Ryan O’Donoghue is our MOTM from yesterday’s game

Photo: Mayo GAA

The votes are in and counted for the first MOTM poll of 2023 here on the blog. The outcome is a fairly decisive one too: by a large enough margin you’ve voted Ryan O’Donoghue as our MOTM from last night’s derby draw with Galway.

Ryan was back to his brilliant best at MacHale Park last night and I thought it was instructive to hear what he had to say when Rob spoke with him after the game for the Final Whistle show on the Mayo Football Podcast. Alluding to the months he spent out injured with groin problems last year, Ryan said he now treasures every match and every training session he’s involved with, in the knowledge that injury could at any time cut him down again.

I think it’s fair to conclude that he’ll hold last night’s game close to his heart. Particularly the late, late show he conjured up deep in stoppage time to send the home support away in a happy mood:

Ryan wins the MOTM poll with 29% of the total vote. Others to feature prominently in the voting were Matthew Ruane (16%), Jordan Flynn (14%), Bob Tuohy (what a debut he had) and Enda Hession (both on 7%).

Congrats to them and, indeed, to all of the lads who battled so hard to make sure we got some tangible reward for our efforts last night.

83 thoughts on “Ryan O’Donoghue is our MOTM from yesterday’s game

  1. Assuming that all voters used their three votes, then 33.3% is the highest vote a player can get. 29% is some vote. It would mean that 87% of voters voted for him. That’s pretty clearcut. What a player.

  2. Just thinking, would it be better to use Hession in the number 6 role rather than Conor Loftus?

    Either way, our shape at the back will improve dramatically with Durcan and Swannie returning.

  3. Congrats Ryan!

    Thought we did well to get a draw. Galway at times looked a far more experienced and physical outfit than us. They bullied us, I have to say, and they give master classes in cynical play – e.g. first black card.They and Galway posters here should be UNHAPPY with one point.

    All that said, despite what some posters are saying, the big news is, we have a plan. It’s called the Foxford blanket. It’s not up to the spec of the real thing, but with a bit of patching and darning, we might make it serviceable. We conceded two very preventable goals, but kept them to five points from play. We went three points down in the second half at a critical time, lost Mattie to a black card, and yet we hung in there. Aido and Cillian made a big difference in physicality and cuteness. Aido, didn’t actually do very much, but he got fouled – Ryan point, and fouled again – McDaid black card.

    Liked the newbies too: Coyne very pacy, though he looks small; McBrien, more or less a newcomer looks tough; Bob Tuohy very impressive.

  4. Aidan really seems to get under the opposition’s skin. McDaid tried to lay down a marker on him with a big hit. When that didn’t work he went back for more and ended up dragging Aidan to ground. That was done almost in our full back line too.

    Like if that was bob tuohy on the ball, McDaid wouldn’t have been bothered trying to lay down a marker.

  5. I was very sceptical we’d get a result feeling we picked a very experimental team and thought our best chance was if early season fitness might keep us in it long enough to reel them in so very happy with a draw. That said Galway were a bit experimental too.
    I liked especially McBrien and Tuohy. McBrien is very fast and aggressive to just the right level and comfortable on the ball, herded Comer and others out the pitch loads. Comer did more damage when others were on him or coming out to midfield, inside his damage was well limited apart from one great mark. McBrien kept him pretty quiet for the entire 2nd half. Tuohy has loads of pace and looked very comfortable and quite confident, I think he’s a proper find. Orme mightn’t get as many chances this year especially if Fionn McDonagh gets a run. Carney below level he’s produced in most of last years games but confidence in his ability. Cillian had a lot of class once again and proved he has buckets left to add to Mayo. Aido also caused Galway problems. Flynn was targeted by multiple tacklers more than any player on the pitch but I’m critical of McQuillan who awarded them several frees in contact where we got penalised for over carrying in the almost the same situations. In most other aspects ref was good but definitely uneven on fouls or not in contact.
    The Conor Loftus experiment mostly worked. Looked comfortable as 6 apart from not kicking so many but I’d give Galway a lot of credit for blocking the channels. Like us they’ve found a few decent young backs like O Flaharta. It was Loftus’ man who scored their soft 2nd goal so that’s his only blot otherwise Tierney kept fairly quiet. Reape is a real ball player goalie & maybe should have been brought up for that 45m free .. his one blot was the 2nd goal. Clarke would’ve taken man, ball and his own full back if he had to in order to stop a high ball. We’ve 3 goalies with similar attributes, this lad Reape looks to be the best ball player if other attributes can be coached and he took the next high ball assertively so hopefully lessons learned. Galway goalie in contrast always looked to be at risk of turnover.
    Some pointed out our lack of forward plan but Galway certainly made it difficult with some great combination defending. The problem with kicking game is it needs space inside. I think we could overcome the shawl, Galway or otherwise by playing for more marks instead of direct scores. Kelly resorted to a lot of off the ball fouling to try and stop Ryan who still scored well so no way Kelly was MOM. Aido had same problem as Carr with very few long balls in and both had to come out.
    Overall pleased a lot of new players acquitted themselves well.

