Second County Board member resigns

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Paddygate has claimed a second member of the County Board Executive, with Assistant Treasurer Michael Diskin – who was one of the driving forces behind the establishment of Cairde Mhaigheo – resigning from his position today. Midwest Radio is reporting (here) that his decision to do so is because of his unhappiness with with how the appointment process was handled.

In edition, Ed McGreal of the Mayo News has just tweeted that another member of the Executive is expected to jump ship before the day is out.

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  1. I admire people for standing up for what they believe in. Sad thing is they will be replaced by men with no packages and long tongues.

    I have decided to swap my CM Ticket for a Croke Park one next year costing Co Board €125.

    I am not getting €100 ticket next year.

    And I am telling my club that I have decided to give membership money to Hope House instead because of way they were messed around this year by Gaa and our county board sat there and took it same as they took the Limerick Move and never made official complaint about Reilly. Maybe when clubs get hit they might to start to wake up.

  2. The only county board to deal with Reilly the referee interestingly was the Meath one, and it was none of their business because he wasn’t representing Meath . They backed him whilst ours looked into the headlights

  3. Fair play to anyone that resigns but why didn’t they stand up last night first and have their say and make it clear to everyone why they were doing it,maybe a lot more might have been sorted

  4. ffs stop going on about Limerick and Reilly, They did object to the venue but what were they supposed to do with the match in 6 days?

  5. Shame, I know this man is a hard working passionate Mayo man and most definitely most part of the problem. Seems the good men are falling on their swords.

    I don’t think I will be renewing my Chairde Ticket either – absolutely fuming.

  6. Yea — standards are dropping and there is no doubt we are shooting our own selves in

    foot. Who needs mandarins in croke park and incompetent match officials? I just hope

    the malaise is`nt now creeping onto this site.We have arrived at a destination which I , for

    one, think is a good one even if we arrived by the wrong road.

    So lets put our heads down now and start looking to the future.there` still a huge

    well of good will towards us both inside and outside the county.

  7. Just my opinion DavyJ but I wouldn’t agree with you, i think Thurles or some other relatively neutral venue would have prevailed – a walk-over in an all-ireland semi on something as blatantly unfair as the ground selected would just not occur. Even the Kerry boys would not have accepted such a gimmie!
    I think most of the county board delegates attending last night would have done so with a ‘look and listen’ approach as opposed to making any forthright contributions, their next maneuvers now after digesting it a bit more and discussing it amongst themselves in private will be interesting (I hope!).

  8. Lads, you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs. If the clubs and county board have to do without funds for a year, as a result of Chairde tickets not being renewed, they will soon realise where their loyalties should lie. It might help the clubs, their delegates and county board members refocus themselves.
    Last year the county board should have objected to the All Ireland final ref also, even Horan hinted at it, but instead they sat quietly in the corner. This year they should have hit back at O’Neill when he slapped down any form of dissent regarding the Limerick venue. They should have issued a statement slating his comments, calling them disrespecful to the best supported county in the country, whose supporters have brought great colour, numbers and revenue to GAA over the last 4 years, stating that a county of Mayos standing deserved much better and certainly more respect than to be “put down” in that way and also to be shoved out of Croke Park for a money spinning pay day watching a bull shit sport that has absolutely nothing to do with GAA or it’s culture in any way shape or form. That is where the county board have failed us. This latest debacle is just the tin hat on it for me. This just rubber-stamps their incompetence.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if Paddy was the only one left on the Executive board. He probably still would not resign his position even then.

  9. Why do we keep burning all our bridges when we ought to be erecting bridges instead.
    If you had 4 midfielders would you tell 2 of them to feck off or try to accommodate them in the subs ?
    No foresight, no thought, no vision, no attempt to keep us together.
    We started from a position where one party had an approximate 2:1 lead.
    No problem with giving the job to the other party but you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that you need to be careful & transparent & that you have to bring a lot of people with you.
    As with most human endeavours it’s about money & ego.
    Funding was a big issue & is only going to get bigger now.
    This story has a long way to run still.
    Hopefully we might yet get to freshen things up & set up a proper & transparent funding structure. Once funding is transparent & out in the open human behaviour tends to improve.

