Same fifteen to start for us in Limerick


I’m only in the door and I see that we’ve just named our team for tomorrow evening’s All-Ireland semi-final against Kerry at the Gaelic Grounds in Limerick (throw-in 5pm). In what won’t go down as one of the greatest shocks of our times, James and his colleagues have opted to name the same team that started on Sunday. Here it is:

Mayo (All-Ireland SFC semi-final replay v Kerry, 30/8/2014): Robbie Hennelly (Breaffy); Tom Cunniffe (Castlebar Mitchels), Ger Cafferkey (Ballina Stephenites), Keith Higgins (Ballyhaunis); Lee Keegan (Westport), , Colm Boyle (Davitts), Donal Vaughan (Ballinrobe); Jason Gibbons (Ballintubber), Seamus O’Shea (Breaffy); Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Jason Doherty (Burrishoole); Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber), Alan Freeman (Aghamore), Alan Dillon (Ballintubber).

Once again, we’ve only announced our starting fifteen and haven’t named our subs’ list but there’s no mystery there at this stage either. Unless, of course, we include Gavin Duffy …

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  1. WJ, Freeman starts instead of Moran! Listened to Second Captains podcast which in my opinion is the best for GAA analysis, (big Oisin McConville has a serious grá for the green and red) and they reckon Freeman is the man at FF! I would agree fully and thought, as usual, he was taken off too early on Sunday as Horan tends to do with him! If he had of stayed on longer in the second half he definitely would have made hay! Just my view! C’mon Mayo lets do it! ??????

  2. A sensible move. Keeps the opposition on their toes. Note that Kerry are also “unchanged”! Ar aghaidh linn!

  3. Surprised Gibbons named again, hopefully the last day will have brought him on as we know he can do it if he is right!

  4. Should Gavin be named on the bench? Or it it plain crazy to even consider it, I’m crazy anyway so I’d have him at ff for 15 minutes to keep them guessing.
    I think Jason gibbons will come good, he’s a quality player and may have been slow getting up to the pace of the game ? Or just an off day?
    They’re saying our FB line is suspect under high ball, how would Kerry do if we use that tactic with Barry Moran at ff and the like of Sweeney nearby ? They’d be suspect too it could be argued .
    I heard about the Dublin crowd going bananas about lee being cleared, are they afraid we may have a chance of beating Kerry?
    With a bit of luck we will win tomorrow and the dubs will on Sunday,

    Mayo 2 15
    Kerry 1 14

    Dublin. 3 14
    Donegal 1. 10

  5. Agree on Freeman. He caused Kerry problems with limited supply. The problem is the ball isn’t put in quick enough to him. Then when Andy is put on the delivery seems to be much quicker. It is a confidence or respect issue?
    I think Alan can get goals for us on Saturday…

  6. No, it’s neither a respect or confidence issue lads in my opinion. Andy is a class apart when it comes to creating space.

  7. glad to see jason gibbons start any one can have an off day after all he is not long back after injury i still think there is a place for r feeney come on mayo

  8. Andy is always supplied with low ball, which he thrives on. Alan always seems to have to pluck it from the clouds, although i reckon he could be a lot cuter, as most of the time all the Kerry defender had to do was put his fist to the ball and freeman was beaten. Sometimes it’s better to knock it into space and keep his marker guessing.
    He set up the goal against cork and he supplied the ball for cillians goal chance last week. This shows, he is a clever player and we know he can stick it in the net also.

  9. Just hope that we have a plan for Star when he is introduced.Barry to CF Seamus to F Back we dont want to concede any more soft goals that are not even contested. Tough decisions have to be made and timely subs to be brought on early enough to have the max benefit.

  10. Good point puckout re confidence/respect! Freeman is questioned about his confidence which I don’t think is an issue for any inter-county footballer at this level! I think he can only be judged when the ball going into him is of a certain quality which up until now hasn’t been great! Aidan O’ Shea is a colossal player for us but I’d love if he’d chip in with a few more points out the field which he’s capable of doing! Tomorrow will be the day hopefully!

  11. I’ve been somewhat critical of Andy to date. He always had the vision (remember its wasnt a torn retina he had) no question about that, but he lacked the pace and balance that he had prior to his injury. But he seems to getting his mojo back….ala the move he made where he slotted a foot pass to Doc who then slotted it over the bar.
    He was very sharp when he came on the last day but the question remains is he better to start or is he better off the bench? Freeman is a real threat to Kerry inside, particularily Cillian plays off him, ala the goal chance on 11 mins.

