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Our showdown with the Kingdom on Sunday week is now starting to edge ever closer and so it’s time to start thinking about getting the tickets sorted for Croke Park. You are thinking about tickets, aren’t you? Regardless of whether or not you were there the last day or haven’t seen them in action much (or at all) in this year’s championship (I’ve only made it to two of their four matches this summer) they really need, and deserve, our support for this one. It’s the Kerrymen, after all, it’s an All-Ireland semi-final for gawdsake so it’s full mobilisation for the 21st.

There’s some ticket info on the Mayo GAA website (here) that should be of help in this respect.  The current plan is that the lower decks of the Hogan, Cusack and Davin as well as the Hill will be open on the 21st with the possibility that the upper decks will be opened should the need arise (which it probably won’t). Adult tickets for the stand are priced at €40, juveniles €5 (cracking value when you consider the cost of taking kids to anything these days), with Hill tickets available for €25. Juvenile tickets can be bought in conjunction with adult ones for all sections of the Cusack and Davin stands but not for the Hogan. There are also different kinds of deals (group passes, club passes, season tickets etc.) and details on these are also on the Mayo GAA website at the above link.

If you’re a member of Club Mayo Dublin, you can get your directly tickets from them – details here. If you plan to do so, you need to email your order to no later than 1pm this coming Friday (12th), specifying the number and type of tickets that you want. You’ll then need to collect the tickets at Jurys Croke Park Hotel on Wednesday evening (17th) between 8.30pm and 9pm.

Tickets may also be sourced directly from Ticketmaster (details here) or, if you’re in the vicinity of either, from the Connacht Council office in Ballyhaunis (telephone 094-963 0335) or from the Croke Park ticket office on Dorset Street up here in Dublin (telephone 01-871 7400).

8 thoughts on “Semi-final ticket info

  1. Word from down south is Michael Quirke has left the panel, so less options for kerry on the bench

  2. Grow on tree’s down there Barrs, least of our worries, lets start with sorting the first 15 to begin with, sort them and the backup will take care of itself

  3. I for one am very disappointed Michael Quirke has left the panel – seeing a moving “Round Tower” building lumbering around the pitch was great craic!

  4. Brosnan will be dropped and the buck hes briningin in is a good third midfielder choice.
    JOC always drops a big name before a game like this where he thinks the team need a punt in the arse. Brosnan was also a potential weak link if we were going to play a mobile game.
    this means that midfield will probably be very crowded so i might not be as bullish with our chances, if we break even with 50/50 ball i dont think our forwards can outscore theirs. But sure we’ll see. First 20 minutes is crucial, we have to be within 2 points at half time.

  5. I’ll be there no matter if the ticket was 100 euro, not that i’m in any way wealthy but i just wouldn’t let that put me off. Saying that i really do think 40 euro will put people off, it’s a game where i suppose you’ll be luck to get 35-40 k at it. I think GAA should be doing more research into seeing if it would work out better to have the tickets cheaper.
    I hope we have a good crowd at it though, even though there wasn’t a mighty crowd the last day, we really responded to the teams effort, it was a bit of genuine passion, i haven’t felt in a long time at a game.

  6. Hill 16 is open (25 euro per tickets) so that should give the ones a option that don’t wanna fork out 40e.

    I reckon no more than 30k at this match & the rossies will probably bring more fans than Kerry.

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