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The news is out, all over town and we’re in the thick of it following our double dose of Croke Park success yesterday. I had a bit of a late night myself in front of the TV with a glass or two and so, with bunting to be put up in a bit, I need to crack through the coverage fairly rapidly.

First, the bad news. If you haven’t seen the statement issued yesterday evening by the County Board about the injuries suffered by Cillian O’Connor and Cian Hanley, it’s here. One can only be completely gutted for both lads who both look certain to miss taking part in the action on September 22nd. They’re both a big loss to their respective teams but it’s the personal angle I’d be more concerned about – to lose out on an All-Ireland final appearance through injury is a really cruel blow. Get well soon, lads.

Onto the coverage, then, starting with the Mayo Advertiser, which comes in print and audio format. The match reports are here – senior and minor – and there are post-match quotes from James Horan and Enda Gilvarry.  There’s also some audio – post-match podcasts by Colm Gannon with John Casey and Liam McHale.

Irish Timesmatch report (senior game), match report (minor game), match report (senior game, web edition with added video), overview piece by Malachy Clerkin, post-match quotes from James and Andy, post-match quotes from Mickey Harte and Sean Cavanagh and a piece analysing fouls committed by both teams, with more quotes in that one.  They also have a match report on the ladies’ semi-final defeat to Kerry on Saturday (hard luck to them, this one kinds got lost in the welter of excitement about yesterday’s double action).

Irish Examiner – match reports, senior and minor, post match quotes from our side and from the opposition, an analysis piece by Ewan McKenna and  John Bannon’s assessment of Maurice Deegan’s reffing performance.

Irish Independent – match reports, senior and minor, overview piece by Martin Breheny, quotes from us and quotes from them, analysis by Eoin ListonEugene McGee and Ryan McMenamin.

Others: (senior match report, minor match report, quotes from us and them), RTÉ (senior match report, minor match report, quotes from James and Andy), The Score (senior match, minor match and they have loads more besides), Hogan Stand (senior match, minor match and they have lots more too). Enough? Thought so. I’ll get around to putting up links to all of the match reports in the results area in due course.

One other one – Emmet Ryan’s tactical analysis of the match on Emmet has also been in touch to say that he’d really like to get feedback on his analysis, which he’d be happy to receive either directly on the site or via Twitter @action81.

That’s the lot for now (well, all I’ve got around to gathering up – there’s plenty more if you go looking for it). Right, off with you now and get those tickets sorted. Chop-chop – only 27 days to go until the next and hopefully biggest ever #seaofgreenandred.

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  1. Here is another one WJ from Tony McEntee courtesy Irish Examiner.

    By Tony McEntee
    When the plan is to play at a slow, laborious tempo with deliberate and very tactical attack play, can supporters ever expect an entertaining game of football?

    Tyrone do precisely this. It is extremely frustrating to watch, worse to play against and for the Tyrone forwards, it must be demoralising. With Tyrone leading by three points, the only way for Mayo to get back into yesterday’s All-Ireland semi-final was through turnovers and mistakes. Tyrone obliged. Repeated lateral football with no forward momentum eventually led to errors — and then opportunities — for Mayo to seize possession and capitalise via excellent scores from Chris Barrett and Lee Keegan.

    That gave Mayo some breathing space and lessened the barrage of verbals they must have received from James Horan – prior to the tactical assessment of course, positive constructive comments and the customary clap on the back — before going out for the second half.

    This game highlights that Tyrone, as expected, were playing well above themselves throughout the year. In fact it was an achievement, which they should acknowledge and be proud of, to get this far. They will rue the loss of Peter Harte after five minutes followed by Stephen O’Neill after 26 minutes and reference this as pertinent to the lack of leadership shown as the game progressed.

    Maybe they should also consider reasons for the dismal performance of a defence whereby Conor Gormley may have been their best player, and a non-existing three-quarter line — non existent in terms of presence and performance.

    Who would have foreseen that Donal Vaughan would be able to track Mark Donnelly and not give him a touch all day? Or was it role reversal — Mark Donnelly tracking Donal Vaughan?

    Tonight Micky Harte must be wondering how he got this so wrong. Switching Conor Gormley and Conor Clarke was a mistake. Clarke could not offer the leadership in the half back line that Gormley provides. Was this a concession that either player was incapable in their original position?

    Instead of consolidating both lines, it weakened the defence as a whole. Sean Cavanagh, who just needed a good game yesterday to be in running for player of the year, was ignominious. His first score was on 52 minutes from a free! His well documented shimmy was brilliantly defended. With 45 minutes on the clock, he had quit. By now he had moved to centre three-quarters and was marked by Keith Higgins. He epitomised a team which had come to its end without even a spark or fight. Sad considering all they had been through.

    Mayo will wonder too. They will wonder what happened that Tyrone got so far ahead. They will wonder why by half-time they were still behind. They should also wonder whether, if this Tyrone team was as good as years gone by, they’d have gotten back into this match.

    I will attempt to provide reflection. Losing Cillian O’Connor to injury is obviously a huge blow and may have further repercussions. This point doesn’t need developing. However the composure shown by Mayo after his loss does. Enda Varley, his replacement, brought us back to last year’s All-Ireland final and reminded us why he hasn’t been an automatic starter. Repeatedly he shot from distance and from difficult angles. He took over free-taking duty and duly missed. Andy Moran, from play, and Kevin McLoughlin, from a 14 yard free also missed during this critical period. Had Chris Barrett not drove forward through the heart of theTyrone defence and scored an individual point, those demons may have re-awakened. What I am pointing to is composure, or the lack of it. Mayo will need to address this.

