Seamus O’Shea our MOTM from yesterday

Seamus OShea

I had a ridiculously early morning this morning so I can’t leave it any longer tonight to bring the shutters down on the Man of the Match poll from yesterday’s game against Derry. This week’s one was close enough but, with 24% of all votes cast, this week’s MOTM award goes to Seamus O’Shea whose commanding performance in the middle of the field for us up at Celtic Park was one of the main reasons why we prevailed yesterday.

Runner-up in this week’s poll on 16% was goalkeeper Kenneth O’Malley, who made a few crucial saves to keep the Oakleafers at bay, while just behind him on 15% Mark Ronaldson’s haul of 1-2 from play earns him third spot in the poll. Aidan O’Shea (9%), Kevin Keane (6%) and Jason Doherty (5%) all attracted support in the poll.

Well done to them all and to the whole team on another win, one that keeps us top of the table and well in the hunt for a play-off place.

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  1. Well done Seamus! He is the kind of fella that you want to have in your team when there is a battle to be won, like up in Celtic Park, Derry. Its great to see players like Kenneth O’Malley, Mark Ronaldson and Kevin Keane showing up well too. Players who were not first choice players the last couple of years. The future looks bright!

  2. I did not get a chance to vote but this man was immense. Optimises what is best about this bunch of players. The easiest team to follow no doubt. Saturday night will be tough as the dubs come to town, needing the points. A lot of B players wearing the Jerseys of guys with AI medals and Mayo standing in the road. Hope there is a bit crowd again.

  3. Well deserved, Seamus was an absolute engine yesterday. Caused Derry no end of problems. Was there challenging for every ball in midfield and cut through them like a knife. Our our only real question for midfield is who should we pair him with. Thankfully we are not short on depth in that sector.

  4. Did Seamus O’Shea score a point from play yesterday? I thought he did and I think it was mentioned in a few posts here since Sunday. But there was no mention of his being among the scorers in any report of the match in media outlets I saw. However there was so much similarity in media reports on the match that I suspect that one reporter supplied all the reports which were then dressed up by the various outlets.
    Regards next Saturday’s selection I hope to see Barry Moran starting at midfield with Seamus. I do not think that, on his present form, Cillian will be a major loss. He is not scoring from play in recent games while Alan Freeman is also very reliable on frees. I think Alan at Corner forward and Aiden at full will be a very potent combo.
    Finally, I do not thing that Ger Cafferkey, while he wore the No 6 jersey, spent much time at centreback on Sunday. Last year he was often employed effectively as a corner back following a player who was seen as dangerous [Colm O’Neill in the league game v Cork] and it did not work very well in that the full back position was then weak. Brian Hurley at 14 caused havoc in that game until Caff was switched back. With Keane now playing well and possibly preferred at No 3 Caff needs to be given time to readjust.

  5. AndyD, Cillian has had problems with his knee for the last month and has played after getting injections.-not surprising he isn’t at full tilt.I’d say he’ll prob not play for the rest of the league

  6. If it’s true that Cillian has been carrying a knee injury for some weeks, then I can’t understand why Management would risk the long term health of one of our best players – doesn’t make any since to me…

  7. Missed this one so will keep it short. If Cillian is injured he should not be played until fit again. He’s too important in summer. Of the midfield FF decision I think Cork had the right tactic in their pomp with Nicholas Murphy rotating and often both midfielders subbed in a game. B Moran would be my preference to rotate along with Aido from FF to midfield although I think Parsons more mobile than Barry.. I’d be playing one or other from bench with 20 or 25 to go. The more consistent one gets the start and no idea which that would be. On another point Donaghy has super hand speed. That goal was simplicity in action. They’ll need watching in summer.

  8. That would certainly explain Cillian’s sluggishness on the field. He should be rested until that knock is gone. If that means we don’t see him until Salthill in June, so be it.

  9. I think most managers are now looking at the Kilkenny model where every position has at least 2 viable options, with different tactics and set ups used depending on the opposition. A settled team is no longer required or wanted. So Saturday will be another chance for a guys to move up the pecking order. The dubs need to win and will wheel out the big guns for this one. Should be a great tussle.

  10. Well done to seamie, he’s a serious operator
    Any idea if this Dublin game will be televised? It’s a big enough fixture I imagine, here’s hoping it is.