  10. If people don’t renew their Cairde tickets this year it won’t affect clubs, someone earlier stated that their club has NEVER got anything back from the county board regarding the Cairde Mhaigheo season ticket, they are still waiting. Is this true for all the clubs in Mayo? This was one of the reasons for the ticket being set up (as well as to combat the Croke Park season ticket which was set up in 2009) ? Clubs would benefit from the sale of it too, were they not encouraged to sell them?

  11. richardmgd, a walkover would have been unusual in an All-Ireland semi, that’s for sure. But that’s what Croke Park would have done, because a replay in Limerick on the Saturday had been agreed by all parties beforehand (including Prenty) in the event of a draw. The Mayo CB were aware of this prior to the drawn game.

    So they weren’t going to suddenly pretend that this decision was some kind of surprise. They chanced asking for a deferral to the following Saturday in Croke Park because Horan made his displeasure clear. But when Croke Park ruled that out the CB knew full well they were in no position to refuse to play.

  12. When the “package” finally leaks, i hope many here will hang their head in shame at the bile spewed when they didn’t know the full story

  13. The million dollar question. WHAT WAS IN THE PACKAGE?!?!
    Any up and coming journalist in mayo need only find out what the contents of the package were, and he/she is set up for life!!

  14. @ Davy “So they weren’t going to suddenly pretend that this decision was some kind of surprise. They chanced asking for a deferral to the following Saturday in Croke Park because Horan made his displeasure clear. But when Croke Park ruled that out the CB knew full well they were in no position to refuse to play.”

    Can’t agree with that Davy. if anything they were in a unique bargaining position. I don’t know if they did bargain for anything but if not it was a huge opportunity lost.
    Personally I had no problem with Limerick although I would have preferred Croker. But I also think if we had created a much bigger fuss over before we gave in then it would have got a lot more attention on our side.
    And most importantly it certainly wouldn’t have allowed Liam O’Neill describe us in the way he did. But the CB chose to take those insults lying down. That was a bigger disgrace from them.

  15. DavyJ, that is interesting information, Jez what an appalling lack of joined up communication and agreement between our CB representatives and our team management when accepting such a monumental decision….

  16. Willie joe just wondering is there any chance of you conducting a poll along the lines of the following: 1- will the mayo supporters still buy the cairde maigheo and county board ticket if the current chairman and officers remain insitu. 2- would the mayo supporters be more likely to buy the season and county board ticket if they vacated their position. This is a very serious matter going forward and one that needs to be addressed immediately to prevent us slipping back into mediocrity.

  17. On another note if people are proposing to move from the Cairde Maigheo ticket to the Croke Park season ticket then it is unlikely they will be able to do so. Only a few counties have maxed out there allocation of season tickets from croke park year on year and Mayo and Dublin are two to name but a few.

  18. Shane Curran as goal keeping coach was one item in the “package”. In fairness I can see how that would be totally unacceptable.