  6. Well done ROD, turning into a real clutch player.

    Going by results over the weekend division 1 is absolutely wide open for anyone who wants to win it.
    Kerry seem to be still celebrating the AI win and are a million miles off where they were at ti’s time last year.
    Tyrone on paper should be the strongest team in it but by all rumours that is not a happy camp at the minute.
    It really is wide open at both ends of the table where 6 points may not guarantee safety.

    Weirdly I think both Joyce and McStay will be very happy with Saturday nights game (finnerty injury aside), a very competitive championship pace game with savage workrate but plenty of improvements to make is the sweet spot for the time of year

  7. I don’t get the narrative that Galway lacked fitness.
    6 Moycullen players and a lot of students.
    They would all have personal fitness plans.
    Our defensive system needs working on but it will take time.
    An old fashioned goalie would have taken both Comer and Orme out of it to clear the ball and ref would turn a blind eye to it
    It seems to me that refs have been told not to tolerate players holding on to the even when fouled while surrounded by opposition players.

  8. Ryan O D should have got man of the match don’t get how kelly got it.

    Be great when we have a fully fit Tommy C up front with Ryan O D and cillian O connor that must be one of the best in the country.

    Be interesting to see how sunday goes great its televised.

  9. @Shuffly Deck I still think Rob Hennelly is a long way ahead of the other two guys. For several reasons, not least his 45 kicking ability, the fact that he’s a bigger man than Reape and is a better shot stopper. He’s also improved the dealing with high balls aspect of the game too.
    I understand to some extent this narrative among Mayo fans that we need someone to come in and take over from Rob.
    That all well and good. But it needs to be someone better than him. No point in replacing an 8.5 out of 10 goalie with a 7 out of 10 goalie, just for the sake of it like.
    It’s quite feasible that Rob could play in goals for Mayo for another 7 years, and unless someone better comes along to take the jersey off him it’s his to keep.
    I haven’t seen that person yet anyway.
    Goal keepers aren’t like outfield players they keep improving well into their 30s – David Clarke won 2 all stars in his mid/late 30s – so they need to be judged differently.

  10. On Morning Ireland this morning Eamonn Fitzmaurice singled out David McBrien as being particularly impressive. We might have found our full back

  11. Colm Reape is pretty much the same size as Robbie Hennelly.
    I’d persevere with Colm Reape for a whole because I think the Goalie playing as a 7th defender is needed. Like I hate it and wish it was outlawed. But I see how Tyrone won Sam with it, Armagh and Monaghan were very competitive with it. Dublin goalie always very comfortable and stands out from goals many meters at times.

  12. I’d have hennelly ahead of reape ATM as well but there’s definitely a benefit to blooding a second keeper. Hennelly is definitely better than Reape but was he better at the same age? I wouldn’t be certain.

    There’s also imo a lot to be said for having a backup with a similar style/range of kick outs. Particularly when blooding a new defense, it just requires a lot less adjustment from guys.

    David Clark was an excellent goalkeeper but if you were a young defender playing in front of him, you must’ve been sh*tting a brick over his kickouts.

    I’d be of the opinion that Hennellys injury did a lot of unseen damage last year. That was a big portion of the prime training time where we weren’t as capable of working on our kickout strategy. There is imo an argument to be made for finding the most similar player in the county to Hennelly kickout wise and keeping around the squad just for that simple reason. Tbh I’d go so far to say that that player doesn’t necessarily need to be a goalkeeper, or even a mayo player.

  13. Just another in the long list of man of the match awards for Ryan. Very lucky to have him and hoping he, Cillian, and Tommy can stay fit for the whole year. We’ll be dangerous if they do.

    @JR, Hennelly is well ahead of Reape and Byrne. Byrne is ahead of Reape also, for what is worth. Hennelly’s kick-outs are some of the best around. Byrne is the best of the three under a high ball, and Reape is slightly ahead of Byrne playing as a 15th outfield player. Kick-outs are way more important than any other facet of goalkeeping though.

