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I’d like to add this site’s support to the campaign started on Twitter the other day by Martyn Hughes (@hugheserace) urging all Mayo supporters planning to attend Croke Park on Sunday week (that’s all of you, right?) to bring a flag with them. The object of the exercise is to increase the amount of Mayo colour inside the stadium and so, in Twitterspeak, create a #seaofgreenandred there on the day.

I think this is a great idea. There was a big Mayo following at HQ for the Donegal match – there were more of them, for sure, but once our lads got going they didn’t have much to shout about whereas we had and we did – but I’d agree that more Mayo colour in the stands wouldn’t go amiss the next day. A sea of the stuff would be quite a sight even if, as I am, you’re colour-blind. Let’s go for it.

Anyone planning to be in Croke Park also needs to get there so those of you travelling up from the west for it may be interested to know that Irish Rail are laying on three extra match special trains on the day. Full details on this are here.

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  1. There was a lot of support for Mayo the last day, Donegal were just easier to spot 🙂 oh and it was actually Annmarie Kenny that started this campaign 😉 anyway let’s do it!!!!! 🙂

  2. Well I have the flag out in the garden since the first round of the championship. It was brought in the Tuesday after each game but has remainded out since the Connaught Final. Herself has since asked “are you not bringing it in?” I said it’s not coming in until we are out of the championship and that wont happen until September 22nd. And then it will have to stay out for a couple of months as Sam will be hanging around Mayo for a while.

    Hon Mayo.

  3. Ill be there as usual with ‘big Bertha’ behind the goals. Might make a few flags n give ’em out for free for anyone going to hill 16. Homemade flags r the best and so cheap compared to the rip off ones the ppl outside try to sell u. Any DIY or Garden Centre will have bamboo…material is easy to buy, my advice but the lightest kind possible… Then get a sewing machine and if u can’t use one..putting a flag together is simple for anyone who can operate one!

    They also last longer… ive had ‘bertha’ since 1996! Happy sewing!!!!;D

  4. It’s the biggest Mayo flag that has been at any game for the past 20 years, if not ever. My challenge now for some young buck r cailín(or if any vintage) is to out do it Big Bertha!!! (Banners and flags that over ppls heads don’t count).

    ***If someone comes up to me on Hill 16 with a new Mayo flag that’s bigger than mine I’ll give them €36.

  5. I remember helping my mother in cutting out the letters for our “Padden to Jump for Sam” flag for the 1989 All Ireland.
    I too always show the colours and the kids likewise. I think the thing with the Donegal colour is that the yellow is far more eye-catching than a darkish green and red and so it tends to stand out more.

  6. Exactly pebblemaster ..there were as many mayo fans in Croker the last day, the yellow stands out so much better…it’s even harder now to see us with the darker shade of green.

  7. I was in the upper cusack at the match, and a lad from mayo had a banner which said, mayo to give donegal the elbow. He tried to unfurl it over the front of the upper deck and was made take it in by the officials. Fair play to him for his persistence, he unfurled it about 5 times during the match. Is it policy now that you cannot have banners or flags tied to the handrail of the upperdecks?

  8. Ah in fairness Cliona Martyn mentioned it on mayogaa page I just added my bit to it he is doing a lot of work behind the scenes on it too fair play to him anyway hopefully the end result will be the same … #seaofgreenandred … Will have to readjust my one from last year my ‘mr brolly’ one in light of his adoration of us now but I’m keeping the asses head!!!! and pebblesmeller my kids helped me cut out the letters too full day at it ha ha but won Connacht final tickets with it last year …. #seaofgreenandred

  9. Achilman, that was a mate of mine from Agahamore, i was looking for it and that explains it now, it was well done too.

    The campaign to bring to bring a flag is great, i tried to get a facebook thing going last year but it didn’t have much success tbh.

    Mayonaze, fair play to ya i know your flag now. On the homemade thing, where do you get the green and red material or do you spray paint plain material?

  10. Good man Mayonaze. The bigger the better. Its men like you we will need in the trenches on Sunday week. I wonder will Sean Burke have another go at making a banner. I know that he was attempting to make one for the last game but it didn’t look right and he threw it in the bin. Hope you have another go Sean. I remember in the Canal End for the 96 final when the pre match parade was on and a huge green and red flag came from left to right across all our heads. Passed on from hand to hand. Must have been about a quarter of the size of the Canal end itself. I dont know if they would let you take something into the ground that big now. Would be great to see something like that on the hill. Something massive covering a whole section of the hill while the parade is on. It would surely lift the players and show them we are there.

