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I was out at a meeting for the last few hours and only got back in a short while ago to discover that there were developments at tonight’s County Board meeting in relation to both the senior and U21 management positions.

Let’s start with the U21s, where Ballaghaderreen’s Michael Solan was confirmed by the County Board as team manager for next year. His backroom team will comprise Joe Keane (coach/selector), John Ginty (selector), Liam Moffatt (Head of Medical) and Barry Solan (S&C).

First up, congrats to Mike and his management team on their appointment and the best of luck to them in the role next year. We’ve punched badly below our weight at U21 in recent years and the hope has to be that the new team will be able to engineer a fairly radical improvement in our fortunes at this level.

The second point to note is that Barry Solan, Mike’s brother, is on the ticket as S&C man. Does this mean that the Gooner Solan’s talents will also be available for the seniors? One would have to hope that they will be.

Thirdly, the appointment of Michael Solan by the County Board means that the Board’s own nominee, John Maughan, didn’t get the job. An obvious point to make, perhaps, but one that I have to confess I’m as confused about as everyone else is sure to be.

Onto the senior job, where November 1st has been set as the closing date for nominations. At tonight’s County Board meeting, Chairman Mike Connelly said that the aim was to have the new manager in place by the third week in November (report in the Mayo News here).

Given that we’re now heading rapidly towards the end of October, that timeline is probably the best one could hope for. The important thing now is that there isn’t any slippage on it.

On the thorny issue (one that has dominated much of the discussion here on the site of late) of whether or not the players’ grievances with Noel and Pat should be aired in public, the Chairman stated that there was “no point in going back” and that the important thing was that a similar occurrence should not happen in the future. To this end, Mike proposed that some kind of charter be drawn up between players, management and the County Board with the specific aim of heading off at the pass any such problems in the future.

On that point, I think Mike is right – we could, for sure, spend the winter months trying to get to the root causes of the revolt but ultimately it’s hard to see what the benefit of such introspection would be. The only sensible thing to do now is to move on, while doing everything possible to ensure that the problems that arose this year don’t rear their heads again next year. It’s great, then, to see that the process for appointing the new senior manager has begun and the sooner this is completed, the better.

Finally, speaking of appointments, at tonight’s County Board meeting it was also agreed that Enda Gilvarry be ratified as minor team manger for a further twelve-month period.  Best of luck to Enda as he prepares for another minor campaign in 2016.

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  1. A talented bunch of minors from 13 &14 coming up and the interest in the job seems to have been very poor. Anthony Mcgarry got dropped by Ballina before his year was up, Michael solan brought a good ballaghadereen team down to div 2 and then john Maughan who wasn’t really interested at all it would seem till the deadline had passed.

    Would be interested to know why nobody appeared to want the job???

  2. Done Deal,

    Part of the trouble with U21 management is that its a half year job, over by month of May. So a club management position would seem more attractive than a County job in many ways.
    It also seems to bring a conflict situation with Senior management in that the Senior manager wants the pick of U21 players for the NFL so the U21 manager is operating with one hand tied.
    In my opinion the U21 manager should be part of the senior set up if it is to work even half satisfactorily.

  3. C/B executive nominee for U 21 mgt. was not ultimately appointed,. curious outcome indeed ??. No need to be confused W.J any longer though
    Clearly this proposal by “Executive” (at behest of Management), was intended to add or legitimise J.Ms involvement with Senior Mgt .but was overtaken by subsequent events ie resignation of P. & N. A week is a long time in Mayo G.A.A nowadays !

  4. Enda Gilvarry knows the 2016 U21 group better than anyone and he probably should be the manager instead of doing another year with the minors.

    So no senior manager appointed until mid November that must be one of the latest ever appointments for Mayo?

  5. County board are putting the 2 fingers up at the players when the delaying the senior post what planet on they on.

  6. I agree Cait, and this is why I said previously do not rule out someone like maughan getting the job and imposing ‘my way or go’ on the players. The players are now at a slight disadvantage, if the CC pick someone bizarre like JM can they object? The media might turn against them and call them whingers.
    Anything is possible with this CC and remember the players shafted the brother of the chairman and it’s ok saying do what’s best for the county but there’s a lot of hurt there.

  7. The last thing we need is to pick the best of the 2013 2014 lads for the u21 team. We need 20 of the best footballers in the county in 2016. We will get some from the successful minor teams but not all. My point is that some guys who didn’t play minor in those years have improved while the others have gone back. This was the case with Ros and Galway 07 to 09 and it keeps happening to us. Our structures are failing us and it is never more evident than with this age group.

  8. Agree with looking forward not back
    Like the idea of the charter (devil is in the detail)
    Hope we are moving forward with learning
    The boxing tale shows we are not alone

  9. Done deal,

    Please get your facts in order, McGarry was not dropped by Ballina. He was exasperated by the lack of commitment which is evident in where Ballina are at the moment. The committed players that they had in times gone by are all nearly gone and if you don’t have commitment at the very least you have very little chance of success.

  10. Done deal

    You have also omitted that Mcgarry was the most successful manager Ballintubber ever had by winning the league & championship in the one year, had success with SligoIT as well.

    Would like to know the management setup for all three, anybody have any ideas??

