the sat evening ?

  2. Kilmovee have a decent chance in that game, but a far lower chance travelling all the way to Achill.
    That game cannot be played in Achill if we want a fair club championship. Hopefully common sense will prevail.

  3. Only logic behind the Achill Kilmovee game being played in Achill is that it would give Achill a home game which they have not had so far. Don’t know how gate receipts would be divided for a neutral venue.
    I’d be calling for that one to be at a Neutral venue or even for it to be played in Waterford but then I’m hoping Cill Chomáin top the group so I’m completely biased.

  4. What do people think of the whole home and away arrangement overall in Mayo?

    In Galway – hurling & football – at all adult grades every game is always neutral in championship

    There’s definitely a warm feeling of having championship matches played in local venues across the county, it helps bring real colour and a buzz to areas, however at the same time there are some huge travelling distances involved and it really can be luck of the draw for teams whichever way the draw works

  5. But that was the w/o game unless they didnt get the points for that game which they did obviously, it would seem very unfair to have a winner takes all game in a home venue which was planned for a neutral venue for that very reason I’d assume .

  6. FDB, as far as I’m aware – ALL championship monies go to the Co. Board. I might be wrong on this however as I’m wrong eith a lot of things lately@

  7. There is a percentage of home gate (think 12.5%) given to all clubs so there is a finance loss for Achill from not having played a home game.

    Achill got the 2 points for the Lacken game so this game has to be neutral. If Lacken were thrown out of the competition and no points awarded then I could see why it would be played in Achill (treated like the group with three teams) but looking at the Mayo GAA website Achill were awarded the points for this game so the rule re home/away/neutral venue has to be implemented.

    I dont think Achill would care too much about the finance loss but if the county board do the right thing and change the venue they could give Achill a share of the gate – don’t think €200/€250 will impact their finances that much

    Going to be interesting to see if any change in venue and if not what will Kilmovee do

    I think the Home & Away structure in Mayo is great. Real buzz around the club on day of a home game and a sense of pride in having everything looking well – same effort would not be put in for a neutral game. It used to be 2 home or 2 away games with no neutral. That was unfair but now every team gets the one home.. Ya it goes make a small difference who your home/away game is against and distance travelled but that evens out over time

  8. With all the rain some clubs are really struggling with the playing surfaces of pitches been water lodged. This can have an impact on the decision making on where a game is played also.

  9. For the split season to work for clubs it is vital the all Ireland is played by mid August at the latest. I know this year was exceptional because of covid – but there are 4 rounds of games to be played before this years county senior and intermediate champions are known. This means the county finals been played in mid November. This is no way to promote or encourage lads to play football.

  10. Is there a proposal for Congress to play inter county AIF in july ? I see the GPA are backing plan B for championship

  11. Proposal B officially backed by the GPA.

    It ain’t perfect, but it could bring the Football championship to a new level in my view. Mayo v Dublin in Castlebar in the height of summer, could you imagine it. The place would be rammed!!!

    And TV deals should get a big boost. Tg4 should get games too, because they are the station which does most of the heavy lifting early in the year. They cover the less glamorous ties and should be looked after with quality games in my view.

    Proposal A is terrible in my view. And the Status Quo is a waste of time. Proposal B is the best on display and could be tweaked over time

  12. RTÉ reporting Andy Moran the new Leitrim manager. Not really news I suppose.
    Either way, best of luck to him.

  13. Mayo Focus, yes Proposal B is the the best option available but GPA backing is meaningless. Proposal A & B will fail to get the 60% required. The GAA are not actively promoting either, the GAA would need to push one of them to get it over the line. When both fail, delegates will be asked to back the continuation of the Super 8s or revert to previous qualifier system, Likely outcome is a return to the old qualifier system. The GAA’s biggest attribute, congress, where changes can be made by all members is also its greatest enemy.

  14. @Mayo 36, I don’t think we have lost Moran and Solan at all. I think they will take over from Horan at the end of next season (unless Mayo do the unthinkable and win the bloody thing next year!). Andy is as passionate about Mayo football as they come and I think he would love the senior men’s job. Having said that, even though he is a very good pundit, being a manager is totally different. Also, Leitrim is such a strange one. I know he won’t have to travel much but how much can he realistically achieve there?

