Season ticket arrangements for semi-final announced

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If you’re a Cairde Mhaigheo or Croke Park season ticket holder you should have got an email earlier on today detailing ticketing arrangements for the All-Ireland semi-final. The good news is that the Bring a Friend option (which entitles you to buy up to four additional tickets as well as your own one) is available for the big match on August 30th but, clearly, supply isn’t unlimited so you need to act fast. This option will only remain open until midnight next Sunday (16th) or until stocks last so if you’re planning to make use of it, don’t delay.

If you’re a season ticket holder and you’re not exercising your opt-out option then you don’t need to take any action at this time. If your credit card details are correct and the card’s valid, then your ticket will be available to download and print next Monday (August 17th).

If you do plan to exercise your opt-out for this game, then clearly you need to find the nearest mirror and have a long, hard look at yourself.

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15 thoughts on “Season ticket arrangements for semi-final announced

  1. I’m a Croke Park season ticket holder, but didn’t receive any mail yet. Anyone else in same boat?
    I’m in a seating group – not sure if that might have something to do with it. They would have to break the seating group I suppose.
    But I got an email about bring a friend before Donegal match…

  2. Ha ha mirror is right !! We’ve been seated in 315 (bringing an extra 3 for this one ) lower cusack

  3. Only used the bring a friend option before & we landed out in the corner.
    Does anyone know is that still the case?…hard to jeopardise the central seats!

  4. Bringing 2 friends. Upper Cusack section 703. Better than stuck behind goal even having to climb steps.

  5. I got the mail finally! Will have to give up my prime season ticket spot and move up to 703 as well, plenty of takers for the 4 tickets 🙁

  6. I have 4 tickets in a seating group but am considering using the “bringing a friend” option for an additional one, Will I be removed from my current seating group and the 5 put together somewhere else?

  7. Pebblesmeller, it says the below on the site, so you’ll be moved but the others in your seating group won’t.
    Anyway, I tried and there are none in section 703 left, and not a notion I’m going into the kiddie section in 315!!

    2. All ticket holders on this account will be moved into a different seating section for this event to allow you to be seated together with your Bring a Friend ticketholders. If your account is part of a Seating Group, the other accounts in this seating group will not be moved.

  8. Getting this message for the bring a friend option for either upper or lower decks:

    ‘There are no tickets available at this time. Please select another section if available, or, alternatively, please try again later.’

    Does this mean seats are all taken already?

  9. Yes, I emailed them earlier and was told that all ‘bring a friend’ tickets have already been sold out.
    They should really let people know so they don’t waste their time trying

  10. Might as well enjoy the hype in the build, not is if it’ll affect the team, just make the build up more enjoyable

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