    It will help if the full-forward line maintains their shape, if they pressurise further up the field and if they get someone reliable on free-taking duty. Once the game settled it probably wasn’t necessary for Tom Cunniffe to be deployed as a sweeper and surely Alan Freeman is the most reliable free-taker in Cillian O’Connor’s absence? This raises the question, why did Kevin McLoughlin pass up on the right sided frees after missing the tap over? Is his confidence so low? I could never have imagined Oisin McConville doing likewise. To credit Mayo, they came through what was potentially a sticky afternoon. They were comfortable after the penalty and looked miles the more rounded team. They did exactly what was required and allowed James Horan to rest some of his key players including Donal Vaughan and Aidan O’Shea.

    I would suggest he has a number of aspects of his game to improve upon before the final. First, Alan Freeman is a good ball winner who is starved of good early possession. Often the running game doesn’t allow Mayo players to see the space he makes and provide him with the necessary pass.

    Second, Mayo need to decide what is the best combination alongside Freeman in the full-forward line. Conroy, Varley and Moran the obvious options. Is Varley too erratic? Is Moran ready yet? Has Conroy played enough football?

    Third, Mayo still take too much out of the ball in possession especially in the middle sector of the field. You would expect a high tempo, physical opposition to dispossess them more often than Tyrone did. The delays in possession also contribute to the difficulty in maintaining their shape as a full-forward line.

    And finally there’s the free-taking. Alan Freeman, if Cillian O’Connor is absent, and Kevin McLoughlin should be given responsibility. Never underestimate the value of a free-taker in an All-Ireland final.
    © Irish Examiner Ltd. All rights reserved

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  2. Firstly after listening to your audio piece just after the game WJ you pretty much nailed the emotions every true red and green blooded person! I think Tyrone didn’t show themselves in a good light with all their rubbish off the ball and carry on, but like the monsenior concentrate on the victory. I think when all the furore is over and everyone calms down I think mayo will get more credit for this win, it became a war of attrition and that’s dangerous against the likes of Tyrone as that’s what’s made them the formidable team they have been over the last decade, but mayo weathered this and gave as good as they got! No doubt weve plenty to work on and get right but we will. A big plus for us is the showing of the bench, cathal carolan I though made a huge impact, as did Micky C(maybe not on the board but in terms of general possession and link play) onwards lads, my heart was bursting with pride yesterday!!

  3. I’m really annoyed by comments from Kevin McStay last night, Eugene Mcgee today and the media in general in relation to this bullsh*t about Mayo supporters losing their heads and going mad in the build up to All-Ireland finals.

    I saw no evidence of it last year or 2004/2006, – it’s just stereotying Mayo supporters to make us out to be crazy hillbillies going mad in the hills of mayo…..

    Of course we’re going to enjoy the build up and why not.

    Only one way to silence them…

  4. Exactly, Puckout – only one way to silence them….on the field of play on the 22nd!

    Des Cahill made one of his nervous laugh comments too about Mayo people “having issues” as well which seemed a bit rich.

    It’s just one of the minor draw-backs of being an All Ireland contender.

  5. Those f**king RTE idiots are insulting beyond words. Do they not know what went on up in Donegal in the run-up to last September? Or Dublin the year before? There were houses around Thomas Davies football club in Tallaght that were completely repainted in the build-up to that final yet we are the only that lose the run of ourselves in the wild west! Gobshites the lot of them.
    Des “eat the buns” Cahill is a nice one to be talking about anyone “having issues” when all you have to do is take look at his mug to see where the real issues are. Slimming World anyone?

  6. I’ve questioned myself for years if I have a thin skin when it comes to Mayo, given that I get so annoyed over this BS that they come out with, but I eventually decided that I dont. I’m pretty fairminded and try to see things from both sides, but I have to say, time and time again, the level of commentary and analysis from our national broadcaster on our national games is just absolutley shocking.

    I guarantee you if ANY of these people gave the same level of performance in another walk of life they would be heading for the exit. How they are allowed to continue is beyond me.
    Listending to that tabloidesque nonsense that is “Ask your point” on RTE on the way home last night nearly had me driving into the crash barriers. Your man Damien Lawlor is a complete eeijet. I was cringing when I heard him interviewing people after the hurling semi finals, but last night bate all. Listening to him last night, and again this morning when he was interviewing Paul Early you would swear we were beaten out the gate. EVERYTHING about Mayo was negative and last night we only won because Stephen O’Neill and young Harte had to go off. Do you not think that a the lad who has won young player of the year two years in a row, has scored 6-9 in the last two matches and is your chief freetaker with a fantastic accuracy record going off after 9 minutes outweighs that?? Seriously.
    In fairness Paul Early counteracted it with some key facts, namely the positives, we still scored 1-16 against Tyrones sweeper defence, we had 10 different scorers and got ourselves out of a tight corner.
    Then Des last night, I too am sick to the back teeth of this stereotypical nonsense. AND its irrelevant! No serious team, of which we are one, lets fan behaviour get to them.
    And we are so used to finals now we dont get carried away, most Mayo fans, while happy simply shrugged our collective shoulers after yesterday. Alot done, alot more to do as Bertie famously once said.
    A wise man, who knows what he is talking about, Donal O’Grady, once said, it doesnt matter how you win semi finals as long as you win them, and I have alot more time for what he says then those other clowns.

