Ryan O’Donoghue is our MOTM from yesterday’s game

Photo: Mayo GAA

The votes are in and counted and once again the player who has headed the poll in our latest Man of the Match poll is Ryan O’Donoghue. That makes it three games in a row that you’ve voted him as our MOTM and that kind of three-in-a-row is something that’s certainly never happened here before.

Those who were at Páirc Seán MacDiarmada yesterday will need no convincing about the Belmullet man’s brilliance against Kildare. Ryan was little short of sensational yesterday – playing in a more withdrawn role so acting as creator as well as finisher, he set up so many good chances, including three opportunities for goals. None of these were converted but the one chance that Ryan made for himself ended in the back of the net.

What was noteworthy about his performance yesterday was the almost telepathic understanding he had with Jason Doherty. Most of Doc’s points came from assists fired in by Ryan and the ball he fed in was of the highest quality which Jason was able to finish with ease. It’s going to be really interesting to see how this combination develops over the coming weeks.

Ryan topped the MOTM poll with 29% of the vote, followed by his strike partner Jason on 18%. The excellent Jordan Flynn – who has enjoyed a great League campaign – also polled 18%, while Jack Carney (8%) and Padraig O’Hora (5%) were also prominent in the vote.

Well done to them all and here’s hoping we’ll see plenty more strong performances in the final against Kerry at Croke Park on Sunday.

30 thoughts on “Ryan O’Donoghue is our MOTM from yesterday’s game

  1. Hi WJ, off topic from the absolute brilliance that is ROD, but is there an idiots guide available to using Discord? I joined Patreon recently but can’t figure out how to use Discord.

    Now, back to ROD, that withdrawn role seems to be his best position. I think having the clever movement of Doc inside combined with the pace of Carr makes it a very exciting forward line. A great test ahead of Galway in the final against Kerry to see where we are at.

  2. MayoMayo – there’s a guide on Patreon for what to do – you’ll find this in the posts for the podcast on Patreon, it went up on 24th January. You need to link your Patreon account (from within Patreon over the web, it doesn’t work on the app) to Discord and it works from there. Let me know if you get stuck – best to drop me a mail at mayogaablog@ymail.com. (Yes, that is ymail, not gmail!)

  3. Hugely impressed with Ryan on Sunday. He was instrumental in all that we did well. He’s a hugely intelligent player with an eye for the posts as well as great awareness of where his team mates are positioned so as to maximise possession.
    If it weren’t for the huge misfortune we continue to have with injuries, we’d have an embarrassment of riches in our forward lines and our challenges would be who to leave out as opposed to who to pick.

  4. I am a fan of Ryan. He has great belief in himself and his team mates. If he keeps this up and we have a long season he’ll be POTY for ’22.

  5. Good call on that one, Joet1480. Now let’s keep it under wraps for the time being ; )

  6. Also a worthy mention to Jordan Flynn who was excellent. A goal and 2 points from midfield is not bad at all but the other work he was doing was outstanding. He’s another great reader of the game I think – his passing is very very good, and he’s very strong. Jack Carney would have been my third pick in the MOTM poll and he’s a fella I’d see as having nailed down a starting spot for himself.

  7. We simply wouldn’t have a league final to look forward to at the weekend without Ryan’s scores and influence. Made enough happen yesterday alone to be the difference between winning and losing.

  8. – The MOM poll has it bang on, well done to Ryan. Flynn good again, Carney tends to pop up in the right places and Carr ensured we had additional ball winning and power in the FF line. Plunkett’s first point was just unreal.
    – Yesterday was like a throw back to the 1980’s with sun shining and actual football played on the pitch.
    – If the traffic plan was to leave a few miles of tailback out the Frenchpark road and force people to walk 40 mins to the pitch then congrats it worked. If the plan was for the PA to only be heard by a few in the immediate vicinity then congrats that also worked perfectly.
    – We need to grab the final and Kerry by the scruff of the neck on Sunday and go hell for leather for a win.
    – Like Kildare, Kerry will try to hit points from 35 to 40 yards out, our defence will need to move out. Unlike Kildare, Kerry will not concede all our kickouts. Kerry will also be fit enough for the 70 mins, Kildare started to fade after 55 mins.
    -Past time to wipe the smug smirk from Jack O Connor’s face.

