Season ticket on sale for next year

The GAA announced today – at last – that sales have opened for season tickets for next year. The GAA’s announcement is here.

It’s telling, I reckon, that the statement linked above doesn’t actually lead with news about the season ticket at all but instead focuses on ticket prices for next year’s National League campaign, including prices for various packages of games that are on offer. It’s as if the GAA now views the season ticket as an afterthought. Or, maybe, as a bit of an annoyance.

If so, its pricing for 2024 makes sense. Headline prices for both the standard ticket and the Club Plus variant (what was the Cáirde Mhaigheo ticket) remain at €150 and €250 respectively but neither ticket now includes the first Championship match and so this change constitutes a significant price hike in real terms.

Stripping out the first Championship match is just the latest move in what has been a progressive hollowing out of the features that used to be included in the season ticket. This once encompassed ongoing discounts for all Championship games (bar the final), as well as free access to the club finals and National League finals. For Cáirde Mhaigheo members there were jackets and, in both 2012 and 2013, access to a second All-Ireland final ticket.

The only perk left in the season ticket, to be honest, aside from having all your League tickets without having to buy them individually, is the guaranteed access it provides to an All-Ireland final ticket if your county manages to make it that far. The last time that feature was of relevance for us, though, was back in 2017 because 2020 was the Covid final (so, unless you were in the media or in the back of a van, you didn’t get in) and the season ticket wasn’t back in operation in 2021 either.

The more you think about it, it seems apparent that the way in which the season ticket has been progressively downgraded is consistent with the GAA’s approach to what it still rather quaintly refers to as its ‘patrons’.

While the GAA may rightfully be lauded for the way in which it has promoted the interests of club players in recent years, the same isn’t true for its approach to its paying punters. As a supporter, it certainly feels as if the GAA is taking us very much for granted these days.

Ticketing for matches is a clear case in point. The way this is now handled is nothing short of a disgrace, with the whole thing turned over to US ticketing giant Ticketmaster and where tickets for big games are routinely released in batches, with the clear aim of offloading all the rubbish ones first.

At a more basic level, the maddening way in which the GAA often won’t even inform the paying public when matches are on tells you much about where their priorities lie. We had this all summer long, making advance planning impossible from one weekend to the next. In addition, it’s only been in the last few days that next year’s National League confirmed fixtures have finally been published.

As the GAA talks ever more like a corporate entity, such a cavalier approach to those who pay good money to attend its matches raises justifiable questions about its ‘product’. It’s an offering which, when you put it under the microscope, has plenty of shortcomings.

The match-day experience at Croke Park hasn’t moved on a jot in close to twenty years – in fact it’s got even worse: you can’t buy a bloody ice-cream in the place nowadays – while at other venues its shortcomings are painfully evident. The jacks in MacHale Park at half-time, anyone?

This is to say nothing, of course, about the spectacle that is Gaelic football nowadays, which is bordering on unwatchable. That’s a separate issue, of course, though not a totally unrelated one.

It’s into this environment that the GAA has opened sales for next year’s season tickets. The Mayo ones will probably still be fully subscribed (it’s only ourselves and Dublin that are in this category) but many are likely to be holding their proverbial noses as they go through the renewal process this year.

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  1. Spot on WJ. 3 in our family and a few friends gave it up last time. They’ve been putting up the cost while reducing the benefits for a while now. Seems to me they want to get rid of them altogether. My decision was based partly on that and partly on health issues as I couldn’t attend as many matches as previously, but the others, just felt they were being screwed. I’ve only missed one final since we won it and like many others it was 2020. So I got there before the Season ticket and I’ll take my chances.

  2. Well said Willie Joe. We are being ripped off more than once too often. I am not going to renew this season, why would anyone when it’s way cheaper to buy the league tickets in the new packages that they are bringing out. The season tickets lost all their value 4 or 5 years ago, we have just been too stubborn to walk away.

  3. The fact that most Mayo supporters genuinely don’t feel ( especially after watching the club championship) that Mayo will get to an All Ireland final this year will have the biggest effect on the season tickets

  4. Well said Willie Joe, the way season ticket holders have been seen as a nuisance is clear to see. They are even offering a 7 game League package for €100, the same “privilege” Season Ticket holders pay €150 now! They have removed the discounted fiver off a Championship game and have also removed the scanned attendance element, just paying for the ticket is enough to them as you are filling their coffers! Its hard to know if a boycott of the ST is enough as I feel they are only looking for an excuse to be rid of it anyway..

  5. You’d hope support doesn’t suffer next year, but can’t blame anyone with the price hikes. Re the fixtures being settled – it’s crazy how late that gets confirmed for championship, and if you are flying over to make as many matches as you can a cheap flight vs an expensive one makes a huge impact. Obviously lots of supporters could be paying out for hotels as well depending on when and where a match is

  6. Well said WJ. Just another point to note is that GAA will not allow me to downgrade my ticket from a Club + ticket (€250) to a standard season ticket (€150) this year because apparently all Mayo season ticket types are “sold out”. This wasn’t an issue for them nor was the ticket type “sold out” when I upgraded my ticket from a standard season ticket to a Club + ticket in 2019 and they were very happy to take the additional money. I hate to be negative and have been a proud season ticket holder since it started but It really holds no value at this point in time. I think I’ll take my chances and refrain from renewing which is a real shame.

  7. Season tickets in 17 were €99 that is €51 increase. First round of championship was free that is €25 increase. €5 off all games except final saved €40 in 17. That’s a total extra cost of €116 in 2023 in comparison to 17.

  8. Great article. Prices for season tickets are gone ridiculous!

    @Myball I don’t have that view and I know plenty of mayo supporters who are a bit more optimistic then that to ha not sure if we will make the final but we will bounce back.

    Tommy conroy was in flying form in sigerson and getting back his old self with his confidence coming back every game . Yes was a poor club championship but the county guys stood out a mile when they played for their club!

    Don’t get all the negativity but sure each to their own ha!

  9. Id love to purchase one , missed the renewal deadline one yeàr and theyve never been available since .

  10. Be nice to have some transparency in terms of if people are not renewing why arent they making some available for sale .