  19. Toe to Hand its more like Foot in Mouth. Can you tell me what role Croke Park would play in the selection of Mayo GAA management or County Board? They did not give 2 fucks about us having to paly in Limerick. Reading some of the blogs you would think the world is about to end. Yesterday Tesco made a false statement about its profit predicitons and they lost £2 billion in shares and the papers had more about Mayo GAA.
    Its great to read all those blogs what those subscribers would do if they were in charge and yet not one of them knows apart from the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, along with McStay/McHale what transpired at this meeting. Maybe McStay/ McHale might let us know what was the problem, From reading chair mans letter he rightly says he not obliged to divulge what took place as this was the copyright of McStay/McHale. If they are so disappointed let them tell us ( the grass roots) and then we will be in a position to make our judgement. Up to now all we see and hear is ” I heard this from a reliable source,” ” I read this in so so paper”, ” This journilest has the inside story” etc, etc. Perhaps if all those scribes did not get on their merry ways without not knowing then or now the full facts we would not be in this mess. The people are saying we wont buy this ticket or support this collection are the very same people in the last 4 years saying JH should have done this and that and I’ll admit I did the same.
    Last year after the AI final I was in my local and this supporter said he would never go to a match again as long as JH was in charge. He was the first man I met in New York and I reminded him off Dublin, In fairness he said ” You cannot change the past, you cannot predict the future so you can only live with the present” We sure could learn from the past and if we want to succeed we have to work together. About all those people resigning they will be replaced by better people. We have a great bunch of lads playing for Mayo at present and with a bit of luck we will be AI champions in 2015, 2014 and all the years before will then be history as will this weeks fiasco. Like everything else in life the past will be told and then we wont give a shit because something else will be the headlines.

  20. If that’s true about Cakes Curran then that’s reason enough to reject the package, burn it, horsewhip the people who printed it and consign it to the deepest, darkest pits of hell.

  21. I doubt that mcstay had that gentleman in his plans, always struck me as flying by the arsh of his trousers when playing for Roscommon. I’d say he would be mighty crack though.

  22. The biggest loser here is the host. He had prob envisaged kicking back and relaxing with no obligation to update anybody on anything for a few months..he is prob busier now than he was after limerick . as always wj thanks for keeping this brilliant blog ticking along! !

  23. Connelly and holmes are football men. They will bring their approach to the set up and hopefully improve it. They deserve their chance.
    Having said all that, my young lad at home is 4 and he would have known the plan that should have been in place for the replay not to mention the drawn game.
    Good luck to the 2 lads. They can only improve on Horans time please god.

  24. @pebblemaster…..yes I can see why it would be totally unacceptable, to me anyway, because he is a utter twit and bofoon of the highest order. Id rather we lost every match for 10 years than have that Ross fool involved. And the fool kept dissing JH’s team, saying last years final was in reality a 7 or 8 point win for Dublin. Just dont know how idiots like that get a forum.
    I vowed here and more importantly to my family that I would never go to a Mayo game if he were involved. At least I can go now

  25. @kL. Very good, enjoyed that laugh about “cakes”. He’s a laughing stock in Roscommon and the thoughts of him on the sideline for Mayo would be enough for me to set myself ablaze like one of those monks.
    If this is only a rumour it’s still a good one.

  26. Thanks, Ted – it’s meant to be off-season alright but with the hit count running at 10-11k per day all week it sure doesn’t feel like it yet!

  27. pebblesmeller Stop your Shane Curran as goal keeping coach bull shit . No one knows what was in the McStay “package”

  28. It’s probably a joke, to lighten the mood a bit after what’s gone on here recently. Can you honestly see hennelly and co taking advice from that lad? Me neither.

  29. what would he coach them? to behave like an embarrassing idiot – he has a masters in that for sure. Please dont talk of him again, please

  30. Wouldn’t be the first goalie to work for Mayo. John Maughan had ex Sligo Rovers keeper Tom Lally as Forwards coach in 1999. Mad Ted!

  31. True Grit, can you tell me where did I indicate that Croke Park should play a role in the selection of the Mayo GAA Management or County Board? God forbid, things are bad enough as it is with the “if you dont rock my boat I wont rock yours” relationship that we currently have. The interim impartial group should be set up to find out why the procedures and guidelines set down by Croke Park for the appointment of Managers were not followed. Unfortunately I cannot think of any other organisation to do this and IMHO I dont think we are best placed to examine our own mess. Of course this isn’t the end of the world and I along with many others (god willing) will be in kerry for the first league game of 2015 shouting on our team. Its not even about this latest fuck up but more about the accumulation of fuck ups in the recent past that bothers me and this historical GAA hierarchy inner circle attitude. I like many others here dig deep for the Mayo GAA cause and all I ask for in return is transparency, communication and a little respect. Instead we are given half the facts and the communications officer is so exasperated he resigns.. Says a lot