    Remember lads, at this level, these games are games of inches, literally! Look at Cillians goal miss on 11 mins, then Leeeroy pt just before he was sent off! Then JOD’s last gasp effort, off the upright and wide in the 72’nd minute…literally inches decide these teams.
    I thought Horan did well on the sideline that last day….only thing I would question is why we didnt track Star from his initial midfield position (deception by Fitz) to his ultimate FF position. But we lived to tell the tale and Kerry have shown their hand IMO..we know now what they will do.
    Horan has some difficult calls to make…lets hope and pray he gets them more right than Fitz.

  12. I have to say, I don’t agree that freeman is the man. Marc O’Se was breaking a lot of ball off him and bullying him when he actually got hold of the ball. Moran gave them far more trouble and was a much more available outlet, whereas freeman was very static in the first half. I cant see how someone can claim freeman came off too early considering moran’s performance. I agree that freeman should get another go though, but moran should definitely come in if he isn’t grasping it.

    I cant see gibbons starting. He is a real asset when a team is kicking long, as good as any midfielder, like the cork league game this year, but Kerry wont be doing that. They will be going to a loose man and moving the ball through the hands, driving past the likes of Gibbons who isn’t the most mobile of guys, like Donegal did with Barry Moran. Parsons is the man for the job.

    I have to say, it is good to see us a bit more bullish this time around. We do too much bowing to Kerry, ‘oh aren’t they great with their history and tradition’, we have a damn fine side ourselves and it is time to act like it. Look how tyrone showed them no respect and it annoyed them to the point of unsettling them. That belief can filter down onto the pitch I believe, just like it did after half time when the red card had our backs up. I repeat my paraphrase from last week, it is time to crash into these fellas and check their pulse, because they will play good football if they are allowed.

    Let’s put this Kerry nonsense to bed

  13. Phew, its getting close, I dont see that as team that will start.
    Tom Parsons will be in I think.
    If not I do like Gibbons but think Moran too mobile for him.
    I would sooner Barrett or Feeney at LHB and Donie Center field for mobility but we will see.

    Freeman deserves his start and will be buoyed with confidence having fielded about the Kerry backs .
    To be fair he played about 15 mins in total in Full forward in first half he was out in centreforward .

    Anyways who ever takes the field this is there for the taking so come on Mayo

  14. Can’t see Gibbons starting. If he does we’re asking for trouble, he’s not match-fit and David Moran had Croke Park to himself in the first half as a result. It’ll be Parsons there I reckon. Jason might have ten good minutes in him at the end if we need to send one of the O’Sheas back on Donaghy.

    On Freeman – three problems. One is the quality of ball sent in to him; it’s not accurate enough. Two: Alan is still behind his man too much. It’s too easy for defenders to break ball coming in to him as he’s trying to pluck it from over their heads. This was most evident against Rory O’Carroll in the league.

    And three: he needs to move more. Cillian scored his first point from play the last day from making a great burst right into the corner, then shrugging off the defender (Marc I think) before slotting the point. It was the initial run that made the chance. Alan is not making that kind of burst often enough.

    But above all – Alan is a physically big man. He can be a LOT more aggressive on the field and for his own sake he needs to start doing that if he’s going to be in the picture for Mayo long-term. Tomorrow would be a very good time to start.

  15. Its great having Leeroy back. A little softner from the GAA perhaps. Lee is the finest half back in the country of that there is not doubt in my mind.He is one of our most consistent players and under rated . So onto the game. As i said before there can be no hiding places at the gaelic. We have to come out strong each and every one of them show for ball and make a nuisance of themselves until the final whistle. We need to starve Kerry forwards for possession as we need for most of the second half. Lets go down there and get the fucking job done and finished with . Hon Mayo !!!!!!!!!

  16. A lot of people do not seem to be travelling from mayo. On top of this a lot of mayos dublin based support won’t be travelling . So if anyone is undecided please make a special effort to go and support our boys . They deserve all the support we can give them .

  17. Yeah…ive noticed too many times people casually saying they wont make it. Ive had two terrace tkts for sale for days and not even a nibble. It says alot.


  18. A few years ago the Tallships came to Boston and the local media got themselves whipped up into a complete frenzy about how bad the traffic was going to be.

    In fact it got so bad, that a lot of people didnt bother turning out to see them and the event was a bust.

    Im wondering if thats whats going on here…..I read of one person from Ballina planning to leave at 10:00 am

  19. As well as a spare for North Stand, I also have 2 spares for Mackey Stand. Would be great to get Mayo people in these seats!! I’m travelling down from Dublin by train tomorrow and will be in Limerick from 3.15 if anyone is interested in any of these.