  14. What have Padraig Joyce, Jack OConnor and Mickey Harte in common this morning? All complaining about ref decisions and extra minutes. Where is respect for match officials going if such high profile managers are shifting responsibility for a result from their own teams and themselves? Everybody knows when a game is tight any number of incidents might have changed the outcome. Our game needs better regard for officials after all the bad happenings last year.

  15. Great to see Ryan O D made it to allianz league team of the week well deserved!

    @Lionel totally agree awful childish behaviour managers should be setting example to their players no wonder this happened in the Junior club final very shameful.

    I feel really bad for refs soon we won’t have any refs left and can’t say I blame them! Did kerry forget about the wide they got awarded against Dublin in the semi last year when it was clearly a wide they where happy enough to take that.

    Padraig Joyce was expecting to just turn up and bate us on sat and was surprised we showed up. He’s a great manager and has brought Galway football back to the top but no need to be complaining after only a game afterall.

  16. Congrats Ryan. Well deserved.
    Very honourable mention too for the 9 other young fells who were not that far behind Ryan. Great to see so many young names at the top of the list. Fair play to them and best of luck in Armagh and right through the league…and of course the championship. God there’s something to love about Mayo…we just keep on producing great talent that matures wonderfully.
    Maigheo abú.

  17. I’d be a fan that our physical full back stays put on the oppositions main physical danger man. So for Armagh I’d have David McBrien on Rian O’Neill.
    But, if the likes of a Comer or Rian O’Neill drop deep would ye have the full bavk drop off and mark our square? Complications where the players left in the inside line might be nippy shorter fast players.
    Interested in debate on how best to use. I don’t see why David McBrien was sometimes used carrying the ball high up the field?
    Damien Comer took a mark above Enda Hession.
    How to better deal with Matthew Tierney drifting his 6’2″ into our square?

  18. Lionel them fellas are forgettin that they benefitted from a bit of extra time themselves in the past lol its a ploy for later in season no doubt.

    Ryan is marquee forward. No question. His workrate is huge. Mighty footballer. Where is his best position ??

  19. Good question JP. Hession on Comer to me is a total mismatch and just shouldn’t happen. Orme ended up on Tierney for the first goal. So that sort of stuff needs to be ironed out. Myself I’d rather see McBrien patrolling the full back line as much as possible. But the game is so chaotic these days, that positions mean little

  20. The big question that needs answering is who the hell was supposed to be marking Matthew Tierney?

  21. I was very impressed with McBrien and he will only improve too. Has all the attributes. JP I’d rather see him protecting the square to be honest. I’d cough up some points to the top forwards around if it prevents those killer goals. We have lots of smaller ball playing types like hession, Durcan, Coyne etc to carry the ball out of defence.
    Could Mcbrien mark David Clifford is a big question? I hope Clifford plays against us in the league. Someone in our defence needs to be exposed to him before championship.

  22. Is Frank Irwin due back soon ? It would be nice to see him get a run at FF or in the half forward line. He would offer another option for 45s / long range frees and is a big target man.

  23. The added time was 5 minutes minimum and at the refs discretion after that. Ryan scored 30 seconds after the 5.It is not like he played 2 or 3 minutes extra. there’s a long way to go until the season finishes so all these complaining might need it themselves yet.

  24. McDaid’s black card was very poor in terms of discipline. What was the point of it? It was just a lad losing the run of himself and deciding to rugby tackle the opposition for no obvious reason (no score or anything was on). Pure hard man stuff just for the sake of it.

  25. @Nodoubt
    And Mayo brought on a substitute in that five minutes.
    So there was no extra added time played.

  26. @JP would like to see more of McBrien for sure but not sure Rian o Neill necessarily the right match up, O Neill only makes fleeting appearances on the small square, he tends to draft out to no 11 or midfield for large parts of the game. I suspect coen will be following him around

    Should be a cracking game, armagh games tend to turn into shootouts

  27. Liberal, that’s the big question, and How was there so much space between Orme on our 6yd box and Tierneys marker.
    I know it’s not all man on man marking but how does our corner forward end up isolated at edge of square with no one around him marking possibly tallest man on pitch.

    The two goals conceded seem to be complete system breakdowns, if there is a system.