  32. Can I repeat this here Willie Joe as I feel I missed the boat on the other side.

    I will not comment on anything that has happened except the County Board. First of all some posters are making their case with “facts”. Most of those “facts” are conceptual, tailored according their own opinions, thus making them not accurate.
    The media are the only people who can and will “spill the beans”, so they have to be praised, not ridiculed for that. They are not perfect all the the time but they are there for all to see.
    Now, my point. If the famous chairman was an Englishman, in the centre of this cock-up, he would have almost instantly resigned, because it was the honourable thing to do. Where was the honour????
    Now, most of the delegates (or should I say, sheep) enabled, and will enable, this person to function in the way that he does. They just went ” baa,baa, baa” . Don’t give me the shite about them not being paid, giving up their free time, etc. etc, etc,. Every one of them is there because, for their own reasons, they choose to be. So lets water down the sympathy a little. The undeniable fact is that they have a responsibility to promote, to the best of their ability, the good of football in Mayo, and anything that affects that, is to be criticised.
    The whole Co. Board has a responsibility to Mayo football and they should be ashamed of themselves if they are real Mayo men. If they are ridiculed in the Press, on Twitter and Facebook, great !! They deserve every fucking bit of it.

  33. Holy god , will ye get a life and forget about limerick and refs and the Cb ,, get behind noël and pat and move.. Jesus hope people from other counties don’t look at this,,,,, embarrassed of some of the shite some of my fellow county men are spouting,,,,,,, think 2015! ! ! ! !

  34. Solutions to this mess? Anyone got solutions, we have vented, raged and roared but how do we chart the way forward?

    Burned bridges, rushed decisions , ice on the road and Mayo football dragged to the ground. How will this end because up to this moment the entire thing is a total mess. Until the nettles are grasped the stings remain.

  35. Ah it about time the supporters stood up and let’s not stop there, its a farce and its not today or yesterday I figured that one out, since the day they got the sky blue seats that was left over from croaker in McHale park to changing our hoop strip jersey to that shit of a jersey now, they can go to f…..l changed over to croke park season two years ago like hundreds more, fed up with these dino,s in county board, it may be even time to boycott games to force them out…may seem harsh, I love my county and the players, but they have let us down so many times ,the dinos that is, o many times down thru, the years……

  36. Willie Joe could you put PJ Monaghan’s post as an article. I think alot of people may not have seen it. Best comment so far

  37. ” They can only improve on Horans time”

    That means at a minimum, no defeats in Connaught for the next five years, minimum of all Ireland semi final every year for the next five years and to improve ever so slightly, get to three All Ireland finals in the next four years.

    In terms of the league get to three league semi finals and two league finals in the next four years and beat every major county in that period.

    In one fell swoop however, they could improve on his record by drawing an AIF rather than losing by a point.

    Its great to be spoilt. Mayo won four Connaught titles between 1955 and 1985.

  38. @Been There, who are you to say my post is bullshit? I will post my opinion on this blog, and indeed any solid information I have, and you won’t stop me. If you are incapable of forming a counter opinion and expressing it in a respectful and coherent manner then maybe HoganStand is the place for you. How do you know it is not true? Anyway, it was widely rumoured before any selection committee was mentioned that Connelly was ear-marked for the post. Once the CB made their wish that Buckley be involved there was only ever going to be one outcome. The fact that they then made a balls of the whole thing doesn’t surprise me, nor the outcome of the CB meeting the last night, sadly.
    I would have been happy with either pairing but the addition of Solan with Buckley is a huge huge boost. We do not need to reinvent the current side, just a little tweak here and there, but the structures and coaching within the game itself in the county is a much greater concern.

  39. Indeed Pat Kearns- PJ Monaghan makes a very thoughtful point in his post under the “whitewash” piece, I have read and responded.
    I was more than pessimistic re the chances of a revolt by the dele -Gates on thursday night.
    We are in a bad place regarding the administration of Mayo football.
    We have 2 choices in my view as supporters.
    Shut up and move on.
    Take some sort of unified action ..those inclined to the latter please PJ’s post.

