Seamus O’Shea our MOTM from yesterday

Press Conference ahead of GAA Football All-Ireland Senior Championship Semi-Final - Monday 27th August


The votes are in on the poll for MOTM from yesterday and by a wide margin it’s Seamus O’Shea who takes the coveted award on this occasion, hot on the heels of winning the equivalent on The Sunday Game last night. The big Breaffy man, with 43% of the vote, finished ahead of kid brother Aidan (who got 24%) – in truth, both of them were immense yesterday – while Jason Doherty (12%) and Alan Dillon (7%) also attracted significant support following strong performances from both of them at Croke Park yesterday.

Well done to all of them and, indeed, to the whole team and management for steering the county into a fourth successive All-Ireland semi-final.

9 thoughts on “Seamus O’Shea our MOTM from yesterday

  1. Some achievement by Seamus considering cunnifes and his little brothers performances. Cant wait till Kerry match, the only major team left for this team to beat, (would i be right in saying there the only team with all ireland winning players we have yet to beat)
    Hopefully it wont be a repeat of the cork match, heart wudnt be able for that again, be happy with the same result though.
    I think this team is coming along nicely and really believe they could go all the way, it took real steel to hold out that match, something im not sure previous mayo teams had.
    Its not all good though, ”Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Einstein, quote is very relevant to one aspect of our game, i think most people will know what i am talking about with regards to substitutions.

  2. Well done Seamus take a bow son take a bow thought Aidan was back to usual best and conrgrats to all involved roll on Kerry

  3. I picked Aidan but to honest, I can’t argue with Seamus, as u said WJ, both were immense!
    Congrats to the entire team!

  4. I personally think Freeman showed great composure after missing shot to win next ball and it was vital.
    O Sheas were phenomenal.Is Barry injured?
    Think we will need subs earlier against Kerry.Coen D.O Connor and Duffy not in subs so shows the strength of panel.

  5. We’ll deserved. Seamie plays with total commitment and was absolutely tireless yesterday.

  6. Well deserved indeed! Seamie was absolutely immense. He is growing into one of the best midfielders in the country. We are blessed in this department!

  7. Well done Seamus, that was a great display. He is a real battler when the going gets tough. He shows great leadership qualities as well at crucial times. A mention for his brother too, it was great to see Aidan get that goal, that could be a really big boost to his confidence in front of goals, i’d love to see him do some more of that. It was great to see that all of our starting forwards, two midfielders and one half-back scored from play. Thats a great spread of scorers and probably the first time in a long time that all of our starting forwards and midfielders scored from play. Some scores from our subs now would be great too! There has been a lot of talk about the beatings Kerry gave us in 04 and 06 but is the game in 11 the last time they beat us? I know there is a big difference between the league and the championship but I reckon since the game in 11 we have played them four times and had one draw and three wins in the league. So there would actually be a lot of Kerry players that have never beaten Mayo. In saying that Kerry in Croke Park in a All-Ireland semi-final are a different prospect but we should have nothing to fear against them anyway! The key is not to let them get a big lead, this is what they always try to do, they went 1-5 up against Galway. The first 20 minutes will be vital in this game.

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