Semi-final is a sell-out

AISF sold out

It was expected to happen but perhaps not quite as fast as this – with nearly two weeks to go to our All-Ireland semi-final against Dublin, the match has now sold out. Dublin GAA confirmed this on Facebook earlier tonight. There’s going to be one hell of an atmosphere at HQ for the 30th August Croke Park showdown.

Separately, the Mayo News has reported that joint manager Pat Holmes confirmed at tonight’s semi-final press event that both David Clarke and Tom Cunniffe were back in full training. Both should be okay for Sunday week. Pat said that everyone, apart from the unfortunate Michael Conroy, was fit and ready for selection for the big match.

22 thoughts on “Semi-final is a sell-out

  1. We live in remarkable times. That truly is incredible. We are almost a full two weeks before the game.
    Amazing stuff!

  2. I remember the semis in the noughties involving Dublin being sell outs but nothing like this. Not when the capacity is 82,000. Must be some kind of record with these kind of attendances for matches not including All Ireland finals.

  3. Amazing that Croke Park could sell out so quickly for a semifinal. I’d say a lot of regular supporters who took their time buying will be disappointed and left watching on TV. It’s a tribute to the supporters of both counties and the atmosphere will be mighty. It’s even more of a tribute to both teams and the football they play. Hopefully the Croke Park authorities will see their way to acknowledging that by making a contribution to both teams when all is said and done.

  4. WOW!!!! that was fast, will be electric inside the stadium. I really enjoyed the hurling on Sunday, but i think the hurling society go over board about how much better it is than football. i think the capacity for gal v tipp was under 60,000, yet Mayo v Dublin is a sell out with 2 weeks to go….i think that says it all. In saying that im delighted for the Galway hurling supporters, was some win, the last time Galway and Kilkenny made it throught to a final, we bet the Dubs by 3 points…..just saying 🙂

  5. Im a Cairde member and unfortunately missed sale as away on Hols. Have 1 excellent Cairde ticket section 305, lower Cusack, 40 yard line .

    Badly need 2 together for young lad as well. Any swaps to any 2 seats available??

  6. 12 days out and the nerves are dangling, this will be epic.
    Jim McGuinness is favouring dubs by 3 pts, based on logical analysis, but does add tha caveat that desire and hurt might swing it Mayo’s way!!

  7. When Mayo played Dublin in the 1985 replay I think it was a sellout, albeit in a much smaller Croke Park. The attendance for the first game was around 40k.

    I’m not sure how the GAA can say that this game is sold out when the Clubs have not yet received their tickets. There are no tickets being sold to the public, perhaps that is what is meant by “sold out”?

  8. sorry for michael conroy, he would have played some part but if the team win Sam he knows he has been a part of the process. Any word on who may take his place on the panel? Gibbons?

  9. I was at that 1985 replay and there’s no way it was a sell-out. I think it had a bigger attendance than the drawn game but as far as I recall RTE weren’t allowed to broadcast it live on TV, which would have helped to swell the numbers a bit. 2006 and 2012 sold out but not anything like as fast as this one has.

  10. Regarding 1985 time plays hell with the memory, so I’ll bow to WJ on this!

    I have scoured youtube trying to find footage of the first game (there are some clips of Brogans goal in the replay). I would welcome any links to footage that others can find.

  11. ’tis well I remember listening to the ’85 replay on the radio! We were excited for a while after Brogan’s monster goal but the Dubs pulled away from us with a couple of goals of their own. Those were different times, that’s for sure.

    SixPointsUP, like yourself I haven’t been able to find anything out there from ’85 other than the Brogan goal. That’s why I got a shock to the system recently when watching the Laochra Gael episode on Barney Rock to see some footage of Peter Forde vainly trying to prevent one of the Dublin goals in the replay. So it’s in the vaults of TG4 somewhere!

  12. Joe,
    All open sale tickets are gone. Both county’s have a set allocation and that means it’s a sellout. If the indications in my own club are anything to go by, demand is greatly outstripping supply.

  13. Attendance in drawn 1985 game was given as 40,000 (which was exactly 30 years ago today incidentally). Replay had 64,000 and as said above was not shown live on RTE which created outrage at the time.

    The replay also produced Brogans “goal of the decade” into the canal end in the 2nd half.

    Would be great if anybody knows where there is any video footage of either of these games. Hardly anything at all on you tube.

  14. Yeah, the lack of available footage is annoying. Anyway it might turn up.

    The 1985 drawn game often gets overlooked, especially after the comback in 2006. However the turnaround against the Dubs in 1985 was impressive, some great points scored at the end.

  15. Ya im not sure how they can call it a sell out at this early stage. Clubs have not got tickets yet. The fact you cant get tickers on ticketmaster etc does not make it a sell out.

    I remember Dublin matches have full houses for early rounds of the Leinster championships when the boom years were here. I was at the Dublin V Kerry semi final in 2013 and it was a sell out. Im not sure why people are surprised if it is a sell out. Also not sure why Croke Park should reward the players for a sell out. The GAA dont reward the players for other matches. I can understand if it went to a replay and they got a second full house and then giving something back to players for the extra revenue.

    The atmosphere will be great like many games we played in before. Lets enjoy the day and hope for the victory. I will get more excitied once the final swings around.

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