  28. If it is David Clifford then for my money David McBrien is the only one physically equipped.
    If you’re too tall, you can’t mark Clifford as you’d unlikely be quick or agile enough. If you’re too short you can’t mark Clifford as he’ll go through you and dominate you like an u14.
    You have to be close to Cliffords height, quick and have long arms to be competing the ball and pressuring him or his kicks.
    Other than that, ya, David McBrien patrolling the square. Soft goals from high balls are such a blow to us continually down the years.

  29. Dreamy. At least McDaid’s was a genuine black. Ruane was in a minor tussle with Kelly where both were at it and a yellow for both should have been the call. Kelly was at it throughout off the ball but seems to be Teflon coated. Hope Diarmuid didn’t pick up a serious injury and is ok for Armagh.
    Ryan was clearly motm how Kelly got it from RTE was unbelievable. He lost his personal battle with O’Donoghue although he did get the better of his jersey.

  30. For me, the full back minds the house and makes sure that the back door is firmly shut.
    If the full forward is moving out the field to the 45 and beyond, it is for two reasons….. 1) he is not getting the better of his man inside and is coming out to get on ball, or, 2) he is making a run to drag the full back out with him and open a big gaping hole for the corner forward to run into.
    The full back should stay inside the 20 at all times and pass his man off to his half backs, as the full forward moves out the field. A properly structured defense with good communication will be able to pick the full forward up on his outward run. That leavs the full back marking space and being aware for the runner coming in from out the field.
    It’s better to let the full forward have lower % efforts for points, than running through one-on-one with your keeper.

  31. @Pebblesmeller

    Correct Correct and correct again. The full back should mind the house at all costs.

    Our number 3 should be chained to the goalposts and on a very short leash. Too many soft goals have cost us dearly over the years. Make the opposition work for their goals. Give them nothing easy.
    Remarkable that Galway have put 5 goals past us in the last 2 games and we didn’t lose either game.

    Plenty of positives but much work to do.

  32. Lots of positives about that Mayo performance but some old failings still there. Would Aidan O Shea have a role to play in fullback. He did a job there before?

  33. Aidan is no option in defence. 2017 was a one off for Donaghy and pretty much a just about survived by the seat of our pants overall.

  34. Aidan at fullback:

    Probably not from the throw in, unless similar to the Donaghy special circumstances, but maybe one for closing out games or managing a lead.

    Maybe also for specific times in a game where we really don’t want to concede a goal, for 5 mins after we score a goal. He’s a massive lad just to have in there in that zone

  35. @ JP, I don’t think you can man mark David Clifford. Certainly we don’t have the man for the job anyway. To man mark someone like him I believe you need a real sticky, nimble, fleet footed player. Like a Keith Higgins in his prime, or Oisin Mullin. Someone who has that explosivity in the turn, with good balance. Clifford has such great balance and turn of foot, allied to dummy hops and weak footed solos, that you cannot man mark him in the normal sense. I think you have to have cover in the area that he is in, and restrict the ball going into him. If we restrict him to 3 or 4 points and no goal assist then that’s a great days work.

  36. Anyone that has watched David Clifford over the last few seasons will know that there is no defender in the country at the moment that would mark him. Maybe Seamus moynihan in his heyday would do the job.

    Re referees, in my opinion, Kildare got a raw deal on Saturday evening from the referee, got absolutely nothing.

  37. @Pebblesmeller

    That would be Enda Hession. Out of our current players he’s the closest to what you described.

    Could he be worth a punt on Clifford?

  38. Enda Hession is about 5 foot 9 inches and 9 stone. David Clifford is 6 foot 4 inches and probably 13 stone. He would physically dominate Hession completely. David McBrien might have the physicality to match Clifford- but would also need help and a good defensive structure around him to minimize Clifford’s damage

  39. A lot of positives to be taken from the game Saturday particularly the performances of the new comers Mc Brien and Touhy. If we get Tommy Conroy back and Cillian playing like he was in 2020 be great . The GAA is going to have to take action like banning back passing to the keeper to try and make the game more enjoyable from a spectators perspective

  40. Don’t think we’ll have to worry about Clifford; unlikely to the in the Kerry team for our game.

  41. I suspect that the person who was tasked with marking Tierney made a run forward and told young Orme to cover him, i.e. pick up Tierney. Crazy stuff if this was the case.