  11. A few years ago, I did up a spreadsheet on the season ticket value since I first got it in 2009. (Took me a while to find it!). Apologies for the formatting. These figures are for Mayo match’s in 2009, 2012, 2015 and 2017. Shows the huge decline in value in the season ticket compared to buying a ticket in supervalu.

    Mayo GAA Season Ticket Value
    2009 Game Match Cost on Day Season Ticket
    League Derry €15
    League Donegal 15
    League Westmeath 15
    League Kerry 15
    League Dublin 15
    League Galway 15
    League Tyrone 15
    Total €105 €75
    Championship New York $20 *Included
    Roscommon €20 *Included
    Connacht Final Galway €30 €30
    Q/Final Meath €30 €25
    Overall Total €205 €130 Saving = €75

    Mayo GAA Season Ticket Value
    2012 Game Match Cost on Day Season Ticket
    League Laois €13
    League Dublin 13
    League Armagh 13
    League Down 13
    League Donegal 13
    League Cork 13
    League Dublin 13
    League Kerry 13
    League Semi Kerry 20
    League Final Cork 25
    Total €149 €75
    Championship Leitrim 25 *Included
    Connacht Final Sligo €30 €30
    Q/Final Down €30 €25
    Semi Final Dublin €45 €40
    Final Donegal €80 €80
    Overall Total €359 €250 Saving = €109

    Mayo GAA Season Ticket Value
    2015 Game Match Discounted Price Season Ticket
    League Kerry €10
    League Tyrone 10
    League Monaghan 10
    League Derry 10
    League Dublin 10
    League Cork 10
    League Donegal 10
    Total €70 €85
    Championship Galway €25 *Included
    Connacht Final Sligo €30 €30
    Q/Final Donegal €30 €25
    Semi Final Dublin €45 €40
    Final A N Other €80 €80
    Overall Total €280 €260 Saving = €20

    Mayo GAA Season Ticket Value
    2017 Game Match Discounted Price Season Ticket
    League Monaghan €10
    League Kerry €10
    League Roscommon €10
    League Dublin €10
    League Cavan €10
    League Tyrone €10
    League Donegal €10
    Total €70 €99
    Championship Sligo €25 *included
    Semi Final Galway €25 €20
    Qualifier 2A Derry €20 €15
    Qualifier 3A Clare €20 €15
    Qualifier 4A Cork €20 €15
    Quarter Final Roscommon €35 €30
    Q/Final Replay Roscommon €30 €25
    Semi Final Kerry €45 €40
    Semi Replay Kerry €35 €30
    Final €80 €80
    Total €405 €369 Saving = €36

  12. Limerick hurling season tickets also fully subscribed for the last two years.

    Year 1 – 2009 – the season ticket was €75 covering all league games for your chosen code (for all counties, not just for your own) and the first championship match free and a €5 discount for each additional game bar the final should your county get that far. That was a great package.

    The new pricing (for the hurling ticket) is requiring all bar the fans of two counties to make a financial loss versus the cost of buying tickets individually for each game – only the two counties who make the league final will break even. Why would someone from any of the counties who have no realistic hope of making the final even bother? (Only 7 counties have made the hurling final since 2001)

    Only the GAA could come up with season ticket pricing that doesn’t actually subsidise the overall cost of going to every game.

  13. New podcast episode up on Patreon now, this one featuring Mike in conversation with Kevin Filan, manager of the Castlebar Mitchels team that won the county U21A title at the weekend.

  14. I can’t believe that the management manage to do so much traveling to training and scouting for so little expenses,it won’t last we will have to give them a far fairer expense list,for instance for our instance our management team need to travel to Belmullet,or Achill how much does it cost,they have to be out of pocket,not to mention going to watch other counties,we need raise our spending

  15. There was a time when there was proper discussion on this blog until one individuals continual factless comments which are generally so ridiculous that they can only be made to attempt to wind people up but unlike this particular person I would never claim that another contributor on here “hasn’t got a clue” but really.I hope this doesn’t break any rules but it’s getting very tiresome

  16. You know what, I saw somewhere a few days ago where Meath’s County teams expenses were 2 or 2.5 Million for 1 year, others are well behind when one looks at this.

  17. Good piece on the season ticket WJ. In truth the ST has been a disasterfor a while, with one issue after another.

    Back in the day, the seating group was a great idea where you could create a seating group of up to 10 people who sat together ata game. That idea got binned fairly quickly though and resulted in friends and family being scattered all over Croke Park, thereby removing the whole idea of a day out with family and friends.
    Unscanned tickets was the next hassle and having no point of contact with the GAA/Mayo GAA/Season Tickets to deal with the issue was hugely frustrating. It led to me and my mates taking a photo with our phones as we scanned our tickets to prove we were there. The amount of emails and rows I had trying to get attendances updated was maddening (and they nearly all occured at Machale Park scanners!). I know of many on here who fought the good fight on behalf of supporters with Season Tickets.
    Then the price kept creeping up, the benfits being reduced and to top it all off, the ST holders are given the worst possible seats in Croke Park, being shoved up into the clouds and out along the 13m line. A further two fingers to the match going supporter, they were as well off to say “just give us your money and shut up”.
    A further bugbear of mine was the age at which a Juvenile ticket switched to an adult one. If the juvenile was turning 18 in that season (regardless of when in that season) then the ticket switched to adult price, even when the ticket holder was still a minor! Greedy basxxxds, every step of the way.
    I had 4 season tickets but reduced that number to two once it started costing me €600 per year. For example, €700 a year would buy you a league-match season ticket to Old Trafford, which gets you 19 league games. Yet the GAA expect people to shell out similar amounts for 8 or 9 games, and in stadiums where you are not even garunteed a seat!!
    However, the removal of an actual “physical ticket” for the disasterous saga that is trying to deal with the ticketmaster portal, allied to these further reductions in benefits, means that I will not be renewing my STs for the first time in over a decade. The GAA care not a single iota for the match going supporter. They have especially turned their backs on the elderly demographic in relation to access to tickets and I know of countless “old stocks” who have stopped going to Mayo games because of their frustration and inability in accessing tickets via ticketmaster.
    So the GAA are holding firm to their well deserved and long earned title of the Grab All Association. Their commercialisation of our ancient, amateur sport in an era where we have a cost of living crisis, where a tank of fuel to get you to the game is nearly 50% more expensive now than it was 2 years ago, where your electricity and home heating bills are the price of a summer holiday and the youth who play the sport have to emigrate because they can’t buy a house or are even lucky to get one to rent, has meant the GAA are determined to wringe every last cent out of the match going supporter without care or consideration for the difficulties experienced by those supporters.
    They can shove their flowery AIB ads about the club and the parish up their round brown one. They should be reported for false advertising.