  7. And Cian Hanley’s injury was even more unfortunate as it seemed from where I was sitting to be a result of a blow from a Monaghan player. He had the ball, and yer man came in and thumped him in the collar bone, maybe there was an underlying issue with his collar bone but he went straight down under the belt and it was right in the collar bone area.
    He is a fine footballer, I was particularly impressed with his vision, some of the passes he picked off showed great ability. Prendergast who came on instead of him played very well, but Hanley is a big loss.

  8. Delighted to see this sustained attack continue re; the Sunday Game. Des Cahill is a disaster and drags the whole thing down with his sniggering, half wit comments. And why is Kevin McStay so hung up on net picking Mayo, when there are enough knockers outside the County only too willing dish the dirt. Living in Dublin for over forty years now, I’ve grown used to that sort of stuff and am thick skin’d enough to deal with it or, give it back when necessary. But it’s when I hear one of our own ripping into us or making us sound a bit silly on the public airways that makes me real mad………..

  9. Yes all the talk is of Tyrones loss of Harte ( whom both commentators and Tyrone fans cant make up their mind if he is any good ) and SON (who has not had a game all year). While we lost COC, the second highest scorer in the championship. Who was guaranteed an all star until yesterday. Who was our go to man. Who left our guys in shock after his injury!

    And RTE only gave his loss a dismissive comment after blowing on about Tyrones loss.

    The only thing is that this puts us down in our oppositions minds for the final and that is not a bad place to work from

    Has anyone studied the incident that hurt COC? I have studied it a load of times and C Gormley lifted COC’s left hand diagonally across his back, dislocating his shoulder in the process. This does not take a big effort, just a swift brush. Probably the single reason Gormley was put into this position in the first place. Study it for yourself. Why oh why is there no analysis of this? Is it because it is too shameful to highlight.

    Anyway, we are still well positioned for the big one.

    Maigh Eo Abu for the sake of COConnor

  10. Im still mulling over my feelings and thoughts of the game yesterday.of the many negatives there plenty of positives .First of all letting Tyrone go 4 points up needs to be addressed.We stood off them and made it easy.Going four points down at this level especially to a defensive team like Tyrone is dangerous play.I do know that Tyrone were throwing everything at us and trying to put us of but our skill set us down badly especially in first half.Hennelly was frustrating me with his slow kick outs and lobbing the ball down to centre field instead of passing to someone free..At half time i wasn’t too worried.I said to my friend that if we get a few scores it will force Tyrone to go more attacking and then the game opened up and Mayo took charge.So ok we didn’t look our best.But we won a hard fought team.The other two teams left in championship will suit our style of play.Although Kerry could be going on the defensive for Dubs game going by the way they played in second half of Cavan game.Keith Higgins i think had a good game but he played deep and had a lot of donkey work to do.Un a more open game he will shine in his current position.I don’t know what Horan is going to do with Andy Moran he was not in the game at all.Dillon looks back to fitness. We lost o Connor and with Moran taken off other teams would halve collapsed.But up stepped Barrett and Freeman,keegan,seamie o Shea.Was so very impressed with these thing i did say before game was if our backs are coming out with the ball we cannot afford to to get turned over.We cant let this happen again of the space will get exploited. We cant be dancing around the scoring zone wondering if someone else will take the score and we need to get more clinical with tackles made up front.If someone wants to score lets the tickets work damn hard for each and every one.I still believe we can go and win Sam this year.I watched the Sunday game when i got back and Ciaran Whelan was saying about mayo prined to win however i think he said it to take pressure of Dubs if they get to final.Lads the game yesterday was exactly what we wanted.except tor o Connors injury.The lads will take confidence in winning a hard caught game and now go back to training and work on skill set.

  11. Hahahahahaha, ah lads, especially pebblesmeller-you summed up Des Cahill perfectly!! Haha. The minute RTE hired eamon “ONE connacht medal” ohara to their ranks i lost whatever little bit of respect i had left for them! Its all lazy punditry and lazy journalism, they have’nt a clue what goes on in our great county,them boys get a nose bleed when they see the toll on the n4 outside lucan. Let them insult us away, and say whatever they want about hype coz it wont matter a bit to Horan and the boys.

  12. Great result by both teams yesterday. Have decided to give the press a miss today as they all seem to be saying what if with Tyrone. Its best that this is happening and its better coming into a final with lessons to be learnt rather than thinking you have it all done.
    Just on a side issue but one that needs to be pointed out was some fans driving yesterday. There are two lanes on a motorway and one of them is an overtaking lane, some people need to remember that. How there wasn’t an accident yesterday I don’t know.

  13. Willie Joe….I went to excellent “reservoirdubs” site last night to see what their take was on our victory.

    Very, very, very interesting that the site was “down for maintenance”.

    Given the disdain some of their supporters have for Mayo I get the feeling that they wanted to avoid giving James Horan any “dressing room wall material” and purposely knocked it off line.