  11. Congratulations to Seamus O Shea ,what is required is to get a suitable partner for him at C.F. and there are choices available to the Mgt.,but leave Aiden in the role he is carrying out so successfully at the moment, bring on the Dubs.

  12. Seamus has some engine and when he plays well, Mayo play well. Very important player for us.

  13. Mayo News reporting that Vaughan is good to go for Saturday night. Will be interesting to see if he or Kirby get the nod to partner SOS in midfield.

  14. The Mayo U21 team has been named:

    1.) Matthew Flanagan – Balla
    2.) Michael Hall – Breaffy
    3.) David Kenny – Aghamore
    4.) James Stretton – Claremorris
    5.) Sean Regan – Ballina Stephenites
    6.) Stephen Coen – Hollymount/Carramore
    7.) Patrick Durcan – Castlebar Mitchels
    8.) Diarmuid O’Connor – Ballintubber
    9.) T.J. Byrne – Kiltimagh
    10.) Val Roughneen – Balla
    11.) Adam Gallagher – Mayo Gaels (Capt.)
    12.) Darren McHale – Knockmore
    13.) Cian Burke – Ballymun Kickhams
    14.) Brian Reape – Bohola Moy Davitts
    15.) James Durcan – Castlebar Mitchels

    16.) Sean Shaughnessy – Ballinrobe
    17.) Kevin Lynch – Mayo Gaels
    18.) Eoin O’Donoghue – Belmullet
    19.) Eddie Doran – Achill
    20.) Matthew Ruane – Breaffy
    21.) Morgan Lyons – Ballyhaunis
    22.) Conor Loftus – Crossmolina Deel Rovers
    23.) Michael Plunkett – Ballintubber
    24.) Steven Conroy – The Neale

  15. Thanks..HSE

    Where is Liam Irwin?

    Also – is Seamus Cunniffe not involved? He is an excellent full back.

    Eddie Doran and Conor Loftus are two lads who you’d have thought would make the starting line. I heard domewhere that they were both injured for a while. can anyone shed any further light on this?

    Really important, I believe, that Mayo win Connacht this year.

  16. I believe Liam Irwin left the panel due to personal circumstances. Conor Loftus is just back from a serious knee injury and he did take some time off after a tough spring for him and his family last year. Great to see Michael Plunkett involved as he is as fine footballer. With Clan Burke selected at 13 means we are probably play with a 2 man full forward line with Cian as a sweeper around the halfback line.

  17. Thanks Crete Boom. Interesting re. Liam Irwin. I always thought of all the minors that year, he’d be the one to make it. He was big, had a lovely left foot and was well able to make space and get an accurate shot away. Hopefully, he gets back to his best before long. Even that year, he was playing senior for Breaffy and he looked a good find.
    Conor Loftus was also a class act but I did hear of injury woes. Here’s to the two of them getting back to full fitness soon.
    I do find it surprising that Morgan Lyons was part of the senior panel up until a few days ago but now can’t make the under 21 team.
    Anyway, best of luck to them. Think they’ll have too much for Leitrim alright but they’ll have their work cut out to beat Roscommon.

  18. Your welcome Mayonaze, I agree with you there that we really need to do well at this grade this year. We have won 5 of the last 7 Connacht Minor Championships: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014. So its strange that we have struggled at this grade compared to the Senior and Minor Championships. Hopefully that will change this year.

  19. Val Roughneen more likely to partner O Connor in midfield and TJ to play in the forward line. Strength of any side is judged by its bench and that mayo u21 bench is strong.

  20. I hope the management experiment with the team against the dubs. Give Dillon and Andy Moran and a few others a run out. Don’t show our hand against the dubs, we will be meeting them later on in the semi’s please god.