  18. Great post pebblesmeller such terrible ways to treat treat life long support seas only interesting in concert

  19. The Ticketmaster site is a battle for me who uses computers all day everyday. Trying to renew was a battle and took 30 minutes out of my day. Same thing when trying to buy tickets. What is it like for older ‘patrons’ who have little or no IT skills. They have gone full circle and have become so commercially minded that they have forgotten their primary purpose. When I complained I was more or less told that is the way it is and to just get on with it.

  20. Just a point on that Pebblesmeller, and it’s something Willie Joe touched on above as well.

    What the premier league clubs provide on the match day experience side is light years ahead of GAA, and a lot of money made on those various concessions stands, bars, a lot of them would even have rental units incorporated. A lot of the revenue from these enterprises is directed to keeping the ticket prices low so everyone can attend. There are other models though, Arsenal I believe are one who charge much higher prices.

    For an NFL regular game, I doubt you’d even make much off the bar, given how many people drive.

    The McHale stadium disaster has set Mayo back massively. I’d honestly imagine that the cost argument for bull dozering the entire McHale complex, building a brand spanking top of the range 21st century stadium, with proper match day experience set up, and developing the rest of the site as an integrated residential and commercial district centred around the stadium would be interesting. Even with the expense of moving training pitches out of town.

    Hell throw in a Luas connecting the stadium, train station, the hospital, and maybe those new training pitches, and that would quite honestly cover a large amount of the big ticket investment Castlebar could hope for the next 50 years.

  21. Just out of curiosity but did anyone else notice Eason’s selling a GAA boardgame Bainisteoir?

    I’m a big boardgamer but I would like to know a bit more on where the money is going before I’d buy. At 30euro though it’s cheap enough to be a curiosity without expectation for a gamer, but similarly not a bad one, as let’s be fair about it at even just two players, and taking an hour and a half, it works out about the same as a pint every hour each after very few playthroughs. It does admittedly look like a Monopoly clone with bells from the pick. Given Monopoly games traditionally end in a row, and GAA after an hour and half, that could in theory be spicier than it sounds on paper.

    If anyone is looking for boardgames recommendations, the two Eason’s have Settlers of Catan and Ticket To Ride for 50euro are two of the best gateway games out there. Ticket To Ride, is super accessible, it’s my mums favourite.

  22. Just a couple of facts to brighten our days,our expenditure on teams and management compare very favourably with Meath ,which is less than half the size,and we are far more successful

  23. Fact check Corick, Meath have 7 all Ireland’s championship wins to our 3. So are over twice as successful on the KPI of Sam Maguire wins.

    Current expenses for both counties are comparable however, and both would buy an awful lot of bags of taytos, cups of coffees.

  24. This year I was talking about,because that is the year our expenditure was published,not previous years,as have stated before they don’t get paid,they get expenses ,which I would imagine does not even cover their expenses,but of I take great comfort from the fact that will have people who won’t even expect expenses

  25. Corrick bridge must be like the mythical village of brigadoon that only appeared every hundred years and who knows maybe then nobody looked for expenses or any payment for managing county teams

  26. I don’t know anything about the workings of the Gaa, ie central Council in Croke Park but should new County Stadiums be entitled to a large proportion of Funding from Central Council, say for a pitch upgrade or new stands etc, why should each County Board have to independently Fund their new facilities and be left with a large debt.

  27. Meath played later into the season as well Corrick

    It’s not like they went out in a qualifier round as it used to be

  28. And Corick, we looked a damn fine team doing it to boot.

    Only 50 more sleeps until the first “Why isn’t the league the championship” debate, and other spring favourites “is this sh*te we put against the 6 Nations”, “Boyler v Lee in the 2024 General election “

  29. @frost the hammer We did look great in the league no doubt about it I think that’s another reason it was so disappointing come championship .

    But Sam is where it matters most especially for top counties like ourselves.

    By all means go out and win the league sure but then back it up again by winning sam ….!!

    I don’t want to see us going 100 miles an hour in league and showing our full potential next year save that for sam we peaked to soon this year and we all know it….

    if we had played like we did during league in championship we would have been in at least a semi no doubt about it but we ran out of gas ….

    Hope mcstay & co have learnt from this year I’m sure they have and I’ve no doubt we will be right back up there next year .

  30. I am very optimistic for next year provided we avoid injuries,I will set next year as I always have,expecting to win,all the best for Christmas and New year,a little less pessimism for next year please

  31. @FrostTHammer,
    Some excellent visionary ideas there on the MacHale Park situation. I could imagine you would get shot in a county board meeting with progressive thoughts like that! The old male, baldy brigade will not stand for such ideas!!!
    The single biggest failing of Mayo GAA over the last 12 years has not been the players and management in their failed pursuit of Sam Maguire. It has been the sheer incompetance of the county board executives who failed to see, never mind grasp, the opportunity of virtually unlimited support and €s from the Mayo supporters while those great Mayo teams from 2012 onwards did battle. In that era, we should have raised millions of €s and we should have our own, debt-free, centre of excellence for all our womens and mens football/camoige teams. We should also have a debt-free MacHale Park that has been further modernized and expanded, and, we should have a fully resourced player pathway development program in place for both codes, staffed by full time competent and qualified sports professionals.
    Instead, we have cloak and dagger accounting where the very people who have to pay for the MacHale Park stand are not given access to the figures, and where any questions on the topic are shouted down.
    A journalist once claimed that our players were “led by donkeys” on the management side of things. He was half right. Our teams are “led by donkeys” at county board level. Mayo from 2012 were successful in spite of our county board, not because of it.
    In fact, you could say that our county board is a “mini-me” of central operations in GAA HQ. Lie down with dogs………..

