Sam Callinan is our MOTM from yesterday’s game

Photo: Western People (Inpho/Morgan Treacy)

Last night’s match against Kerry at Austin Stack Park wasn’t settled until the final kick of the game. The outcome of the MOTM poll here on the blog was extremely tight as well – it’s the first time I’ve seen such a close battle involving three players in the MOTM poll – but, as happened in Tralee, we have a result. Sam Callinan topped the poll and so he’s our MOTM from the game against Kerry.

Just twenty years of age, Sam’s pace of development to date is little short of astonishing. Not only is he already a bolted-on first fifteen player for us, he’s rapidly becoming one of our most important performers. Which was why, despite having played in the Sigerson Cup final just three nights previously, he – along with Rory Brickenden – was asked to line out from the start again last night.

If last night’s match had been reffed in any kind of competent fashion, the Stephenites player wouldn’t have been sent to the line. But, as I argued on the Final Whistle pod, management should have protected Sam by withdrawing him from the fray, as the combination of his resolute defending and a trigger-happy official always risked the outcome that proceeded to occur.

Never mind. By the time he was ordered off he’d already put in another storming performance in the Green and Red. Last night, for the first time, he buttressed a strong defensive showing with an eye for attack, nailing two fine first half points.

Sam wins the MOTM poll with 23% of the poll, ahead of Fergal Boland and Ryan O’Donoghue, who both attracted 21% of the vote. This trio, along with Diarmuid O’Connor (11%), Rory Brickenden and Jordan Flynn (both 5%), were our strongest performers on a night where we just came up short against a Kerry team that was stacked full of Championship players.

Well done to all of them and in particular to Sam Callinan, our MOTM from yesterday’s game.

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  1. Willie Joe. You would want to reflect on always calling out and making digs at referees in your reports. I appreciate they can make crazy decisions at times but as an organisation, we’re trying to get more and more respect for referees and with your platform having such a huge number of views each day, you have a big responsibility how you describe refereeing performances.
    Funny you don’t seem to slate Mayo players the same way when they have a poor day at the office (in fact, you have often removed comments that criticise Mayo players).
    They’re only trying their best.

  2. Well done to Sam. I gave my no.1 to Ryan but couldn’t argue with the choice. He’d be my choice now for the no.6 position and not to mess him around,let him grow in to that role in the coming years. He can become one of our greats. You sometimes forget he’s only 20.

  3. @Travelling willbury in fairness the ref yesterday was atrocious. I’m not one for ref bashing but he really was made some very bad calls and gave kerry some really soft frees which helped them win the game.

    Sam calinan deservedly got man of the match. Ryan O D and fergal Bowland not far off fair play guys did us proud and never gave up.

  4. Referees also get paid which players don’t of course and maybe if the gaa allowed referees to explain the rationale behind of the ludicrous and totally inconsistent decisions they make then it would improve things .as for last nights ref you could only call some of his decisions laughable besides inserting himself into passing movements

  5. The standard of refereeing is just poor in general, most give frees if it has the slightest resemblance to a free.. the Tipp ref was a Homer on Saturday, yellows flying to mayo players only…

  6. @Travelling Wilbury: There’s a big difference between criticising a performance (completely valid and in this case warranted) and abusing or disrespecting a ref.

    You should absolutely stand up for the latter, and I’d hope the vast majority of folks in the community would join you in it, but if you start trying to demand people don’t do the former it won’t wash. Nobody involved in any capacity, from managers to players or volunteers to the paid professionals in backroom teams, is beyond valid feedback. If that feedback is negative in nature they may choose to ignore it, learn from it or engage with it (often negative ref comments show an ignorance of the rules rather than highlighting actual mistakes. Not this time though). Simply demanding it be muted won’t lessen the feedback and if anything simply undermines the credibility of those attempting to demand it.

    We’ve refs doing amazing jobs most weeks (I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve praised Brendan Cawley, Sean Hurson or David Gough in the last number of years) and some not doing well, often consistently. Both ends of performance will be commented on in a game that has such a large following and such passionate crowds.

  7. – Sam definitely deserving of MOM. Showing a lot of leadership skills as well.
    – Mayo are getting a lot of things right but like most teams have plenty of work still to do.
    – Our mid field diamond was poor in the first half in particular and our kick passing into the forwards was off with in the first half as well due in the main to mis-timing.
    – McStay could have subbed 5 players at half time, Carney to be fair stepped up a bit and McLoughlin is a player that seems to be losing confidence.
    – Mgmt have a big call to make with regards to Aido/COC. Neither have any pace now which means 90% of opposing corner backs will be able to push up the field without being tracked.
    – What is the point of all our management team like sardines on the sideline. Rochford and Mulligan were standing beside each other roaring instructions. There should be one or two.of them in the stand to get the overall view.
    – Just wondering why everyone on the terrace has to filter out the main entrance on the stand side eventhough there is an exit on the terrace side….same thing two years ago.
    – I think we know the GAA doesn’t give a dam about travelling supporters we seen that with matches scheduled late on Sat night. There were plenty of MOs on the M17 late last night.. What about the players god knows what time they got their meal afterwards.
    – Omagh will be a battle

  8. Hard to argue with mayo being around 5th in the pecking order… I watched the game last night closely.. Absolutely zero goal threat at the moment, Rod, mayos best forward has to take the bulk of the scoring and if he has an off day, mayo are fucked in terms of scoring.. Conroy not living up to his name of Tommy goals.. Needs a big champo.. Prob more suited to half forward.. AOS wouldn’t score if he was in front of the posts on the goal line.. Just not in him.. Boland is a nice player.. Intelligent and can kick a point.. But we’ve not enough.. Midfield a diff story… Needs work.. As I said before I think it’s a 2007 to 2011 era now until the younger lads develop and are ready to play top inter county football…. I think Derry and even Donegal will finish ahead of mayo in champo… If they don’t meet you’d think it’ll be Dublin kerry donegal and derry last four this year.

  9. This Tommy conroy is not Tommy goals .that was the Tommy conroy from the 2013 all Ireland minor winning team

  10. Agree with previous poster.. The mayo management team standing around on the sideline shouting… The manager and possibly his main selector shud be only ones there.. But vintage mayo.. 100 people in their background team… And who’s calling the shots really??? I think we all know who is and it ain’t the named manager… Just the whole circus around mayo is frustrating. Fair play to supporters tho

  11. Tommy is out of position for me. He would be much better on the forty. As for the referee. Come on .. callinan got sent off for absolutely nothing. Derry s first goal. How many steps did he take. Standard of referee s inthe first few matches. Very poor

  12. Touhy likely to make a midfielder in time. We don’t have a Donnaghy, a Murphy or a con o Callaghan. McHale did well, deserves more game time

  13. Sam is certainly turning into the player that posters predicted here a couple of years ago, and that’s great to see. I had been niggling him! about scoring, and he answered that one last night as well.

    Tuohy has the same potential- I disagree with those who say he’s not aggressive enough – in Galway he was Reape’s go-to man and he thrived. What is this ‘midfielder in time’ business? The time is now.

    On Aido – he made the first score- driving forward, rampaging, after a great throw in fetch. Still, I would have him as impact sub in Omagh. And speaking of Tyrone, on today’s evidence, that’s a game there for the taking. Galway were good, but let them back, and handed them an equaliser on a plate, but they couldn’t even take a shot. And then gave McQuillan a bollocking for blowing it up.