  42. Agree Joe. All this talk of how to stop Clifford – you stop the supply of ball into him.

  43. Agree stop the supply of good ball into Clifford. Remember 12 when Murphy got that wonder goal, full back got the blame, but who was marking Karl Lacey that let him free to send in the perfect pass to Murphy withour putting him under preasure

  44. Just a few points on the full back passing off the man, this takes a bit of time to work out and in particular when you have 7 players (goalie should be co-ordinating) who have not played much together. This practise also applies to centre back also as they need to hold the centre, and to be fair Galway were clever in their movements.
    There is also a high degree of trust required between the players so be patient for this teamwork to build.
    Finally, clever teams will look to adapt to a defensive strategy so it is not possible to be fully prescriptive, players need to have the confidence to make their own calls but again this can take time. It is easy to see what to do from the Stand…

  45. Generally, plenty ball will go into Clifford. He can’t be marked by anyone under six foot. He beat Oisin Mullen our quickest defender. I think David McBrien and cover nearby.
    Stopping the supply is a small % reduction.

  46. @dreamy.im not sure how much McDaid was to blame for the pull-down. I think Aidan had a bit to do with it by catching McDaids arm and making it look like he was dragged down.

  47. Stopping the ball going into the full forward- that was the tactic Horan had for Donaghy in the replay in Limerick in 2014 and that didn’t go too well. No matter how good players out the field are – they are not going to stop every ball and at least some ball is going to end up going into your full back line. To think otherwise is foolish. Therefore you need a game plan to minimize the damage these markee forwards are going to do.

  48. JR.
    I met Francie a few years ago in their electrical business in Dundalk . Didn’t recognize him immediately, but he signed the docket F Bellew. I asked did he play county football. He replied, no but I stopped a lot of lads that did.

  49. I see NUIG v UL in the Sigerson cup semifinal is been live streamed on Tuesday evening at 7 pm. Good few Mayo lads could be involved.

  50. Willie Mac – if you google sigerson cup twitter – there is a link there to the Electric Ireland website who are streaming the game live – mabye some one who is a bit more tech savvy than myself can paste up a link.

  51. Have been following the debate on the Towey substitution, and this is NOW my understanding: what I thought originally was a daft move by management now turns out to be very clever. The final play following Comer’s point, with time running out, saw Mayo make a strong attack on Galway. Free awarded, looked like this would be the last play; as Ryan prepares to take, on comes Towey. Daft, surely distracting the kicker? No, substitution will gain an extra thirty seconds, which could be vital, if the play continues, and Mayo get another chance after the free, or if the ball doesn’t go out of play.

  52. Wouldn’t Paul Towey if subbed in earlier have added to the declared injury time as I assume they round it upwards?
    Just thought to get him comfortable at the level he’s going to need regular minutes.

  53. Yeah JP, he should have been on earlier anyway. But I like the idea (assuming it was their thinking) of management doing what they did then. If ref was/is adding on, that substitution is going to be very fresh in his mind.

  54. I like the specific debates we have. Here’s one.
    The most underrated attribute in Gaelic football is goal scoring.
    This most comes to light when you have a player who is inconsistent but will get a few goals a season if played in enough games. Now, the value of a goal, 3 points, but, it can also be a turning point that forces a blanket team to loosen up in defence as you are a few points clear and now you can use the clock and space on the field as your friend.
    I was dismissive that James Carr would not be consistent enough and, yknow maybe he never will be consistent. But here’s the nuance.
    What if we thought he’d get five goals across all league and all championship?
    He has seven goals from a limited amount of games. Perhaps there’s enough there to say he is a goalscorer. We have seen inconsistency.
    So maybe we just need to accept that start him this season and it will bank a few goals?
    One of which would likely be very important in a championship knockout game.
    It’s very easy to say start a player if they are scoring heavy. Interested in thoughts on this conundrum.

  55. @JP
    I said after the game that if James Carr had scored 0-03 from play then we’d have all been purring yet he scores
    1-0 and leaves himself open to criticism. It doesn’t matter how you get them as long as you get them.
    Another poster made a point that the wind had got up and could have been the reason why we left a few short.

    A fully fit James Carr is a major asset to our panel. There aren’t many if any in Mayo capable of goals that like and if nothing else if gives the opposition something else to think about. They know he needs to be watched.

  56. I used say Alan Freeman was better off scoring even 2pts from play, shaving his head and looking mean.
    Goal scoring is Gaelic footballs last major Moneyball type inefficiency that is overlooked.

  57. Sean Burke made the point on another thread that “James Carr has started 13 games in either league or championship since his debut in 2019 i make it he has scored 6 goals and 13 points in them games”

    A goal every other game on average is some going.
    Most of those points will have been from play and Carr was in and out of the team with injuries. Of course he’ll miss a few but if he gets a run injury free then there is every chance he will deliver.