  32. God almighty, I was only saying yesterday that Central Council should nearly fully Fund the pitch and Stadium upgrades at County grounds around the Country, now I see a big donation to all County Boards in Ireland, an early Xmas present.

  33. Are not all GAA grounds owned by the GAA organisation? If so, any plans would have to be approved by said organisation.

  34. The type of people needed with the expertise and vision to run a county board would not go near a county board job – they are too busy getting paid for that expertise out in the real world and would not give up the kind of time needed to be a volunteer at county board level. Even when we advertised twice for a paid full time person to collect the money that is potentially available overseas- no one with the necessary expertise came forward.
    It’s like refereeing – the people like former players who should be referring are too smart and won’t go near it as they know its a thankless job.

  35. South Mayo Exile, the job specs were incredible for some of those roles! The amount of things they were meant to cover for the salary as you say, not worth it.

  36. Corick Bridge – I do think what you’re posting is now bordering on trolling. I’d be really grateful if you’d desist from this line of commentary.

  37. Season ticket price increase? Off to Limerick with ye now and stop yer complaining or we’ll appoint Dublin Joe to ref all yer matches

  38. Sorry Willie Joe,possibly could be classed as trolling but I believe that our county board are ok now, that is my belief,other people may differ,but not as bad well twenty years ago

  39. @Clare sorry for the big spiel coming.
    I’m trying to improve my articulation as a personal project.

    @willie joe
    I understand you have to read through what’s coming, but I want to post before your new podcast post. I’ll followup more leisurely.
    I would though prefer if my next post went to moderation

  40. @Clare
    “We did look great in the league no doubt about it I think that’s another reason it was so disappointing come championship .”
    – I think that’s a good way it of putting it. It’s not that the year itself was a disappointment or failure. It’s the disparity between the two that is the real kicker.

    Would it fair to say that, the season up to and including Killarney, was as impressive as anything we have seen from a Mayo team and management in memory, but from there was maybe as bad a stretch as we’ve seen since 2010?

    I guess our best got better but our worst got worse. Our average was probably well up over the year, but maybe not considerably compared to peak when taken over individual sections of the year.

    I thought our “battling performance” (results when playing poorly) was something similar to the entirety of the above. Best Better. Worst Worse. Average is probably not valuable here, it was, and credit where due, quite a small sample size.

    Consistency over the season was good, but has been since the COVID break.


    On the rest, I completely agree but two things:

    1.) If you are going to blow your season early at least make sure you win the league. It’s a criticism that follow McStay and team around for the rest of their careers, but if they hadn’t won the bloody thing it’d be forgotten about, assuming it’s not repeated in, the a few years.

    2.) Four our first five league games were must win. There’s an argument to be made that the difficultly of that run also made the fifth of those, Armagh, a must win. We could very easily have lost the Galway, Tyrone and Kerry games and been very reliant on the Armagh and Roscommon games to stay up.

    It should be pointed out that we have the same run coming this year but with the hosts reversed, but because of what we did this year, there just isn’t the pressure in all bar maybe the local derbies.

    “We did look great in the league no doubt about it I think that’s another reason it was so disappointing come championship .”
    – I think that’s a good way it of putting it. It’s not that the year itself was a disappointment or failure. It’s the disparity between the two that is the real kicker.

    Would it fair to say that, the season up to and including Killarney, was as impressive as anything we have seen from a Mayo team and management in memory, but from there was maybe as bad a stretch as we’ve seen since 2010?

    I guess our best got better but our worst got worse. Our average was probably well up over the year, but maybe not considerably compared to peak when taken over individual sections of the year.

    I thought our “battling performance” (results when playing poorly) was something similar to the entirety of the above. Best Better. Worst Worse. Average is probably not valuable here, it was, and credit where due, quite a small sample size.

    Consistency over the season was good, but has been since the COVID break.


    On the rest, I completely agree but two things:

    1.) If you are going to blow your season early at least make sure you win the league. It’s a criticism that follow McStay and team around for the rest of their careers, but if they hadn’t won the bloody thing it’d be forgotten about, assuming it’s not repeated in, the a few years.

    2.) Four our first five league games were must win. There’s an argument to be made that the difficultly of that run also made the fifth of those, Armagh, a must win. We could very easily have lost the Galway, Tyrone and Kerry games and been very reliant on the Armagh and Roscommon games to stay up.

  41. Just a query,
    How do people think the 1 million should be allocated,

    1, Equal amount to each separate club ?
    2, The clubs agree that the money be used to pay off the McHale Park loan.

  42. The CB have improved in some aspects that’s for sure, the accounts in fairness look to be much more professional. Finding out and disclosing the under payment of PAYE in prior years was likely thanks to them, had it not been found now it’s penalties could have grown if found under external audit.

    But how was that allowed happen in first place a few years ago? Alot of the people involved then are still involved now, so the findings of that side of things will be interesting.

    If we could get some of the professionals to take the posts on a paid basis it would likely pay for itself very quickly with some further improved housekeeping.

    But when see the level of kicking to touch at the convention with near constant referrals to the CCCCCCCCC it would really make you wonder.

  43. When see how we have no suitable training facilities for our county teams and a sub standard pitch to play on despite all the money we take in as well is disappointing.

    @batetheblanket clubs definitely, no point paying off a lump off the debt.
    Also the CB don’t have a say, I believe it’s stipulation that it has to go to the clubs.
    Although based on how things have gone in favour of county over club, they could find a way to claw it back off them

  44. Frost the hammer,I must admit that I agree with you, it is very easy to find fault, but I believe that we are in a very different place than some years ago

  45. New pod up on Patreon! In this one, Rob and I chat with Cahair O’Kane of the Irish News about ticket price hikes, the cost of inter-county teams, Mickey Harte with Derry, where Mayo are at heading into 2024 and more. Great chat, really enjoyed it and hope you do too. It’s available now on Patreon.