    Just a thought for next Sunday evening.

    As Paidi said to the Westmeath players “a grain of rice will tip this thing”

  14. Whitey – it seems to me that the Dubs are already focused solely on us and seem to have completely forgetten that they still have to get past Kerry first. The official Dublin GAA Twitter account (@DublinGAALive) tweeted yesterday evening (their only tweet last night and their first one at all since 17th August) as follows: “Should be a good game against Mayo in the final #dubs2013”. Now, I know it was in jest but can you imagine the root up the hole poor old Aiden McLoughlin would get from Horan if he’d tried a ‘joke’ like that in public? I think they could be in for a very, very rude awakening next Sunday.

  15. Is cillian definitely out?? Last may we were pretty much told he was gone for the year. But he was back much earlier than expected scoring a hat trick of goals.

    I wonder is there any opportunity if them patching him up for a months time for one more shot at things??? With an operation post the final?

    I think Mayo will look at doing everything conceive able to get him on the pitch cos without him out chances are greatly diminished.

    Interesting to see Martin mchugh think he will return for the final saying those type if I juries can be patched up for a once off game but not for a lengthy period of time.

    Any opinions on this???

  16. Mayonaze, they should just pop his shoulder back in, be grand. No, I’d say its more serious seeing as he has had problems with his shoulder before. (Saw your big flag in the hill)

  17. was that tyrone s tactic to take cillian out of the game or was it an accident i think cillian should get the shoulder right and come back next year what do ye thnk dubs and mayo fINAL CAN NOT WAIT

  18. Agreed Puckout,
    Anyone in Croke Park yesterday would have noticed how cool and calm the 40000 or so Mayo supporters were outside the ground following the game.
    I certainly didn’t see anyone loosing the run of themselves .

  19. Looking at it on TV last night, Cat, it certainly looked as if Gormley got a hold of Cillian’s arm and gave it a bit of a yank. He also fell heavily on the end-line just before that and was holding his shoulder and wincing as he got up. I’d say they definitely targeted him.

  20. Not surprised mayo and dublin in the final i can not wait is it too soon and should kerry be written off

  21. Lads….honeslty, I dont have any problem with McStay’s anaysis/breakdown of the match on TSG last night…and to be fair, I thought all three were decent ( Des is an ould Muppet)
    McStay does a nice job of looking at the tecnical aspects of the match, he likes to do that and he does it well.

    Lets be honest, he was correct in all he highlighted….O’Shea did hop twice, Maurice didnt see it…Varley converts! McStay said Boyler was fouled, the only question was where did the foul occur? (a reasonable question and talking point) …however moving at that speed, with a distorted field of vision, Maurice could have consulted his umpires…however he didnt..penalty given, Freezer converts!

    As he said, thems are the breaks you need in a game..and we got them! Tyrone got a few too…

    The only fault I might have had with his analysis is that it was all on the mayo side….none on the Tyrone play. I’d like to have seen more super slow mo of the Cillian injury…looked to me that Gormley twisted his arm…anyway, we all see things differently…carry on.

  22. and while I’m at it….I don’t usually care what the media pundits write about us, but what’s with this fukin “love in” with Tyrone……implying that Harte and O’Neill’s absence were devastating for Tyrone? really?
    No doubt Harte is a great player, but them’s are the breaks in a game…Cunniffe was the bigger and more determined in that 50/50 encounter.

    Regarding O’Neill’s injury and loss to Tyrone, …WTF? …come again…correct me if I’m wrong but I believe O’Neill had scored a total of 2 pts in the championship to date. Now compare that with us loosing Cillian….a lad who is the second highest scorer in this year’s championship with 6 goals and 9 pts, two time POTY and our absolute ace free taker!…WTF? I mean come on.

  23. I was close to the incident with Cillian, i dont think gormly really did anything it was just one of those things a bit like andys injury last year

  24. We will miss him if hes not back, he will be able to kick frees in to the sea of blue on the hill and we will need that

  25. Have to agree with Mister Mayor on Kevin McStay.
    If he was pro-Mayo all the time, he wouldn’t have any credibility and be in the same boat as Brolly and his Ulster love-in, Spillane, etc
    He’s fair and straight with what he sees
    Leave it to the neutrals to call it as they see it whether its good or bad for us.
    Apart from Brolly last year, it doesn’t affect us on the pitch anyway
    RTE are definitely pursuing an entertainment / controversy agenda this year and are only delighted with Brolly, Spillane, et al and their guff

    Give me McStay, a returning Anthony Tohill, Donal Og type analysis any day

    If I want to listen to eejits I can go to the pub

  26. Sean Kavanagh quote “you could see the fear in their eyes”. There is no place for fear on a football pitch nor is there place for feigning injury ala AOS falling to the ground holding his face when he was hit in the back. Un-sporting behaviour was not confined to the pitch thanks to those Mayo muppets who booed Sean Kavanagh while he was taking a free kick into the Davin end. Mayo players and fans are better than this so no more double standards.

  27. I absolutely hate when people boo players as they take a free or cheer when they miss.Some supporters of every county do it but i find it distasteful ignorant.No need for it in game.

  28. On a lighter note folks, as someone else pointed out wasn’t that a sublime conversion of a point from the ground by our Hennelly……….absolute magic……Our own Cluxton !!!!

