Semi-final day

Right, this is it – throw-in at Croker takes place in a bit over five hours from now so words are all a bit irrelevant at this stage. This is a big, big day for us and a great opportunity for the county to show what it can do on the big stage against the most vaunted opposition in the game. I think we’ve a great chance today but I’m also realistic enough to know it could go the other way too. Regardless of what happens today, though, we should all be hugely proud of what James and the lads have achieved so far this year and how, after years of frustration, they’ve given us something to shout about once more. All the very best today, lads.

7 thoughts on “Semi-final day

  1. Well you could not have put it better, or as Meatloaf said “you took the words right out of my mouth” Hope the pints went down nice last night!
    I urge every Mayo supporter to give their all. If things are going well cheer them on, if things are not going well shout louder!! Under no circumstances is there to be silence from the stands.
    Regardless of the result this year has restored lost pride. I know i have enjoyed every win and jesus the year flies by talkin football and having the next match to look forward to. For that i thank all the team and management.

  2. I’ve backed the opposition once again in the facetheball predictions, it’s one of those superstitious things I tend to do when Mayo play.
    And the ‘lucky pants’ are on as well! How can we fail now??

    Good luck lads, tear into them.

  3. Good luck lads! Will have MWR and the headphones on down here again! Best of luck!

  4. Couldn’t agree more with the sentiments, WJ. I think it’s a 50/50 game – and I’ll more than settle for that going in against Kerry.

    Whatever the outcome, I think we can say that it’s been a great year. Division 1 status held, a Nestor Cup and a deserved win against the reigning All-Ireland champions… That’s pretty exceptional when we compare it against where we were 12 months ago. Moreover, there’s a platform there now which I genuinely think we can build further on. It could just be a good couple of years for us.

    That said, if we can be within four points of them today, the good times might just start sooner…

    Ahon Mayo!

  5. best of Luck to James, the lads and all who travel to HQ. Spare a thought for those away but hearts firmly set in Mayo. Off to shout as loud as Ive ever shouted int he local. Whatever the result well always keep coming back. Keep the faith. Up the Green and Red.

  6. I agree N81 lets do our bit and be heard today the other crowd are shouters let the battle start there – Good Luck to our lads -‘Dia Duinn Mayo’

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