  14. McHale kicked a nice point but he’s a half forward and we have a good few options there. Got robbed by Foley for a breakaway Kerry point although it was a good piece of defending. Good substitute option. In fairness to Tommy C, he did plenty of good distribution especially in the 2nd half, just got caught out a bit when low balls kicked in but more by our own players misplaced kicks in the 1st half. He’s a lot better racing in towards the goal, maybe put him in the corner and Ryan FF. For his main point chance he was foot tripped by a Kerry defender not picked up by the ref. Aido playing very deep a few times, had one nice flick to make a point but didn’t dominate as the aerial threat was not utilised.
    Ref missed a blatant block by Moynahan for a Paudie Clifford point. Also Aido penalised for over carrying despite soloing the ball a few times, another frustrating call. One tecnical area that badly needs clarification is D Clifford pushing players out of the way before shooting, he did this blatantly vs McBrien for one point and brilliant and all as he is, has done this trick multiple times and never penalised. Many other forwards in the game do this but none as blatantly as Clifford. If backs are penalised for pushing, why not forwards? All Clifford’s other points came with Rory Brickenden marking him, McHugh stood him up fairly well a few times which leads the question why Brickenden wasn’t moved to an easier man. On his goinf for the posts in the end, won his mark, it was a fair chance to win it so no issue with going for it. Eoghan Mac’s skills let him down a few times (got away with a pickup off the ground once) and rightly subbed. Needs to focus on getting the ball in his hand first before putting on the after burners and steadying before shooting .. he missed a breakaway point after Mayo twice stopping Kerry momentum with turnovers and the wide threw away the momentum change.
    On our MOM, I think Sam is the only one who was excellent almost throught. Diarmaid OC put also in a big shift and kicked a very nice point and Fergal Boland offers a good scoring threat but in and out of the game. Reape should copy the Kerry goalie and develop the quick left footed kickout, it gives more options. We lost a few kickouts when pressurised. Management should develop game plans and play calls to maximise the kickout chances when pressure is put on. I’d like to know what the plan was for Paudie Clifford. He seemed to have the run of the park, surely an attacking half back sticking close enough and springing up the field once on the ball is one way to put him on the back foot. First half we made quite a few unforced errors from hand passes, would like to see that cleaned up. Tommy C needs to watch some videos of Andy Moran on how to make that extra space to guarantee winning the ball as he’s a nightmare to stop once sprinting in on goal but isn’t getting very many chances to do that. Even though people are happy to see him at 6, we’ll probably need Sam in the FB line come championship, similar to Oisin Mullen a few years back, we need a strong FB line when faced with a threat like Kerry’s.

  15. You have every right to call out the referee’s performance Willie Joe and it is no coincidence that there have been many posts criticizing him, since the game, even by one of our Kerry friends. Not alone was he poor, he was over fussy, way too card happy, inconsistent in application of the rules and most of his decisions and non decisions went Kerry’s way. Most annoying was his yellow cards to Mayo players in the first half, lost count, but it was probably 3/4 or even more, with 1 to Kerry for head contact. Most annoying was the 2 yellows to Coyne and Sam for slight pull backs out the field and none for a blatant pull back on Diarmuid as he headed towards goal, which I think was the correct call. My understanding is that yellow cards are issued as a caution for unsporting behavior, dissent, time-wasting or persistent fouling and Coyne and Sam’s fitted none of those categories, so does not fully understand the application of the rules? As a result Jack and Sam felt restricted for the rest of the game and lead to Sam’s subsequent red, also very iffy. Over fussy referees destroy games and if yellows are going to dished out for all these type of fouls, the game is gone. Referees are not above criticism.

  16. Talk about going over the top with some of the criticism on here. We lost to a last kick point against a team lauded to be AI winners on their own patch. We can’t score but we scored as much as Kerry until that last one. If I was a Mayo player after that battling performance and reading some of the nonsense on here I would be totally passed off.
    Sam was brilliant and as should be obvious to everyone watching he was blackguarded by the referee. The standard of officiating in all 3 televised games on Sunday was far superior. Nobody expects refs to get every call spot on but you hope they will be somewhat evenly dished out. On Saturday evening they weren’t and the sending off was the difference between winning and losing in my opinion. The ref in the Meath/Louth match let play flow and only blew for “real” fouls which made for a better spectacle even if the football was a bit iffy. Players knew they could make a genuine tackle without the constant whistle blowing and lecturing.

  17. A little dismayed at the comments above which are, in general, in the negative tone.
    Maybe I’m wired wrong but of the two managers this morning I’d say McStay is the happier of the two. His team displayed great resolve, work rate and heart in battling back from 3 points down v a full strength Kerry side (certainly their front 6 were 90% full strength) who had an extra man for the final 14 mins, but yet even with the great Cliffords they couldn’t put us away until the very last kick of the game!
    If I was Jack O’Connor this morning I’d be ripping mad, 7 wides in the first half, allowing a 14 man team to battle back from 3 points down to level the game late on, at home, in a pressure game for Kerry that saw them having to bring the two Cliffords in for their first start of the season! All the negatives are on Kerry as far as I can see. Yeah, they won, but that’s about it and, in my eyes at least, it confirms that Kerry are very, very ordinary without the Cliffords. Dublin proved that in last years AIF and Saturday evening confirms it further for me.
    For me, the Mayo side of the story is more positive (despite the sickening and frankly disrespectful and condescending commentary from both Joanne Cantwell and Ger Canning on both the live broadcast and again last night – more of that later).
    1. That was the 3rd game in a row where our keeper hadn’t a save to make and this proves that, even though we are not employing a sweeper, we are still a tight, tough defensive unit at the back. It’s very clear there has been a lot of work done on defensive shape and positioning. Forwards win games, defenders win you titles. This meagerness at the back needs to remain on an upward curve.
    2. Brickenden is settling into a fine full back. He’s still relatively new to this level but you can see there is huge potential there. If he can develop further that will release McBrien to play higher up the pitch.
    3. We got 22 shots off scoring 14, away in Tralee, while Conroy and O’Shea both had possibly their worst games for Mayo in a long time. More work to be done in that side of the pitch but the second half performance proved that our attack is not as blunt as many commentators would have you believe.
    4. We still have O’Hora and Ruane to make appearances this season and having those back will provide many more options.

    On the negative side of the ledger for Mayo is the form of O’Shea and Conroy.
    For O’Shea that’s two consecutive very poor performances where he was totally ineffectual as a forward and indeed spoiled and brokedown a good few of our attacks. Also, I did not like his attitude coming off where he refused to acknowledge McStay, shook his head and went straight to the bench. With that attitude I’d make him get well used to the bench because the facts are he has failed to perform in the last two games for Mayo, he isn’t a scoring threat and indeed is a liability when it comes to not tracking his player from breaking up the field (as Foley did for all of the second half). A little time to refelct on things is needed and I’d be looking to start Cillian next weekend and sit O’Shea out. There must be a meritocracy when it comes to earning the jersey, he has no God given right to start and nor should he ater the last two games.
    Conroy is another who was very poor, again, for Mayo. His scoring threat seems to have gone and he’s playing too far away from goal to be a real danger. We have enough half forwards, we don’t need him out there crowding space, we need him inside closer to goal making runs and winning frees. We need a lot more from him and maybe he will be a slow burner towards championship time and management are cogniscant of his rehab and workload. Regardless, he needs to fins his scoring boots.
    Taking everything into account, I’m happy enough where we are at. We don’t want to top the league, we want an injury free run through the remaining games where 5 or 6 newer/fresher faces can get game time and provide options for the Spring when the real competition begins.