  9. Ryan was simply outstanding, yet again, a younger version of the later Andy Moran!
    One very understated player from the last few games, one Lee Keegan who nullified Hyland and McCurry, two of the most dangerous forwards around at the moment. Add in his work rate, ball-handling, launching of attacks, and accurate foot passing and you have the complete package, so seamless that it goes unnoticed a lot of the time.

  10. Goodman Ryan and well deserved. A wonderful player. We’re very lucky to have Ryan.
    I’m delighted also for Jordan Flynn who has been playing out of his skin and has been building his game and his confidence over the months. I hope he has a long Summer.

    We are in the league final and yet, there has been any amount of giving out about this player and that player.
    Jaysus, if we keep improving there will be no one that will live with us.

    It’s a great year so far, the league final and a date with the Galway lads ag teacht.

  11. Great to see almost linear improvement with Ryan. He’s a better player in 2022 so far than he was in 2021, when he was better than 2020, and so on.
    We always assume players follow this trajectory but it’s actually pretty unusual. Plenty of examples of stagnation or players who don’t come good until much later.
    Right now he is mayos number one man though.

  12. Wasn’t there on Sunday, but it was in Carrick I first saw Ryan, in the u20 semi against Derry. He caught the first ball that went in, with a Willie Joe like leap, turned, ran and buried it. Explosive.

  13. Anybody have a link to where we could watch a video recording of the Kildare game.

  14. Well done to Ryan once again, he consistency week in week out is unbelievable and for that reason he is most definitely mayo’s number one player. It’s great to see other players consistently stepping up and it seems to me that we’ve never had so many leaders on our team. Getting everybody back fit “bar tommy this year” is key and we’ll be a match for anyone.

  15. I believe that we should thank the management and players for getting to a final without even trying,I am confident that they will finish the job on Sunday,Mayo for Sam

  16. Kerry will try to stop Ryan by fair or foul means, look how they marked Murphy in 2014 and Joyce in 2000.

  17. Yep, Ryan could be in for serious treatment on Sunday alright. One thing for sure is he’ll keep his nerve.

  18. Just watched Colm Boyle on OTB there. He highlighted an amazing stat. Mayo 2-18 from play v Kildare. Mayo 0-01 from play v Tyrone.

  19. Ryan, no doubt Mayo’s player of the league so far.. Mathew Ruane and Robbie Hennelly would be my other two nominee’s do far. Mathew missed the first two games due to his harsh first two games suspension but has kept up his consistent excellent from of the last few years.. Robbie was in outstanding form, restarts, long range scoring and keeping goal, until his injury setback.. Hopefully he will be available for selection again next Sunday.. Our most improved player has to be Jordan Flynn and I think has done enough to be an automatic starter in most people’s opinion.. The negative has to be our bad luck as regards injuries Tommy Conroy, and Brendan Harrison last Sunday, and still we haven’t seen Cillian togged, best wishes for recovery to them all.. The five changes prior to the throw in last Sunday, most unlike James Horan to do that, of course James Horan wasn’t there in Carrick on Shannon last Sunday, whether on not that indicates a certain amount of Automny on the part of the Mrrs Bourke and McDonald’ I’m not 100% certain?.. But it worked very well as did the very positive high scoring game plan,. and absolutely nothing wrong with doing something similar again next Sunday.. We have a big enough panel with more than enough players of County standard to be able to keep Kerry guessing.. I’m pretty certain of a few things for next Sunday, Kerry are very unlikely to allow Mayo retain every restart by going short, again Kerry’s approach depends on whether or not Robbie Hennelly is available.. I agree that Ryan O Donahue is very likely to come in for some ‘special attention’, personally I would like to see James Carr starting again, big strong lad, powerful ball winner and can score done well last Sunday in his 46 minutes on the pitch, his first start in a very long time and scored 2 very good points.. Looking forward to it, it should be a great game and I’m certain Mayo if they get their ducks in row they are more than capable of bringing home the League Cup!

