Semi-final team named – Enda’s in for Andy

The team for Sunday has just been named and, as was well flagged in advance, the sole change from the side that started in the quarter-final against Down sees Enda Varley replace injured captain Andy Moran. Enda will start at top of the right with Cillian O’Connor switching over to full-forward. Aside from that it’s the same line-up that took the field against Down.

In Andy’s absence, the team will be captained at Croke Park by David Clarke and the lads are set to line out as follows:

Mayo (All-Ireland SFC semi-final v Dublin, 2/9/2012): David Clarke (Ballina Stephenites, captain); Kevin Keane (Westport), Ger Cafferkey (Ballina Stepenites), Keith Higgins (Ballyhaunis); Lee Keegan (Westport), Donal Vaughan (Ballinrobe), Colm Boyle (Davitts); Barry Moran (Castlebar Mitchels), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy); Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore), Jason Doherty (Burrishoole), Alan Dillon (Ballintubber); Enda Varley (Garrymore), Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber), Michael Conroy (Davitts).

As is now customary practice for us, no details of who is on the subs bench for Sunday have been released at this stage.

33 thoughts on “Semi-final team named – Enda’s in for Andy

  1. Straight out to Stansted after work this evening and will be there in Croker to support the lads on Sunday! I hope I’ll still be in good form on the flight back Sunday night!! Mayo Abu!!

  2. Fair play Kevin! Big tree for a pint beforehand! Have to say I’m really looking forward to the game, just fed up with almost every media outlet and rent an analyst writing mayo off! It seems everyone wants to give their opinion on how Dublin will win! Let’s show them how we can play football! I’m optimistic we will do it, substitutions will be crucial, we have a good bench hopefully all will play to their potential!

  3. will be watching it at my home, in new york, drinking bottles of smithwicks for breakfast. am i alone in thinking its an advantage to be written off?
    i had dublin written off before last years final, france written off before the 1998 world cup final, mayo written off after 15 minutes against cork last year, i could go on but my thinking is its a big advantage for a team to be written off by so many experts and “fans” in the teams home area.
    best of luck on sunday, c’mon MAYO!!!!

  4. Good to see the Mayo diaspora on the move or hunkering down for Sunday.
    May the wind be always at our backs wherever we view this one.
    On the subject of team announcements am I alone in thinking there is no point in paying any attention to this activity anymore as everybody is now announcing late, giving false positions & personnel, etc, in an attempt to confuse the opposition.
    Apparently no advantage can be given to the opposition in terms of getting the match-ups right, etc.
    It is now truly a 20 man game even before the game starts.
    Where is our list of subs for Sunday ? Given the aforementioned activity surely our attention should be focussed on the full panel.
    Are we really going to start as selected and if so for how long ?
    I guess we wait till match day to get the full story.

  5. i dont think so sean , that would be very unfair on varley , it was different against down , horan just named the same team again and then changed but this is a changed team and i think it will be the one that starts.

  6. I would be astounded if McGarrity started the match.
    He’s not even in the top of the replacements list for midfield, Gibbons would be ahead of him to replace Moran, SOS and Geraghty would be the choice to replace AOS.
    I’d say the team will line out with the 15 named, though probably not in the positions listed.
    The time for talk is nearly over anyway! Safe travelling to those making the trip up, I hope there’s a big Mayo crowd, this team deserve it.

  7. I’d be very surprised if that team didn’t start but if it is a dummy team I wouldn’t be too worried about Varley feeling pissed as there’s a great team ethic in this Mayo squad with all egos seemingly left outside the door.
    The subs bench will probably have a big bearing on this match and with S O’S/Ronan/Gibbons/Feeny/Freeman/Gearghty and the unkown quantities ( to Dublin anyway) of MacHale/Regan/Alan Murphy , we have enough amunition to change thinks up/tip the balance in our favour if this game is going to be as tight as we think.
    Trying to get finished in work cause I’m hiting the road immediately for Dublin and hope to get into Bowes tomorrow night for some serious football talk.
    Mhaigheo Abu

  8. Ah yes, Breakfast time in Florida. Afternoon tea in Croke Park.
    Hope its a bit warmer in Boca t w.
    Reminds me of of those big sporting events in Churchills & The Playwright Southbeach

  9. Goalkeeper back 6 if fine and will hold Dublin’s overrated forward line to a low score i expect we will win midfield it’s a better pairing than Dublin’s two or three however it’s the forward 6 that worry me the shape is all wrong and v strong defence like Dublin’s they will struggle for scores.

    I hope i’m wrong but i think Dublin will win by 1-3 points.

  10. Nothing wrong with forwards if they get good ball, we need Conroy to get goals if we are to win. tho i am worried about who will feed him with quick ball, now that Andy is gone.