  11. Achillmanindublin do ya go home often? I met a Cashel girl about 8 years ago and got roped into supporting Achill Gaa.

  12. Good man Mayonaze, literally keeping the flag flying! I will keep an eye out for it on the day from the Lower Hogan.
    And Livenhope it’s good to see we are passing on what was passed to us. It is always the small things that are remembered. I have a terrible memory but yet I can remember making that flag and cutting out those pieces like it was yesterday, Jesus it was 24 years ago!!!!
    The car will be bedecked in colours and no-one is allowed travel without either a geansai, t-shirt or wristbands (I have to admit to being partial to a couple of wristbands myself) or preferably all 3 of the above.
    Jim Flag, that is a great idea for massive banner to be unfurled and passed overhead. I wonder would Elverys contribute to it, it would be massive exposure for them.

  13. Sean Burke … I get my material in Hickeys in Galway but I’m sure there are similar places in c’bar, ballina , Westport etc..?

    Croke Park has gone ultra ‘health n safety’ these days…. I wud say the main reason fur no banner over the edge if the stand is cos ur blocking advertising.

    I much preferred Croke park when fans were separated into Canal and Hill. It made for a far greater atmosphere. I also remember the huge banner over everyone in 96… Think genfitt sponsored that banner!?

    I miss all the fog horns too!!! They started to ban them from 1997…fortunately baggy jeans were the style so I wore football socks and had them stuffed down there!! I have a great landscape sized pic of Hill 16 in 1997 taken by my mum who was sideline lower’s just when the teams r parading approaching the corner of the Cusack stand and hill16…. The entire hill is a sea of green n red…flares..etc..can pick out big Bertha amidst it all. Delighted to have been there cos Croke park isn’t the same anymore. It’s gone so commercial…and borderline boring.

  14. How much is the material for say one the size of your flag?

    Throw up the pic of 97 if ya can. They are the pics we need to get out on social media to entice people to do the same.

  15. mayomaningalway says:
    August 13, 2013 at 11:29 am

    Achillmanindublin do ya go home often? I met a Cashel girl about 8 years ago and got roped into supporting Achill Gaa.

    About once a month mayomaningalway, more in the summer with the good weather, i will be going alot more when we bring sam to Castlebar. Good man yourself supporting Achill, they are struggling this year in intermediate, alot of lads have had to emigrate to oz, sweden, uk etc… Will do well to stay up.

    Hopefully James Horan will have a fully fit squad to pick for the semi against Tyrone and blow them out of the water. They will try and stop /target A’O Shea, Dillon, I just hope the lads will not retaliate and let the ref do his job . I hope your keeping the galway lads quiet, I used to work there when the last won the all ireland in football, so I know what they can be like.

    Maigh Eo Abu

  16. I hear ya achillmanindublin the team have lost a lot to emigration .ya have a good lad playing in the minors playing Eddie Doran.He is a tidy player.not afraid to go forward from the full back line.
    My girlfriend plays for Achill ladies and they have come on a fear bit since i saw them play first got promoted in league this year.
    As for the Galway lads i know how to quieten them.I have even managed to get a Galway man to cone to Croker with me for the semi.He had promised me he wont shout abuse at the mayo team. Might see you in ted lavelles some time your down again.

  17. Mayonaze, i would love to see that picture of hill 16 from 1997. I was in the lower Cusack that day and clearly remember them moments. Someone did indeed let a few flares off and i remember the smoke drifting across the 2 lines of teams during the parade. A sea of green and red in the background. Magical atmosphere. An awful pity our lads didn’t perform that day and let Kerry get the softest of All Irelands. Yes Croke Park has gone health and safety mad. Did anybody notice the huge amount of yellow coated stewards on the hill last September?. Not the same place any more at all. I suppose flares are out of the question these days now too. Especially ones that give off green and red smoke!

  18. I’ll have a root around for the pic and see about getting it uploaded.

    Not sure if the price for material cos I my flag is 17 years old. I did buy a bit last sept to make one to out up on the street outside the house in Salthill but it wasn’t overly expensive. I must measure my flag, off top of my head I’d gues it about 6×7 foot. You’d make it for €20 I’d say without much trouble.

    Those overhead flags will never work again in Croker unless ur a Dublin fan. U need an entire selection supporting the one side. If u wanted a flare best idea wud be to stick it under the jumper!! They search bags going in.