  21. SOS an obvious selection for me a mf. Its who to play with him is the prob. Barrys had his injury problems. I dont think parsons is good enough. Perhaps vaughan is the best option. Big strong and mobile. And he can kick a point. Improvememt needed in mf if we are going to win sam. Kerry were far better than us last year in mf. Vaughan for me

  22. Vaughan is a good option against a team like Dublin with mobile midfielders an Cluxton ‘s kickouts. Barry Moran is outright best fielder but the way game is now would only give him max 40 mins per game there but some game time in FF as well. Alternate him and AOS. I think Vaughan will return to half backs before league ends, doubt if Durkan will get the nod this summer but Coen just might. They’re great options going forward. The newbies might get some starts in Connaught but if we progress it’ll be the battle hardened experienced lads with Andy and Alan D getting less match time than last year. In the forwards although Alan has talent I’d play Andy every time over Freeman whos positioning is his weakness. Would like to see both Barry & Tom Parsons tried in the remaining games, I think Kirby got a chance, now its their turn.

  23. Congrats to Seamus, tough as nails and always up for the battle. Where is the brother Conor, is he injured ? If he has half the bottle and balls of the two older boys, he should be a shoe in for the team.Get him in there against the Dubs.

  24. Be god Clonee Man I wouldn’t be writing off Tom Parsons just yet. I’d like to see him get a decent run without injury before consigning him to the scrap heap.

  25. Good to see Conor Loftus going again.
    Nice half backline with two players who have performed well with the seniors. Should be a good driving launchpad for our attacks.
    I expect TJ Byrne to be used in a gather n give type role. He had a good understanding going with Brian Reape.
    I believe Seamus Cunniffe had some injury issues if I recall.

  26. Yeah done deal, and those six forwards were what you’d call natural forwards i.e. they really want to score, relish scoring rather than being frightened to miss and thinking about missing. Thats probably the main reason why they were successful compared to many of our other teams who have reached finals. They scored 1-4 without reply at the beginning of the second-half, in nine minutes. That was the winning of that game along with the goal they scored just before half-time.

  27. I agree diehard, I would not write off Tom Parsons. He is a fantastic athlete, a mobile powerful runner with great hands. He just needs to clear up his injuries, get fit and a run of games under his belt and he will show everyone what he has. I believe a midfield/half forward position would suit him best.
    I remember being at a Mayo Kerry league game a number of years ago when Tom was first on the scene. He was very good that day and a Kerry supporter beside me was constantly asking who he was. On leaving the Kerryman said that Toms performance reminded him of a young Jack O’Shea. High praise indeed!
    On another note, I was talking to a Rossie who is well connected. He informed me that their U21’s a gunning for the All Ireland title and know they have the talent and squad to do it. They only see Kerry and Dublin as being genuine threats to them at that grade. Many of this years panel are young enough for next years panel also. I’m afraid it will take something really special to win Connaught this year.

  28. @donedeal/HopeSpringsEtnernal

    Of the starting forwards in the 2013 minor All Ireland final you have Loftus coming off two years blighted by knee injuries and Plunkett on the bench , Tommy Conroy obviously has had an unbelievable tough time lately so I would hope he is taking some time away from football to enjoy his life but having watched him for Kiltane before his family’s tragedy he did look like he needed to develop a little physically to go on to U21 and senior football.

    Liam Irwin played Hastings cup this year and senior club last year looking ready to go but has left the panel by his own accord which leaves Dara Doherty and Padraig Prendergast as the only ones of that minor forward line I haven’t seen in action since the final. Cian Hanley would definitely be there too but he is with big brother at the Lions.

  29. How many minor or U21 All Irelands have the Rossies actually won on the last few years?? There is come great cliches in the GAA, and the Rossies always having strong under age teams is one of them. Alongside “Down never loose in Croke Park”, “Galway have silky skills”. Its pure bullshit by the media.

  30. It would be great to see Tom Parsons have a decent run of fitness. Probably the most athletic player in the panel. By no means a high scoring player but has good skills for a big man.

  31. @ Crete Boom, those lads are still young anyway, so hopefully we’ll see plenty of them in the future. They have All-Ireland medals in their back pockets so that should be a confidence booster for the years ahead. With Adam Gallagher being captain of the U21 team, it’ll be very interesting to see how he gets on, as he might have something to add to the senior team in the months ahead.

  32. Yeah, the rossies have a good bunch of u21 the past few years but they haven’t win it yet and if they don’t this year then their chances are reduced as they’ve lost to Mayo the past two years at minor and Galway have been better at minor than them last year and the year before. It sure is competitive underage in Connscht which is good but it’s time Mayo stepped up to the plate u21.