  29. I saw Cillian struggling after the goal line schemozzle, he looked rightly winded and that was only about a minute before the shoulder went. Best of luck to him with his injury he really is a standard bearer for any aspiring youngsters.
    My MOM yesterday was Alan Dillon, I thought his work rate was immense, looking at it on TV today Keegan stood out as a game changer.
    The silence from the south west is deafening, A yerra here and there, write them off at your peril.
    If anyone could find hype on Jones’s road and surrounding yesterday, good luck to them, it was all subdued where I was.
    Finally congrats to the minors they really were superb.

  30. Olive, you could do well with looking a bit closer to home if you’re going to condemn a set of fans. It was the Tyrone crowd who booed almost every Mayo free and it certainly wasn’t confined to a minority of them. By the end of the game a clown in front of me had taken to effing and blinding Mickey Harte for their inability to get a goal. I don’t know what he expected poor Mickey to do! Anyways stay classy, you’ll be back next year!

  31. Ciliian was targeted. He fell near the sideline and a Tyrone lads fell on top of him. You could see he jerked the shoulder injury. Then the tyrone kick out was directed straight at him. Gormley waited for Cillian to reach up for the ball and bang he hit the shoulder.

  32. Team showed true grit to grind out a recovery in the face of all the setbacks of the first 25mins yesterday, however, our forward line has been severely weakened by the loss of Cillian and, while we did manage to get over the line yesterday, I fear we will pay dearly in the final. We lost a number of close games in the league, partly due to erratic free taking, which did not get addressed until Cillian returned in April….developing an accurate, reliable alternative free taker is not something that is going to get resolved in a mere four weeks. This is a devastating blow to our chances in the final.

  33. I thought so too Ceideboy…but I’ll take a look at the series of play again tonight. It looked in real time that Gormley caught his arm and hel on ever so slightly.

    Disppointed with what Sean Cavanagh had to say in the post match interview, sounds like sour grapes…was very patronizing toward mayo..particularly the comment about when they were beaten by Dublin a few years ago, they knew they were “beaten by a better team”…WTF?…’ve news for ya Sean…you were beaten by a much better team yesterday and actually lucky it wasnt a hiding.

  34. I wasnt impressed with the post match interview with cavanagh either, sure we’ll never be respected till we win the damn thing and i firmly beileve we will, if dublin beat kerry they will replace us as favourites with paddy power, which could only be a good thing in the build up.

  35. Shooter i am a 100% Mayo fan i am NOT from Tyrone i am from Westport. My point was that we cannot be condeming players from other teams for feigning injury if some of our players do the same thing. Same for supporters every county has a small numberof muppet supporters and we are no different.

  36. Fair enough Olive although on the whole our supporters are fair and respectful. Yes there’s always going to be 1 or 2 but they’re a minority.
    As for feigning injury yes no one likes to see it and certainly not from one of our own.

  37. All quiet on the Northern front.

    Caught some local egit trying to take my Mayo flag down. Not a great idea.I explained to him in slow talk how he should be flat out taking his own flags down. Mayo are in the All Ireland final ya donkey ya, I exclaimed. That Mayo flag is a normal flag. That there Mayo flag is one of the few if not only flags that has the right to fly in this part of the world in this time. He had sped off at this stage . They have a thing about flags up here. Every day lately it seems like England are playing in the world cup final. Union jacks everywhere. I digress.

    Today is a bank hoilday up here. Worked a couple a hours this morning. Called into the local shop for the papers to have a quick read from the mostly hyperbolic gestations of the Gaa sages of slurry. The shop keeper had a solemn look planted on her visage, she spoke with a gravitas to her voice, the voice best used at funerals and other times of extreme crises. “You’ll never beat the Dubs, if you play like that!”

    “Good Morning” was my response. “You do realise that The Mayo Minors and The Mayo Seniors are both All Ireland finalist, Today.

    Yesterday at this exact time they were merley contenders, a dime a dozen,in hackneyed cliched ridden Gaa analysist mothball terms.

    “The Dubs are too strong”, she countered. I know that you know that their was a counter between us. I couldn’t resist and to my shame I hadn’t even read the sludge from the Indo amongst others. Look it , I like the pictures.

    No more than the egit trying to pull at our flag, I tried to explain the obvious. I can be a patient man.” Dublin have to win a semi final before they get the privilige of competing against Mayo in the All Ireland Final. Kerry may have something to say about that. We’ll have to wait in the long grass to see who pops out.

    Nothing could even come close to getting to me today. This was and still is Mayo’s day to bask. Like a shark off the Achill coast showboating for a fresh faced journalist, I’ll show the fin and fly the flag. The story is being written. I’m glad that I am here to see the end. Enough said. Time marches. We have to wait, just a little bit longer.

    “Come On Mayo!!”

  38. Christ almighty,what is the obsession with some people here with regard to what is said by pundits around the country,it’s pathetic.Thankfully our players couldn’t give a shite what they say.
    I for one,got what I hoped for yesterday.We won but not as convincingly as some would have thought.It leaves us flying under the radar a little bit for the final-let the winners of next Sunday look like worldbeaters.
    If there’s one thing that comes out of O Connor probably missing the final it’s that we have almost a month to sort out the free taking.
    All in all well done lads!!!

