Ryan O’Donoghue is our MOTM from yesterday’s game

Photo: Midwest Radio (Sportsfile)

This was an easy one: with a personal tally of 1-13 to his credit – a record for a Mayo player in this fixture at Gaelic Park – Ryan O’Donoghue was always going to top this particular MOTM poll. He duly did, hoovering up 45% of the vote.

Paddy Durcan (10%), Aidan O’Shea and Jack Carney (both 8%), followed by Matthew Ruane (7%) also featured prominently in the poll. Well done to all of them and, in particular, to Ryan O’Donoghue, our MOTM from yesterday’s game.

Right, this Atlantic isn’t going to cross itself. Home here we come. Up Mayo.


12 thoughts on “Ryan O’Donoghue is our MOTM from yesterday’s game

  1. Well done but a no contest really on this occasion – A leader from the front and may it continue to late summer!!! Hope he inspires those around him

  2. Willie Joe, Maths wise is the select three players diluting the % the overall winner gets?
    Like this was the clearest motm in quite a while and Ryan got 45 %?

  3. It is for sure, JP, I’d consider 45% an emphatic vote. If you remember, there was some discussion about it and the idea for going with three was to help ensure that there was some recognition for players other than the main one. If voters had just one choice then Ryan would have been at least 90%, I reckon.

  4. So just for fun, team I expect to see v roscommon vs team I would like to see v roscommon

    I expect:
    Coen (+1)
    Eoghan mcL

    Team I’d start…
    Conroy (last chance!!! Play him deeper)

  5. ….as usual I can’t count. Though my masterclass to start 16 players is foolproof lol

  6. Can’t see Diarmuid starting the next day. Has been out a good while now. What I expect management to pick…

    Coyne, Brick, Callinan
    Durcan, McBrien, McLaughlin
    Ruane, McHugh (man mark Smith)
    Carney, Boland, Flynn
    Aidan, Tommy, Ryan

  7. Thanks for response Willie Joe.
    Few teams listed. Think mgmt are pretty settled on their team with frankly an average body of work this season for a lot of the selections.

  8. @JP

    That’s my worry too. Much like last year the management seem to have a very clear idea of 13/14 of their starting team come what may.

    Several of the ‘nailed on’ starters have shown very little to justify that status across the last 10/11 competitive games.

    To my mind going on past 10 months of a case sample the only nailed on starters should be McBrien, Callinan, Durcan, Flynn, ROD (and to a lesser extent Reape).
    Every other jersey should be up for grabs imo.

  9. For me, with training the best three forwards in Mayo (I know not everyone can always commit with work, previous injuries etc.)
    Ryan O’Donoghue
    Brian Reape
    Dylan Prendergast
    That is the value of mgmt if they can get all our talent on the field. Be really aware of who our best talent is.
    There’s a lot of anointing rightly and wrongly in Mayo football.
    I’ll go to the grave adamant we did not get enough out of Caolan Crowe and Shane McHale when they were fit and available.
    If you’re a successful minor in Mayo that can buy you unwarranted an u20/senior career.
    Woe betide if you get injured in your minor year. You might be gone if you’re not in Sigerson.

  10. Worrying looking at the contributions from the rest of our forwards and that’s not just this game of course. Looking at recent underage and club games and there is something seriously wrong with coaching in this county. Yes we have and have had fantastic footballers and “athletes” but where is the trickery and imagination in forward play? The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

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