    Anyone know craic with Irwin? Not a good sign whatsoever if he has left the panel. Talented players need to be guided through the ranks and everything should be done to make sure they fulfill their talent. Young lads at that age are not all the same in terms of maturity levels and the GAA at intercounty level should do their utmost to put structures in place to make sure young lads are mentally right as well as physically and technically.

  33. Mayo minors the last three years have won the All Ireland 2013 and reached the All Ireland semi finals in 2012,2014 so more than enough quality to win a Connacht U21 title at least.

    Mayo got very close to defeating Roscommon in the Hastings cup back in January and that was without Coen,O Connor,Durcan,Gallagher.

  34. wjmightdelete in fairness you can have great teams without winning the All Ireland as Mayo seniors the last three years are proof of this.

  35. Was just thinking there about the Dubs again on Saturday night.
    One great thing they bring with their arsenal is the Supporters chant.

    When 2000 people are singing together “C’mon you boys in Blue” it does feel like the team responds and everyone tries a little harder.

    I think we need a similar (our own) chant or song that can be sung.
    Not just Mayo, Mayo Mayo etc. as this peters out after 5 or 6 roars.

    I think something along the lines of a famous song (and it doesn’t have to be a traditional Mayo one either) e.g. “Ole, ole, ole, ole – Mayo, Mayo”. And repeat as required.

    Mind you I for one would not be great at instigating it but there are times when the team needs a lift from the supporters. But I would join in for sure.

    And I’m sure there are enough hard core Mayo dudes and dudettes (e.g. in the 2-3K that travelled to Derry) to come up with a proper lively song or chant to get the team standing tall and rocking again especially when going through a tough period of a game.

    Maybe it’s one for the Club 51 team to comment on?

  36. JPM I’m saying this for years. I totally agree with you.

    It’s usually counties with a city that tend to use chants, Dublin and cork. There’s no tradition but I fully support the idea of a catchy simple chant like cork shouting ‘rebels, rebels’. Ros have that ‘we are ros’ chant.

    Last Sunday I Derry we far out numbered the home support but most of the Mayo support around me were very quiet…at most shouting at the ref and/or saying ‘c’mon keith, well don’t Aidan’ etc.

    The team would certain benefit from a vocal chorus. If even half of the Mayo support last Sunday had been shouting something in unison it would have sounded great.

    Problem is at gaa games, supporters are individuals and effectively ‘on their own’. Most people go to games in twos and threes at most. We don’t know each other. There’s no genuine unity. If you do try starting a chant you’re looked on like a gombeen. The vast majority of gaa supporters unfortunately are passive and sit there quietly, letting out the odd shout.

    Goin back to the Derry game, not even a proper chant of Mayo, Mayo rang out, so from that perspective it was disappointing.

    I agree something should be done and I think Club 51 would be an ideal starting platform.

  37. It needs to be a simple jingle… Just a few words at most that’s repeated and is easy for everyone to join in on.

  38. true, most Mayo people are very muted except when a score goes over or we really are on top in a game against a big team in croker. its just the way we are im afraid.
    maybe someone needs to pen a simple, catchy line for us to sing along to.
    Dublin have the luck of having 10 times the population and scores of soccer type fans that have a few pints before the game to loosen the voice a little, its really only the hill 16 crowd that get into the singing, the stand fans are every bit as muted as Mayo or Galway fans imo.

  39. It’s a bummer at times alright. I remember – just about (a lot of beer on board) – Bowe’s on the night before the 2013 AIF; myself and some buddies were enjoying the slagging with a friendly bunch of Dubs. The false courage was kicking in at this stage so we reckoned we’d beat them in a sing-off.

    Straight away we launched into ‘The Green and Red of Mayo’, all three verses. Then the boys came back with ‘Come On Ye Boys In Blue’. We were already struggling big-time but we squeezed out what we knew of ‘Boys From The County Mayo’. Back came the Dubs with ‘Molly Malone’. We were goosed. The boys rubbed it in with ‘The Rare Oul’ Times’. And ‘Summer In Dublin’. And ‘The Auld Triangle’…

    So we sang ‘The Green and Red of Mayo’ again (to general laughter). I remember thinking ‘this is the only song we have, and it was written by Galwaymen’!

  40. Good luck this evening lads and hopefully it will be a màyo galway semi final . Listening to midwestradio as I can’t go.