  18. Fair play to sam callinan great player,
    But I can’t understand how he was left to play on second half was out on his feet after a week of hard football, flog ur best player.
    I wonder who is the manager because I see all 3
    Mulligan , Rochford, mc stay , on the side lines shouting out orders,
    Kerry game lost not by players,
    I seem a bit harsh but every year we see management mistakes they say were learning every game , don’t see it

  19. I am not downbeat about our defeat
    Ref was brutal but we should have managed the lads that played Sigerson better , like Tyrone with the Canavans one replacing the other
    Tyrone v Galway game very physical.

  20. McStay seems very passive on the line. Like a spectator- or not like a spectator, most of whom gesticulate.

  21. As regards RTEs blinkered and totally biased commentary on both the live broadcast and last nights show, I felt their treatment of Mayo was totally disgraceful. Personnally, I can’t stand Cantwell and feel that she thinks the show is about her instead of her just chairing the show. She is not fit to lace Lesters shoes in my opinion, but her fawning for all things Clifford and Kerry was sickening and totally disrespectful to Mayo. For all her stats and Kerry smooching, she failed to comment on how Ryan O’Donoghue scored as much as David Clifford! She commented on Mayo wides but yet didn’t highlight the fact that Kerry had more wides than us! If all you saw were her comments you’d assume that this was a cakewalk for Kerry and NOT a last-kick-of-the-game winner v 14 players! Also, she failed to highlight how soft the two yellows were for Callinan.
    Ger Canning should have been put out to pasture long ago. FFS he commented on the 1989 AIF between ourselves and Cork! I’m not sure if he has yet removed his tongue from David Cliffords arse, but if he has, he most likely has it up Padie Cliffords one now. There are real Corkmen everywhere who must be ashamed that a fellow Corkconian could be so lovestruck by watching Kerrymen play football. He mentioned about how great Shane Ryan is because he can kick off his left but then failed to mention that the two kickouts Ryan took off his left put his cornerback under pressure and nearly led to turnovers for Mayo forwards! He never once commented on the soft yellows for Callinan and as for him calling a point for a shot from Clifford before the ball even left his boot!! That one was all the sweeter as it sailed wide. He’s a Corkman with a Kerry jersey on underneath.
    No more than Marty, it’s well past time these auld stock were put out to graze.

  22. The Mayo support base really seems to have swung from overly optimistic to overly negative since 2021, maybe understandably but it’s time to be a bit more balanced at this stage.
    Some people saying nothing has changed – I can’t see how that’s the case when our defence is so much more assured as the scorelines show.
    We have plenty to work on in the forwards and probably midfield, but isn’t it a good thing that we have that obvious room for improvement while still beating the all-ireland champs, hammering the neighbours and kerry needing a last second point to beat us at home?

  23. I thought we had very few standouts yesterday but still nearly got a point. The sending off strangely had no negative impact.Trying to develop the kicking game and it’s not quite working. Andy Moran used to run back and over 4/5 times giving an option until the outfield players spotted him free. When we revert to running we win fouls and scores but management right to keep with kicking as we’ll have more strings to our bow. Almost no balls went Aido’s way yesterday so I wouldn’t be that critical there apart from coming back as sweeper for stretches which management may have called him to do. I would start Cillian next time if fully fit which I expect he is to get him game time. Otherwise Towey or McHale deserve a chance, both know where the posts are. Either way the league is a place to experiment. Tyrone poor yesterday apart from Morgan as free man and the Canavans. Their bruised egos might bring a performance from them but otherwise I’d fancy us by 4/5 if we have a plan for Morgan which is easier said than done.

  24. Well done to Sam , he’s developing into a serious player for Mayo and will only get better as time progresses. Let’s hope he keeps injury free and is not overplayed between club , college and county over the next couple of years…I’m very optimistic about Mayo , we have a talented group in the underage squads also and will see more players break into the senior squad over the next couple of years. We have started the league campaign showing consistent form , work rate , strong defensive set up and good spread of scoring across our forwards. Let’s keep encouraging these lads at all grades and back our various development squad and senior managers to get the best out of the lads .

  25. Very good analysis there from Pebblesmeller. My only comment from what i have seen so far this year is that we are still very slow getting ball into the inside forwards and we struggle to break down a blanket defence. Hoping there is a plan for this and that it might not be the number one priority for mgmt at the moment. Great to see the improvement in defence though.

  26. Clifford should have buried his goal chance, I don’t buy the commentary about the defence. I said here previously but if we drop 10 metres or so then we will be a very tough team to score against as we have top class individuals but engaging teams higher up leaves space behind. We need to get better at finding the balance.

    On the flip side, one passage of play in the 25th and 26th minute sum up the contrast in attacking play. Mayo soloed up the field, inside Ryan and Tommy both made runs and were available for a pass, it didn’t arrive. Instead we recycled over the 45, ran a loop where Jordan got a shot off from 40 or so out which drifted away to the right.

    From the resulting kick out, Kerry worked it direct to Clifford, he took on McBrien and got his point. If he was in the Mayo full forward line he wouldn’t have received the ball.

    Any time we did move the ball at pace, or kicked at pace and had movement we caused them problems like Ryan’s point after Brickenden kicked it in.

    I’d echo the sentiments too in relation to Clifford and the pushing of the defender. I’d love to see a stat on how many times he pushes the defender before shooting which should be a free out.

    As for the ref, I think his performance was summed up when Callinan didn’t get a free even though he was blocked by the Kerry man as he tracked O’Shea’s run. Of which most teams are now doing and getting better at not getting caught out by (see for example Con against us in the league when he should have kicked a point towards the end). We don’t seem to engage in this where we block off the defender.

    In summary, drop deeper to defend and don’t be afraid to turn the ball over with a few kick passes inside, we might then be able to judge how Tommy is actually motoring.

  27. The new ref recruits are fairly touchy feely at moment. Give them the summer to find their pitch. Derry to win the league as no-one else appears to want it.

  28. @Pebblesmelker, I like Ger Canning on commentary. Think you’re pretty crude in your commentary on him.

  29. If you want to see how good, or more correctly how bad Ger Canning is on commentary, just close you eyes for a few minutes while listening to him. I guarantee you that you will have no clue about where on the pitch the play is at, he gives zero information about most relevant things that are happening at any time. He speaks in soundbites, more often than not quoting pre-prepared stats about something a particular player did in a league game against the same opposition 2 years ago.
    It’s long past time for him to be put out to grass.
    RTE’s post match analysis on Saturday was nothing less than a joke, it was like as if Kerry were playing the match on their own. But no matter, it might suit Mayo to keep things on the down-low as far as media attention is concerned.

  30. There is way too much giving out about refs on this blog. Yes this weekend’s ref was on the fussier side but he didn’t ruin the game nor favour one team. The first poster is correct, there needs to be more respect shown to them and more disrespect to the culture in the GAA that sees rules as a necessary evil. The tackle is completely undefined so straight away refs are at a disadvantage. The GAA could remove nearly all the negative talk about football by giving the refs more power but they won’t do that because of their attitude to rules. For example, the journalist Maurice Brosnan has shown that every team slows the opposition down when they’ve fouled by standing on front of the ball or holding the free taker or not giving the ball back/lying on the ball. This is proven to allow defences to reset and stop very good scoring opportunities for the attacking team. The current penalty is to move the ball forward 13 metres which is no where near enough. Needs to be a free in front of the posts from 14 metres. Immediately this cynical play will be stopped and games will be much more open.

