Seán Deane calls for large Mayo support at Minor final

If you’ve listened to the interview that Mike did with Mayo Minor manager Seán Deane for our Minor final preview episode of the podcast, you’ll have heard his appeal for a large Mayo following to turn up at Dr Hyde Park on Friday evening.

In doing so, Seán paid tribute to the Mayo support base and he said a big turnout for the Tom Markham Cup decider would provide a major boost for the players on the night.

Here he is in a clip tweeted by Mayo GAA, providing the same message:

Seán is, of course, absolutely correct. Mayo fans, wherever they’re based, should be doing what they can to get to Roscommon for 7.15pm on Friday. This is a young Mayo team who are an absolute joy to watch, who play the game the way it’s meant to be played and who, as a group, are a credit to themselves, their families, their clubs and their county. They deserve our full support on Friday evening and nothing less than this will do.

I was just thinking about it today – how many All-Irelands have you been there to see us win?

In my case, it’s a small list: 1983 (U21), 1985 (Minor), 2013 (Minor) and 2016 (U21). For all of us, it’s no more than a handful.

On Friday evening, we’ve all got the chance to see a great up and coming Mayo team aiming to add to the list. Who wouldn’t want to be there then to see them shoot for the stars?

If you haven’t got your tickets for the game (remember U16s go free and don’t need a ticket), they’re available at selected Centra and SuperValu outlets as well as online at Ticketmaster (here).

Go on, sort the tickets now and make sure you’re there on Friday evening to cheer the lads on to glory.

24 thoughts on “Seán Deane calls for large Mayo support at Minor final

  1. Get behind them everyone. Been a tough season but these kids deserve a huge Mayo crowd. Would be lovely to see them roared onto the pitch.

  2. If ever a team deserves support, this one does. Everyone should really try to be there. You won’t be doing the team a favour, you’ll be doing one for yourself. A brilliant team, playing great football. A joy to watch.

  3. I was impressed in the previous 2 victories over Galway, we were really well drilled.. but not so impressed against Kerry who were runners up in Munster. Our goalie helped turn the game in our favour more than once although on the negative side our first half kickout strategy failed on at least 3 kicks to the left sideline; he was perhaps following orders.
    That said we have a lot of talent in our team and we did win the thing. I’d make us favourites based on the gaps in previous victories over Galway. It’s possible we were below our best against Kerry (definitely more mistakes than the Galway games) and Galway may have played above their level. So we deserve to be favourites.

  4. I agree 100% Rock and Nephin.
    Shuffly Duck, I think the Kerry game was a learning curve as I doubt they had come up against a well coached defensive blanket before and still prevailed. Tbh I doubt Kerry followers would have been too impressed with that setup seeing as this is still a “development” age group.

  5. Hi Fleming’s Super Valu in Roscommon has a deal buy a ticket for the match and you get free car park space
    Only 50 tickets left

  6. Never looked forward to a minor (or indeed any non senior game) as much.
    Following them all year and its so refreshing to see,I hope a massive crowd turn out for them and I think they will get that.
    I just hope they can over the line and get the result they deserve aswell.

  7. 5 to 6 thousand is the expected crowd. Apart from family members there must be little or no Galway supporters attending?

  8. @Willie Joe were you not in Ennis in 2006 when we beat Cork in the u21 final? Surprised if you weren’t? It was an excellent game of football. Ennis has been a happy ground for Mayo.

  9. Sadly, I wasn’t, Turfman. I was away on a work trip, in Rabat, Morocco, and I had to do with text message updates on how the game was going. It was a bad one to miss alright but there was nothing I could do about it.

  10. Most Galway fans focusing on Saturdays match with many like myself having prior commitments on the Friday.

  11. @Chesneychet very poor Galway support at the Tuam group game v Mayo and Connacht U17 final in MacHale Park.

    I’d expect more Westmeath, Cavan supporters in attendance in Croke Park on Saturday than Galway supporters.

  12. Here’s a mad one for ye. A few months back I seen we once played Clare in a minor final.
    1953 Mayo beat Clare in the minor final.

  13. I’m going to try and get to it Mayomagic but to be fair in the last few weeks I’ve been to Croke Park for the Armagh game Thurles for the hurlers v Cork, didn’t travel last Sunday for the hurlers vs Limerick in Croker but am heading up Saturday for the Derry game. Its hard to get to everything and I doubt I’m unique in that regard. Best of luck to both teams, weather will be savage.

  14. Well Mayomagic there will be a large Galway attendance for the Senior game. Enjoy the U17 game hopefully Galway improve again and win it out.

  15. Joe G, I think we were the better team against Kerry but those few goal chances really could have scuppered us. If our goalie is that good of a shot stopper most days out, then we should be a hard nut to crack and keep the goal count low.
    I like the cut of Hurley and Clarke but some Galway lads now getting attention after their good run. But McGonagle in particular dealt with the full back role really well, great to have such a good player in such a pivotal position. So I’d make us favourites. In the past Minor was chaotic and unpredictable but with the amount of games this year, teams have time to get more composed and the standard is higher than most other years. Great to have 2 Connaught teams in he final, I make us 3/4 point favourites but anything can happen, up Mayo.

  16. Making a fair effort to get down tomorrow but delighted to be going , cannot for the life of me understand supporters who won’t attend and not another mayo county game till 2023 . I think it’s bloody shameful tbh , 5-6k my god that’s shocking .

  17. This game is nicely poised. You have Galway who had a very poor start but have come into their own in the last few games with incremental improvement each outing. We have been undefeated with the occasional wobble along the way.

    Galway confidence will be high as very positive vibe in the county with seniors in semi final on Saturday. They have nothing to lose as in the final despite having two losses along the way. Hopefully complacency will not be part of the thought process when the ball is thrown in because of the previous two victories.

    It should be a humdinger of a game with hopefully no blanket in sight. A win will take the edge off what has been a horrible year since the AIF loss to the Red Hand. May need extra time to find a winner!

    Will be there for last outing of the inter county year. Up Mayo.

  18. A huge role to be played by both management teams tomorrow evening in getting the best out of their respective squads. They are 16 & 17 year olds playing in an All Ireland final, so whichever group deals best with the occasion will win. The fact that it’s not played in Croke Park will will probably help keep all grounded but hard to predict a winner. Hopefully Mayo…we could do with a boost.

  19. Good point Shuffly Deck on David Dolan and it shows the importance of a reliable shot stopper. John McMonagle looks the part at full back and as has been said before he plays like a Kevin Cahill clone which is some accolade. A slight worry though is that he is not by trade a full back and will he get to play there regularly for his club. For a long time now we have been trying to turn half backs into corner and full backs and even a half forward Michael Plunkett. I know it’s an almost impossible task to get the best club player in every position to also be the best in that slot at County level but it would be ideal if it happened. Anyway, good luck to Sean Deane and the whole panel tonight. I can’t wait!

  20. Best of luck to the minors this evening, hope they bring Tom Markham back to Co. Mayo.

    Irrespective of the result though, I believe that we will see several of this group represent Mayo at a higher level, be it U20 or senior. I’m looking forward to tracking the progress of Rio Mortimer, Lorcan Silke, John McMonagle, Diarmuid Duffy, young Maheady, the Hurleys and Ronan Clarke in particular.

    Up Mayo.

  21. I am not in Ireland so cannot pick up TG4.
    Will there be any other way of picking up the game? A youtube stream or something?
    Good luck to the lads tonight.

  22. Mind the House – it’s on GAA GO, if you’re based outside the 32 counties. There’s also full radio commentary on Midwest.

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