  15. Andy is high profile appointment for Leitrim. Im sure he will set realistic targets, strengthening the structures that feed into the county team such as developing schools football and improving resources available to clubs.
    Mayo are not at a loss, he will gain valuable and needed experience in managing players…

  16. Andy has the leitrim job now so best of luck to him . Hes always had that mentor characteristic about him , remember akram saying it was Andy who pushed Gaelic football on him . Like I’ve said before hes a pure football brain and hes mayo through and through , I remember listening to someone mention it was andy who wanted the mayo crest on the home dressing in McHale park , that type of stuff you cannot underestimate. Solan is another hardore mayo gaa man . Them type of men will do everything in their power to deliver for mayo gaa . Hope they get their chance someday and I’m alive to see it .

  17. I agree with home away neutral structure. Players get a chance to play one game in front of home is a slight advantage to have your first game at home in that if you win you can get a base following to travel with you for subsequent games

  18. I wonder would Andy have thrown his hat in the ring for Liam Moffats role had he not already committed to Leitrim.

  19. No way, Viper – there’s only one Mayo GAA role Andy wants and I think we all know which one that is. All going well, this is the first step on that road. Best of luck to him.

  20. Surely Andy is years away from managing Mayo.This is his first job…you would think he would be better off in a big club than Leitrim

  21. @1989, Oh I don’t think so, you don’t have to be a genius to manage at Inter-County at all, you’ll soon learn if you have it or you haven’t.

    There’s fellas managing at Inter-County level for years all over Ireland who haven’t improved one bit since they first started out which proves that years of experience mean sweet fa, you have it or you don’t and I hope Andy does.

  22. The ‘whats the point’ reactiom by some to Andy’s appointment as Leitrim manager highlights for me a very unhealthy and toxic element of supporting football in Mayo. Its all about winning All Ireland’s nothing else matters. Other than the 8 or so counties who have a chance of winning it in a generation the rest might as well quit playing. Its not about enjoyment, its not about achieving your capacity within the level you are at, its not about developing and playing attractive natural football styles. No just all sbout winning AL at any cost.
    And actually until that mentality changes we will never be able to take a longer view and address the basic football issues that have cost us AL victory on a few occasions in the last 10 years . Issues such as only getting 4 points from play from 11 or so foward players in this years final.
    As for what Andy can achieve in Leitrim. Promotion to Division 3 even Division 2 if it goes really well. 2 or 3 wins in a season in the championship and qualifiers. Reach a connacht final. Help Leitrim players play an attractive and enjoyable brand of football.
    Just a reflection….

  23. If proposal B had been in for say the last decade or so, we probably wouldn’t have made to at least one and maybe several of the the championships proper.

    Definitely gone in our relegation year and there were another three or four occasions where we survived in Div one by the skin of our teeth.

    While people are saying wouldn’t it be great to be taking on Dublin in the league in the proposal B scenario, it wouldn’t feel too good leaving castlebar as one of the bottom three teams, out of the championship before it even began.

  24. Revellino you make a good point there. The league has rarely been our forte, but I’d be expecting us to be at it from the off if Proposal B goes through. We never pulled up trees in the league, but usually came good in summer. A lot of that was possibly due to so many lads living in Dublin – those lads weren’t expected to travel down twice a week for training during the league. But they certainly did during the championship. Others teams used to target the league also to an extent.

    Will be interesting to see how voting goes, but status quo unfortunately will probably remain

  25. Revellino – there’s a big difference with the current league which is basically a pre season competition. Teams trying out new players, other players rehabbing injuries etc. I actually think proposal B would suit us. We have good squad depth to deal with injuries which would happen playing 7 championship games in quick succession.

  26. Not so sure about the squad depth wide ball. With the exception of the Dublin game this year most of the subs we have brought on in games have made little or no impact. Also the performance of squad players in club championship so far doesn’t inspire too much confidence.

  27. Whatever slim chance we have of ever making it back to an AI final again in the next decade with the existing format, we’ll have zero chance if it ever moves to a league format in my view. The one game total chaos ten part epic drama ambush has served us well over the years to make our way into a final. Can’t see a format that would require us to consistently beat off top Div 1 opposition over a whole series of games each summer be one that would favour us in all honesty.

  28. Here is a format idea for intercounty season.
    Create 5 divisions. Division’s 1,2,3 all have 6 teams Divisions 4,5 have 7 teams. Main advantage of this would be reduced number of games in league.
    First round of championship would be an open draw for all 32 counties. Counties are seeded based on league placings. Top 16 and bottom 16. This gives all teams opportunity to play for Sam.
    After round 1 competition splits into A&B . 16 round one winners go into four geoups of four for league format. Top 2 in each group goes to QF . Same happens for round one losers in B championship. Total of 12 games for all teams between league and championship.
    Provincial competition’s could be played as pre season.

