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Where am I? What day of the week is it? Where’s the sun gone to? And where’s that coffee I need so badly to kick-start me into action?

Right, from what I gather it’s Saturday and a wet and windy one at that up here in the capital. The same kind of conditions, in other words, that prevailed at MacHale Park last night, where the pitch cut up badly and twelve-man Galway held out in the storm to record a third successive win over us.

There’s a good bit of coverage in the media about last night’s game so, in the usual format, here’s what I’ve been able to find in terms of words, pictures and the rest.

Locals: Mayo News, Mayo Advertiser, Connaught Telegraph, Galway Daily.

Nationals: Irish Times, Irish Independent.

Others: GAA, Connacht GAA, RTÉ, The 42, Hogan Stand.

Pictures and sounds: Mayo Mick (photos, video), Inpho and Sportsfile (photos), Midwest Radio (post-match interview with Stephen Rochford).

Right, that’s your lot. All those links, by the way, are also filed away in the results section of the site as what will become Year 117 of the results archive begins to take shape.

In this mad world of pre-season fixture scheduling, of course, the day after a match doubles up as the day before one too. So there’s little time to brood about last night’s loss given that the next challenge is now looming clearly into view.

Before you ask, I don’t have any news as yet about the team for tomorrow’s match against Roscommon. I am, however, hugely looking forward to hitting the road for Hyde Park in the morning to get my first view of the new year action for myself.

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  1. Mile buiochas Mayo Mick for providing the video. The weather conditions seemed to be atrocious. The pitch reminded me of the bogs in Oilean Acla! Surely on health and safety grounds it was dangerous for both teams. Fair play to both teams for trying their best as it was an entertaining game despite the conditions. Does anyone know if Midwest are broadcasting the game v the Rossies tomorrow?
    Bigi le foireann Mhuigheo i gconai!

  2. I see the Rossies have named a full strength team for tomorrow as expected. Going all out to try to atone for their humiliating beating in Croker last August. Sure they’ve been targeting this game for 5 months now ! Some craic tomorrow…

  3. Looking at that video I’m afraid MacHale Park is going to need a lot of TLC if it is to be in any fit condition for NFL duty in a few weeks barring a most unlikely heatwave in the meantime.

  4. Big thanks to Mayo Mick for Leitrim and Galway videos.
    You can see how guys like Ciaran Treacy whose game is based on taking on his man with speed rather than power struggled in those conditions.
    Jason Gibbons really got stuck into things in both games.
    Ger McDonagh looked the part in the Leitrim game. Don’t think he lost a single 50:50 ball.

  5. I think ger made a boo boo in fairness JP with the first ball early on over his head, should have been a goal!

    But he had a super game after that

    Looking forward to tomorrow. Hopefully the Hyde pitch will mean we will see some good football!

  6. Rossies name a very strong side , 2/9 favs , seems a shoe in loss. Not at all bothered about an fbd defeat so long as theres no injuries.

  7. That is right Sean come june July they will be burned out when ye are just peeking I hope fbd is only trying out the young guns most of the boys only back from holidays can not see any of them playing Sunday

  8. In fairness to the Rossies, they weren’t burned out last June or July, were they ?
    Only for inexperience, and the brilliance of Lee Keegan on the day, they could have taken us the first day in Croke Park.

  9. Has the Mayo team been announced? Serious test today and opportunity to evaluate player performances against more established opposition.

  10. 1. Rob Hennelly – Breaffy
    2. Eoin O’Donoghue – Belmullet
    3. Ger Cafferkey – Ballina Stephenites
    4. Caolan Crowe – Garrymore
    5. Colm Boyle – Davitts
    6. Paddy Durcan – Castlebar Mitchels(Captain)
    7. James Stretton – Claremorris
    8. Stephen Coen – Hollymount/Carramore
    9. Danny Kirby – Castlebar Mitchels
    10. Fionn McDonagh – Westport
    11. Diarmuid O’Connor – Ballintubber
    12. Conor O’Shea – Breaffy
    13. Neil Douglas – Castlebar Mitchels
    14. Jason Doherty – Burrishoole
    15. Ciaran Treacy – Ballina Stephenites

    Team Management: Stephen Rochford
    Donie Buckley, Peter Burke, Joe Keane & Tony McEntee.

  11. Will be interesting to see how Douglas, Treacy, Stretton and McDonagh get on in a more experienced team. Should be better playing conditions too.