  46. Bate the blanket.
    Give it to the clubs all day long. They will definitely use it well and have been coughing up for McHale park for long enough. Well entitled to a break.

  47. Hahahaha I spent an hour and a half on that and the end I sent it doubled.

    @Clare – I ended up rushing the short message a little bit. If you don’t want me giving replies like that or

    @Pebbles – I haven’t even read through your reply yet. I got a little carried away with Clare’s. I’ll get to it but I need to disengage with this for a little while first.

    @Willie Joe
    While that is actually only as long as I thought it would look because I doubled it up, and is only missing another sentence or two because I saw the podcast email and rushed it out, if I’m going to persue a personal project on any kind of regular basis here at your expense, then I need to help you manage it.

    While I hope there’s trust in the bank, I will provide a review such as follows when I do. Please feel free to delete these if you wish, but I’m ok with everyone seeing them. I mean it’d probably make your life at lot easier, and double your post stats.

    Named individuals: 1 – Kevin McStay – and with hindsight, it was not necessary, I’d hope to catch in future
    Reference Bloggers: 1- @Clare – intended as praise
    No veiled reference to, mention of, or suggestions towards any individuals whatsoever (this was deliberate here from me today but may not always be)
    foul or abusive language: 1 – “bloody thing”-> Mayo’s 2023 league title
    No use of R word (referees)
    I used the C word once (COVID – I’m not sure you care but everyone on YouTube does)
    Actual facts: zero (I’m kinda joking but it is an accusation that gets thrown around a lot. We played in Killarney, and against Galway, Armagh, Roscommon and Kerry)
    3 typos, the double posting, and 1 more which I obviously did twice.

    If you want to stop at anytime tell me, although how long I stick with it is another matter.

  48. prior to season tickets being fully subscribed I was a student and so elected for the cheaper student discount. I have tried multiple years since to get on a waiting list for ST both emailing county board and Croke park about this. I don’t believe such a waiting list exists – so either ST’s get decommissioned if not renewed or they are handed out to pals within the above organisations. There will at some stage in the near future be a “straw that breaks the camels back” on supporter issues.

    I have long thought with a GPA and a club players association there is definitely a need for a Gaelic supporters association.

  49. Thanks you mayo mystic , i was begining yo think itwas just me who was suspicious of what was happening with season tickets not being renewed , they are simply not been made available for resale as far as i can make out , why is this happening ?

  50. @MayoMystic

    Just one thing on what you said.

    It may not be that they’re being decommissioned but the GAA may have oversubscribed what they provide as gifts, rewards or prizes, to legitimate channels ie County raffles, charities, referees groups etc

    There could very easily be a list of those that is vying with individual supporters for priority.

    Similarly there could equally be a list of corporate sponsors. A little more nefarious maybe but not entirely without legitimacy.

  51. Re season tickets, I know of at least 30 or 35 season tickets that were not renewed in the last 2 years. I don’t believe that these have ever been offered for resale. I would suggest, if anyone is thinking of not renewing, maybe offer someone that is looking, the chance to take them over?

  52. It’s not up to the county board how the €1 million is allocated, there is an accompanying letter detailing “the criteria associated with the use of this donation”. It is to be “evenly divided and distributed amongst the GAA, Camoige and Ladies Gaelic Football clubs of Mayo”. It is also asked that the county board “ensure compliance with the criteria set out in the attached letter”.
    The CB will have zero say in how the money is spent, they are only passing it on to the clubs.

  53. At Pebblesmeller, you don’t really believe that this will happen, a big portion of the money will make it’s way to the County Board, probably to pay off the McHale Park debt.

    It could be something like,
    Equal amount for each club, maybe based on playing numbers, less amount due for McHale Park, this could be 50 or 60% or the total sum.

  54. The county board is the chief service provider for the county’s clubs.

    Their entire existence is to provide services to their clubs.

    The financial model varies but the end desire is provide improved services to your clubs.

    This is my basic understanding of a county board.

  55. 5 more season tickets not being renewed by hardcore Mayo followers. Season ticket holders since 09, not renewing because of the way Croke Park are treating them now, (from what I can see, is exactly what Croke Park want).

  56. Mayo Mick , if you know of any of them willing to pass on a season ticket for renewal , i most certainly would avail of such an opportunity .

  57. I don’t think I want a Season Ticket this year but I do think I’d like one for 2025.

    So if that might make a difference in anyone’s decision to renew their season ticket for this year, maybe keep me in mind.

    And maybe get in touch if you want.
    Once it’s renewed, there’s an entire year to figure it out, and you might be surprised at how easy it is to start a pilot program.

  58. @frost the hammer do you not have much hope for 2024 that you don’t want your season ticket for next year,? Haha

  59. @Clare

    I won’t get to enough of those games. Plain and simple.

    Castlebar isn’t good for me. And that’s Dublin, Roscommon, and Derry out.
    Galway is ideal; but I lived adjacent to Pearse Stadium for two years, and I’m not Moby Dick-ing the weather.
    Healy Park is Tin Cup-ing the weather on tv, nevermind in person.

    So that leaves the Kerry, Monaghan and the Final, and if the chat here regarding a potential League Final in 2024 is anything to go by, and it’s anytime near Easter, Croke Park will be organising Easter Egg hunt’s just to get kids in the door. 😀

    Have you ever considered how difficult it is to hide 20,000 Easter Eggs in half an 80,000 seater stadium from 10,000 screaming kids, for about an hour, while a high quality top level football plays out and ends in a spectacular crescendo.

    And after that spectacular crescendo is a final ten minutes like 2019, with Bob Touhy thumping home Ciaran Treacy -style, I will be in my Mayo jersey very contentedly handing out the 10000 Green and Red Easter Eggs I had stored away for this occasion, watching…… lift the trophy.

    In 2025 we can take the show on the road.
    But that’s plan for the National League, and if anyone has any (responsible) ideas for how to make small chocolate eggs popular year round, you know where to find me.


