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We’re still only in pre-season (just about, with our opening League match this day week) but we claimed our first FBD title in eleven years last night in the Dome so it’s worth having a quick look at the media coverage about that. Here it is:

Match reports: GAA, RTÉ, Western People, Midwest Radio (includes post-match audio), Roscommon People, Irish Independent, Irish Examiner, Irish Mirror, The 42.

Photos: Sportsfile, Inpho.

For our club members on Patreon, there’s also our Final Whistle podcast recorded last night in the Dome. Mike and I are on it and there’s also post-match audio from Kevin McStay and Stephen Coen. That’s available on Patreon – here. If you want to join the club, you can do so here.

That’s the lot – but sure, ’tis only the FBD.

Don’t forget that the county’s women footballers are in National League action against Cork in Bekan tomorrow. I’m aiming to follow that one on the livestream and will have a match report on it later tomorrow.

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  1. We have a lot of players in a good age profile 24-30. I think this is a good thing for this season and next season.
    Michael Plunkett 28
    Paddy Durcan 29
    Padraig OHora 30
    Stephen Coen 28
    Conor Loftus 28
    Eoghan McLoughlin 24
    Matthew Ruane 27
    Diarmuid O’Connor 28
    Bryan Walsh 28
    Jordan Flynn 25
    Ryan O’Donoghue 25
    Tommy Conroy 24
    It’s that group listed above that is now the core of the team. Having those all fit, in form and selected in sensible roles would bring us a long way.
    Not everyone has to start either. Bench impact is a thing. Top teams tend to stalemate each other for 3/4s and then one team finishes stronger, quite often this is the impact of the subs who come on.

  2. Generally a negative reaction to last night’s match. However, two new managers, lots of new players being tested, in Mayo’s case, a totally new gameplan being introduced, (great to see our players, when defending, making themselves big and slowing down the opponent, rather than lunging in and making it easy for the opponent to slip past them!), players having to adapt to new roles, also they’re not going to tear into each other with big games coming up next week. So, of course there’s going to be teething problems. This new defensive strategy doesn’t make for exciting football but with all the forward power that Kerry, Galway and Dublin have, I think it’s a good idea to set up like this, if our forwards show more accuracy on a consistent basis we could adopt a more attacking style.
    Wishing our ladies every success in the coming season. Michael Moyles and the players will have learnt a lot from the past two years so hopefully they’ll be competing for honours this year.

  3. Haven’t posted in a while so will do a bit of a catch all…….
    1. Lee thanks for the Golden memories
    2. Sincere Condolences to the Higgins family, not an easy time..
    3. The game last night was no more than a training match so don’t over read it. Albeit one bee in the bonnet of something that happens over and over again, when a goal chance arrives you have to make the keeper work (make him move, change his feet, force a decision from him) players do this by jinking, shimmying, head bobs, hand movement etc.. you’d think this would be a critical item in training…
    4. Anyway onwards and upwards, my only wish is for all to stay fit and we’ll always have a chance. And hopefully a couple of lads will make the break through…

  4. Also meant to mention Loftus, I think the strategy here maybe is that giving him experience at 6 may ultimately see him play a sweeper / transition type roll later in the league and championship. Could be a smart move as we do need a different defensive set up and stop conceding soft goals

  5. Conor Loftus could be effective on the counter attack, kicking accurate long ball into the forward line. I wouldn’t be depending on him to prevent conceding goals though, he is not a good tackler and hasn’t the pace to track speedy forwards.

  6. My only thing is I think its a good thing we are trying ti be more defensive system espcially aftee last weks 2nd half.

    Though I think Ryan o D is back in fkying form and was a a clas act. Cillian o connor also coming back to form. I dont want to slate a player but why aido need to wave at other players like that hate to say it but time to let the young ones have more say and running game now.

  7. Dont get carried away.Roscomam missed a load of scores and went straight through our defense a number of times
    I would prefer if our goalkeeper did not stray past the 21 yard line.

  8. I thought aido made a positive contribution when he came in . Two points came off him winning primary ball did it not ? He comes in for some awful scrutiny in fairness in everyone’s analysis

  9. In fairness to Aidan that is what is needed especially with so many young players on the field they need someone to guide them at times.

  10. I would say Aidan is under instruction to release ball quickly. That seemed to be what he was doing.

  11. It’s really sickening when you hear some of the abuse Aido gets from some of our so called supporters.Big difference between criticism and abuse.

    No real stand out performances the last night but good outings from Loftus and ROD,Cillian looked sharp when he came on aswell.