  12. Plenty of championship experience on that Mayo starting team with only
    O Donoghue,Crowe,Stretton,McDonagh,Treacy,Douglas given their change to impress of course some of those 6 may not start as Rochford rarely starts as selected. Subs brought on for this fixture last year was the likes of K Higgins,T Parsons,A Moran so i would expect the same to happen again today with at least 3 first choice players to see action off the bench.

  13. Interesting team . Didn’t expect so many of the 1st team but suppose the Rossies have been putting out strong teams in all fbd matches so far . Not a bad day up here in the Midlands – cool but dry . safe journey to all

  14. Roscommons odds have just shortened from 2/9 to 2/11 , this could be an awful one sided game according to paddy power. I actually thought team selection this morning would see our odds come in a bit not out even further. (I find the bookies odds interesting)

  15. A dry cold day here in Roscommon. Ticket van outside the Hyde since 11.30am. Safe travelling to all.

  16. Thanks for posting team wideball. Interesting blend of experience and hopefulls. Very interesting to see how Coen shapes up at midfield and how full forward line combine.

  17. Like Sean I checked odds this morning after team selection thinking we would have shortened. But we were 7/2 last night and are 4/1 now.

    Have us in a double so here’s hoping.

    Pitch looks well here. Good game of football today hopefully!

  18. the Rossies can afford to be

    3 years in a row with a guaranteed Conn Final spot. one game to peak for and that gets them to super 8

  19. Not in the Hyde this evening.. Hope that the weather is better than it was for the Leitrim and Galway match’s… Congratulations to Young Paddy Durcan on captaining the side… Good luck to Mayo and all the loyal fans who have made the journey…

  20. Cannot understand why Midwest radio are not broadcasting the game. So much for local radio or lack thereoff ?
    6 to 3 p to the Rossies. By the way Shannonside radio are covering the Longford game

  21. 7 points each. Im getting updates on twitter following mayo gaa. Joke Midwest not covering the entire game.

  22. Leantimes… RosTown.. Congratulations on the excellent new pitch in the Hyde… But just wondering did ye put the posts back in the correct place?? … That’s the only explanation that I can think of regarding the Mayo wides!… Their in the right place in Croker!

  23. getting a little worried, how we cannot utilise the extra man we have to get scores in the last 2 games, and still conceeding scores to teams with less players than ourselves.

  24. Just about to write the same thing about not taking advantage of extra man or men in the case of galway game. No matter what its in thats not good.

  25. Midwest playing U2 and coldplay tunes while Mayo are playing Ross in the Fbd just giving short updates from a Roscommon journalist.In fairness to Shannonside they were covering Longford v Westmeath in the O’Byrne cup.Great to see young Fionn McDonagh and Ciaran Treacy putting the hand up for a National League place.Alot of hangovers from the Malaysia lads but that was to be expected.A big wide count today but weather didnt help.

  26. Hi, Nice to hear about Robbie penalty save at the finish. There seems to me to have been a plan to give newbies gametime and to throw in Kevin Mc and Diarmuid at some stage. Options at Centrefield were explored which most were asking for. There seem to be 3 potential new forwards and a couple of backs. (opinion). All in all a nice bit of juggling to give game time to Keane, Cafferty, Moran, Douglas. Monaghan really have a headache after conceding 4 goals.

  27. Who will Galway want to beat the most… Mayo in the Allianze League or the Rossi in the FBD Cup Final… Both taking place in February???…. No win out of 3 attempts,.. Wouldn’t read too much into it, was at the first two match’s, I heard a very solid Mayo fan say that it wasn’t right to expect anyone to play in such weather…. Gibbons impressed me, Neil Douglas also… Mike Finnerty on RTE was impressed by Fionn McDonagh today….We saw Keane make an impressive return after being out for nearly a year,.. Freezer is back in the fold, can he impress Stephen Rochford?.. At least he is available Hennelly saved a penalty after 15 months absence between the sticks… We have another match yet in the FBD, a dead rubber for both Mayo and Sligo, I think….. On we go to the League,… Monaghan,… Food for taught for the Mayo management… In the short term we have to plan without, Lee Keegan, Donal Vaughan, Seamus OShea, Chris Barrett …. Maybe one or two of our veteran’s might benefit from missing a few match’s…. But it will be competitive in the Mayo set up…. All good really… We will get over the FBD.

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