    On Callinan, he’s doing great and it’s brilliant to have him after losing Oisin. But I agree with the poster who said we’ll probably need him at 2 or 4 come championship. Brickenden won’t make it, the pace is not there for the big teams and the same applies to Jack Coyne – you can only start one of them. I’d go with,

    Coyne McBrien Callinan

    Hession Durcan McLaughlin

  31. People have the right to comment on an incompetent referee after paying good money to attend a game .I had a discussion a few years ago with a current inter county referee who insisted that sledging wasn’t a black card offence .I sent him on the rule later that night much to his annoyance.apparently umpires now do extensive training on how to wave the ball wide .After fergal Boland’s point on Saturday the umpire stood staring into space before he eventually realised a point was scored.Dreaming of the steak dinner and the pint of Guinness I’d imagine

  32. On the subject of referees, respect has to be earned and it’s very hard to respect some of them when they’re giving soft decisions to Dublin and Kerry or they’re just incompetent. An off day can be forgiven, there’s no excuse for being consistently poor. Anyway, do we really even need a referee when David Clifford decides when the game is over.
    The Cillian and Aidan bashing is getting old – ye’ll miss them when they’re gone. There’s a curious (and deeply irritating) mentality in Mayo where we (1) care waaaay too much what people from other counties think of us and (2) throw dogs abuse at some of our greatest players while we have them and then idolise them after they leave. We did the same thing with Ciarán McDonald and it seems we still haven’t learned.
    Another thing that’s really prevalent here is this idea of shadowy figures pulling strings in the background, the ‘one who’s really running the show’ which I assume is in reference to Rochford but they don’t have the balls to say so. Do we have to make up conspiracy theories all the time? It wouldn’t even be the worst thing either given that he was an excellent manager who brought us closer to the holy grail than any other at a time when it was arguably hardest to win but it’s pretty disrespectful to both Stephen and Kevin. There’s usually enough drama on the pitch so we really shouldn’t feel the need to create more off it.

  33. Hard hitting there Pebbles. Canning? Hmm – yes agree with some of your comments. In mitigation he did point out to Eamonn Fitz who was critical of Eoghan MacLaughlin, that Eoghan had picked up an injury and had to go off against Dublin. Good homework on his part. He did a commentary on one or two of our county championship quarters or semis a few years ago, and I was impressed again by his homework. But yes, he has his satchel of clichés and boy does he trot them out: ‘indicted’, ‘score from open play’, ‘impossible angle’.

  34. Never happy when we lose being honest. Thought we were to pedestrian in the first half but improved in the 2nd. Overall we are progressing well with room for lots of improvement – that is not a bad place to be in. Sam and Fergal were stand out for me. I’d lay off on Aiden and Cillian until we see them later in the year hopefully at their peak in terms of fitness then. On Tommy I think he is much better on a dry sod so will see him in a better light as the sun gets higher in the sky

    Good defensive options now and no goals conceded and little or no chances given. Improvement on last year Yes but as always more to be done. We also have another 4-5 regular players we havent seen yet this year

  35. It’s nothing personal about critiquing aspects of mayo play… Don’t be soft… If someone can’t score like o shea… Say it… Its just a fact.. Or someone who lacks composure and a little headless like Mclaughlin.. There’s nothing wrong.. We are identifying what they are good at and not… Perfectly fine. But jesus.. Ger Canning.. A woeful commentator.. Always has been.. Not like rte to keep these fellas around

  36. The defence played ok, they were a bit too loose always a yard of the Kerry forwards but were decent at holding them up and tackling. Midfield were quiet, forwards had a terrible first half and were better in the second half.
    A O Shea will find form, a few bad games is no harm to get him focused, similar with T Conroy who needs his confidence back and I think he will only get that by playing games and will getting a few scores.
    The Mayo kicking game is very poor, between lack of kicks in and some players not able to kick pass its worrying. If you have A O Shea in there and Bob Tuohy the odd time which seems a tactic, then they want a a high ball in, but the players out the field wont do it all they want is to give the easy kick down the sideline into the corner where the opposition want them to kick it. E Mcloughlin should have been subbed at half time, he is having a shocker of a league so far, his goal will keep alot of ppl happy but if you think he is playing well then I dont know what you are watching. he is the main culprit but there was a few more Sat evening who had bad turnover and giving bad hand passes.
    I would agree that Kerry will probably be more disappointed than Mayo after that game.
    Mayo showed naivety also, with the Brickendon mark why didn’t they go short and work a score O Donoghue and C O Connor should have been directing him there. Then Cliffords last point, how could other players not see to rush over and help when they could see Clifford getting the ball instead of leaving the best player on the field one on one..

  37. I remember Ger Canning commentating before the 2022 All Ireland semi between Dublin & Kerry that it was the All Ireland final in all but name. Was very disrespectful to Galway & Derry.

    He also shouted “What a Miss” when ROD missed the pen in the 2021 final.

    In summary, he has had a good run. But it’s high time he was put out to stud

  38. Overall we’re on the same carousel we’ve been on for a few years. No inside forwards capable of creating goal chances, hanging on to Aido as they’re afraid of the backlash if they get rid of him. Q: what other division 1 team would he get on?
    But you reap what you sow, the senior clubs insist on playing negative football, won’t encourage flair or individual forward skill so we end up with a well trained, well drilled team who will get us so far but lacking quality forwards.

  39. Defensively, we are a better unit than last year. Hession looked sharp on Saturday. We have options at midfield with Ruane to comeback. Boland a big addition to half forward line, he’s proving tricky to mark, intelligent controller of the pace of the game and is a scorer.. ff line is a concern. ROD Frazier sharp, but I think we need to experiment with Conroy and AOS.
    Conroy will come good in summer championship, I’d be trying out Towey more, as he’s also a reliable free taker. IS dis a lot of good work

  40. On aos. Its now 9 years since Holmes connelly stuck him in at full forward. He played well in connaught that year but I’m afraid when he hit the hallowed turf of croke Park the result was all too telling. Here we are 9 years later. What’s the definition of insanity?

  41. FFS. Mayo have 4pts from 3 games, no goals conceded, beaten Galway, Dublin and 1 pt loss to kerry and we look to have decent shape at the back something we’ve been looking for a long time and we’re still complaining. Wouldn’t like to read the blog if we were in the rossies position. Time enough judging at the end of the year at least give them the chance to see what they can do. I’m happy with how they are getting on at the moment and great to have games to look forward to.

  42. In 2015 Aidan o Shea had a very good game against Donegal scoring a brilliant goal.he also played very well in drawn semi final with Dublin and was nominated for man of the match despite the persistent fouling of Philly McMahon which went completely unchecked in the particular photo behind the goal shows exactly what the bould Philly was up to

  43. @craggy, as 1985 pointed out you are wrong. Aidan was excellent in other matches at 14 in Croke Park. He was also Mayo’s best player in the league last year scoring regularly at 14. Was Man of the Match against Kerry in Killarney in the championship. The list goes on. He can score and create at 14 but not if he isn’t given decent ball.

