As you’ll probably have seen by now, this report in the Mayo News confirms that, following a meeting of the County Board last night, there are seven declared candidates for the vacant post of Mayo senior football manager.   At last night’s meeting, Tommy Carr and Tommy Lyons (the ex-Offaly and Dublin manager, not the ex-Ballina one) were added to a list that already includes James Horan, Denis Kearney, John Maughan, Anthony McGarry and Mick O’Dwyer.

The next step in the process is that each of the seven will be asked to submit details concerning the cut of their jibs, specifically how they’d plan to go about the job, who’d be on their backroom team and so forth.  The seven will be expected to provide this “in document form” (we’ve moved on from letters, it seems) and a sub-committee comprising the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer has been tasked with perusing the documents and reporting back to County Board delegates before any interviews take place.  Candidates have been given two weeks to put together their proposals for the Gang of Four.

Seeing as we now have a shortlist (albeit a long enough one), I thought it might be an idea to re-test the waters on who should get the gig and so I’ve stuck up a new poll on the issue.  Have at it.

The other bit of news from last night’s meeting is that Ray Dempsey and Tony Duffy were both ratified as U21 and minor manager respectively for another year.  Best of luck in your endeavours in 2011, lads.

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  1. The two Tommies are joining the fun, must be a total joke! If either of them are in contention for the job, we are rightly screwed.

  2. No Meaningful additions so .
    Best of luck to the underage managers for next year.
    Hopefully they will keep our spirits up as they have done for the previous few years.

  3. Delighted Ray and Tony have another run. At least 2 of the 3 managerial positions are sorted satisfactorily.

  4. nothing wrong with Tommy lyons .. he’s as good as anyone on that list, and he’s a mayo man to boot. any ideas why peter ford isn’t there ?

  5. The senior job is turning into a farce. I wouldnt be over the moon about either the U21 r Minor managers although I understand why its easier to stick with them bearing in mind its been their first year at that level.Barely beating Leitrim and losing to the Rossies is not success at U21 and the way we blew a 7 point lead v Tyrone minors and how we lacked the cuteness to close out the deal raised more questions than answers.

  6. Can you believe 3 people voted for Tommy Carr???!!!! Another fella on a tour of the country and not making much of an impression. It’s time to shit or get off the pot, how much longer can they drag it out. Pick Kearney to put some metal in the team, give him 2 years and let’s get on with the 2011 season, I’m sick of the contest at this stage!

  7. Ya – I agree with Summer Supporter – it’s all a bit wishy washy at this stage. I thought the whole idea behind not introducing a new manager straight away was to have a time for reflection on the past tenure and particularly where/why we have fallen down so badly in the past year.

    None of this seems to have materialised and as far as I can see all the County Board did wasrelax and head off on holiday once the Inter county championship was over. A few soundbites here and there etc and that was it.

    So all in all I don’t really care either. As far as I can see nothing really has changed.

  8. I agree with a lot of the above posts. Surely it is time that the County Board stood back and watched what is going on in other counties i.e Down, Kildare, Cork and even Roscommon to an extent. These County Boards seem to appreciate that in order for their teams to be successful that young blood and in some cases young local blood is now required in order to meet the demands of modern day inter county management and to keep up to speed with various training techniques.
    We have within this county 3 possibly 4 candidates that fit this criteria and are known to be exceptional motivators. To hell with all these head doctors and shrinks.
    I would urge the county board to even look at a scenario of a joint management team made up of a good tactician/trainer and a good motivator.
    Lets keep it within the county and unleash the raw talent that no doubt exists at the moment within this county.

  9. Agree with ya there summer supporter, its all become a bit of a joke now. Did anyone see club mayo/dublin nominations, A.N. OTHER???????

  10. good spot mayo.mick but nothing sinister I gather – AN OTHER means nothing other than covering the outside chance that County Board could spring a surprise on us all.
    The fat lady is getting ready to sing but we’ll have to wait until she does. Hopefully we won’t have to wait to much longer though and have to agree it’s getting a bit dragged out at this stage.
    Just to underline the point …..The County Board announced the ‘review’ etc on 2 July and it’s now 68 days and counting – that’s more than 3 times longer than our interest in the 2010 championship which lasted just 21 days. No wonder it’s getting tiresome !! Just out of curiosity anyone know was 2010 our shortest ever championship season since the back door was introduced?

  11. Christ, this is just getting tedious now. Sounds like we’re still a few weeks away from a decision.

    I was kind of expecting this to take a while, as this supposed review was due to take place first. But what has happened to this? It was all shite I’m afraid. But still, it gave the county board an opportunity to drag it’s feet over appointing a new manager and look like the dithering fools they are.