  41. I think Parsons is more than more than good enough but he has had the worst luck with injuries which has hampered his chances of getting a sustained run.

    I really hope our U21s put in a big performance tonight – there is the makings of a great young team there. Very disappointed to see that Liam Irwin won’t feature – I think he is a superb prospect. I won’t comment further as I don’t know his reasoning but I really hope we see him back in the green and red sooner rather than later.

    JPM, Mayonaze, the very reason we set up Club ’51 was to try bring a bit of noise and colour to games and I think to a certain extent it has worked – we are seeing more flags, and more people standing up and shouting the team on when things are tough which was definitely missing before. Derry was a good example of that and Mayonaze maybe you were in a different area of the stand but there was a sustained and loud period of chanting in the second half where we were near the scoreboard – everyone around us got stuck in (which used to be pretty damn rare).

    But we are constantly calling out for people to come and join us at games in an area in the middle of the crowd where we can get a good vocal crowd together (so the noise will spread) and yet on the day, we’re usually left to do it on our own. So why not come join us and help with the effort?

    We’ll be on the terraces behind the goal on the Sportlann side on Saturday with our flags, so if you’re there, make yourselves known. The more the merrier and the louder too. And if there is anyone musical who would pen a line or two we have people in our group who would be more than happy to sing it loud!

  42. The full words of Sawdoctors – Bale Em song? In order to get all the way to “Will Galway bate Mayo? Not if they have Willie Joe.”
    Wouldn’t be a wasp on a sandwich in the ground for sure and would encourage the farming community to upgrade their hay baling equipment. Though the drink is not wild bad in Tuam hey.

  43. How about a version of “swing low sweet Mayo” sung to the tune (obviously) of swing low sweet chariot!!!?
    It goes like this…..”swing low, swing low…..sweet mayooooo, pat and noel to carry sam home” and repeat over and over. Haha. Best of lucj to the young guns tonight!!

  44. Greetings from MacHale Pk at HT.

    Fairly grim so far. We are ahead 1-4 to 0-5 at the break but it’s poor fare so far I’m afraid.

  45. Game has been stopped for 17 mins. Leitrim defender out flat on the ground since our 2nd goal. Ambulance called. Hopefully he’s ok but it looks serious.

  46. No medics on standby at the pitch? That’s some oversight. Best wishes to the lad.

    Strong showing from the lads but you can’t help but feel 13 wides isn’t going to cut it against Galway.

  47. Good win for Mayo but the gloss really taken off the whole thing by that neck injury. Fingers crossed the player is not seriously hurt.

  48. Yeah a bad injury.

    Mayo’s performance tonight was not that good. 7 points against Leitrim tells you all you need to know.

    Expected more from Gallagher and Coen.

    O Connor had a decent game. Michael Hall was very good.

    Matt Ruane did well when he came on and Conor Loftus looked like he could cause damage.

    Other than that we have a LOT to improve on. A lot of sloppy passing and the shooting was very disappointing. The team will know this themselves.

  49. SHOCKING that there were no medics or ambulance present. Some deserves to have their knuckles rapped for such a mistake. Crazy in this day and age. Either Mayo GAA or the Connacht Council have some serious questions to answer.

  50. Got our first win in 3 years at this grade so that has to be celebrated. Poor first half with us kicking 10 wides. Goals win games and 3 second half ones have us the breathing space we needed against a blanket like Leitrim defence…I thought I was watching a re run of Mayo v Tyrone from s few weeks ago. Anyway a win is a win and major inprovment will be needed for Galway.
    Best wishes to the Leitrim player. I think the game was being overseen by The Connacht council and not Mayo GAA….why there was not an ambulance there makes you wonder but with cut backs maybe one was not available…

  51. Well done to 21s , sounds like it will take a fair improvement for Galway game.

    Simple tune would work for Mayo but it would need numbers to get it goin right and a bit of bravery as it takes balls to to do something different like terrace singing at a GAA game ( apart from the dubs) . For my tuppence worth ” nah nah nananananana, Mayo ” same as Celtic, Man city, villa sing it. It’s also very difficult to create volume without a roof , open terrace is near impossible, that’s why it used to work great for Celtic in the jungle, city in the kippax, United stretford end , liverpools Kop end etc etc.