  20. High or Low will you swap the spares for the Mackey Stand?. I can give you 2 Clare end terrace tickets.

  21. Looking forward to match can’t wait here are prediction for tommorow and Sunday mayo and donegal to win could be wrong.

  22. There is no point boycotting the game to hurt the gaa they don’t care whether there is 10000 or fifty at the game these heroes of ours deserve all the support we can give them our support last Sunday was as good as an extra man in the second half get behind them and let’s lift the roof of these stands in limerick

  23. DavyJ, I think you’re spot on about Freeman. I am a massive fan of him, but it’s frustrating to watch and I’m sure it’s frustrating for him, too. I think the first two points are related – the fact that he frequently appears to be behind his man suggests to me that the quality of the ball in just isn’t great – behind your man isn’t a bad place to be if the ball is landing in the right position for you to head off for goal! But I agree he needs to start showing more and displaying more aggression. God, I would love to see him put in a good shift tomorrow. We need goals tomorrow and that’s the bottom line here.

    A lot of Mayo’s Dublin-based support will be hitting the road bright and early tomorrow D – it’s not such a hard drive for us. The fact that it’s been moved to Limerick though has doubtless affected the attendance of those that are less engaged as a rule (e.g. those who would normally just hop on board at semi-final stage) and they’re just not bothering. Demand for this isn’t as high as anticipated which is disappointing, so I hope we’re not outnumbered. Means we will have to work harder to be louder!

  24. Delighted Freeman is starting, I think he’ll have a stormer tommorow and produce his best football this year. I just want to add I absolutely cringe when I see posters refer to donnaghy as “star” or “the star” its a stupid pet name that kerry people have put on him, theirs no need for mayo people to call him by that name it gives an impression that we are in awe of him or something!!! We pay far too much respect to kerry, we need to get out there tommorow and lay into them from the off…jus like when boyler threw jod that shoulder that knocked him to the ground when he was holding onto the ball after givin away a free, thats the mentality to have!! I bet boyler an cillian dont call Donaghy “star”. Anyways lets give them hell.

  25. I am proud of Mayo and whatever the result tomorrow let no one ever again question the morale of Mayo, what other county could come back again and again like we have after so many bitter narrow defeats? The team has done us proud and am confident will do so again tomorrow. I’m proud of Mayo and our team and I am proud of this sport. I love GAA for its connection to Parish and County and the way we can attend any match with our kids and mix with rival fans in a true sporting spirit. This is despite being abused following last year’s final by a number of so called Dublin fans, I prefer to think of them as lager louts more used to following in the worst possible way the worst of English soccer fans. I have always found real Dub supporters to be salt of the earth. However, I really think the day has come when the GAA must clean up its act re the rule book if this sport is going to thrive in the modern age. Some anomalies – I observed 2 separate punching incidents on Sunday last, one initiated by a Mayo player and another by a Kerry player, both making contact, with no action by ref/officials yet Lee gets red carded for air kick. If the rules say “intention” then much as I regret to say he did commit the red card foul. Therefore this ruling to rescind is a farce even if as a Mayo man I am delighted. Take the penalty on Sunday, what if Cillian had missed? There was no black card for the foul, why not? Was it not a deliberate attempt to stop a scoring chance? If not why was it a penalty? Is the referee supposed to be a mind reader as to the intent of the fouling player? Aidan O’Shea spent a lot of the 2nd half (from my viewpoint in the Cusack) carrying 2 Kerry players on his back every time he turned for goal. I thought valid tackling involved one arm around the player not piggy back? Fair play to the ref for a free flowing game etc. but it seems rules are optional. Compared to rugby we have a long way to go in cleaning up the rules. It is an amateur sport but there is professionalism and dedication to match any other sport except when it comes down to the application of the rules and for that I blame the GAA not the unfortunate referees whose valid (by the rule book) decisions can get overturned for what I suspect are political motives to appease opinion after farcical decision re replay and insulting comments by O’Neill. I know it’s a matter for another day and we, for once, have come out the right side, but I think our players who are professional in all they do deserve to know where they stand as regards rules. We now are in age where the players are professional in the full meaning of the word except remuneration but the GAA is in danger of being left behind in a morass of internal politics, committees and reaction to public opinion. Our players, from whatever county, deserve better! Back to tomorrow, come on Mayo supporters, make some noise!!!!

