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If you’re a season ticket holder you’ll have got your renewal email from the GAA by now, letting you know that it’s time to sign up for 2016. Along with Dublin, we’re the only county where season ticket sales are confined solely to renewals with both of us having maxed out on this offer. Little wonder, then, that our two recent All-Ireland semi-final clashes sold out in jig-time.

I know some people are hacked off at the price increases, for both the adult and juvenile tickets, that have been imposed in relation to the standard season ticket (i.e. the non-Cairde Mhaigheo one). The price of the standard ticket has been hiked from €85 to €99, with the cost of the juvenile ticket doubling, from €10 to €20. In addition, the early bird option – which last year cut the cost of the standard ticket from €85 to €75 for renewals done before the end of October – has been discontinued.

I get where people are coming from on this: unless prices for general entry are also rising by similar percentages, then sticking season ticket holders with increased charges seems like an odd way to be rewarding loyalty. Be there all the way, how are you? That said, I’m a bit of a contrarion where it comes to what the GAA charges for entry to its matches – in particular the big games at Croke Park, which I think represent extraordinary good value. I’ll spare you the economic rationale but, for sure, if the GAA had their heads screwed on in an economically efficient manner they’d charge more – perhaps a lot more – for entry to the big games, in particular to All-Ireland finals. But that, I know, is another day’s work entirely and, taken in isolation, hitting the association’s most loyal supporters in this way does seem like a low blow.

Cairde Mhaigheo members can, though, have no cause to gripe about what they’re being asked to pay next year, as the 2016 price for the Cairde Mhaigheo ticket (which, in GAA season ticket-speak, translates as the Club + option) stays at €200. This offer also includes yet another jacket (this is the third one in the series – I’d suggest it should be a light, late spring one this time), another hat and a scarf. In addition, it includes free entry to all Mayo club championship games, which is no use to the likes of me but is definitely of benefit to those of you living within the county.

A major change to the T&Cs for the Cairde Mhaigheo ticket for 2016 is that the attendance percentage threshold required to qualify for an All-Ireland final ticket, should we avail of this handy run to the final that everyone keeps talking about, is being dispensed with. In practical terms, this means we’re back to that happy place we used to be in before the Cairde Mhaigheo tickets went online last year and so once again we no longer have to worry about getting to every match. This change doesn’t, however, apply to the standard season ticket.

In other news, as some of you have already mentioned in the comments, the draw for the 2016 provincial championships will take place tonight, with RTÉ 2 showing it live at 8pm. I won’t be sitting glued to the box for it, though – I’m off out to see the Kevin Heffernan movie tonight and so will post something on the draw once I get back from that.

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  1. Has there been any confirmation on what date next year our match with London in Ruislip will be played? May Bank Holiday?

  2. Wonder will de bould j pretty be involved tonight? Never saw a better man to rig a draw, once saw him hold de Galway ball in his hand as he mixed them around and so ensured it would be a Galway Mayo final – classic!

  3. Croke Park not happy with Cairde Members getting cards scanned by others at league games. This was costing the Association Money at the turnstiles. Simple solution no 60% quota.

    It really frustrates me that Cairde members have no option to bring Kids into the scheme at a reduced rate, like season ticket,

    In reality it is a season ticket and Mayo Supporters are being forced to pay 100 extra to pay for the famous bail out of McHale Park

  4. Love the prospect of beating both Galway and Roscommon on the way to our six in row – if Roscommon can get that far.

  5. A: Roscommon/New York/Leitrim v Sligo
    B: Mayo/London v Galway

    A: Tipp / Waterford v Cork
    B: Clare/ Limerick v Kerry

    A: Derry v Tyrone, Cavan v Armagh
    B: Mon v Down, Donegal v Fermanagh/Antrim

    A: Laois/Wicklow v Dublin, Louth/Carlow v Meath
    B: Longford/Offaly v Westmeath, Wexford v Kildare

    Leinster v Munster
    Connacht v Ulster

  6. Patrick Conboy/Mayomagic,

    There is no Republic of Ireland public holiday on May 30th. The match may be on the British holiday on that date. It’s an important issue for anybody planning a weekend without interfering with normal work.

  7. Hopefully 2 massive crowds in Mchale park.

    Maybe 36,000 v Galway in June

    Maybe 42,000 in July to see us clinch 6 in a row in the final v Roscommon and thousands more locked out!

  8. My ridiculously early prediction for championship 2016:

    Provincial Finals

    Roscommon v Mayo
    Cork v Kerry
    Tyrone v Donegal
    Dublin v Kildare

    Quarter Finals

    Mayo v Monaghan/Donegal
    Kerry v Monaghan/Donegal
    Dublin v Cork
    Tyrone v Meath

    Mayo v Tyrone
    Kerry v Dublin

    Mayo v Dublin

    Mayo Champions. Simples.

    P.S. Prediction went out the window at semi final stage and hope kicked in.

  9. Haha love that to be the case but i don’t even think it holds 42 k . Be great to see two full houses for them games if we were to get through them . Can’t understand for the life of me why there wouldn’t be but provincial games not the same draw as years ago for some reason ,must be the back door effect. Also bad pr for them games imo , I’d give out a couple of thousand tickets free to secondary schools and the like if only to fill it up .