    Also please note!! Only bamboo sticks can be used..Croke park will not let u in with plastic sticks or any other type of wood.

  19. Got my Mayo flags at Croke Park shop yesterday. A medium size Mayo Flag was reduced from €8 to €2 – clearance sale. Check it out!

  20. Found them.. Just took pic using my phone and uploaded to this blogs facebk page but sorry the quality isn’t great! It is 1997 after all!! Maybe I cud scan it..and it might turn out better but can’t do that til later on.

  21. Lads id say we have some of the best supporters of any county.Football mad and unashamedly so.I love it.will be mighty day in Dublin in two weeks time.
    COME ON MAYO !!!!!!!

  22. Mayonaze. Great stuff. I can see them pictures on facebook now. Thank you for putting them on. Hair stood up on the back of the neck when i saw them. You can even see the flare going off behind the goal posts in one and some huge green and red flags in the other. Christ we took the hill that day alright. This is what we need to see on the 25th August. Thanks fella. Marvelous work.

  23. The more flags the better…called me dad yesterday, now he’s old school, not one to be flying flags or anthin, anyway he meantioned he was hokin through the ould hot press and he came across the big flag I had at the 1989 final against Cork.
    Surprisingly he said its like the day it was first made! I remember I got the material in Ballina, Dowds I think it was? and me mam was handy with the sewing machine, no bother.

    Mayonaze…I think a short youtube flag making demonstraion video is called for? 😉

  24. Just home from hickeys and Mr Price …. Sean material is 3.95 per metre and got precut letters in Mr Price also iron on ones in Hickeys #seaofgreenandred … Off to make more memories and drive husband more around the bend ( Galway man) 🙂 couldn’t find large felt letters anywhere

  25. @mayonaze who are u on twitter am i allowed to ask ?would love to see that photo I’ve one from 1989 very dark but the amount of flags is amazing … Was at one of the homecomings we went to a few think it was in ballinrobe !!! I’m annmariekenny mayomad

  26. Just spotted the photos no need to reveal any secrets ha ha:) absolutely brilliant now that’s colour what has happened in the past few years why so little flags?

  27. Ah very good MM. Ill be heading down on Friday nite. I enjoy going down and chilling out for weekend.However ill never be left idle too long .Usually help my girlfriends parents take the turf home.Have to earn my spot beside the fire come winter:)

  28. Im from Newport but living in Galway last 4 years.Met a girl from Cashel and shar the rest is history .

  29. Great to read all of the flag stories here so much so im inspired now to put together something myself. Anyone any ideas?

  30. Well that last bit of news regarding Deegan has brought a few of smack bang down to earth … Horrible feeling in my stomach ….

  31. Livenhope…I’m not on twitter! I spend enough time online that I think twitter wud be the end if me in terms of getting any work done!

    My flag can be spotted in that pic… It’s almost directly over the the black spot if the crossbar and about half way up the posts!!:D its reg, green and red, like a backwards jersey we eire v meTh in 88! i know it shud be ‘the green above the red’ so i have green ribbons attached to the very top! pity the pic is do small… I must scan it later and the quality will be better.

    Yeah for some reason flags aren’t nearly as prevalent…wud be nice to rectify that. I’m gonna make some new big ones and give them out for free on hill 16.

  32. Very good MM!!!!
    We really need a #seaofgreenandred…. Just saw a tweet from tyrone midfielder…. Interesting… We must outshout them and all bring flags!!!
    “@collykid2: Sooo……an All-Ireland Semi-Final – haven’t seen too many flags or banners out and about?! #ShowYourSupport”

  33. How is the campaign going? This is the only way we can make a difference we can yap about the team and tactics till the cows come home but not one iota of a difference does it make.

    There should be more done at home to get a bandwagon going,Limerick have done it ,nearly 40k expected up this weekend.

    Trevor any luck with elverys on the flags front?

  34. Hi All,
    I have an idea for a good banner, “MAYO BEAT THE CHAMPS FOR THE LAST FEW YEARS AND THIS IS GOING TO END IN TEARS”! Jaysus all I am just jokin, best of luck to yis and see yis in Sept! Good man Willie Joe….make sure the care are in Croker on Sept 01st!!

  35. The large genfitt flag is alive and well locked in a mayo attic.. We wanted to take it out last year but my mother thought we would curse the team and wouldn’t let us. If I get tickets to this years game that baby is coming with me.. Cannot remove the genfitt lettering but it is the colour that matters!!

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