  26. I don’t think that Jason Gibbons will start, you’d think that Tom Parsons or Barry Moran will start or else Donal Vaughan might be moved there as well. It’d be great to see Doc, Kevin Mc and the O’Sheas get a few scores as well, only six players scored for us in the drawn game. Some scores from Alan Freeman would be great also. I’d love to see Ger Cafferkey punch the ball a bit more too, just keep the ball away from the dangerzone. Come on Mayo!

  27. Really hope Freeman does well tomorrow. Has plenty of ability. However I wonder if Andy started the last day and played the way Alan did and was replaced by Alan who then scored 2 points and won pretty much every ball sent in his direction ,what would we supporters think about the starting 15 tomorrow. I am sure we would all want Alan to start.. Andy Moran has been brilliant for us. His attitude is first class, he is totally selfless and gives one hundred per cent every time. Alan has the potential to cause Kerry all sorts of problems and score a few goals. There is however the danger that the game may pass him by also.Having said that I m glad Alan is starting as he seems to play better when he starts than when he comes on as a sub. Go for it Alan and seize the moment.

  28. I was listening to Data oshea on the last word.Of all that he said there was only real truth in any of it.He spoke about the intensity of the game.Now Kerry in the first half brought their own intensity but it was nothing like the intensity mayo brought to the game in second half.So if Oshea is talking about it you can be sure some of the Kerry players have talked about it and jaysus if they weren’t talking about it they fucking felt it.You can be also be sure that its mayos intensity that will worry the Kingdom

  29. There needs to be plan for donaghy. Caff’s not agressive enough in the air. SOS to mark him as soon as he appears with simple instruction to make sure he catches zero clean ball. Break it everytime.

  30. That’s it Anne-Marie – the people who bolster our fan base when we get to semi final stage in Croker , from all areas of the island ,don’t seem to be travelling . I have no doubt the people like yourself who travel to lots of games throughout the year will travel. Sure it would not be a mayo game unless ye were there . All we need now is a win to celebrate . Safe travelling everyone .

  31. Freeman needs to get his scoring boots as COC is unlikely to score 1-8 again. It think Parsons starting instead of gibbons will be the one late change and Andy is the best impact sub Mayo have.

    Mayo have a team full of leaders and that leadership quality should be enough to reach another AI final.

  32. I feel sorry for any Mayo supporters not able to travel to Limerick tomorrow for the match, It is gonna be one of those match’s for years to come we will be saying, “were you there?”

    Make sure everyone that is travelling to bring a flag and cheer the lads on, whether we are winning or loosing. We made the difference in Croke Park the last day!

  33. I’ve the Passat garnered out in the green and red bunting and I’m ready for an early start tomorrow. So glad that Keegan gets to tog out. He should never have gotten a red in the first place. Anyways the wrong has been righted and that’s all that matters. Lee plays tomorrow.

    My ticket came today and it’s for the East (City End) terrace standing only. Does that mean that the earlier you get there, the better the position you can secure on the terrace? Like a first come first served basis? If anybody knows could you let me know. Thanks.

    We’ll finish the job tomorrow. There a great bunch of lads. Once more into the breach… and all that…

  34. Here my tuppence worth as i see it ,
    First mayo must push up from the off , on the Kerry kick outs as happened in the second half last Sunday , thus forcing Kerry goalkeeper to kick it long . A lot of Kerry people has little confidence in this goalkeeper .as he cannot place his kicks accurately.

    Do not expect Mayo to open up like a train in the first half as they now pace themselves for a big second half ( just like Dublin has done for the last 2 years )

    They must trust each forward to tackle and hound the Kerry backs all of the 75 minuets , , James and his team must have a plan B when Cillan is marked out or taken out of the game . Freeman must (if starting )put his body on the line and play his heart out in this game like Colm Boyle does …WE as supporters must expect tired legs from our players and James to set up a strategy to cover this .

  35. Hope Ger Caff has a stormer tomorrow
    To be fair he was cramping badly for last 10 minutes last Sunday
    He is a great man marker
    Mayo to shade it

  36. the talking is nearly over , the red and green army will hit limerick in there,s thousand 2morro, cant wait now, safe traveling to everyone, up mayo

  37. its 07:00am Saturday morning where I am based

    Cannot wait for this Replay. GAAAGO probably the only good decision the Gaa top Brass have made all season.

    Same starting 15 as Last week is probably the best option.
    starting Andy on the Bench is a good move as when he eventually comes on he raises both the crowd and the Players and he wont give the ball away easy like some others.