  20. My guess is that those changes were COVID related. It’s rampant out there, so why would GAA players remain unaffected?

    This means that team announcements (both Kerry and Mayo) should be treated with caution.

  21. Any word on Robbie’s injury or illness? We could do with him being available for Sunday for his kick out options and long range frees?

  22. @MayoMagic2000
    Robbie had a procedure on his knee last week and from that time it’s 4-6 weeks to him being back.
    This is a major,major issue for us.Byne didn’t do anything wrong the last day but every single kickout went short and uncontested,I thought this was very naive from kildare not to push up when it became obvious we were doing this every time,you can be sure Kerry will push up from the first whistle.
    Hennelly after ROD is our most important player,his distribution and long range scores have improved so much in the last year or two it’s almost hard to believe. He’s by some distance the best in his position the country this year.Hes obviously out for kerry game but I really,really hope we can get him back for the big one against Galway.
    I have to be careful here in respect of the rules and I’m not sure if it’s been officially released (at the same time how could it be as there’s no media or interviews allowed at the moment?)

  23. Hard to know exactly what team Horan will put out . My gut tells me he will put a strong team . I can’t imagine any manager with a huge competitive steak not to want and go and win it . That goes for the players too . Top players have huge desire to win and be the best so when there is silverware on offer I think we should be in for some game .
    If Carr starts and I think he will I think it’s a very important for him to continue his form . If he plays well against Kerry it will give him huge boost with Galway around the corner .It will probably give huge boost to ODonoghue and Doherty as well having another forward flying. I’d say the same for Jordan Flynn if he can put in a solid performance next week I think it will bring him on even further. Fingers crossed we will get out of Croker with no more injuries .

  24. FW – that news hasn’t been officially released but right now no official news is coming out from Mayo GAA which, to be honest, is a complete joke. Normally I’d say a comment like that was out of bounds but, in the absence of anything more concrete in the way of news, it seems plausible (though I’ve no idea if it’s correct or not). That’s not open season on all kind of rumours, by the way, in case anyone is wondering!

  25. We don’t want rumours,but also we want to know where we are,we will beat Kerry

  26. Christ, you couldn’t script the run of bad luck we’re having with injuries. It’s nuts.

  27. Hi Willie Joe!

    First time to comment here although I visit the page a lot! What a fantastic service you provide, fair play! During lockdown, I remember trawling through the archives, paying particular attention to the Man of the Match awards. The aim of the exercise was to see if there was ever a ‘random enough’ player to get the award or whether it was always the usual suspects!

    Just when you mentioned Ryan’s 3 in a row, it triggered something in my mind about Diarmuid O’Connor achieving the same in 2016. I checked back and yes indeed, Diarmuid completed his own 3 in a row in league games against Dublin, Donegal and Monaghan! Ironically enough, we lost two of those games. It was no surprise that Diarmuid went on to win Young Footballer of the Year, not that they pay much attention to league form!

    Anyways, there’s another little stat for ya! Hopefully Ryan has another stormer on Sunday and we’ll be League Champions heading into the Connacht Championship! Keep up the good work and as always…..Up Mayo!

  28. Thanks, Keeping the faith, and welcome aboard! That’s that question put to bed and while now that you’ve laid it out, it makes sense but I couldn’t recall it having happened. Thanks for setting the record straight.

  29. Diarmuid was the one that stuck in my mind but on further inspection, Evan Regan had a 3 in a row in 2016 too! The last 2 league games against Roscommon and Down along with the Championship match against London. Aidan O’Shea managed the same feat in the 2018 league against Galway, Dublin and Kildare. Didn’t spot any 4 in a rows though! Anyways, enjoy the game on Sunday!

  30. Ah stop, Keeping the faith, now you have me questioning my memory on multiple fronts! Stands to reason, though – sometimes a player hits a rich vein of form which carries over from one game to the next.

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