  60. @Clare – I hope that’s taken in the spirit it was meant.

    I hope it might cheer a few people up to today, in cluding Clare, and myself.

    And the question is being bandied around a bit, so I will ask it:
    “Is what I am doing trolling?”

  61. Really hope we see the likes of Fergal Boland ,Darren Quinn, James McCormack ,Paul Towey Stephen O’Malley, Kevin Quinn , Colm Moran, Oisin McLaughlin getting game time in these pre season games.Anyone know names of players drafted in? Think every promising forward deserves a chance in challenge and FBD games or A v B training games .When Horan drafted in certain players in 2011 and 12.Some of them there club form wasnt great but he seen something in certain players.Keegan was very raw in 2009-10 kicking wise and not overly standing out with Westport .The County Final in 2010 was poor aswell so I think the Mayo public have to stop comparing poor club form with potential County Players.Some players wont really stand out till they get up to the proper S and C and are playing with better players around them.
    The Under 21 championship was very positive in terms of talent but hard to understand how our Under 20 team performed so poor in the last 3 years.

  62. @Frost the hammer ah totally fair enough sure I live in dublin and find it hard to get to league games myself !

    I do really believe we will bounce back next year I’m sure our guys are fuming at themselves for the way we went out in the quarters we just looked like an exhausted team tbh . We will come again like we always do ha!

    @Achill75 totally agree with you regards about comparing potential county players to club performances its a totally different ball game in County and when your around decent players in your team you will stand out and strive to be at your best you can do so much for your club but the county guys stood out a mile when they played for their club even though was a poor club season !

  63. Hope we experiment with the FBD and also the league.
    But we must also remember that championship is played at boiling point and so maybe a few whislleless refs in training games might sort out the men from the boys.

  64. @Clare – Thanks. Have great holiday season.
    Bring on 2024.

    Prediction: Connacht Title, All Ireland semi. Stay up in the league.

  65. @Frost the hammer ah thanks you to !

    Yeah I think we will make a semi next year I’d we don’t that’s 3 years in a row without making one not great.. an also feel mcstay is under pressure so he will at least aim for semi . Don’t think we will win league against but sure that’s ok so long as we have a decent championship ha !

  66. Unless the team starts playing more attacking football and starts scoring a lot more from play and stops conceeding soft goals in each game, this will be the state of play, Relegation to Div 2. no Connaught title and fail to get out of group, forget about Sam unless there is a major change in football style

  67. @culmore there is no way we will be relegated to division 2 we aren’t that bad at all .. then you could say Galway will get relegated to division 2 as we beat them twice we are really not that bad despite the poor championship.

  68. Also we were unlucky with injuries this year with cillian o Connor and enda hession 2 of our main starters and Tommy conroy wasn’t back to his 100% best wait till next year we are not as bad as a division 2 team by country mile! Sorry for double post!

  69. @Cumore I would settle for conceding fewer soft goals, it has been our Achilles heel in most of our lost finals.

  70. Personally wouldnt have a clue where we will be at come championship in 6 months time . It wouldnt take much to convince me into thinking we could be awful or we could be great . Clean bill of health is massive for any inter county team with aspirations of a long summer . One or more injuries to star players and youre fookin goosed . Have this hunch that diarmuid is going to have a star player type year , i cant back this up per se other than i just believe hes a clever type of chatacter who will realise time waits for no man .

  71. A division 2 team beat the division one champions easily and went on to win the all Ireland.counties use the league for different purposes

  72. @1985 only team with a chance to beat division one championshions team was always going to be the Dubs with the 6 in row guys back for one last go of it and no other team from division 2 would have won the all Ireland or hammered us like the Dubs did …..

    Yes they beat us easily but they had a 2 week break we had back to back matches we were flat out and it takes it toll on a young team up against 6 in a row team.

    Counties use league for different reasons but each goes out to their best in it

    Yes we peaked way to soon but it was mcstays first year in charge he’s a shrewd manager he will have learnt from this year we will bounce back again next year I for one don’t see a dublin / kerry final next year again.

  73. Derry should have beaten Kerry in semi final and almost certainly ahead of us in the pecking order at the point is that finishing in the bottom two and winning the league has now very fine margins.Kerry clearly had no interest in winning the league this year.obviously I hope you we can improve next year but I am not sure what we will bounce back from.we have been poor in the last two championships and very poor in the final the previous year

  74. Also dublin had slipped down to division 2 when those 6 in a row guys took a break they are only back up in division 1 because those 6 in a row guys came back .

    Yeah but Derry couldn’t close out the game could they
    and we beat kerry twice we just ran out of steam come championship. .Derry are not ahead of us in the pecking order at all also them brinibging in harte as manager was a bad move I feel for them .. don’t know why people have this notion that Derry are way ahead of us let’s see how they do in division 1 mayo will still beat them .

    If we had not peaked to soon and played like we did in th league we would have st least be in a semi final. And we had injuries this year cillian o Connor one of oyr main forwards out for most of championship and also enda hession was a huge loss . Tommy conroy only 1st year back after awful injury was never going to be at his best he was flying in sugerson so was Ryan o D .

    I still have the faith don’t get all the negativity but I for one will keep the optimism haha

  75. And also kerry certainly didn’t want to loose in killarney against us all I heard from them before the game that they were going to smash us out the gate they hardly wanted to loose their home record . Sorry for double post !

  76. Ok Clare but why did we peak to soon .yea it was Kevin mcstays first year as mayo manager but not his first year as a can’t win an all Ireland playing well in one game out of six .Dublin had every right to bring back whoever they wanted as they are Dublin players and that Dublin team evolved alot over those years anyway.we continued to come back every year from 2011 to 2017 because we had an extraordinary group of players who in my opinion were far superior to what we have now .for instance we had at least 4 inter county standard midfielders back then .while I totally admire your optimism it has to come from signs of improvement over the last 2 seasons and our results have got worse at the business end of the last two championship.every mayo person hopes we can win an all Ireland but it won’t just magically happen

  77. @1985 I never said dublin didn’t have every right to bring back whoever they want did I? But they kicked aside the younger dublin players to bring those guys back which I think was a slap in the face even my dublin mates said they will be in trouble when the older guys do go for good for not investing time in younger players.