  40. Pebblesmeller/Been There – I thought that Shane Curran thing was just a bit of light-hearted nonsense so viewed the responses to it in that light. If it’s not, I’m slightly aghast but then can also see why you (Pebblesmeller) would be annoyed at the response. In this regard, Been There – please note Rules 3 and 6 of the house rules which forbid comments that antagonise others and also which forbid playing the man rather than the ball in responding to others.

  41. look at very bigger picture and county boards. GAA croke park have lost its identity to progress. croke park now a national venue for all events gaa or otherwise depending on cash at gates and promoters needs a be it country rock events or otherwise.

  42. Until this mess is sorted out properly and all the shite on the County board are thrown out, the good people of Mayo could boycott all Mayo games. That is my opinion. I think the players would understand that the Mayo supporters are acting for the greater good of the team as a whole by not attending games for as long as it takes. Imagine a Connacht final or semi in Mchale Park with no Mayo support there. Imagine an All Ireland quarter final or semi final in Croke Park next August, say Mayo v Cork/Kerry with an attendance of 1500 from Cork/Kerry and nobody from Mayo. Whole sections of the ground empty and silent. The best supported County per head of population in Ireland absent from proceedings. Record low gate receipts etc.

    What do ya think of that Liam O Neill?

    What do ya think of that Paddy McNicholas?

    Or we can troop along to Mchale Park in February/March etc and give our approval on how things are done by those in charge. We have more power in this than we think.

    One other thing as somebody mentioned above, its my opinion that Mayo should go back to playing in their traditional hooped green and red jersey. Rather than the Cork “B” jersey which we have now.

  43. I was at the meet where the Cairde Maigh Eo scheme was launched. Diskin delivered a very good presentation. He was supported by John Prenty and Kevin O’Toole who both spoke very well about the offer. I thought ‘wow’ massive progress. Great presentation, good plan and financially astute. And now the two main proposers are gone and Mr. Prenty is gone silent (who can blame him!). Why? Because of the lack of procedures and systems. We are operating like the Chinese Communist Party. Work away on the inside as god as you can, dont say too much or you will face execution, work with the leader of the moment, toe the party line or you will face oblivion.

  44. In responce to KOB. While horans record is better than any before, this year was lost on the sideline. No doubt. This particular group could have 2 all irelands. But for tactical naivety IMO.
    Not withstanding the excellent progression in other areas. Connelly needs to take it to the next level. And i think he will

  45. I have been a supporter of the County Board but my eyes have been opened. The stand construction and the strategic plan and the way that was dealt with was a shambles. Now followed by this exercise in overstepping of powers is the final straw.
    1) It does not matter if Connelly/Holmes decision was right or not the process was not followed and was unfair on the other candidate and the people who were stripped of their powers and not given a chance to exercise their powers (the rest of the executive).
    2) The remaining county board executive members will have no credibility if they remain in their positions. Why be in a position whereby you have no influence? where you do nothing? where you are not allowed to even express your opinion.
    3) This acting alone without being subject to the counter balances of being accountable to the executive or the delegates has happened before. The money spend on the stand was never agreed by the board. Individual board members made the decisions. Indeed as with the Paddygate scandal the remaining executive members and the delegates did nothing to stop it and the act alone board members remained in power. The Decision to scrap the Liam Horan Strategic Plan was rushed through – stopped by the executive but did they have any real power to stop it.
    4) Deciding to not pay the Cairde Maigh Eo is one thing but stopping paying your county board tickets is wrong. Clubs rely big time on this source of finance and they will be forced to pay the county board irrespective of whether they sell the tickets or not – each club has a quota. The big losers here will be the clubs and some of these are barely hanging on as they are.
    5) Some of the comments on here are in poor taste and theya re evn worse on other forums or in the social media. It is wrong to personalise these matters. The County Board members are human beings, volunteers and in most cases I would prefer their company than people who have no interest in sport. They are, in my humble opinion, just wrong. This does not make them bad. Please lads remember they have family are your neighbours and probably have the same goals as you. Be strong in your opinions but do not be cruel.