  52. How about the following for a tune:

    O-ver and O-ver, we will follow you,
    O-ver and O-ver, we will see you through,
    We are Mayo supporters, faithful through and through,
    and over and over, we will follow you.

    If you go to Limerick, you will see us there,
    Cork or Down its all the same,
    We’ll go any where,
    We’ll be there to cheer you,
    as you travel round,
    you can take us anywhere, we won’t let you down.


    If you go to New York, we’ll go once again,
    In Ruislip you’ll find us there calling out your name,
    when you need supporting, you will always know,
    we’ll be right there with you, every where you go.

  53. Total disgrace that Connacht GAA had no medical personnel present in McHale Park tonight.Bad enough the poor lad was injured but to have to be left lying on the cold ground for 20 minutes while they waited for an ambulance is a joke.Hope he makes a full recovery.The game itself wasn’t much better.I stopped counting wides at half time at which stage we had 10,the score 1-4 to 0-5 with 1-1 of that coming from our corner back and a point from out goalie.Adam Gallagher very disappointed.I thought at this stage of the league last year he had a very bright future with the senior team.Brian Reape very disappointing.Hall man of the match.O’Connor did well,Coen scored one lovely point,Durcan did well but all in all major improvements needed before they meet Galway.

  54. Anne-Marie, I seem to remember on the night of the Big Fog in MacHale Park that the Dubs supporters were congregated behind that same goal on the Sportlann side… Be careful out there the next night ;o)

    Ultair, that’s not a bad attempt at all – is it sung to a tune we know or have you come up with your own?

  55. DavyJ – It’s basically a well known Celtic song (search for ‘Celtic Over and Over’ on YouTube) with some of the lyrics changed to better suit Mayo. I figure that if we can’t come up with sonething on our own then maybe we should just ‘adapt’ a song for our own ends.

    Something I’ve just thought of, perhaps we could convince Noel Gallagher to write a song for us? He might be agreeable given that his mother is from Swinford. He offered to write an Ireland song for the FAI years ago. Although given what he was supposedly going to charge them we might have to extend the loan on McHale park…

  56. Great suggestions there lads – Ultair I like that! and JP I’m on for that if you are 😉

    Anyone on for a bit of choir practice Saturday afternoon?

  57. Hi All,
    Best of luck on Saturday evening, I am not sure why you are worried about a song to sing…. sure we are that bad at the moment ye will be singing all night!! Good Luck on Saturday.

    Kind Regards,
    Martin the Dub

  58. As a long time terrace man..I’ve had big Bertha (most of you know it, the big flag) since 1996, tho I’ve only ever used it in the league once, Croke park 2001. I’m also a Stretford end season tkt holder. The trick with a catchy chant is to keep it simple and repetitive. Long songs don’t work and if they do take ages to be learnt. 3 syllable chants work best. Don-e-gal don-e-gal..anyone who was there in 2012 knows full well it’s effect. 3 syllable words are better than two syllable ie: Mayo, Galway, etc. as they come across better.

    Also it doesn’t matter what the words say as long as it’s something sung in unison and clearly supporting one side in the pitch.

    “green and red” chanted over and over would actually echo quite well. It’s dead simple… And if you had a few hundred chanting it at the same time would be dry effective.

    Another option is a short song that builds up to a crescendo. Like the Eric Cantona song (the 12 days of Christmas)…immediately after the last verse the entire crowd breaks into United! United! United! If we had something that resulted in everyone breaking into a massive Mayo, Mayo, Mayo at the end that would sound cool.

    Realistically tho..a very basic chant would be a step 1.

  59. Mayonaze – bring Bertha on Sat evening and come stand with us? Would love to try something out. If there was ever a league game for Bertha to be at, this is probably it! 🙂

  60. Over and over one of my favs, would be such an achievement to get that ringing round McHale park , Croker or wherever with the flags waving to it. Impossible though imo sadly it’s a cultural thing ” ahh will YA dry up with your shite , I paid my money to watch football not listen to Ye sing”

  61. something like’ green’green and red is the colour. football is the game; green green and red is the colour.winning is our aim . green green and red is the colour.mayoo is our name . ye could sing it after the opposition chants, [who are ye]

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