  29. I see what you are saying Wide Ball but wouldn’t all the Div 1 teams be at it in the Proposal B scenario. Knowing what is on the line.

    Lets just look at


    None of these teams would be easy to beat. Yet we would have to have a better record than one of their records to reach the championship. No easy task, and that would be with guaranteed wins over the likes of an Armagh or whoever fills out the Division.

  30. Southmayo Exile – I think this year showed our squad depth if anything, when you consider all the injury absentees we had. I look at Donegal and Monaghan, in particular, as teams very reliant on 1 or 2 players.

    A lot of the fringe Mayo players have been doing well in the club championship so far. Fergal Boland, Eoin O’Donoghue, Fionn McDonagh and Rory Brickendon from the games I saw. Some not playing well too but you’ll always have a mixed bag.

  31. Revellino – not saying any of the games would be easy but you only need to win 4/7 games to reach the knockout part of the championship. 3 wins and a draw would probably be enough.

    I think it’s unlikely proposal B will get voted through in any case.

  32. So what you are really saying wideball, lets not be overconfident, and we’ll suppose we had trouble winning against Dublin, Kerry and we’ll throw in Tyrone. Its not far reaching to think we could suffer defeats to these three.

    The 4/7 suddenly becomes 4/4 we would possibly have to win.

    I don’t like the looks of this Proposal B at all 🙂

  33. If we did make a final under proposal B we would have every ounce of dirty diesel out of the tank. So we will make less finals, but, we’d be clearly motoring very well in with a 50:50 shot of winning.
    Regardless of that, the bigger picture is that proposal B is simply a better overall structure for our GAA community.

  34. It may be JP, but you will still see some teams taking almighty hidings along the way, just not as many of them.

  35. Revellino, yes it will be harder to win the championship in a league format, but it will be harder for the likes of Kerry and Dublin too who won’t have the benefit of a soft Munster or Leinster. Anyway Its not about Mayo or any one team, its about a fair and balanced competition that offers meaningful games to all teams during the summer and proposal B offers that. If Mayo are good enough to win an All Ireland then the format shouldn’t matter. But as Wide Ball said, it probably won’t get voted through, most likely outcome is a return to the old qualifier system where lower league teams will get hammered every year and the competition is reduced to 3 or 4 meaningful games a year, and the debate about reform of the championship will rumble on at the end of each year.

  36. @Mayomad. I’m not at all arguing against the format, just discussing what might be.

    Essentially proposal B is taking 3 Div 1 teams, teams that can dance the dance, taking them out of the competition early, and replacing those 3 teams with the likes of a Div 4 team and a Div 3 team.

    Some might argue this would make it much easier for the likes of a Dublin to triumph, if the likes of their sometimes banana skin, Mayo are not there to scupper them.

  37. The whole Lacken issue is very sad I note they were courtious enough to send a player to the TF Junior championship launch while the likes of Kilmovee, Ballycroy and Cill Chomain lacked respect by not sending a representative. Group 2 has to be treated like the 3 team group 4, with each participating team entitled to play 1 home and 1 away game. The Kilmovee manager is quick to criticise the county board about fixtures etc does he really think if he continues to criticise them over this they will change their mind? Regardless of where the game is played I can’t see them beating Achill, it will come down to can Achill beat them by over 9 points or not?

  38. Proposal B is poorly thought out when it comes to the 3 teams who will finish 6th, 7th and 8th in Div 1 and the teams who will finish 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th in Div 2 who can neither compete in the All-Ireland series or the Tailteann Cup, yet we could have a situation where two teams who played in Div 3 and 4 could be in the Quarter finals of the All-Ireland, providing they beat their two Div 2 opponents in the Preliminary All-Ireland Quarter-Finals and the Div 3 and 4 teams will be guaranteed home advantage.

    Should the Div 3 and 4 team progress to the quarter finals then they will be drawn against 2 teams who finished in the top four of Div 1 so not alone are you deprived of having a chance to win the Tailteann Cup, you’ll be leathered out the gate by the likes of Kerry or Dublin in a turkey shoot, while the likes of a Mayo could be sat at home watching on, their season over.

    When are teams going to get a chance to introduce new players, the only time you’ll be able to do it is if you win your first 4 games in the league or you are sure you have qualified so how fair is that for the teams who are fighting for 5th on the last day and one team is given an advantage because they are facing weakened opposition because their opponents have already qualified.

    It’s poorly thought out in my opinion.

  39. Proposal B.
    The Miwadi Proposal.
    Dilute dilute dilute.

    Imagine the Premiership in England. At Christmas time, if they were to take out the team’s running in 6th 7th and 8th and replace them with Fleetwood town and Morecambe and Southend. That’s basically what this Proposal B is suggesting.