  44. He didn’t score againstublin when mcmahhon marked him. The point I’m making is…. In all of these years deployed at full forward… is it always the wrong ball going in or is it inside or is it that he won’t stay inside. No doubt.. I’m very happy with mayo so far as I have previously posted. But it’s obvious we have a problem at midfield and full forward line. There’s nobody knocking aos here. Just asking the question. Is he really going to work out in there. I’m afraid the stats are against him as in scoring stats. Not to mention all those finals. He has a role but it’s hard to persist with something that’s not working. Would we give carr as long.

  45. No one’s complaining but have we a team to win Sam this year. We’ll be competitive and last four would be a great season for us.

  46. @craggy, he did score a point from play off McMahon in 2015.

    O’Shea is a known quantity at FF. We saw it last year. He scored 1-7 from 6 starts in the league last year, that included two man of the match performances. He scored 9 points in 5 starts in championship last year, that included 2 more man of the match performances. His job is to win ball and lay it off or win frees. Scores from play are a bonus. This year Mayo are much more defensive and when we have kicked ball in it has mostly been poor, while Aidan also hasn’t been firing like last year. James Carr is a fine player and scores freely from play but his injured an awful lot. Aidan isn’t, ever. Also, Carr likes to roam and play a free role, he won’t give structure to the full forward line. They might choose to give O’Shea a break.

    Either way he is not going to change in the eyes of the management team this year. He is a live option as a starter or early sub in the 14 position.

  47. @1985 do you hear yourself ‘ in 2015 ‘ that’s NINE years ago , times move on , Aidan has been a great servant but his time has come and gone , we have to look ahead

  48. It’s a good job he reffing Meath, game yesterday, there would have been no one left on the pitch, alot of tackles, lots if mistakes but entertaining game

  49. Yes James Nolan I do hear myself.I was responding to a comment from craggy boglands and by the way craggy o Shea did score on Philly.Aidan o Shea has not played well in the last two games and may well be coming to the end of his playing days but there is no need to disrespect the huge contribution he made to mayo football as we almost certainly wouldn’t have made alot of those all Ireland finals without his contribution in numerous positions.maybe James read the lead up posts before jumping in with two left feet

  50. 1985. I’m definitely not disrespectful to aos. He will take a hell of replacing. I just don’t think it’s working or has been inthe championship for some time.

  51. Predicted finish;
    1. Derry
    2. Kerry
    3. Mayo
    4. Galway
    5. Monaghan
    6. Dublin
    7. Tyrone
    8. Roscommon

  52. Frost. Hopefully. Its all about championship and finding the issues now not like last year. . The positive s so far. The defense is getting better. Return of boland. . And hopefully management will try something different against Tyrone. Ie. Personnel and tactical. Try a new man inside or instuct aos to stay inside full time.

  53. One thing worth pointing out on AOS is that this is first time really since Cillian’s injury in 2021 where we have really had the luxury of being able to take him out of the full forward line – we just have more depth there.

    And points in the bag means we can try new things.

    Personally I think there’s a game or even just a spell where our full forward line clicks and we see that potential realised.
    But I might also be inclined to focus on the Rossies at home for that.
    I was in Croker at the weekend and we have enough in the squad to take lessons from the Dubs and really punish Roscommon.

    It’s worthwhile to point out that while we aren’t exactly scoring freely, we aren’t leaving big scores behind us. Not to the extent that both Kerry and Dublin did at the weekend. There has been a big improvement in the accuracy of our shooting, and we are entering a run of games where we would expect to create opportunities a little easier.

    All in all we look a lot better for 2023, and hopefully we can continue to make gains and be successful in the coming weeks. Win our home games and we should have at least a three seed in the bag, and a good leagues work done.
    And then the Hyde 🙂

  54. @Craggy
    I hadn’t read your comment when I posted my previous one.

    Cillian is the obvious solution. Give him the first half at 14 against Tyrone and swap him at half time for Tommy.

    I’d be tempted at using Aidan elsewhere in the next few games, but so much depends on the situation elsewhere.

  55. Question. What does Derek O Mahoney, Johann Cantwell, Ger Canning, Eamon Fitzmorris, Aidan O Shea, Stephen Rochford and Kevin McStay have in common? Answer. They have all become recipients of fierce criticism by Mayo supporters, particularly contributors to this blog in the last 48 hours. I find this negativity very strange particularly after picking up 4 points from our first 3 matches against the top teams in the country. What would it be like if we were heading for Omagh next Saturday on zero points?

  56. I was watching the highlights back earlier and one thing struck me about Tommy.
    When Ryan scored from play in the first half after Shane Ryan was caught upfield Tommy made a lovely run. Could Ryan have slipped him through for one on one goal chance?
    Same in the second half when Jack Coyne took a free kick into Bob. Tommy was also on the move and the right ball and he might have been in for a goal chance.

    It is no criticism at all. We ended up with 2 points from those attacks.
    Tommy will come good absolutely no doubt about that.

  57. GBXI Aiden started 6 championship matches last year. In those 6 matches he was fouled 5 times that we got scores. He scored one point from play an easy point against Roscommon when there was no one near him. From the 6 matches he gave a total of 3 passes for scores from play one great pass for Mcbrians goal. One pas to Mcloughlin when he should have scored himself and one against Dublin. Watching match’s back I was surprised how little he was involved in the build up to scores and I hadn’t realized how much Ryan was.

  58. Lucero had Aiden no impact at all in Killarney last year?.I dont have stats or video but i recall thinking he had a very good game on the drive home.

  59. @lucero, you are of course correct. I forgot about the Galway game in Salthill. Would you not expect Ryan to be more involved given his age?

  60. I have to agree with a lot of the very good posts on
    this site today.The ref was absolutely terrible, but I can guarantee you one thing, this ref who is not capable of referring an under 12 game, will be
    Appointed to another big important game this weekend by GAA headquarters.
    Also I agree with all the comments re RTE , re their one side approach to the game and aftermath of the match on Saturday night. You would have thought there were only one team playing, and the Kerry had 15 Clifford’s. RTE did not even mention the terrible decision to send Sam off.

    And just one more thing, I want to comment on. I have been at a lot of the Mayo matches, since McStay took over. In my opinion he is not the manager , as most calls are been made by Rochford. McStay is only a figure head as far as I
    Can see.He just stands there passively on the line.
    Surely one of them could be in the stand wired to the sideline.

  61. Yes Declan he was voted Man of the Mach. He was fouled twice and scored the 2 frees and scored a mark and kicked one wide.

  62. GBXI – we’ll have to wait until 2032 to see how much Ryan is involved when he reaches Aidan’s age 🙂

  63. Well done chick, you hit every cliché of Mayo fans in that post – blame the ref, blame RTE, blame the manager who’s not actually the manager at all apparently.
    It’s a wonder you didn’t blame Alan Dillon and Andy fckin Moran while you were at it 😉

  64. I like Fitzmaurice but hate his commentary. Its like listening to Kerry radio, ooh David did this and how great Tom O Sullivan is etc. On the refs, on my personal Fr. Noel Furlong list is Hurson from his reffing of 22 final. He dug Kerry out of a hole when they required a soft “free”. Its across the board, in the hurling you have that lad from Dublin the less said about him the better. I thought Aidan O Shea was playing well enough and that’s why he was upset to be subbed. Lads, if a player isnt great then 3-4 Dublin players dont surround him each time he gets the ball. In my view yer best players are DOC and Durkan but I really like the young lad Callanan he would go straight into the Galway team. Tyrone will be a big test of beating the blanket for ye. They just have so many back behind the ball. Canavan will be rested after Sigerson so ye will need to watch out for him at weekend. At the minute I would see Dublin as the clear favourites with Kerry second a non controversial pick eh. Derry the dark horse, can they keep up the momentum with same players ahead of Ulster Championship, I say no but Harte is a clever man. After that there is Mayo in Division 1 and Donegal and Armagh going well but against weak opposition in Div 2. At moment too many injuries in Galway and Roscommon to know how we will fair. Tyrone and Monaghan look behind the pack but come championship either can take down a big gun.

