Scorers from Saturday evening’s match

At this rate, we might even get details of the team that lined out against Clare. As expected, Aidan Campbell got the run-out at Johnno mentioned beforehand and it looks like he played well too, scoring three points. He wasn’t the only U21 medallist to play, or score, either: Mark Ronaldson got a goal and had a penalty saved later on, Killer got two points (hope he looked as happy with them as he does in the picture), while Barry Regan also made an appearance and scored two points into the bargain. Of more interest than all this, perhaps, is the news that Enda Devenney – the Hamlet of the Half-Backs – has finally made an appearance in a Mayo jersey for the new regime. He also got two points and, according to the Indo, put in a “sparkling” display at half-back. That could well be Heaney’s place taken for the Limerick match. I think we can expect to see either Killer or Campbell start against Limerick too, but probably not both of them.

Here’s the full list of scorers from Saturday evening:

M Ronaldson 1-0, A Campbell 0-3 (2f), A Kilcoyne 0-2 (1f), B Regan 0-2, E Devenney 0-2, E Barrett 0-2, M McNicholas 0-1, G Brady 0-1, G Mullins 0-1.

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