    Why aren’t the real issues been addresed ?
    Why is there such a gulf between teams ?

    Strength and conditioning costs alot of cash.
    Until each County is given an equal bag of gold per player to develop their players through strength and conditioning and proper coaching, there is always going to be a huge gulf in class.
    Populations and such my still make it tough on some of the smaller Counties but without equal funding they simply have no chance.

    This bullshit of developing the lesser teams by allowing them a back alley in to the championship is nonsense.
    They say it will allow them to play a better opposition and develop them.
    They won’t be able to stand up on their own two legs after 50 minutes against the top teams no matter how many chances they get against the top teams because they simply will not have the strength and conditioning done to live with them.

    If the Gaa wants every County to be as good as they possibly can be then they first need to admit that the stronger Counties are those that have the funding for proper development.

    If they want to be fair to all Counties they need to ensure that Leitrim have as much per player development as Dublin or Mayo have.

    Cloaking the disparity in funding between Counties, and introducing any other type of structure, to mask the enormous gulf between the qualities that already exist between the different counties is going to solve absolutely nothing.

  40. I fully agree with 45 in all honesty with regard to Mayo’s chances in new suggested structure

    A league type format will fully suit the likes of Dublin and Kerry best

    Then again championship should be all about the best side winning in fairness, and league systems give much better chance of that happening so fair enough imo

    The current structure is well outdated and provincials just simply have to go

  41. Some background for DaftDave. Group cannot be treated as three team group as per County Board Rules. Should Kilmovee be the only team to play two games at an opponents venue. If Achill didn’t get their home game are they willing to give up the points they received for this fixture ?

    Championship Regulations 2021

    If a club is disqualified or retires during the course of the league stage, its played games shall stand and its unplayed games shall be awarded to the Opposing Teams.

    As for the photo shoot the first I heard about it was when I saw the tweet.

  42. Daftdave – I dont think the Kilmovee issue has been handled well by them but that doesnt mean they are not entitled to fair play. In your words ” with each participating team entitled to play 1 home and 1 away game.”. Kilmovee have already played 1 away game so to your point they should not be playing 2 away games.

    The fact Achill are sitting with 3 points from 2 games very clearly shows that they got 2 points for the home game so that must count.

    BTW totally agree with you on the result – Achill to win handy

  43. @Ciaran. You are correct. The current system is outdated.

    The Gaa need to look at how it became outdated in order to fix the problem.
    Counties were given carte blanche to spend whatever they could muster up on their players development.

    Large Counties with access to plenty of backing (in Dublin’s case much of it from the Gaa itself), these counties pulled away from the Counties that didn’t have the financial clout.

    I would safely say that the bigger Counties spend more on player development than the country spends on the majority of its Olympic athletes.

    We send runners out to compete with the world’s best, who have less backing to fund their preparation than Gaelic players have.

    Joe from Dublin 5 has been better funded to develop himself, to be able to go out and beat Kildare, than Robert from Mallow has, who is preparing to try and beat the 10,000 meter World record holder from Kenya.

    I don’t think for a second we were 5 or 6 points better than the Galway team we beat this year. I do think when the fat was thrown on the fire our conditioning saw to it that we came out on top.

    It’s no coincidence that Offaly lifted the U20 AI final this year after the recent boost to their finances.

    Mayo have been at the top table for the past decade. One of the main reasons is the enormous amount of money which has gone in to our strength and conditioning. Alot of the disillusionment we see around the county is because, financially we have pumped every spare cent we have in to the team, and more, and still haven’t managed to win Sam.

    Restructuring the championship to try and prevent the amount of games which end up in one sided hammerings is only a wall papering job.
    It does not deal with and does not address and does not fix the root problem of why so many of the less well funded Counties are out of their depth.

    Until this is addressed, no amount of championship restructuring and no amount of wallpapering is going to fix the problem.

    The haves will continue to pull away from the have nots.

  44. So if a sugar daddy from Carrick on shannon gave leitrim gaa 5 million euro in the morning they’d win the all Ireland in a couple of years time ?

    I dont think so , funding is only a factor . You still need top quality footballers . We’ve won under 21/20 all Irelands in 06 and 16 and a final in 18 , some of these players have been exceptional footballers , it’s not all down to s&c .I’m all for honest criticism but I’m not having that s&c has been the b all for the last ten years. Some serious footballers we have produced .