  39. On the Cillian injury, we may be slightly jumping the gun on the severity of it. He is almost certainly not to start in the final but I don’t know if I would completely rule him out of the match day panel. It is a long shot, and probably more hope than anything, but don’t rule him out yet.
    A lot will depend on whether the decision is taken to operate now, or, maybe wait until the end of September.
    As regards the media, fuck them all. We don’t need their approval on our performances or how they think we will do. We know our own lads and our own players better than, a generally, Dublin based media does and we all trust in our management team to get it right. So what McGee, Breheny, Liston, Brady, et al think doesn’t matter a rats arse.
    As for Des Cahill, I spent a while last night trying to adjust the tv and the viewing ratio between 4:3, widescreen, smart, zoom and normal because to me it looked like he was getting wider and spreading as the Sunday game was on. I thought he was going to burst because he was swelling up like a harvest frog. Seriously though, apart from his appearance he is pathetic as a presenter.

  40. A foreman at work was going around the place on Thursday and Friday taking €50 bets on the match. He is from Tyrone and was all cock-a-hoop. Fairly mouthy as well but I played a straight bat, informed him that he isn’t getting paid enough to be throwing money away, that I never bet on Mayo, and, that taking his money would not even register a fraction of a percentage of the happiness I will feel when we win.
    He rang this morning on a work related call. He hadn’t the dignity or class to even begrudgingly congratulate me on our win. He tried to continue his call even after I asked if he had anything to say. He still refused and continued on. I interrupted him, informed him that he was a sad bitter prick, and hung up.
    In fairness there were a few like him up there yesterday but also a lot of gracious losers wishing us the best.

  41. At work last Friday, a Donegal man and a Dub were discussing the Mayo , Tyrone semi final while I was lug listening. The former who I know well and is involved in a top club in Kildare stated that this was Mayo’s biggest challenge this year.( if they win on Sunday nothing to stop them ) and only one. He also had a slightly different take on last years final , didn’t mention the two goals but rather if the first half had gone on for five more minutes Mayo would have won.

  42. I have to agree that Cillian’s injury was caused by his arm being pulled awkwardly by a Tyrone player. It happened right in front of me but I did not notice at the time who the Tyrone player involved was. to say he was deliberately targeted in that incident might be going to far but I have no doubt that in any game the courage and durability of any player known to have a possible weakness or injury will be tested. Cillian did not seem in any way reluctant to get involved in that play which he might have done had he been already concerned about the shoulder.
    For that reason even if he were to be “patched up” for the final we cannot be confident of his lasting the full game.
    It’s been a few years now since Stephen O’Neill has had a sustained injury free period.
    Commentators are thinking back to his glory days – and they were glorious – but they are unfortunately for his and Tyrone’s sake behind him now. neither has Andy Moran got back to his old self yet. So as regards injuries during the game it’s half a dozen of one and six of the other.
    One thing I like about this team is that when things are not going well somebody unexpected will step up like Chris Barrett yesterday. With Tyrone’s style of play and Mayo’s lack of competition this year it was entirely predictable that our forwards might struggle to get to the pace initially. Those three points before half time were so crucial and set us up for the positive restart.
    Regards the foul on Colm Boyle the reaction of the commentators seemed to be totally different to the Sean Cavanagh rugby tackle in the Ulster final with nobody I heard suggesting that Carlin should have been sent off. The most commonsense suggestion to the Cavanagh incident is that a penalty be awarded for any deliberate professional foul inside the 20 m line instead of just the “square”.
    I was a bit worried about Aiden O’Shea’s tendency to get needlessly sucked into confrontations since he had already picked up two “yellows” in the QF. Another yesterday would, I believe, have meant missing the final. Another problem with a player getting a reputation for picking up cards like that is that he will be targeted with somebody cuter and more ruthless always ready to provoke.
    Finally bad enough Cillian’s injury but it is so sad that Cian Hanley’s year is over. I thought he had improved immensely since the Galway game and was looking like a real star.
    Things are looking good into the future.

  43. Ah FFS lads..Cillian has had 3 dislocations in under a year now, I’d say the cartilage and ligaments that surround his shouder are in ribbons. We’re talking about a lads shoulder that he’s going to have to use long after his playing days.
    We rolled the dice putting the pin in it to hopefully get through the summer. We should support the lad and give him time to recover 100%, don’t want to hear of any, “patch up jobs”. Leave the lad be, an absolute Mayo hero already and barely 21.

  44. Olive
    Take your point, but have to agree with Shooter on the booing of frees
    Some Tyrone fans booed Cillian’s first free and that’s where it started
    AOS did himself no favours with holding his head as you say
    Said it yesterday that I thought Gormley caught Cillian’s hand and spun him which twisted his rotator cuff / shoulder when the natural thing to do would be to hold him back so it looked innocuous but to my mind was deliberate
    Have to say the fouling, run blocking was done by both sides and as I said after the Donegal game it is always the dirtiest teams who complain the most when they get a taste of it themselves
    The two Cavanaghs never stopped complaining all day
    We matched Tyrone for dirty ball, tackling and shoulders and when it came to standing up to them for the other stuff we are no angels so I’d take that as a compliment
    With regards to the fans, some here talked about the bile from their section
    I talked to two lads on the way back to the car and there was disappointment but no griping
    Got to the car and a car full of fans pulled up, wound the window down and wished us all the best in the final so it’s speak as you find
    Two of our own fans in front of me taunted Donegal fans leaving early in the QF and I pulled them up on it, saying it brings you no good and there’s no need for it
    It happens – people get carried away and have to vent

  45. Ah yes Pebblessmeller,
    So gracious , was at Connolly station yesterday evening, when two Tyrone supporters walked by. First guy shook my hand and wished me luck, while his mate said I hope ye get stuffed.My reply, maybe so but ye couldn’t do it.