  65. Tubberman.I didn’t blame anyone. I just made a few points. All of which are true. In my opinion.

  66. I think Mayo played very well, OK they were sloppy at times in the first half but McBrien played well on Clifford, he blocked a lot of his runs, normally Clifford scores a goal or two but not Saturday night, I thought McBrien done very well. Callinan was brilliant, in fact the backs played very well overall.
    D O C Had a great game, Donoghue missed a few but played well, Boland played well, Touhy played ok but needs to get more pace into his game, saw him running back to defend & he was just jogging back, needs to get stuck in a bit more.
    Willie Joe, yes the referee had a poor game overall, he kept blowing for the least things, didn’t let the game flow at all, I’d give him 5 out 10 , not great.
    I was a referee myself so I know all about playing within the rules & letting the game flow mostly.
    Mayo are doing very well & will do better from here on.

  67. Team for Tyrone;

    Hession Coen C Boland
    Kelly Plunkett MacLaughlin
    Diarmuid O’Shea
    Irwin McHale Touhy
    Duffy Cillian Towey

  68. Judging by Aidan’s reaction to being taken off on Saturday night i reckon one of the biggest challenges for Kevin McStay and his management team this year is how to manage Aidan (and Cillian O Connor in 2024.) Both are iconic players for us and both are nearing the end of their careers. It’s decision time!
    Some managers would continue to play them as usual and hope it all worked out ok. Another more gung-ho type might just drop them ( good luck with that!)
    But what would a great manager do? I’m only an ordinary 5/8th so I don’t really know. But I do know that it could be a very difficult one and that Kevin and his management team will be judged by many on how well they handle this. The key challenge for me has to be to identify exactly what each can contribute to the team. And possibly selling that to them even if it means considerably less minutes on the pitch than either might expect. Possibly a hard sell!
    And no matter what they do there will always be a cohort of people who will find fault even where there is none. Who’d be a county manager!

  69. I actually totally agree with Chick on the manager thing. McStay is like the CEO of the group but Rochford, alongside Canney and Mulligan, are the brains of the operation. Maybe I’m doing him an injustice but I just don’t think McStay is at the pitch of modern football. But then it doesn’t matter as long as he can organise every else.

  70. @chesneychet.I’m sure callinan would be delighted to know he’s got to the level where he would go straight into the Galway team. Regarding the management do people really think mcstay is silly enough to be manager in name only and have someone else call the shots. Give the man a bit of credit.

  71. @frost mayo need to win this game. Roscommon will be no push over in 2 weeks. They were very well set up against Dublin who were much better than they were against us.
    Roscommon know their system, break with purpose and speed and can score.
    I want Mayo to secure div 1 status ASAP, then by all means try a few things. Tyrone need to win this weekend too. There might have been a bit of a sigerson hangover yesterday but I’d expect them to be much better next this weekend.
    I appreciate we need to try lads but let’s secure div 1 first.

  72. I hope they start near enough to Saturdays lineup.This is a great chance to get to 6 points and put older lads on a proper plan to be ready for championship.We have three games left in the NFL then to try whatever they want.

  73. Diehard, I thought Aidans reaction to being replaced wasn’t a good look. Sort of reminds me of Morts reaction when he threw the jersey into the crowd. To me that jersey is sacred and nobody owns it . I lost respect for Conor that night and I don’t want to remember Aidan that way. He’s been such a great player for Mayo. It was very poor example for the younger players coming through. Everyone should accept management decisions to make changes.
    Moose 79.
    I agree, get to 6 pts asap . Nothing handy against 3 northern teams and those black haired bucks from next door.

  74. A lot of talk about O’Shea’s alleged reaction to being subbed, but are ye sure it was a reaction to being subbed and not frustration at maybe being on the receiving end of some abuse from the host fans? I haven’t even seen the incident but I find it hard to believe he would react like that to being taken off.

  75. @Mayo45 Aido has been a great player for us but it was def the reaction of being subbed he was annoyed at I’d say he may well have gotten abuse from the host fans but doubt that was the reason he was shaking his head.

    Sure remember in 21 semi v Dublin when he was taken off? He was pissed off then to shaking is head coming off. He’s a great player but that wasn’t a great look tbh.

    I’d like to see a strong team named v Tyrone and I think we will win but experiment after we get the 2 points to stay safe then do as much experimenting as they want as others have said!

  76. Im not sure where people get their ideas from but a fully fit cillian is a major player for Mayo imho anyway .

  77. Aidan just had a little wobble. He is not going to leave the team like our Conor did. Aidan is far too mature for that and knows the ways of the world. I would love it if he won a much deserved all ireland medal this year. It would be a fitting end to his career. I will definitely miss him when he retires.

  78. It wasn’t running for Aiden on Saturday night. He fumbled a few,got a yellow for fuck knows what when himself and a.n.other held up a Kerry player. He was clearly frustrated over that. He’s human, it’s said he reacted to being subbed (I didn’t see that)…we need to give him a break. He’s still vitally important to us.
    I would agree though to start Cillian against Tyrone with Aiden coming on when Tyrone legs and minds are on the wane.

  79. @2 hops: Yellow seemed valid alright, potentially could have been a (harsh) red. Took a little hand swipe around the face of the Kerry defender. Claims he caught him with a finger in the eye (couldn’t see it near clear enough to know if he did) but certainly an action that could have been considered dangerous whether it caught or not.

  80. Jesus we are growing more negative by the day. Good job we are not from Kildare or we would be screaming and tearing our hair out completely. Yes the ref was poor on Saturday but I have rarely seen refs not give Kerry the vast majority of handy decisions especially when they are at home. Of course refs have also cost us all those all Irelands as well. And Rte get their usual bashing as regards Cantwell, Canning and so on. That’s why we are probably better off watching Mayo on TG 4 as most of us don’t know what they’re saying about us . But worst of all in the almost constant criticism of certain Mayo players and management. Take McStay. Got the job about 9 years too late in my opinion when our golden generation had gone. Introducing new players and a new style of play to a certain extent. Average enough year last year, but not bad for first year. Won a league title which for a success starved county was welcome but of course criticised for having us flying too early in year. Beat Kerry and Galway but obviously disappointing v dubs. This year we are not flying but beat Connacht champs and All Ireland champs and gave Kerry a good run . Criticised for playing AOS because he is too old and not playing Cillian who is the same age. Criticised for not playing Fergal last year. Criticised for playing Sam after his Sigerson exertions yet Sam got man of the match. Criticised for being positive after games when the exact opposite was levelled at JH. Even criticised because he stands on the sideline with rest of management when some of them should be up in the stands. In fairness he and his management team see the players more often than we do so are possibly in a better position to judge their mental and physical fitness before games. And then there’s the sniping at certain players based on a couple of games in February. Let the manager manage, the players play and the supporters support. Of course we all have our opinions and are entitled to air them but the negativity since that final v Tyrone is not good. We have a team to be proud of, players who put in a shift each time I watch them. We don’t have a Clifford, McGuigan, Con, Walsh or an emerging Canavan, players who may be the difference in winning a game in the tightest of margins, and we didn’t have one during our great decade which is probably why we never got Sam, but we do have a team deserving of our support. They represent us, and for whatever faults they have they are better footballers than most of us could ever dream of being. So the next time you feel the need to criticise AOS ask yourself was Johnno, Horan x2;, Holmes and Connelly, Rochford and McStay all wrong. It’s some going to be playing senior inter county from 2009 to 2024– something to be admired rather than criticised, unless of course you think you could do better yourself.