  10. Somehow, i don’t think that Roscommon will get caught cold again next year by a Sligo/Leitrim type team. I think Kevin Mc Stay will be very happy with that draw and the chance to show Mayo what they missed in the Connacht Final. Mark my words, 6 in a row won’t be easily won.

  11. Hoofit

    Well considering we are just going to walk into the AI final this year then why wouldnt u wait to just go to that game. Will we ever learn about getting overhyped etc. Im surprised there was a Connacht draw at all considering how much better we are than the rest of the teams.

    I would be more interested in getting a manager first and then concentrate in staying in division 1 and then think about winning Connacht. We should win Connacht but lets get our house in order first

  12. I’ll mark your words observer and remind you when we win it easy .kevin mc stay ,Roscommon ,mblah blah blah , he’ll have his arse served to him next july in castlebar. There has to come a time when you just get fed up being told the rossies are coming and I genuinely thought they were the last two years but failure after failure and yet the excuses will be thrown at ya when you belt out the absolutely ridiculously poor statistics they have against Mayo this last 25 years now , one bloody win since 91 .

    And why you and a lot of other Mayo supporters rate Roscommon a bigger danger than Galway is completely beyond me.

  13. I used to rate Roscommon highly and they have great players, but in truth there is more going on there than 2 good Mayo men can sort out. Galway Sligo are a bigger threat with less resources. .I am happy to see JM get the U 21 Mayo job. Am I the only one. He has always prepared his team to be hard working and competitive. He goes for strength and pace. They might not win Connacht next year but even if we got to a final it would be some achievement. How desperate all this sounds but unfortunately the place we find ourselves

  14. This thing with the managers turning into a farce.I also think Aidan Henry’s article a little harsh.All Irelands are hard won and if James is best to do that then great.Ascribing selfish motives to him is a bit rich seeing he came in when there was little glory in it.Maybe Mr.Henry is more aligned with the other camp.
    Draw is ok …as good as it could be I feel.

  15. Pjmcmanus

    I am intrigued as to what is going on in Roscommon that cant be sorted out? What would be this truth you speak of? Given the current Mayo situation im thinking of that phrase “glasshouse and stones”. Also not sure where Galway and Sligo would have less resources given that they both have bigger populations than Roscommon.

  16. Good man Shane ,,, maybe ya cud go on the rossie gaa banter page. ,,, oh ya It was taken down 5 mins after the Fermanagh match ,, ,,, is this the truth I speak,,,,,,,

  17. My ball

    I was addressing points rasied by another post on here. If you have somewhat taken offence to it then there is not much I can do about that. As for gaa banter pages. I would not be associated with them and look closer to home to see what I mean. I have been reading this blog for the last 12 months and posted on here earlier in the year before I moved abroad for work. I am back in Ireland again and hope to post more often but only from a legitimate gaa point of view. If any outside voice and comment is met with your kind of reply then my days on here are numbered.

  18. Rossie Shane.
    By now you will know well that the gaffer of this joint welcomes lads like yourself and so do most of the other posters here.
    To be honest with you, I think that McStay and the lads have a major task ahead of them as bringing minors and u21s through to being successful seniors is not always straightforward. And as you say, Ross is working from a fairly small population base, which doesn’t help either. Having said that, Cathal Cregg is highly respected in the S&C area and that will bring a positive impact.
    From a selfish perspective, I’d like to see the Rossies stronger as I think more competition in Connaught will result in a stronger Connaught champion emerging.
    And as for My Ball having a pop at you, I wouldn’t let that put you off coming here. I’d say WJ might remind him of the house rules before too long.

  19. Hoofit – not only was that comment bone-headed and ignorant, it was also potentially libellous. You’re off to moderation watch for that.

  20. Rossie Shane – apologies for that stupid comment from my ball. I’m about to delete it now and box him across the ears for it. Please don’t take this one comment as typical of the kind of debate you can expect here. Reasoned, intelligent external input is always welcome in these parts.

  21. My ball – this site isn’t the place for knuckle-dragging, Boo Yah nonsense so please go somewhere else if that’s what you’re into.

  22. pjmcmanus,

    Are you not setting your sights a bit low in suggesting that getting to a Connacht Final next year would be an achievement? I understand that Mayo play Leitrim in the semifinal so, even though Leitrim do produce the occasional surprise result, failure by Mayo to reach the final would hardly be considered acceptable. We should have the majority of the 2013 All Ireland Minor winners available and I think that statistics show that minor winners tend to be more successful at U21 two years after their minor win than after three years. A complacency issue?

    Regards the Mayo News article on James Horan’s motives for “wanting” back into the manager’s seat they have lowered my estimation of that paper still further, which I did not think possible.

  23. Assuming [sometimes dangerous and always a little conceited] we negotiate London over in Ruislip, we’ll have Galway to look forward to in Castlebar. The primary feeling this evokes for me is – at least I don’t have to go back to the logistical nightmare that is Salthill.