    Alot of posters making comment to Jason Gibbons who if some of ye cant remember was our best player during the league and was playing his first game since end of league due to Injury.
    He is the quickest and most mobile midfielder compared to Barry Moran the O Sheas, or Parsons. Parsons did very well in 2nd half last week but that was after Horan went all out attack. Parsons is ok but he goes missing for large chunks of games and is not a good defender. if we get through we will need him for a possible encounter with Dublin who have a very mobile midfield.

    if we tighten up at the back and dont leak goals we will win hands down, but if we dont this will be like last week once again and go to the final whistle.
    Lee keegan would have been a serous loss and you can see him putting in a huge performance after his out of character mistake and red card last week.
    Same marking jobs as last week but Vaughan needs to do his defensive duties a bit better as we all know going forward he is very good.

    Kerry will inevitably bring on Donaghy at some time in the 2nd half probably 15-20 min left and we cant bury our hands in the sand as per last week and previous years and allow him to catch high ball and create a goal. when this happens we need to move either Aidan or Seamus O Shea onto him.

    Fingers crossed but i have a good feeling we will do the Job this time out.

    I will be home for the final no matter what

  38. I have one ticket for the North Stand (seated) available and 2 Clare End terrace tickets available. Drop me a line if anyone is interested.

  39. FFs we are going to be outnumbered badly tomorrow i reckon, goin by buses that went to croker in comparison to tomorrow and people you’d know who were there the last day and are not going tomorrow add in the fact tickets are like all Ireland final tickets down in Kerry and my seanen opinion poll on Mayo v Kerry crowd reads 70/30 in favor of the yeras.

    Train Fares are ridiculous if one didnt buy in advance, stupid me priced it on wed for myself and two kids day return dub 73 yoyos, waited and from last night went up to 105.

  40. More and more its looking like a home game for Kerry. Limerick is a bridge too far and too challenging for many ppl. But perhaps it will make victory all the sweeter.
    Up Mayo!

  41. Just a note on the supporters..

    I think people who are not going need to be cut some slack. I am a season ticket holder with about 90% attendance ,and all the pieces that had to fall into place to enable me to go happened only yesterday, until then it was in doubt. Replays really throw a cat among the pigeons, I know, personally I have tried to keep the August bank holiday and whatever weekend the Connaught winners are in the AI semi final free, but a replay really throws everything out of kilter. People can’t put their whole life on hold depending on when games might or might not happen. People might have got last sunday off work, might have had to have babysitters organised, previous plans made for this weekend or anything…. that’s why replays traditionally have smaller crowds. Throw in the fact that its on Kerry doorstep, its only to be expected that we be outnumbered.

    Saying that, if the Mayo support that is there are as passionate as they were last Sunday, even if it is 70/30 in favor in Kerry we will still be louder…unreal last week in the lower Cusack… expecting the same in 102 tomorrow..

  42. Just watched the game again for the 5th time .A lot of comment here re. gibbons v parsons in mid field. If Tom Parsons starts tomorrow ,he will need a huge improvement from the last day.In fairness it was a big ask of him as he has not seen c.ship action for some time. IF that was gibbons playing bad and parsons playing well then I would start gibbons, he was on the ball a lot more ,the stats dont lie. Surely James Horan is in the best position to know if a player is match-fit or not. Maybe Vaughan will start in mid field.
    Up Mayo, they are a far better team and should win.

  43. FDB

    Not looking for swaps, already going with others, face value if I can

  44. Just heard on the radio it’s going to be 70/30 in favourite of Kerry support wise, why arnt we traveling in bigger numbers? Are we afraid we are goin to lose to Kerry once again, hope we use the sweeper again in front of JOD, if we don’t he’s going to score a lot more than the 1-3 he got the last day from play. We need to be careful, a lot of people getting 2 carried away that we are going to win at a canter, this is going to be a battle from start to finish, I still think they have the most dangerous forwards in Ireland even without the gooch, also Star now knows he’s got the beating of our full back line. I also now think they have got a greater incentive, as we have moaned all week about the venue, and down on top of it,lee has been allowed to play on a technicality. Another thing I fear is the referee won’t give us as many close in frees as golderick have us last week. Sorry for being a little negative, hope it all comes together on the day

  45. I don’t believe in pishógs or curses
    I know Kerry folk are annoyed Leroy got off
    I dot believe in pishógs and resemblance to history
    I respect the team we are playing in Limerick
    I know we have a better team
    I will be hoarse tomorrow night
    We will march on

  46. Have 50 flags in the boot to hand out in block 102 tomorrow, get em while they are fresh!!!

  47. Mayo Forever and mayoforever sincere apologies, totally unintentional,will rethink my moniker. The only robbery I will condone is Kerry ball!

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