  81. Unfortunately to win just once, thats quite a lazy analysis to say… unless of course you could do better yourself, seriously? People are entitled to opinion and it’s nothing personal.. But after 2021 that soured alot of people who’ve spent some amount of money following mayo.. Yes we enjoy it but it’s nice to win too, at least one fuckin final 1n 10 or 11 attempts since 1989. It’s a professional game in all but name too.. The training and science behind it would say so. And yes all them managers you mentioned since aos made his debut have got it wrong… If they got it right mayo would have won.

  82. @Pebblesmeller,I had a few good laughs at your RTE rant and do see where you’re coming from, altho’ they don’t get to me as much. Canning can be a bit irritating, with his references to points scored by Joe Soap in game 2/3 years ago-I half expect him to tell us what some players have for their breakfast. We all know D Clifford is a superb player and it is a case of damage limitation for defenders, but the fawning is a bit over the top at times, almost orgasmic. The analysis also can be a bit unbalanced and miss significant events-no mention of Callinan’s soft cards, which may have affected the result. But I don’t allow them get to me. On Tyrone, I would make very few changes, as I feel that we should try to secure the 6 points we probably need for safety, as early as possible and then experiment, because points are by no means guaranteed in the remaining games. Obviously Paddy come back, if fit, Enda maybe and I would start Cillian instead of Aido and swap later.

  83. To win just once. Not a.bad year for the first year. It was the worst championship since 2010 for god sake. We won a.competition that nobody had any real interest in and paid a heavy price for it. James horan was crucified on here for not winning sam. Is it OK all of.a sudden to get a hammered in the quarter s. Also the reason why aos is not scoring is because he s trying to be everywhere. And of all the managers named above… not one of them has knocked this out of his game. He s constantly kicking the ball into the area he should be inside receiving it. How could they not see it. We get a free out on the wing and who takes it. Our target man. Tell me that’s good management. One place for aos. Out the middle and stay there.

  84. No FrosT, sorry No, to that team.

    Points are there for the taking in Omagh, and we’ve got to put out our strongest 15.

  85. We have a big issue at 14.

    Hoping for two points against Tyrone and then three games to sort full forward and midfield.

    The intercounty game has gotten seriously fast. You only have to look at O’Hora v Dublin last year to see how easily a lack of pace can be shown up or even James McCarthy in the final last year, who probably should have been sent off. Aidan and Cillian were never that quick anyway but they certainly have slowed. I would be worried for both of them playing 50 minutes in Croke Park.

    I am a similar age to them so it pains me to say it and to see that the game has moved on to the point where lads our age are struggling with the pace of the game at the top level.

  86. In my view our defence are not getting enough credit this year. We just look more solid than in other years.
    Mgmt have dropped the ball with now they are using Aidan, the decision and man mgmt should have started last season and latest last November.
    Training and strategy to have Aidan coming in and having a game changing impact on a minute of the game picked based on his training regime and fitness. So Aidan comes on on 60mins, we are within 3pts of a big team. We takeover the momentum of the game down the stretch.
    Graph Aidan’s performance with him starting. Graph Aidan’s performance with him mainly having done speed work all year to come in on 60 mins. I’d prefer 15mins of a player playing a game changing role than 60 mins of okay.
    We notch up 1-1 unanswered and we are in control with the clock being out friend.
    But we don’t think like this. We’d have got no career out of Kevin McManampn or Kieran Donaghy. They’d have been slogging running on matches and training. Look at how both those players often came off the bench to break a game. Aidan should be on minimal mileage and lots of rest, stretching and speed work. Year round.

  87. Totally agree JP, people are seeing the glass half empty rather than half full. We have greatly improved our defence and mitigated goal opportunities in our first 3 games. We have also added consistent scoring threats into our half forward line. It is early days yet but i am seeing progression rather than the regression online comments would make you believe. There is a few areas that need to be tidied up and players who are not in form may need to be used as subs rather than starters but we have gotten ourselves into a position in division 1 after 3 games to now go out and try new players and new things within our gameplan.

  88. @Catcol

    IIRC the situation is really similar to our last visit to Healy Park – we started the league well and there was here a growing consensus we should field a strong team. Horan wasn’t for budging and put a really inexperienced team out, we lost narrowly, and went on to get a thumping in a league final.

    Point being it’s important not to allow last weekend to colour your thinking too much, and stick to the plan you had at the start of the league.

    I don’t believe 6 points will be enough to guarantee safety year, and we are very quickly running out of games to give players minutes in.

    And it was one of the “regrets” Kevin highlighted from last year. We don’t have a kind Connacht draw, and our scope to experiment in the Group Stage is completely dependent on the result of our first game. Omagh, Clones and New York are the experimentation weekends imo.

  89. A lot of meta talk about the conversation going on.

    IMO the first metric a year should be judged on is; Did we win?

    And on 2023 the answer is no.

    But the next metric for me is:
    Did 2023 prepare us better for 2024?

    And right now, that would appear to be an emphatic yes, across every layer of Mayo football. Including the supporters and the conversation here.

    So it’s not surprising for me that the conversation has turned towards the people who do not appear to have taken lessons from 2023 – referees and RTE.

  90. Some excellent posts on here lately.FTH i would suggest Mcstay started the year with the plan to get to six points asap and then experiment.He speaks plenty but doesnt say much though thats what i picked up from a couple interviews.Also i dont for one second think Kerry or Galway posters are trying to improve the Mayo team by suggesting we drop Aido.Trust management as we are going the right way.Blogs returned to educated opinions on tuesday again.

  91. Very well said ,to win just once,you have said everything I was thinking,much better than I could say it,I just can’t get my head around why people bother attending matches when all they do is moan,we played the best football of the year in the second half,it leaves in a very good position,the moaning about the management team is nonsense,as if officer from the army can’t stand up for himself,in my opinion we have a very good management team who appear to get along very well, but we have the same people who used to criticise James Got an for not talking to his selectors,now criticising this management team for standing too close together

  92. @JP: Totally agree on the defence JP.

    Some real positives there even with all the caveats (can add in scores for some of the horrible wides Dublin/Kerry/Galway all kicked – some wide from good pressure but a majority were simply very poor even for February kicking).

    When you put the performances in the context of the games themselves (throwing ball away in transition/attack unforced errors, lads looking a little leggy in 2/3 games causing them well beaten in matchups you’d expect them to excel at, Sam/Brick carrying Sigerson at the same time while can see the impact that’s having on the Canavan’s too) I’ve been hugely impressed with the new Man v Man setup (or man v man with just Reape as the sweeper if there’s a new name for that one). The least impressive I’ve seen us tactics wise was when we dropped Aidan back as a sweeper against Kerry. Wrong man in the wrong place for the wrong job at that stage in the game IMHO. Would have been far better getting Hession on and using Sam/David/Jack as the sweeper if we felt we needed one.

