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The countdown hasn’t really got going in earnest yet ahead of our appearance in this year’s All-Ireland SFC semi-final – which is the tenth time in eleven seasons that we’ve got at least this far in the Championship – but, once the Leinster final is over and our semi-final opponents are known, it soon will be.

Ahead of this we’ve been making plans for what to do on the Mayo News football podcast to mark the county’s arrival, yet again, at the Championship’s penultimate round.

The various Covid-related restrictions around sporting events has meant that the match-day episodes, once staple fare on the podcast, have had to be ditched ever since the pandemic struck. Instead, we’ve got into a fairly stable rhythm this year, involving preview and review shows for every Championship game.

But this is an All-Ireland semi-final, one that we’ve a decent lead-in to and the Covid restrictions have been loosened sufficiently for us to think a bit more expansively about what to do over the next few weeks.

In short, we’re looking to up the output quite considerably on the podcast, with six shows planned leading up to and after the All-Ireland semi-final a bit over two weeks from now.

We’ll be getting the ball rolling early next week with an episode to savour. This one features Billy Joe Padden in a one-to-one chat with former Mayo manager Stephen Rochford, who will, no doubt, have some fascinating insights to give us on where Mayo stand ahead of the semi-final. This episode will be recorded after the result of Sunday’s Leinster final is known and so the discussion will be an informed one from that perspective.

Then towards the end of next week Rob Murphy will be making a very welcome return to the podcast. He never really went away, of course, but, due to other commitments this year, he had to take a break from presenting for while. But he’ll be back for the semi-final and I’ll be chatting with him on this episode so there’ll be an element of getting the old band back together again then.

There’ll then be another show, also hosted by Rob, early the following week. We’re aiming to have a former Mayo player as special guest on that one, in which we hope to bring you a taste of what it’s like to play for the county in the cauldron that is Croke Park.

Later that week, Mike Finnerty will be presenting the main semi-final preview show and the guest list is now being warmed up for that one.

On the assumption that the match is on the Saturday and, on the even larger assumption that we’ll all get tickets for it, we’re planning on recording material for a match-day special episode of the podcast from Croke Park. If the game is played on the Saturday, that episode will be online on the Sunday.

Then, once the dust has settled, we’ll have our main semi-final review show, which will be online on the Wednesday following the game.

So, that’s the plan. None of this would be possible without the invaluable work done on the podcast behind the scenes by Ger Duffy on production and editing. The support we get from our sponsors, Ceramic City and Swinford Motors, is of huge importance to us too.

Here on the podcast we’re really looking forward to getting stuck into bringing these episodes to fruition and, once again, to putting the podcast at the heart of all the chat leading up to and after the big game. We’re hoping as many of you as possible join us on this journey over the next few weeks.

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15 thoughts on “Semi-final podcast plans

  1. Hi Lads – sounds great, will ye be announcing the winners of the Mayo Jerseys?

  2. Nice – 6 podcasts to come before the semi final!. Can’t wait. Good to hear Rob is making a return too.

  3. When we know our opponents it will hot up for sure. Any comments on michael Plunkett? How do ye think he is doing ?

  4. Willie Joe, I’m over the moon with this news – six podcast episodes coming up about the Semi Final over the next two weeks! Yippee! And with some brilliant guests! I feel like a kid in a sweet shop.

    Thank you to you, Rob, Mike, Billy Joe, Ed, Ger Duffy, the sponsors.

    Hurray! This is a swooping swallow type of performance.

  5. Delighted to hear from Stephen…he gave us our very best days in my opinion.
    In 2019 I was in the tunnel at Mchale Park after the Donegdl win with my son who was looking for Mayo autographs when Stephen came out of the Donegal dressing room …… was my lowest moment as a Mayo supporter and I still think about it….it just felt really sad

  6. Would love to see Stephen Rochford back involved with Mayo teams at some level – u21 manager, underage development manager etc and come back in as senior manager in a few years again.

  7. Southmayo exile I hear there calling for bonnars head in donegal so if that’s the case he may be lined up for that job

  8. My concern would be Galway would swoop for Rochford either as replacement for Joyce or as his coach. Hopefully they keep Joyce! I’d hope Rochford wouldn’t go and would love to have him involved with Mayo development at some level and would gladly have him back as senior manager at some point in future. An excellent tactician – not error free but he got us closer than anyone so far to the promised land. Just because James seems to have a knack for recognising and developing talent id put stephen a very close second to James on the best managers we’ve had since the 50s.

  9. No sign of Covid19 here in Drumcondra, absolutely thronged with Tyrone and Monaghan cars for the game.

  10. Stephen Rochford wants to work with a senior county team so cant see him getting involved with underage setups. Also really cant see him getting involved again with Mayo after the way he was treated resulting in him having to leave the Mayo managers job. If Joyce leaves Galway then Stephen will be top of their list, he is highly thought of in Galway after what he achieved at club level.

  11. Stephen will manage Galway at some stage in the near future. He’s really highly thought there. Unfortunately I think he’s lost to mayo GAA after the way he was treated no more than Mcstay and Mchale. I just hope they keep Joyce. A bit like Ole at united, I hope he does just enough not to get sacked.

  12. Bring it on!. A Mayo feast of previews and reviews is exacty what I need. Looking forward to having Rob back too. Hon Mayo

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