  11. How times have changed
    I lived in Dublin during a good spell for a Mayo supporter 1988 semi V Meath , 89 Canal end then 93 – ok forget that.
    On to 96 ……actually planned our route onto the pitch anticipating the final whistle…..and 97.
    Some great memories the gang coming up for the match Sat night – Town – Sunday morning house full, pan on, anyone for the last sausage. Then the short hop to Croker via Mc Graths
    Always thought though that Mayo was the place to be when the day of days arrived.
    15 yrs and counting ,now I travel up stop at Feericks for the sausages its a bit more hassle but who’s worried about hassle when your a Mayo supporter.
    in 2004 it was bed and breakie for 5 in a Glasnevin a guest house
    2006 City west oh full of it that year!
    More recently its in and out same day, still get the jitters and have to watch the match again on the telly cause I dont really see what happens on the pitch I honestly thought I would have a heart attack during the league semi.
    And so to Sunday, another great day to be a Mayo supporter I am so proud of this team and past teams alike they have given many happy days .
    Our Gasurs that we dragged to matches all over the country are now heading up and making a weekend of it.Their school friends are taking their places on the 1st 15 they will be there in the hogan roaring their heads off, oh mighty stuff there is no better experience. Let us be lé cheile on Sunday the young and the old the Dub Mayo’s and the Mayo Mayo’s ( not forgetting the diaspora) Get out the flags, Oil the throat ,wear the colors be proud of being Mayo an old part of an old nation.
    And…….. Believe.
    Maigheo Abú

  12. In fairness its very tight to call. If you compare the sides you are not going to find much between them, save in midfield maybe.

    Dublin defence can be mean enough and Mayo are no slouches in this department. Dublins Forwards might have the edge on Mayo’s even though they haven’t fired on all cylinders. Likewise Conroy and Varley will have a lot to do. Might even rely a lot on the free takers. It could be that tight.

    I can see the midfield being spoiled by Dublin ala Down’s and Sligo’s attempts.

    Throw in the possibility of a ref ruining the best laid plans of all with a freak sending off or if another injury spoils the party. Thats the crack though, it can all happen, I used to be prone to the old “feeling in me waters” but have to say its all gone quiet on me in the prophetic department this week.

    Hope to see a much better turnout then the Cork game. The lads deserve better and its about time we shouted the stands down again. Huuup Mayo.

  13. Albany, brilliant. I felt the pride well up just reading that.
    Fiercely proud of the county we’re all from and the players and management that will represent us on Sunday. The result on Sunday won’t change that. Up Mayo

  14. First time in Dublin “unsupervised” was 1985. Anyone remember coming back down on the train with no lights-LOL. One of the best days of my life

  15. I doubt the team will start as picked with alot of switching around and who knows maybe some1 else starting, horan may have a few tricks up his sleeve, seen c.o connor today in tesco castlebar carpark an seemed very relaxed talk,n to a mate an not a care in the world[ agood sign]…. I think were gonna need goals though to win this game… C,MON MAIGHEO….

  16. I’m welling up albany,I wounder do fans of other counties have as much love and pride of their team as we do here in the way whitey,the replay in 85 was my first trip to hq without dad,he isn’t there this Sunday either we shipped hen and off to the canary old for their 50 anniversary.they were also there when we bet dub in 06,maybe its a sign.mayo abu

  17. Albany…..Magic piece…..But the absolute stand-out point you make, for me and many others is being “…proud of this team and past teams – they have given us many happy days…” That’s so so true…..Many happy days indeed, and long may that continue. We’ve been there through thick and thin over the years, and, ed kil, I too was there for the 1985 Dublin clashes, and what games they were. WJP in the drawn game not giving Brian Mullins a sniff of the ball at midfield !…..Majestic ! But the important thing at all times is to is to remember that win or lose in Croker, at any time, those lads train their arses off for us and for the jersey…..If you slit their arms, green and red would pump out….It’s a marvellous sight, the green and red army on the streets of the Capital at any time, and a massive rush and feelgood factor making that trip to the stadium. Our team deserve serious support. One thing’s for sure, while we may get the jitters an odd time when facing a certain county in the championship, we never ever fear the Dubs…..We did it in 2006, dramatically, and we’ll do it again in 2012 !! And if we haven’t been winning finals (….yet !!), I’ll still take those big match/big scalp days in Croker anyday……..It’s what keeps us young !! Mayo abú !!

  18. Albanys post,C Mc on the radio and Mayo to win………….Ah ,what a perfect end to the week……………..and without getting too ahead of meself Sam heading home on the 61st anniversary………sept 23–51 , sept 23rd 12……….perfect end to the month ……year.
    Mayo 4evr

  19. warmish rumours from a couple of good sources that Mr Brogan is still only touch and go to start.