    Stephen O’Meara took a slightly closer look at it this week, first 18 minutes or so are all Kerry v Mayo.

    Easy to look at the ‘man v man’ opportunities for Kerry rather than into a blanket and feel it’s a system error causing it but the majority of those were from the handling/technical errors and the fact they didn’t end up with overlaps/2v1s in spite of the frequent turnovers is a huge positive this early in the system.

  93. Often I think you’ve to set out for a season based on the squad and probability of winning you have. Dublin and Kerry can set out to try and win all the necessary matches for Sam leading from pillar to post.
    We’re in that competitive group of teans, so my view is we’re better served staying in touch to 60 mins, using up clock, not over exerting ourselves.
    Then trying to take over the momentum of the game in the last 20mins. If you goal in that last 20mins you’re probably notching up 1-3 or 1-4 to possibly take you across the winning line.
    Playing at full tempo from first minute is extremely tiring. We’ve lost a lot of big games in the second half or final quarter.

  94. For the Tryone game I’d like to see a lively lineup like the below
    Durkan…..Sam ……..Eoin Mac

    Just like James Horan before him , get Tommy game time in halfforwards to peak his confidence, more touches of the ball, more direct running and overlapping like Michael Donnellan type runs and give him a confidence boost .
    Darren mchale should be given a ho in that role O Shea was trying to play, drift out collect ball and be and interchange option for halfforwards with the one two runs.
    Towey or Cillian whichever you think could play 14 but I d give Towey the start and then bring on the ciller.
    Eoin mac needs game time, otherwise I’d have hession at 7. But again speed to try mark canavan be needed .
    All in a nice balanced pacey team that has shooters to beat the blanket .

  95. With that I’m assuming mcbrien wouldn’t be tried and would be rested and paddy durkan would be fit if not then play coen 6

  96. @TsuDhoNim

    Would you know where Stephen is posting these videos?
    Because I am no longer seeing them on his YouTube channel, at least not up to date, as of 2024.

  97. A management team that gets on very well together.. I’m not so sure about that. Year one and there’s problem s. Did liam mchale not depart citing unworkable tactics from another selector or as some have posted… manager selector. Who knows. Anyhow I’m happy so far. Boland the big plus. Defence also. Midfield and full forward line attention required.

  98. @FrostTHammer: He’s uploading them directly to Twitter/X.

    Not sure what the logic is there, from a digital marketing point of view YouTube is far better for random discovery, social sharing & especially SEO with the automated transcripts, so he’d be better off doing both (ideal but slightly more work)/just YouTube (having a canonical version to consolidate views never bad for the metrics).

  99. @TsuDhoNim


    I don’t really understand the thinking behind it either – I doubt I will be the only viewer he loses because it’s only available on X.

  100. In my considered opinion ,more often than not if one person disagrees with a number of others, I would side with the majority

  101. Did Liam Horan and our Psychologist move on from last year’s back room team as well as Liam McHale?

    Like the idea of trying that sort of team outside boot. Tyrone aren’t in great shape with lot of new personnel bedding in. Paddy may not be back either and McBrien I’m not sure of his status. Need to start developing squad depth a bit not nearly safe.
    Based on players seen to date does the team that started the weekend look likely to be starting championship? (paddy to be included obviously if fit)

  102. I would imagine that wouldn’t be too far off the team.
    Hard to see O Hora pushing anyone out .
    Loftus will have a role as a 10, maybe not a starter but that’s the beauty of Competition.
    Conors seriously talented player but like that we need him confident and on the boil.
    Just shame he never really showed form of the all ireland winning underage when he was a leader and main man in the finals .
    Still with maturity and alot of games under his belt hopefully he will finally show his skillset and a top determination.
    Matty Ruane on form squeezes into the team with potentially dropping Diarmuid even deeper which I’d love to see . But again it up to matty to prove himself, i think Jack Carney is more dynamic and consistent and a better everyday man.
    Matty needs a breather after trying to hold midfield all on his own . So let’s get him freshened up and confident and he be a major asset .
    James carr I’m a big fan of and think he again on form is what the full forward line is missing .
    Strong fast, burst through a tackle , he has it all but doesn’t shoe it often enough is only thing so like ruane maybe time off do him good .
    Obviously a fit Cillian is worth a start everyday, just need to change gameplay to suit him nowadays and make most of his attributes.

    So all in there major additions to the squad and or team pending form, which is what it’s all about competition for places .

  103. Gizmo facts don’t matter in some peoples minds .Again I repeat I have no issue with the current management but as far as I know Stephen rochford is the first and only assistant manager in Gaelic football.I know that Kevin mcstay says very little in the dressing room and the idea that an army officer wouldn’t be overruled would only apply if this wasn’t the arrangement in the first place.this is a football discussion forum on mayo football and it wouldn’t have many members if everyone came on with the same opinion screeching Mayo for Sam after we lose to Kerry in February.most of the comments on here are observations which some choose to interpret as criticism.I would never agree with criticism of players but the management are all well paid and all know exactly what they are letting themselves in for when they go looking for a county job.There definitely has been an improvement defensively so far .no goals conceded and no man of the match awards for colm reape

  104. Agree with 1985. The defence has tightened up very well. We have played very good forward lines so far. Reepe only has had to make one save in the 3 matches. That was a poor shot by Clifford last Saturday night. Colm is just having to kick out the ball this weather. Hope this trend continues.

  105. Yes corrick this has all been explained to you before as you seemed to be under the impression that inter county managers are given the price of a cup coffee to compensate them for their time

  106. I firmly believe that the amount of expenses they get combined would not make me get out of bed for it,it is peanuts

  107. Good one corrick you are great craic .club managers get more than enough to get them out of bed .But of course I am sure you know that only too well.anyway back to the real world

  108. The expenses that the management get is freely available,for the combined management expenses ,I would certainly not leave my bed,never mind travel the length of the country to prepare our team,if you would you would not be good enough

  109. Corrick you can believe what you want .it’s very hard to believe such a level of innocence exists .I really hope you don’t also believe in the Easter bunny

  110. Absolutely club managers get a fair ole whack of dough… 15 yrs ago club managers were getting up on 10 grand in mayo… What is it now?? Peanuts says some here.. Well that’s horseshit. Intercounty managers are getting very very VERY well paid.. Make no mistake

  111. Is there any chance people could stick to talking about the football? This chatter about paying managers, which bubbles up here far too regularly, is tiresome in the extreme. It only leads to contributors sniping at each other, which isn’t helpful either.

  112. Well said To win just once and Pebblesmeller.
    We could do with a Revellino poem/post to inject positivity here.

  113. Great ball some junior clubs forking up to €15k now a days apparently.
    Can’t beat the volunteer ethos that has people with no affiliation to a particular county driving roads to Donegal and Clare, Louth and Derry etc. can’t beat the love of the game 🙂

  114. 1985. We are ok .. we have ab army man in charge. Not the first army man. Maughan brought belief back to the county. Not sure what kind of soldier mcstay is or does he even command the troops. Some people just cannot take the red and green glasses off. On to Tyrone… more new faces please

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