Self-scanners at MacHale Park on Sunday

I’m all for technological progress (without it, I guess, we’d all be still living in caves scratching our posteriors with the jawbone of an ass, or whatever that metaphor is supposed to be) and so I can only applaud the latest piece of hi-tech wizardry that season ticket holders are going to encounter at the entrance to MacHale Park shortly after midday on Sunday. Which is this little gadget:


This, folks, is a self-scanning device and turnstiles 1 to 8 at MacHale Park will be equipped with them, enabling season ticket holders to scan their own tickets on the way into the ground. As I mentioned earlier in the comments, it’ll be somewhat akin to using the self-service checkout at Tesco, though, one assumes, without that annoying bloody voice that keeps telling you that you’ve left some stuff in the bagging area.

According to the mail received from the GAA season ticket people, the advice below should be followed by punters approaching the turnstiles with their season tickets on Sunday:

  1. Please arrive early. Season Ticket turnstiles (1 – 8) will be open from 12.30
  2. Please have your season card ready when approaching the turnstiles
  3. Adults with Juveniles should use the Family turnstiles (6 – 8) only
  4. Adults with Juveniles should use the Family turnstiles (6 – 8) only
Once you come face-to-face with the dreaded gizmo, here’s what they say you should do:
  • Place Season Card on crosshairs with the barcode facing up
  • When display says “Enter” proceed through turnstile
  • If display says “Access Denied” exit turnstile and seek supervisor assistance

The best advice of the lot from that list is, I reckon, the first one – turn up early and give yourself plenty of time to get over this little technological hurdle. Even if you’re the most suave, tech-savvy person on the planet, I think you’ll find that there’ll be a fair few punters who reside at the other end of the IT spectrum congregated around turnstiles 1-8 prior to throw-in on Sunday so best get there in good time, just to be sure.

14 thoughts on “Self-scanners at MacHale Park on Sunday

  1. I was under the impression it was for chaired Maigheo holders only and not the GAA season ticket holder?

  2. Ah Jasus,WJ-does this mean that the role of the biscuit tin will be confined to the odd fundraiser in New York!.

  3. Great to see new technologies like this being introduced in castlebar. I have not used anything like this before, but I have no doubt I can rise to the challenge. I hope the Mayo team will be able to rise to the challenge set by Monaghan later in the afternoon. I hope we get a big crowd in just like the last day. It was great to see a Huge turnout for the first home game. I have no doubt we could see some of the new comers make an appearance before the end of the game.

  4. Hopefully the new scanners will not be able to hear the chap who was in front of me for the Tyrone game pleading to have three tickets scanned as the owners “had the flu”. Or if they can hear him that they can give him an appropriate and emphatic answer which will not leave him in any doubt.

  5. Gonna be some craic when some people try to scan a fistful of tickets!

    Will be something like the Aviva I’d say, except there were sliding doors (I think) for each stile when I was last in it.

  6. Fear not guy, each scanner will have an official type of guy on standby, ready willing and able to deal with any technical issues that may arise. Be assured that these individuals are highly trained in the workings of this little gadget and have been practising on them all week.

  7. My problem with them is i think there only purpose is so that when it comes up that you didn’t attend the match despite getting it scanned they can claim it yours fault and not change it, which is what they do now but doesn’t make sense

  8. Well Mayo McHale, you know what they say: Any man can make a mistake but it takes a computer to really mess things up! So we’ll see how it goes…

  9. They have them in Parkhead as well.. and even bananas drunk Celtic fans can work them so I think it is we within the average Mayo supporters compass to work it… 🙂

  10. How màny of those check in scanners will they have tommorow. Good idea to open up mchale park at one so yes won’t miis the match.

  11. I see there’s lot of sceptics around here. Surely you lot must know that under the new regime, things will be a lot different now. Gone are the days of muddling through, these guys at the top table will have left no stone unturned, in their quest for perfection!

  12. Admire your optimism, Mayo McHale. I myself have been around too long to expect major improvements.

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