  20. Yesterday evening it was definite that Alan Brogan wasn’t lining out, could be a lot of game playing here to distrupt our lineout at the back though I think JH will delay playing his hand on this one aswell. Listening to Mickey Whelan , I get the feeling that Dublin are not very confident about sunday as he kept pushing the point that they are the reigning champions a bit too often……….its as if he were trying to gee them up……….and to cap it all goes for us………..I know sometimes that is viewed as the kiss of death but readingand listening to everything I could get hold of ,it now seems that the confidence in and around the pale is waning quite a lot as the day is approaching. There seems to be a worry growing there that we are capable of racking up huge scores (albeit lately against weaker teams) but the league defeat and the margin has added the extra burden of fear of a rout if they the dubs are below par……….I seriously believe that this is ours because of the unit we have developed into and we have none of the fears that the Dublin camp has now. Mayo by 4+ pts

  21. I am still of the opinion that Mr gilroy is bluffing about brogan flying in 3 practice games” i doubt he is even a sub.rough up connelly and before long we’ll be playing 14 dubs

  22. I think you’re right Ed K and if it is the case then its tribute to JH and Our men that they are viewing us as serious opposition

  23. Cork game last year won us allot of grudging respect from those who had us pegged as something we have never been, we had big wins before but it was the manner of that one that made people pay attention. Its taken the mejia a long time to let that respect seep through to them actually even partially admitting it, but they’d be in real jobs if they had any intelligence so you cant really fault them for being slow.
    Time to build on that again Sunday by winning and even if we dont win Sam this year, getting that respect back when walking amongst GAA people who know what they are talking about means a fecken lot to me.

  24. I think Horan was right t go for minimum change—remember 97!!!
    He attends training & should know best.
    We are left with plenty ofoptions on the line.
    All i asak is that they give it their all & we are astute on the line. All the pressure is on Dublin.

  25. First time in over 3 years that im back in ireland from distant shores to watch mayo in the flesh it’s really exciting, there really is no place on earth id rather be next sunday than croker roaring on the green and red, its been great to see the way the team has rebuilt itself since 2010, I really feel that we have more skilful Players than this Dublin side and if they believe In themselves they will beat the dubs on Sunday, I really hope the mayo support gets behind the team like Donegal did last weekend, they can be the 16th man for us, let’s hope we are celebrating an all Ireland final appearance on Monday, UP MAYO!!!

  26. Well, the day before the big game and everyone is feeling the tension. There have been some great posts put up on this site with some superb analysis. A lot of Mayo people know their football!!
    Trying to be somewhat objective on tomorrow’s game, it would be one of Mayo’s greatest wins if they were to pull it off. Going into a match without Moran (and, to a lesser degree, Mortimer) and still beating the All Ireland champions would be some feat. Particularly given that Mayo people are starting to expect – Dublin ’06 and Cork ’11 were huge shocks – this wouldn’t be as big a shock (for Mayo people at least). There is a belief in this team I haven’t seen in a long while.
    I will presume that the team named is the one that will line out – I can’t see Horan name a dummy team, there would be little point. Varley is obviously playing better than Freeman in training at present. To my mind, Freeman at 100% is a better player than Varley at 100% but Alan is clearly not in form at present. While I would love if Alan Brogan wasn’t fit, I couldn’t see why Pat Gilroy would name him, then not play him. It would be the equivalent of a goal to Mayo mentally and I don’t think Pat Gilroy would make that mistake.
    Cillian O’Connor has a huge day ahead of him. He will have shoulder the burden of winning ball and adding more scores from play, besides being deadly from placed balls. It’s a hard ask but I think he’s more than capable of it. And frees could be crucial, as will the referee – Dublin’s tackling tactic of throwing their arms around the man in possession is their one big weakness and has been prevalent all year. It is not a tackle and needs to be whistled upon. Doherty and Varley have critics to answer (myself included) and Conroy has to prove his performance against Down wasn’t a flash in the pan.
    While the forwards have points to prove, this match will be won or lost in Mayo’s defence. Excellent all year, this is a much tougher task. The big objective is not to concede goals. Do this and they are in with a huge shout. However, this will be a test that Keane nor Cafferkey will not have faced yet – if I was Pat Gilroy I would be looking to isolate these two players. Connolly (though volatile) is clinical at scoring goals, as is Bernard Brogan. Ciaran MacDonald was right about Mayo being more goal hungry this year – but equally, Dublin nearly always look to get goals as psychologically, it’s worth more than 3 points to them, particularly with the boisterous Hill to spur them on. I think the midfield battle could be very even, I can’t see Moran be allowed win the clean ball he has won all year. I see a 50/50 game in this area.
    I like what James Horan has done with this team and I think Mayo are going in the right direction. I can see how Mayo could win tomorrow (not conceding goals, frustrating Dublin, snuffing out Cluxton’s kick outs, getting goals themselves etc.) but I think one of the big factors is Dublin’s run up to this match. Everyone is saying how poor they have been, getting on their backs i.e. NOT talking them up (unlike ’06, for example). Now I will say, it’s easier to think that they will play well on the basis that they haven’t played well so far, rather than actually do it!! It’s not as easy flick a switch, as a lot of people think it is!
    However, much as it pains me to say it, I thought Kevin Walsh’s analysis on the Sunday Game was apt. With such uncertainty over Mayo’s full forward line, coupled with Mayo’s lack of forward options (as opposed to Dublin’s pedigree on the bench), it is hard to see Mayo pulling it off. Too many things have to go right and Andy’s loss is too much of a handicap. I would love to think they will do it – but experience in Croke Park has beaten me down to be a realist, rather than an optimist!

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