  46. Nephin, I would agree with your Donegal mate. I remember looking down at the Donegal players at the 30min mark and McGlynn, Lacey, Thompson were all blowing hard and hands clasped behind their heads. They were tanked at that stage. Anyway, that’s all in the past. Our future is ahead of us and it’s going to be good.
    I didn’t notice Ger Cafferkeys name mentioned anywhere in the plaudits. I thought he was, yet again, fantastic. Cool as a breeze whilst being strong as an ox. His ability to read the flight and pace of the ball coming in from distance and judge the speed of his opponent is terrific. He can judge the bounce of a ball too. I know he conceded a point or two early on but he has this ability to start from behind his marker and yet still, somehow, get to the ball and clear his lines. Another All Star coming his way?

  47. Lads,I think we’re stretching things if we think Cil was targeted.I was watchin him closely before the game and he didn’t seem himself.When he went down,near the Tyrone goal,he def aggravated the shoulder,before the final (fair)clash.

  48. Cillian was not right after that tumble on the end line. He seemed to land awkward on it and jarred it. I think the real damage was done there. It took him a minute or two to rejoin the play and then the clash out under the Cusack finished it for him. He must be sick at the thought of missing the final but he would have been aware, that without surgery, it was always at risk to popping out again. He need look no further than his captain for advice, solace and inspiration.
    Chin up young ‘un. The lads will finish the deal for you and there are many more years ahead for you, even though you probably don’t think that now.

  49. Pebblesmeller, who ever the feck you are – or what ever part of the County you come from, you sure know how to tell them. I’m bent over backwards laughing at your description of poor Des, on that wide screen of yours – and as for your work mate – don’t be too hard on the poor fella, don’t you know he must be hurting big time, having to pay out on all those bets 🙂

    And you know I’ve lost all respect for that Sean Cavanagh after some of his comments after yesterdays match. What the fuck was he on about – seeing the fear in the Mayo players eyes, is he for the birds or what. And then to say they could have won this game is surely an attempt to gloss over their poor showing in the second half. And another thing regarding this great sporting hero, look back again on their match with Monaghan and see how he fooled the ref into booking Darren Hughes for a perfectly good tackle. So much Tyrone’s moral high ground……

  50. Thanks, mayo mchale. I was going to get rid of that auld tv because I thought the saorview box might have been packing up but it was just Dessie’s puss.

  51. Now lads and lassies, THAT WAS THE BEST DAY THAT MAYO HAD THIS YEAR!!!
    They played complete shite in the first half, just like the Mayo teams of old. My heart was sinking fast and I thought “how the hell can this be happening to this new fantastic Mayo team?” THEY WON!!
    Every team has a bad game in them and that was Mayo’s and now it is gone. If that was the final, Mayo were gone, but they are still there.
    Now for the pluses:
    Go down on your knees and thank from the heart every “media expert” for lambasting this team. They are doing us a huge favour, spreading doubt and despair about Mayo. We cannot be favourites now for the All Ireland because we are suspect. That is wonderful. If we had beaten the shite out of Tyrone we would be red hot favourites again.
    Could there have been a touch of complacency in the team? The hunger was missing!!!
    Dublin and Kerry will feel we are not so good with all those weaknesses. We have 4 weeks to correct them and get back on track.
    Eugene McGee, who everybody hates, passed a very useful comment in his report, he said “Mayo have a lot to do in the next four weeks but what they need to do is attainable”
    Is that anti Mayo??

  52. Watched the game again to nite.
    I think we were definitely caught cold at the start of the game that mixed with mistakes and getting turned over.Ger Caff had a game of two halves.At the start of the game he was too loose on his man and led to 2 points. McLoughlin got turned over too easily and that led to a Tyrone score and then AOS miss hit a pass and gave the ball to a Tyrone player and that gave Tyrone another score.While at the other end we were missing easy points and attempting points that wasn’t on.We should have being pushing up on Tyrone from the start instead of holding back.We missed tackles and made a few stupid tackles which gave away a score or 2.i think that will drive Horan crazy as i think from listening to him speak that discipline in the tackle is hugely important.In the second half i think we played quiet well considering that Tyrone were going to crowd around the mayo lads.I agree that we might not be raging favourites for the final but i reckon the lads from other counties left in championship will respect us and fear us performing like we did in the second half for a full 70 mins that and be thinking oh shite mayo didn’t choke.So on that come back itself i think in one way they wont feel as much pressure now going in to the final and for this reason.the biggest fear for a player is of not performing and then loosing the game.Well they all went through those fears in the first half.So now they don’t need to be as fearful because even if they don’t perform at a stage they know that they can turn it around and hence less pressure.I don’t care what Cavanagh said his year is over.We just need to focus on the final .I hate to say it but i think Mickey conroy should get the start in final.