  58. Some players are better goal scorers than point scorers. Brian Reape is a more confident goalscorer than point taker. It’s the same for his club where he’d get a goal a game or sometimes two, but wouldn’t score a stack of points from play.

  59. Its a funny one JP. I feel there is much improvement to come from James Carr, no doubt about that. He has the raw materials. You get the feeling the management are giving him full backing. Build his confidence up.
    I suppose we have to remember he has never really had a run of games before. We’d see him for a game then he’d be gone for months.
    I’d say there is room in most teams for a goalscorer. I’m looking forward to seeing how Carr goes.

  60. Decent article from Eamon Fitzmaurice in the Examiner who is generally a shrewd analyst. He said in his opinion Galway were the better team.

    Some interesting notes on tactics. Said it didn’t look like there was any plan re: AOS at 14 when he came on, that he made runs but players were reluctant to kick to him. Further that in his opinion a property utilised OShea at 14 with Cillian, Tommy, Rod off him would transform Mayo.

  61. Listened to a few of the national podcasts and the general consensus after Saturday night is Galway are a better team than Mayo.

    James O’Donaghue is saying Galway looked impressive where as Mayo haven’t shown anything new and Paddy Andrews said we might fluke a connacht and get to an all ireland quarter final.

    I really didn’t think there was much between the teams on Saturday night to be able to make that assumption at such an early stage of the season.

  62. I wouldnt judge anything after the first real day out, even McStay was nervous on the night. Plus we were 5-6 players down possibly on championship. I’d actually be quietly confident of a big result in Armagh as it wont have the same pressure

  63. @Seanie CH I don’t agree with their comments nothing in between the teams as you say at all and the 1st proper game I don’t know how they can predict so far ahead ha ! Galway were lucky to get to a final last uear this year will tell how good Galway are.

    And the cheek of Paddy Andrews fluke a connaught well I never haha it was a very young team sat and everyone said we were gonna be slaughtered by Galway but werent I think some commentators will always say off things about mayo just cause of our history ha wouldnt be reading to much into that ha.

    @Thedarkyfinn I agree I think next weekend mayo willl throw a surprise in again .

  64. It’s true that some players are bettel scorers of goals than points. Usually talented players that might sub consciously ease off on points as there’s noone to beat.
    Jason Sherlock was dangerous near goal and apart from James Carr Mayo had other great goal scorers like Willie (3 goal) McGee and Aghamore’s Ray Cosgrove.

  65. I have a found that a lot of neutrals ive spoke to since the weekend are all saying the same thing that Galway have overtaken Mayo . One guy said ill put it as nicely to you as i can Galway are a lot closer to winning Sam than that present Mayo team .

    Perhaps it is fair game to say that but i personally dont see a whole lot of difference but i suppose i could be blinded by rivalry

  66. You must have been talking to Rassies Sean!! Will see what happens when we get our best 15 on the field!!

  67. Seriously do not think that Galway have over taken mayo. I think a lot of neutrals probably want that to happen maybe sick of us always getting to finals and then..haha and want to see some new teams in finals maybe..

    Not true though we were pretty even to Galway on saturday hence why we got the draw.

    We still have Tommy c to come back and that Ryan O D must be one of the top forwards in the country atm . Wouldn’t pay any head to what people say about Galway taking over they only beat us by a point last year to a very weakend team. They are not closer to winning sam we won’t win it this yeat but neither will they.

    I still think the Dubs are going to bounce nack and win it! Could be a Dub& a team from North in final I wouldn’t be surprised! But very early days for people to be writing us off but sure whats new on that has that stopped us from getting far in the championship before ha..

  68. Big shock in the Sigerson with UL knocking out Galway, in what looked a no contest on paper. Padraic Joyce won’t be exactly crying after that

    Two Mayo representatives on UL.. all the best to them in the rest of the comp

  69. @Ciaram O.o PJ won’t be happy no Yes doesn’t Eoghan mcghloulin play for UL? Don’t think Tommy c has played at all in sigerson which os good not to rush him back espcially after last year. Best of luck to UL!

  70. Yes Clare, McLaughlin and Jack coyne playing for UL, and Dempsey came on… Hopefully they come through the rest of the tournament unscathed.

    Joyce was saying Galway could only train with full complement one night a week, so he’ll be privately happy to have his full squad back I suspect, although sigerson is a good means of improving fringe players. Davoren for example looked good tonight

    No sign of Tommy Conroy, hard to see him featuring for mayo in the next few games so. He got an awful doing. Same with mulkerrins for Galway. Very tough on two young fit men

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