    Surely clubs/delegates etc should have been sounded out earlier, as well as potential candidates. Some kind of contingency plan should have been in place, particularly as it was pretty clear that barring a good run in the championship, this would be O’Mahony’s last year.

    The only plus point I can see from this years championship is the sucess of Kildare and Down. Young, relatively inexperienced mangers with fresh ideas seem to be in vogue right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was all our county board based their final decision on. That points to James Horan for me.
    Let’s hope the board don’t balls this one up.

  12. Ma-Yoman you’re right there about the Club Mayo thing I think…it’s nothing sinister…

    Have the County Board the right to veto the lot of the nominations and pick someone themselves if they wish?

  13. I’m sure that Tommy Lyons is big in Louisburgh (I assume that the club there nominated him), but Mayo should not be accepting a Dublin’s reject. We need someone based in the County.

  14. I still have heard no explanation as to why Peter Forde is not in the picture. I’m a bit puzzled!

  15. Would we want Mayo to play the way Galway did under Forde? I recall an interview Forde gave some time after 1997 loss to Kerry. When asked why Ken Mortimer wasnt put on Maurice Fitz he replied, didnt matter who marked Fitzgerald that day, he was on fire.
    Cannot imagine Sean Boylan saying that.

  16. ontheroad you can only read so much into what is said in the media. He is hardly going to come out and hang himself as being a selector on a team that made the bad call.

    At this point I think Mayo need to toughen up and get ugly like Galway were back then. We need some kind of a change because the way we are at the moment may be pretty at times but it is darn ugly at the final whistle. I’d prefer 70 minutes of hard work and mullocking leading to a terrible beauty at the end of the game.

  17. Galway under Ford went backwards. Expect news of an appointment for the famed “review” inside the next day or two. Its ready to take off. Expect to see an honest broker head it. Just might be the tonic.

  18. Thanks for that Willie Joe…..
    I wonder what is the point in having the review now that a new manager is about to be appointed.
    What do you know ontheroad?

  19. I love the differ in opinion when it comes to a selection like this.When we find out the ‘i want this, i dont care’ or the ‘lets be open-mined and do whats best’.I have no comment because i really have no idea what is best at the moment .What i have found out this season is how much i appreciate mayo g.a.a vs how much i despise the general mayo “supporter” . While the Winter months drag on is there any chance we could have a anti hoganstand/fair weather supporter week?

  20. Well CC I would hazard a guess he will be a surprise bearing in mind the way the Mayo Board operates, he was a prospect as a young lad but the football promise was never fully realised. He loves his football but has a very discerning eye.
    He comes from Mayo (look at the managers list). He will call a spade a spade , avid readers will know of him and his name is a common Mayo sports name. Now I put the crystal ball away.I would be confident in him. As to whether Mayo football will be all shiny bright and glowing in health will be down to you, me and the general public as much.Oh, I forgot the players as well.

  21. Why oh why has Tommy Carr has been allowed to vote for himself three times? After he left the Cavan job he talked about counties having ‘unrealistic expectations and was on every sports radio show bleating about how tough it was to make progress. Balderdash. Peter Fitzpatrick from Louth didn’t seem to buy into that, nor Wee James McCartan, nor Geezer in Kildare. Tommy Carr has won nothing as far as I know with Ros, Cavan or Dublin. The best part of a decade in management and nothing to show for it. I presume Mayo Co. board are interviewing him merely as a courtesy. As long as he brings biscuits it won’t be a waste of time.

  22. An ‘alleged’ quote from a Belmullet man, currently the county board chairman of Cavan, about Tommy Carr:
    “Fucking good for nothing”

  23. It’s interesting to watch the increase of votes for Anthony McGarry today. It’s jumping at a huge rate. He and James Horan are emerging as the clear favourites. Will that be the view of the county board?

    Time will tell!

  24. Yeah – support for Tony McGarry has surged over the last three days so it looks like some kind of an organised campaign. I’ve never seen a vote swing as much as this in this fashion before so there’s clearly more to it than ordinary voting …

  25. QUOTE from John Maughan in Advertiser
    “A manager of a team will try to visualise every potential move of the opposition… the ‘what if’ scenario. If such moves have been discussed and planned for, it can make it so much easier to execute the winning of a match”.
    John needs to remember that Gaelic fotball is not like a set of military manoeuveres and it is not possible to cover all or most of the potential happenings on the field. What really counts is a managers ability to read and react quickly to what is unfolding on the field.

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