  12. I’ve often said we have this reputation as great supporters but some of the stuff that’s said about aido from our own is sickening. Can you imagine the abuse that would be dished at him if he ever transferred to a huge club to win an all ireland….On another note I seen Evan regan with the squad and gear on him, is he still the nutritionist or is he part of the squad

  13. Today would have been ideal weather conditions for the FBD final in MacHale Park or the Hyde. Would have brought out a 5k plus crowd and probably a much better contest than what was seen Friday and better preparation for the NFL opener against Galway.

  14. And it might also have pissed rain and been full o howling winds and done damage to our main pitch.

  15. Good to see a bit of focus on defence. I’m not sure we have the same calibre of man markers that we once had, I hope I’m wrong. Any word on the challenge game over the weekend?

  16. I see Lee is joining the RTE GAA coverage team. Best of luck to him; after listening to him on the podcast over the weekend I’ve no doubt he’ll be a great success.

    Seeing Aidan have the desire to turn out for FBD games in his 15th year as a Mayo player is quite something. People can have views on his ability, best position and performances but he’s really been some servant.

  17. Aido has been quite the servant and comes out every year despite the ridiculous amount of abuse he gets . But people are entitled to their opinions on it to he has been a great player for mayo.

    And for a comment above switching to a team so he could win an all Ireland if that player works in a county and doesn’t want to travel 3 or more times a week for training etc no one could blame them but I am just guessing thats whats in question @Blondie11

    Great to see Lee keegan as a pundit for sunday game also .

  18. Aiden is still needed on this new Mayo team, maybe not for the full game running up and down the field but maybe a role like Neil Gsallagher had for Donegal for his last year or so, get possession around midfield and pass it on quickly to the runners passing him in full flight.

  19. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on Aidan OShea but not their own facts as the saying goes.Reality is he has been an amazing player for us and if we didnt have him we wouldnt have been half as competitive as we have been over the last 11years.
    There is no chance we would have beaten Kerry in 2017 for a start

  20. @1989 not quite sure what you mean by peoples own facts? Some have opinions on every player not just aido which is said around just the way of the game yes he has been a great player for mayo but need to find a position that is suited to him and not keep moving him around I thinl hes a good impact sub and subs are vital for winning.

  21. Blondie Evan Regan is still a nutrionist with the Mayo team and he works full time in a similar role with Munster Rugby. He suffered a few serious injuries over the years so retired from inter county football I dont think he’s back on the panel although he is probaly Ballina Stephenites top score getter

  22. Shambolic stuff from the GAA again Re the Glen v Crokes game. A complete cop out asking Glen to make a decision on whether to object or not. You wouldn’t see this in any other high level sport. It’s either a replay or it’s not – and it shouldnt be up to the Glen chairman to decide.
    TBH I have had concerns for a while now about the standard of people running the GAA in recent years. People like Pauric Duffy and Liam Mulvihil were visionary’s compared to the current set of fools. Larry McCarthy is like a character out of Fr Ted. How on earth did he get into that position?
    Croke park pitch is a disgrace from sustained overdue in the middle of winter. No one really seems to care. Stealthily over the last 5-7 years a massive amount of games has been transferred to the worst months of the year, the absolute depths of winter. It’s not that long ago the league didnt start till 20th Feb? There should be no high level football played anywhere in December and January. That is the coldest, bleakest time of the year and no body wants to watch or play big games in those conditions. Gaelic games are summer sports and if you can’t play all the games in a 10 month calendar from Feb to November then you have too many competitions.

  23. @Mikey3..Croke Park is showing a little wear and tear alright the last few weeks.. I don’t know what the weather was like in Dublin this last few months, but it’s been horrendous in the West of Ireland with rain and cold, not good for any playing surface anywhere, especially one just laid about 16 months ago like McHale Park.. Saturday will tell the tale what’s the surface like..I wouldn’t worry too much about Croke Park,.. they have the lights that simulates sunlight and not one but two farms to keep resurfacing it’s normally excellent surface… Your right, shouldn’t be up to Glen to seek a replay.. Listening on Newstalk FM this evening, the sport’s reporter was citing the example of Robbie Hennellys retaken and successful 45 at his second attempt that brought 2021 All Ireland semifinal to extra time…. retaken because I think Philly McMahon was too near the place kicker, probably less of an offence than having an extra player on the pitch..Not something the officials could possibly be expecting, but it probably was their responsibility that the correct amount of players were actually on the pitch at the end of the match..It will be interesting to see what happens!

  24. @Leantumes phily mcmahon was trying to interfear with that kick as well as being to close and thats why it was re taken but a total mess all the same and I do not think kilmacud put an extra player on the pitch on purpose. But bad management of the whole thing gaa should make the decision and not leave it up to Glen to

  25. What was it why was Mc stay fearful of a loss to his old pals? Two great points from donie smith

  26. Lean times ive a funny feeling that we won’t have to worry too much about the state of pitch in croke park .

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