  24. Cheers Willie Joe. As I said earlier I hope to post on here a bit more frequent. I know from reading the blog the last year that there would be people in both counties who would not have a great love for each other and I know that intensifies around a particular club and area but I suppose thats what been neighbours is about.

    I myself having lived nearer the Galway border have always had a soft spot for Mayo GAA. Even this year I was trying to persuade my Mayo work colleagues to be a bit more positive about their chances of winning Sam. Dont get me wrong I always like to beat ye but unfortunately that hasnt happened too much lately. I do think that been in Division 1 can only help and that a stronger Roscommon and Galway team can only be good for Connacht football.

    So anyway I hope to input here when I can and comment honestly when either county has a good or a bad day. Rivalry is what makes the GAA great but the decent supporters is whats seperates us from other sports. Oh and our combined dislike of county boards. Chat soon.

  25. Thanks, Shane – please do keep checking in and contributing here as and when you feel like it. I’m all for diversity of opinion and for proper debate, as opposed to the depressing empty-headed baiting that passes for so-called ‘banter’ on social media nowadays. If people such as yourself from other counties can add constructively to the debate here then I’ll support you all the way in doing so.

  26. mayomanindublin I believe London always have their first game at home so whoever draws them for their first game has to travel.

  27. “Somehow, i don’t think that Roscommon will get caught cold again next year by a Sligo/Leitrim type team. I think Kevin Mc Stay will be very happy with that draw and the chance to show Mayo what they missed in the Connacht Final. Mark my words, 6 in a row won’t be easily won”

    Plus 1000!

    People pronouncing us Connacht Champions already, despite the fact we don’t even have a manager appointed yet, have an air of uncertainty around us off the pitch and are another year further down the road without the big one (these guys- amateurs at that- can’t keep coming back strong forever! Look at the decline Cork are suffering now, who were in a similar position to ourselves not that long ago).

    Galway and the Rossies will only love a crack at us in castlebar next year. Sport is not black and white. On paper and on all known form we are rightfully favourites for Connacht but some year we are going to get caught. It only takes a few variables to go against us- bad weather conditions, an early red card, inept referee, inspired opposition, a few injuries, trouble in the camp etc.

    This is sport, hands up here who thought Japan would beat South Africa in Rugby?

    Now looking at the draw itself, it looks like we’ll be facing a very cold Galway side- possibly 12 weeks after their last league game. It’d be hypocritical of me (and many others!) not to acknowledge their misfortune with this, after complaining about our own schedule this season.

    As Observer said, it is very hard to see Ros caught by Sligo again in the circumstances, so if we account for Galway, we can probably expect the McStay led Rossies in the final. Last time we played them in Connacht we were lucky to win.

    I honestly think we could be facing our toughest Connacht campaign in years. I’ve a bad feeling everything will fall into place for Galway some time soon and with recent underage success and the best club team in Ireland I’d be always wary of them. They’re getting much more consistent- only losing to ourselves, Donegal, Kerry and Cork (should have won that day) since 2012. That said- (once again!) next year just might be one too soon for them to challenge us

    Division 1 Football will do no end of good to Ros who will be very hungry next year on the back of an appalling campaign this time around. we came from a similar spot ourselves in 2011 remember…

    Already looking forward to it now! Pity it’s not till feckin June we won’t get to see our first competitive game (London, with all due respect, should be a handy win). I hope we give the league a real lash next year

  28. Whether it’s Corofin or castlebar/Breaffy that wins Connacht, this could have a bearing on it (just discounting other sides for now)

    If Corofin are to go onto the AIF (I think they will), Galway will have very little opportunity to bring the Corofin lads into the side for competitive matches- their first champ game will be ourselves. Liam Silke and Gary Sice (and Lundy if he can regain his form) have become crucial players for them, and I can see Steede and Farragher breaking into the team. That’s not to mention the situation with their manager!

    If Breaffy were to go far, it would prevent us using Aidan for at least some parts of the league, and this could be problematic given the question marks over what his best role is. Castlebar wouldn’t affect us too much, given they’ve no guaranteed starter in the Mayo side

    It’s hard to look past Corofin though anyway, who at their best are a long way ahead of anything in the province, and better than anyone in the country

  29. Weill, if the Rossies don’t do the biz, there will be no CF in Castlebar next year.

    Maybe we’ll have to wait for the Rugby World Cup in Ireland to get a big game at McHale Park.

  30. Is it safe to assume we’ll have a manager in place for the London game? The way the CC are dragging their heals seems to be giving two fingers to the players. Or maybe they’re saving money as players can’t train and claim expenses if there’s no manager. Any county needs a manager in place before end Oct at least, to prepare for next season. Stinks really.

  31. @puckout on bout the gesture to players from county board ..and covering themselves by using due process as the buzz word…dragging on unneccessarily.

  32. AndyD says:
    October 15, 2015 at 8:54 pm
    Patrick Conboy/Mayomagic,
    There is no Republic of Ireland public holiday on May 30th. The match may be on the British holiday on that date. It’s an important issue for anybody planning a weekend without interfering with normal work.

    I meant the English bank holiday which is May 30th. The semi final v Galway will likely be played June 19th though the 18th Saturday night live on SKY is a possibility also

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