  45. Daft Dave, No point debating the case any further with you, Achill should be allowed play at home and Kilmovee should be the only club in the county to play two games at an opponents home venue. How dare Kilmovee to look for equality. Hope you can get a refund on that ticket !

  46. @Sean.

    Take away Mayo’s strength and conditioning, and then tell me how many AI semi finals and finals they would have contested over the past 10 years ?

    Without it you cannot compete, and to have the top strength and conditioning takes mega bucks.

  47. DaftDave – I’ve deleted that comment from you in its entirety. You simply can’t come on here posting a comment claiming to have heard about something and presenting it as fact without any verification. That might work well as an approach in other places online but not here. As you’ve only just started to post comments here, you’d do well to read the rules on what is and isn’t unacceptable, which you’ll find here. For now, I’m going to have to route comments from you through moderation as that last one from you demonstrates that you may be wont to post something else that’s, well, daft.

    Redcol- I’ve edited out from your comment details of the accusation as I don’t think they should be repeated, which I’m sure you’ll agree on.

  48. I don’t know how you can factor that in ,sure every team has s&c . Of course theres better s&c programmes and coaches plus funding etc . But as well as the natural footballer argument you have the natural athlete argument , no matter how much training aos does hell never have the same engine as diarmuid o connor .

  49. Mayo are now established as a force, but funding is only part of it. Our success (and we have been successful despite landing the big one) over the last decade or so will have done wonders for the future of this team. Young boys & girls in Mayo will dream of playing for Mayo – is this the case in most counties? – I doubt it. James Horan made us into a proper team, a team that our supporters could be so proud of. He improved standards, developed talent, made us physical & yes he certainly took our S&C up a few notches. He did it in a remarkably quick time, but he did have some brilliant players to work with. For other teams, this would take a lot longer. But there is a huge knock on effect over time. The more exposure teams get, the better for the future. Then young kids in other countries may develop a love for the game & to represent their county.

    Proposal B doesn’t address the major gulf that exists between the elite & other teams. Nothing can address that immediately. But the Status Quo has to change – It’s pathetic to be honest how badly treated the weaker counties are. At least under Proposal B, teams get 7 guaranteed games in the championship; they know exactly when and where the games are on; teams know when it starts and when it finishes, which is hugely beneficial to the split-season too; most of the games will be highly competitive & every team will be going at it hammer & tong unlike the league as it stands now (which in turn will improve standards further); supporters can get invested in their team. There are weaknesses, but I feel the positive massively outweigh the negatives.

    What is vital is that games are properly marketed & advertised, across all the divisions. And the Tailteann Cup has to be given clout, there has to be something tangible for the winners (eg a guaranteed place in the following season’s all ireland series/or at least a second bite at the cherry or something like that – just throwing some ideas out there). I’ve listened to the Ulster CEO on a number of different platforms & he is adamantly against Proposal B. However not once did he give a thought to the players, who are the most important stakeholders in all of this. There is a reason that the GPA are backing this, there is a reason Podge Collins & Niall Morgan are backing this. It isn’t perfect, but with a few tweaks it could be fantastic.

    I honestly believe this could bring the Football Championship to a new level. Maybe I am deluded, but I think the opportunity is there!!

  50. Revellino – strength and conditioning isn’t just down to money. It’s hours upon hours in the gym/pitch over several years, along with good diet. Nothing overly expensive required.

    It’s also a case of picking players with the right athletic profile. Not everyone can turn into Oisín Mullin by hitting the weights and eating green vegetables.

    Of course there’s also an argument we’ve focused too much on that side of the game. Neglecting the technically gifted players who are more composed on the ball.

  51. @ Mayo Focus explains his points there very well.

    Of course we have brilliant players there is no doubt about that.

    If the strength and conditioning is not costly, why is there such an emphasis on finances ?

    What’s costing so much to fund the

    Why do we say we cannot compete with Dublin because they are so well funded if funding isn’t a problem ?

    Why do we hear about each training session costing astronomical sums of money to run. If the strength and conditioning is costing next to nothing where is the money been spent ?

    Why do people talk about the likes of ourselves and Dublin, been miles ahead in our conditioning compared to other counties ?

    Is it because these other counties are not putting in the required training ?

    I’m not been smart here, but if strength and conditioning costs next to nothing why does it usually seem to be the counties that have plenty of financial backing that seem to be ahead of the pack in terms of strength and conditioning ?

  52. Best of luck to shamrocks this evening taking on ballagh in under16 east mayo final . Thought it deserved a mention , they’ve beat swinford, charlestown and ballagh so far , a fair achievement for the smaller club. My sources tell me another Horan (cathals younger brother ) is made of really good stuff .

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