  46. Agree with Clonee Man while the CB and the entire structure of Mayo GAA appears to need an overhaul I can’t agree with the prevailing wisdom that it was the CB that has cost us the recent All Ireland’s, the CB doesn’t play the match or make the decisions on the side line. At the end of the day we lost these great opportunities on the pitch and on the sideline & I think we need to suck it up and move on with the new management. I’m sick of hearing that this was ‘the greatest bunch of players, mgt team in mayo history’.. and ‘ we’re going backwards’ etc if we as a supposedly great footballing county are paralyzed by fear with the thought of appointing new management , bringing in new players etc then we’ll be forever spouting moral victories about the great times of ’10-’14.
    I do think however that a review of the CB structures and policies is required as many have already stated.

  47. I must admit to having a certain respect for the new management in their tolerance of rather pungent smells. The good thing is though that having decided to hold their noses,
    there cannot readily blame the CB during their reign for any shortcomings on the pitch. They have taken the position with their eyes wide open and obviously have decided they can do their job in the current environment.

  48. Willie Joe / Pebblesmeller – I am sorry . I did not realize that Pebblesmeller’s comment on the Shane Curran thing was just a bit of light-hearted nonsense so viewed the responses to it in that light. Once again Pebblesmeller apologies

  49. A well known priest once told me of his attitude to authority. He said it was easier to seek foregiveness than to seek permission.

  50. This all has it’s root cause in the expensive construction of the McHale park stand. It was the single worst decision in the history of Mayo football. Croke Park say they did not give a bailout to aid with repaying debt back in 2012 with receipt of one million. But aren’t we now paying interest payments to Croke park n Ulster bank. The figure I’v read is that we pay 400k in interest a year in repayments. 4% of ten million. Which makes sense as the stand cost wasn’t it 10 million? There had never been any groundswell support or talk of renovating McHale park.

  51. JP there was a massive write off in that deal with ulster bank, the debt is much less now,
    Also there has been massive revenue during the Horan era. They must have put a dent in the debt

  52. A Visionary ?

    PJ Monaghan says:
    November 17, 2011 at 2:54 pm
    Hi Willie Joe,
    As the individual who chaired the Finance & Funding Subcommittee as part of Liam Horan’s overall Strategic Review I am not at all surprised at what has now come to light. What has surprised me is that they have actually admitted it.
    For individuals who went to great lengths to block our attempt to review the finances of the County I can only conclude that they were forced into disclosing the position by Ulster Bank and Croke Park.
    One has to only read Liam Horan’s Strategic Plan and its Financial Conclusions and Recommendations are there in black and white. The Mayo GAA Executive, including the Clubs turned a blind eye to our findings and recommendations and they continued to stick their heads in the sand and back the County Board.
    Our estimate of the exposure of the County Board to repayments was as follows;
    Yr 2011 – € 1,342,000
    Yr 2012-2020 – € 850,000 per annum
    Yr 2021-2025 – € 650,000 per annum
    County Board Revenue for the last 5 years was as follows;
    2010 – € 1,494,000
    2009 – € 1,924,476
    2008 – € 1,715,648
    2007 – € 1,816,907
    2006 – € 1,902,092
    Even if we maintained our 2006 income for the next 15 years we couldn’t afford McHale Park. It was never a runner and what was presented as a great asset could now destroy Mayo GAA for generations to come as we direct money away from Coaching and Games development to pay for this facility
    ‘Islandeadygaa’ you are right, there are serious questions to be answered in relation to the expenditure incurred on McHale Park. All these questions were asked by our Subcommittee and were not answered by the County Board. Compare what Armagh GAA has spent on their ground development to what we have incurred on McHale Park. Its makes for very interesting reading!
    We recommended an Independent Financial Review of the finances of the County Board over the last 5 years and I am still of the opinion that this is required so that confidence can be restored to the finances and the information behind the finances.
    There is a funny side to all this in so far as Ulster Bank and Croke Park actually think that these Guys will come up with a Plan in 2 weeks!!
    Like the Political leaders in Greece, Italy and Ireland our GAA Leaders in Mayo should now do the decent thing and stand down. If they don’t then the Clubs should force them out.
    The time has come for Clubs to take action.
    1. The County Board should resign or be removed
    2. Put an Interim Board in place
    3. Set up an Independent Finance Committee and bring in Experts to prepare a proper Financial Plan and negotiate with Ulster Bank and Croke Park
    4. Update Liam Horan’s Strategic Plan to reflect the findings and recommendations of the Independent Financial Review and adopt this plan
    5. Put a new Board in Place to implement the Strategic Plan
    Finally, as an individual who lives in Dublin I must say I am very impressed with Dublin GAA’s Strategic Plan