    Yeah I know you can’t win an all Ireland by winning 1 game out of 6 I know we’ve a lot to improve on and it was a really poor championship even I can admit that ..

    Of course it won’t magically happen but we are one of the few counties who have a hope of getting to the business end of championship every year theres some counties who wish they could be mayo even to get to a final just once .

    There was obviously trouble brewing in the management camp with mchale stepping away we peaked to soon because we went 100 miles an hour in the league. We are still one of the top teams .

    That period we did have an exceptional group of players with the likes of keagan etc but it’s a bit unfair to compare our group of players to that team our team is still really young and it takes time to build your skills up that’s why cillian o Connor is so important he inspires the younger players . We do have great young promising players like Ryan o D , Tommy conroy , David mcbrien , colm reape and others they just need time to get to their full potential.

    It’s not all doom& gloom ha .

  78. Derry have a strong spine of players up the middle that we don’t have. McCaigue at full back, McKinless centre back, Rogers and Glass midfield and McGuigan at full forward.
    These are the kind of big physical men you need on big days in Crike Park. If looks like the players we have coming through are way off this level of physicality. We have too many nice footballers – not enough enforcers.

  79. This is the point I was making.Derry are clearly showing signs of improvement.we haven’t over the last two years.Dublin to my knowledge brought back 3 players cluxton mannion and Mccaffrey who was used as an impact sub .not in any way being all doom and gloom but it’s just the way it is .the 2011 to 2017 team were all young players at one stage too

  80. Obviously the 2011 to 2017 team where all young at one stage I’m saying you can’t compare that team at their peak to our team now as our guys are still really young.

    There was always going to be a flat stage when the old guard left and the younger players came in we need to give them a chance. And let’s just see what they bring next year.

  81. This is exactly my point Claire regarding bouncing back .we have been in transition now for a few years since the old guard started to disappear and we will see in time if the current group are good enough.alot of them have been there for 3 – 5 years now but hope springs eternal

  82. I don’t think we can know where we are in 6 months time at the league’s end. We were the most impressive team in the country last year and that didn’t exactly tally with our championship performance. We’re all hoping for experimentation, and the last time we got relegated?

    Agree on Diarmuid, hopefully we can be less reliant on him in the league, and that he can get himself to his peak physically, just in time for the run in.

    I have a nagging suspicion we’ll fluke a League Final, with experimental sides, win it convincingly. 2019 style but with last year’s control and the score board.

    The the Mayo Galway rivalry has been been ratcheting up year on year since Joyce got in the dugout. He most likely expects this to be the final year of this stint, and he was the last man you would be expecting to de-escalate the affair. After the League Final and Salthill last year, is a Connacht final big enough anymore?

    And if it is the Connacht final pairing we expect, will they play silly buggers?
    But I’ve just got that feeling that what’s coming is the experience our minors got a couple of years ago, and is something Willie Joe flagged during the year, and I would describe as our “Final Final Anxiety”.

    I’m nervous about it but seriously excited too. I mean in my mind it’s only going one way.

    And sure even if we do lose, we’ll have that one out of the way, we can redetermine our “Final Final Anxiety”. We will either win one eventually or we keep going until that anxiety is “We haven’t lost one to Longford yet”.

  83. @Clare

    “If we don’t that’s 3 years in a row without making one not great.. ”

    – this would be my thinking exactly.

    And the same applies to Connacht titles. We should not be going 3 years without one.

  84. @FrostTHammer – Our managers have had the upper hand on Joyce though, we have knocked Galway out of the championship 3 times under Joyce and beat them in a league final. Galway are not a team i would fear while Joyce is in charge.

  85. If we were to play Galway in connacht championship 24 ,whats the venue ? Does all ireland series count in the home and away aggrement ?

  86. Did ye ever come across athletes that really worked on flexibility, explosiveness, speed and agility? So, yes some people are blessed with that with genetics. But, I’ve seen people massively improve that but it takes a lot of hours every week. In my view our top players should miss all the early fbd matches, challenge matches, first half of the league and work hard on that aspect. I’ve seen lads who weigh under 13 stone have huge speed and power as they really dedicate to this week on week. The same lads will do close to zero stamina running. Just all of that type of gymnastics work and honestly they’d blast through your tackle in a one v one.
    I already see the same mistakes where core players for us are already playing challenge matches. Where is the recovery time and time in the schedule to do a big block of power and speed improvenent? It’s not recommended to be playing full contact matches whilst trying to develop cutting edge SnC.
    Look at Cormac Costello. Is he developing that physique playing with us? Have you ever seen someone who does a lot of stamina work have an impressive, explosive physique and be agile?
    I’ve seen lots of stamina people be pretty one paced off the mark. Games and tracking running kms is in my book towards the stamina side of things. James Horan did mention before how they have targets of kms to cover per week.

  87. Sean burke says:
    December 20, 2023 at 3:49 pm
    If we were to play Galway in connacht championship 24 ,whats the venue ? Does all ireland series count in the home and away aggrement ?


    All Ireland series doesn’t count for Connacht championship.

    If it’s a Mayo v Galway Connacht final it will be in Salthill.

  88. @frostthehammer we definetly shouldn’t be going 3 years without at least making semin and connacht title it seems since 21 we’ve lost the confidence a bit I think came back a bit in league this year but we just peaked to soon!

    Heres hoping for a better season in 24 haha I’m sure mcstay has learnt not to go 100 miles an hour in league hope he has anyway !!

  89. @Clare – Jack O`Connor went 100 miles a hour in the McGrath Cup and League in 2022 and it did them no harm, Kerry just didn’t have any slip ups along the way.

    The losses to Roscommon and Cork last year is what derailed our season.

    I am sure during the league and before the Roscommon fixture the plan wasn’t to have a 6 week layoff and i am sure before the Cork game the plan wasn’t to play 3 weeks on the bounce.

    Two fixtures we should have won but for some reason did not perform on the day.