  53. Mayomaningalway……..I agree with you……..When he’s on his game Conroy is a lovely loose “weavy” kind of forward…….Throwing shapes to unbalance his marker, and he can take his scores too…….A great asset either first choice or bench.

  54. Very sorry for cillian o Connor, a sad end to his season. It didn’t take much to damage a fragile shoulder, let him off to have surgery and recover. The thing about this panel is that the scores are very spread so maybe they have a chance to win Sam!
    Kevineen had a strange game, maybe they were knocked back when cillian went off? They need to be ready for if Alden o se got hurt in the final, mentally they still have a little weakness but they learned a hugely valuable lesson last Sunday.
    I think dublin and Kerry is a 50/50 game, nobody can tell me either side is better than the other or that either are better our bucks.
    I left ireland today a happy camper, will be flying back in less than 4 weeks and hoping for a happier return flight than the last 5 times.
    Up Mayo!!!!!!

  55. You’re so right Joe Mac although that is the first time I’ve ever seen nerves in this team that worries me slightly thought Keith Higgins and seamus o Shea were outstanding haven’t watched the match back again but thought at the time Aidan seemed to almost stand back from play absolutely gutted for Cillian the poor lad after all he has gone through to get fit again. Is it a sign of our maturity that after the match to me felt like a league win instead of being in an all Ireland while queuing for the train back to Maynooth a guard said to a few of us ‘ye’s won the match u know ye’s are in an Ireland. I said we were drained and that it was just game 5 Game 6 next!! Also lost any respect I had for Sean Cavanagh fear in their eyes my arse!!!! Was so proud of the supporters once again and the colour and noise was just amazing we need all that and more for the 22nd maybe 2 flags each this time 🙂 #seaofgreenandred

  56. I didn’t see much fear in Tom Cunnife when he sent Harte into the middle of next week with a FAIR SHOULDER TO SHOULDER, Mickey Harte. Sean Cavanagh would want to ask Peter Harte whose eyes the fear was in.

  57. The small bits of leadership Andy Moran brings to the game are vital. Anyone else spot him as Freeman was getting ready for the Pen? He made sure that the Tyrone player who was trying get a word in Alan’s ear, got nowhere near him. This attempt to un-nerve Alan before the kick came to nothing, & the rest is history!

  58. I’m repeating myself now, by Andy has to start in the final. we have no option.
    The worrying thing is that, he seems to be going backwards. He was arguably better when he came on against Galway then he was on Sunday.
    Some said he had picked up another knock, dont know if that was true. Anyway, there is always the chance of him getting back to his previous form, and no better place than an All Ireland final.
    We need his leadership and we need the opposition to have to worry about him.

  59. A Galway cousin of mine who was at the game, text me just after the game and said it was the test Mayo needed and better Cillian got injured then instead of 5 mins into an All Ireland final which he has a point.

    On a side note – does anybody know what date Mayo are playing New York in May? Myself and a few mates were due to fly over for a break 3 weeks after the All Ireland but have decided to change our plans and go in May. Who knows we even offer to carry Sam with us 🙂

  60. Cheers Pebblesmeller – hope your sure on that. Thats the May bank holiday too if I am not mistaken. Id imagine many Mayo people will be booking flights if we manage to win sam. Be huge interest in our first championship game.

  61. Got that date confirmed by a Connaught council head hancho so I am taking it as sound advice. Historically it seems to have always been the first Sunday in Mayo also.
    Myself and 6 mates have been following Mayo for, well, our wives would say too long, and we spoke at Christmas about the New York game. We have 4 confirmations regardless of the final result, 1 to go if (when, I told him) we do win it, and 2 are as yet undecided.

  62. @Pebblesmeller, @Stevie, The last time we played New York it was the second Sunday in May, the 10th I think. The gang of us that went then (22) are planning on going over again next year, its numbering 34 now and if we have the big fella with us, I’d say that number could rise to 104!!! Master fixtures list is usually published mid November and dates and venues confirmed mid December. I’d wait till then if I were you to book flights. I am organizing the group bookings, won’t be doing anything till then.

  63. mayo.mick, I defer to your greater knowledge so.
    We haven’t booked anything yet but it has come close because one of the boys saw flights for €460 return and was keen to take them. It is in the head though regardless of the final result.
    You say you organise group bookings? What does that normally entail? Flights? Accomodation? Tickets? I might be interested as you seem better prepared than us shower!.

  64. I just set the ball in motion really! A mates sister was a travel agent and looked after everything for us, flights, transfers, hotel in Manhatten beside Madisan Square Gardens, visa’s insurance. We have been saving since beginning of the year. We might organize a bigger #seaofgreenandred group! I’ll have it well advertised nearer the end of the year. By the way it was the first year of the season tickets as well, and they covered that match which saved us $20, few extra beers after the match in the Rambling House on Katona Ave in the Bronx with a few long lost school mates 🙂

  65. Good stuff mayo.mick I will keep an eye out for any further details.
    It is a long way off but it is a costly trip and would need forward planning. 9 months does not be long going. I still remember every mile of the road home last September and that is 11 months ago!

    Hon Mayo.

  66. Yes Pebblesmeller and Mayo Mick , it’s expensive , was there in 04 and 09 but what a week . Well worth it and we didn’t even have Sam.

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