  53. pacar says:
    September 27, 2014 at 8:40 pm
    Anyone know how Evan Regan played for Ballina today??

    Reading Colm Gannons report on Mayo advertiser, he scored 1-4 of Ballinas 2-07 to 10 point victory over westport. Doesnt seem like it was a classic.

  54. Clonee man.

    I am with you and I really hope like everyone else on this blog that Noel and Pat bring home the big one.

    Management can only control a game so much and ultimately it is down to the players on the pitch and I of course, accept your opinion as I am sure you do mine in this great forum.

    In all the great victories over the past four years, I have not yet once heard the phrase “we won it on the line”. I have heard ” Horan got his tactics right”

  55. Time to move on .Forget about Limerick but learn from it. Like kerry play dirty when we have to. Look at how they dealt with Murphy.

  56. Some batin that Ballintubber handed out to Knockmore today. Cillian O’Connor superb again today as were his brothers. Should be a cracking county final…

  57. Cillian 22 what player.diarmuid impressed me big time.padraic won his own ball and was unselfish all day.very impressed with tubber effort from back to front plus subs.take a bow.

  58. Money talks but…while I understand the real and painful frustration of those who speak of not renewing CM and giving money to charity is it really the right strategy for Mayo football, players and fans alike? What if instead a high profile group gathered pledges from Mayo fans at home and overseas (as a Commercial Director might do if we had one!) and the pledges are tied to overhauling the governance of the Mayo set up, dealing with the lack of transparency, etc? Perhaps a charter as opposed to a strategy for the future of Mayo football needs to be developed and seek funding from the fanbase tied to that. Just simple principles to overhaul the governance, (not interfere in the executive powers or running of football) so that Mayo football, fans and players have a proper voice, that solo runs (ala McGuinness) are confined to the field and that the county board functions as a unit. I don’t think actual money could be collected? or the functions of the county board subverted but surely such fan based funding could have sensible strings attached, respecting the GAA rules and procedures but ensuring that the governance processes actually function. I don’t know and therefore can’t comment on the efforts to develop a strategic plan or other ideas but it seems from reading the posts that new ideas or ventures will be stillborn unless they have the support of a few powerful people and that the clubs are not exercising their power. I don’t know enough about how GAA works so pardon me if all this is naive. I’m speaking as someone who has had a long career in governance, audit, organisational systems and processes. It strikes me as an outsider to GAA but a passionate Mayo man and long time follower that money is the only real driver behind some of the powers that be in GAA. Corner enough of it and perhaps the power to force changes could be exercised for the good of all. In the meantime, the players and management deserve our support and I’d respectfully suggest that our frustrations with the embarrassing and shambolic carry on of the local organisation should not deny them that support, annoying as it is, and that there are other ways to exercise action on our views rather than not being there for the team.

  59. Hope I haven’t taken someone else’s norm de plume of Mayo Naturally. If so, pls change to Newbee

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