  90. @JKEL88 yeah I’m saying going 100 miles an hour during the league and then having to play so many fixtures back to back was our down fall.

    Kerry won 2022 thanks to the Clifford’s and that’s a fact it was David Clifford and his brother who went 100 miles hour during league in 2022 and through to final that’s how they got sam. And Clifford is the best player in the country Atm .

    Obviously it wasn’t a plan to loose to roscommon and to cork we ran out of gas and that’s plain and simple what happened it wasn’t just those losses that was our downfall we looked like an exhausted team come the quarter final

  91. I’m not wholly convinced by the narrative that we went 100% in the league and simply ran out of steam the further we went into championship. It’s equally possible that other teams were simply holding back until the “white heat” of championship where we would have been found out in any event. There’s nothing to suggest that holding back in the league next year will do anything to improve our chances in Champioship. Unfortunately, it’s a slightly pessimistic viewpoint but hard too ignore. I sincerely hope I’m proven wrong though in 2024! Happy Christmas all!

  92. @JKEL88

    Yes exactly!!

    And if we don’t give PJ a heart attack this season, we can be pretty confident his missus has been insisting on the tub of Flora.

  93. @Sean Burke

    Just to add to Mayomagics bit;

    If it’s All Ireland series it’ll be in Croker.

    The venues in the group stage are pre-arranged based on the Seedings.

    And if it’s same round as this year, preliminary quarter final, I think the second placed team gets home advantage.

  94. @JP

    I get your point regarding the experienced players.

    But you do need some experience there to help young lads come through, that would be something like one experienced player in each line.

  95. @JKEL88

    On the Cork game specifically we were decent, if not good, right until Tommy’s goal. So for about the first hour or so.

  96. @Clare

    I’d agree for the most part, although I think there may have been a little bit of complacency.

    As our League Result have shown we’ve been consistently winning at the highest level since the COVID break.

    Lads were I’d expect hugely disappointed after the Tyrone, but it was our second final in a row, so they felt it wouldn’t be too long before they got another crack at it.

  97. My guess would be that with the Galway game first, we’ll focus on being physically ready for that, and hope it can carry over to the Dublin game.
    Aim to get 2 points on the board from these.

    Then experimental 15 for Tralee, a completely different experimental 15 for Tyrone, and then see how we’re going and how many points we need from the last three to survive.

    And were we to somehow get 6 points out those first four games, you want to beat the Rossies anyway, and with 8 points and two games to go, you put the foot down, get yourself in a final, and have a right go at getting the trophy your results have deserved.

  98. @Frost the hammer yeah for sure there definently was complacency like in the cork game when Tommy C got the goal in I think they thought they had the game won and jaysus did it go down hill from there …

    Regards Galway I wouldn’t fear them at all don’t get the whole thing about them tbh they were meant to be one of the favourites for sam this year and they blew it again and if that was mayo we would have been called bottlers ha though I do think this is PJS last chance so he’ll go for everything this time around but we are a better team then Galway and that’s not with my green & red glasses on ha just facts haha!

    I mean we can’t really have a worse championship in 24 then we did this year can we haha of we do I think mcstay will be gone..

  99. Clare if we are worse than last year we are back in the 70s, more than McStay will have to go.
    if we again struggle to beat the likes of Louth , there is no hope or future. Just let the players play football and show off their skills.

  100. @culmore totally agree with you I had a feeling before the louth game that we would struggle and we did we always seem to up our game when we are complete underdogs against dublin/ kerry etc. But then the lesser teams we let our guard down we should have beaten louth by 10 + in fairness no disrespect to louth but that was a depressing day from mayo point of view …

    I know the heat was mad that day but even still the thing that concerned me was management had no plan B like in the cork game when things went downhill after Tommy conroys goal and it was a great goal because he had just come back from the awful injury to god when I look back to the cork game my heart still drops …!

    We really need to step up our game next year and if that means just staying safe in the league and not beating the big teams in league so be it but then come championship show our full potential and beat the likes of dublin etc we are well able to beat any team on our day. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if we beat dublin in the league and beat them well we seem to get hammered by big teams one year then the next we pay them back..

    Look at kerry we got hammered by them in league final last year beat them in league and shocked them down in killarney why we can’t keep this kind of play& momentum up right through just baffles me sometimes as I know we are a top team but it’s in the mind set ! Anyway sorry for the rant ha! Here’s to a better 2024 !!

  101. Guys we have managed to keep this thread and the conversation going for 10 days now.

    Surely we’re approaching a record there?
    Timewise anyway – I doubt we’re anywhere close to any record for Comments.

  102. @frost the hammer haha maybe we are all getting cabin fever from lack of inter County games 6 months seems like a year especially the way we went out in quarters to haha

  103. @Clare

    I’m calling it LHY Syndrome; Long Hard Year.

    But tbh I think we should be really happy with ourselves here.

    There may have been a wobble; but we recovered and managed to bring the conversation back to the standard hoped for.

    #LHYSyndrome – spotting it is the only cure ?

  104. Happy Christmas to you Willie Joe and to all your family and many thanks for this wonderful blog.
    Thanks to all the bloggers and could I mention especially Clare, FrostyTHammer, Sean Burke and Culmore I love reading your blogs and enjoy the banter bit.
    Looking forward to the action in the new year. I think we will be there or thereabouts at the end of the championship if we are lucky not to pick up any injuries. Keep her going there lads and all the best for Christmas and the New Year.

  105. @knocingabout aw thanks for the mention!

    I know I can go overboard sometimes with my optimism haha but I really believe we can beat any team on our day !

    I agree with you I think we will be at the business end of championship next year at least a semi if we avoid any serious injuries..if we don’t reach a semi at least next year questions need to be asked for sure !!

    Happy Christmas to you to and all on the blog its a great blog and we are lucky to have it thanks @willie joe!

  106. @Knockingabout

    Thanks for the positive feedback.
    It’s very much appreciated and always welcome.

    We can all get a little tetchy when we feel we are not being listened to, and feedback like you gave is really helpful for keeping us “regular posters” going.

    Happy Xmas bud, and here’s to a fantastic 2024 🙂

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