  11. Have to back up mayo forever there he’s right and he took my club tubber to win county and I believe he had two all stars on his team for u21 job solan has done nothing in management

  12. Nice work CB! Keep it up. And I back AndyD suggestion of U-21 manager to be party to senior! Could be part of that continuity that seems so lacking in the whole set up!

  13. WJ do you think the late surge in votes for JM was anything to do with the fact that he was withdrawing from seeking management of the under 21’s and is now earmarked for the Senior management position?
    I think that JM and SR as selector would be a good combination and plus SR could in a two/three years step in as Manager

  14. Wheels within wheels. Firstly we see the time frame given the minor manager. 12 months. All the talk about “respect” when he was reappointed . Methinks that was with an eye to the then about to be beleaguered senior duo. Mayo minors last year suffered the heaviest battering ever since the grade started back in the 1930s.

    The county board added Maughan to the U21 interview. Again methinks that was then to elevate him to assist H and C. Events overtook that route when H&C stepped down. Recent comments attributed to Maughan wouldn’t have helped sooth senior players so that would imo sour relations eligible U21 county senior players.

    Ah the senior job. Bet on nothing from here on folks. Ask McStay x2 ask Tommy Lyons X1 , you are no longer dealing in the real world. All I say is that by the third week of November someone will come down from the mountain like Moses and give us a messiah

  15. I’ve no idea what it was Magic Mayo – it wasn’t as if it were a betting coup or anything. Personally, I wouldn’t be at all in favour of a Maughan III appointment. I think his recent outburst about the players burned his boats in that respect and while he did the job with distinction in the past (in particular in his first tenure) the game has moved on enormously since then and I can’t see us staying at the level we’re at, let alone improve on this, were he to take over again. To be honest, I’d go so far as to say it’d be a disastrous appointment for us.

  16. On the line, what was his reward for winning the title with Tubber – he got turfed out! Would love to hear your views on the reasons. Maybe you will peddle the standard line – nobody needs to know the reasons but they were reasons!

  17. Will the biscuit tin be making the trip to London in late May i wonder?. Was that mentioned at the meeting last night? Position it nicely on a table just inside the door of some owl pub in Camden on the Friday night before the game. Get plenty of Mayo fellas in there throwing the Queens schilling into the big USA box. It worked well in NY.!!!!

    I smell a rat about Maughan. Could he have the senior job in the bag already?

    Ya never know with this lot.

  18. John Maughan was a good manager and almost landed Sam but almost doesn’t impregnate the Freisin as there say around Belderrig so I think his time has past I don’t think there is a queue forming to take on the Mayo job so with that in mind I wouldn’t mind seeing James Horan coming back would like to see Buckley and Solan involved too

  19. On the line

    you say ‘I believe he had two all stars on his team for u21 job’ do you know who these two All Stars names were? Would be interested to compare and contrast with Solan successful team. Thanks!

  20. Did I miss something there Backdoor Sam? Did JH impregnate the Friesian? Last time I checked she was still a bit barren.

    The best chance we have of reversing her fortunes is to put in JM for discipline and SR for tactics.

    All bases then covered!

  21. On the line, maybe you’re like your friend Ollie there that you think you know but you don’t know! The dogs in the street failed to tell him.

  22. Anne Marie, You seem very anxious that the reasons for the heave should not be revealed. You say that you would like to know out of pure curiosity but would far prefer if it never came out. You even go on to say that you took heart when it was agreed at the CB meeting that the reasons for the heave should be kept in-house. That is a strange view. I would have thought that you, above all people, would want to know the real reasons so that you could avoid making the same mistake that you made earlier when you impugned the character of our excellent S& C coach Barry Solan with your comments in relation to how he handled the recovery of the players prior to the replay. You laid the blame for Mayo losing the replay firmly at his door whether that was your intention or not. It is very easy to make throw away comments with no thought for the consequences and it doesn’t seem to matter whose reputation is put on the line in the process.

    We had another example at the CB meeting last night when Ollie Dillon stated that the dogs in the street knew that there were problems in the camp going all the way back to last February. When the Chairman of the CB asked if Ollie could share with them what these problems were, he said he didn’t know what they were. While this was greeted with laughter and great amusement by the other delegates, it is very disturbing that we have people close to the players still saying that there were problems, but when pressed, not being able to back it up with any facts.

    It is time for this speculation, rumour and innuendo, which is damaging reputations without any foundation, to stop. It is time now for each of the players to take personal responsibility and to come out and clarify what their issues were, if they had any. That would show real guts and character.

  23. magic mayo I know my facts!
    logic his two all stars wer pat fallon and kenny mortimer good men I have to say

  24. Mayo Magic the Freisin hasn’t been impregnated since the year of our Lord 1951 and though Maughan has come closest to sealing the deal football has moved on its time to send for the A.I. Man I think Horan coming back for a year would be good the players like him and will bust a gut for him

  25. Don’t forget to mention the third member of that proposed backroom team too, On the line, I imagine it would be of interest 😉

    Happy with this appointment I have to say and in particular with the involvement of Barry Solan at U21 level, if he is staying on at senior as we have been led to believe then it bodes well in terms of joined-up thinking between the two panels and I think it will greatly benefit the younger players. Also happy to see Liam Moffatt coming back in there.

    I am very much of the WJ school of thought when it comes to John Maughan – he achieved phenomenal things in his time but I do not feel it is an appointment that would bring us forward at this point in time. Whether we like it or not, management is different now and players are seeking a greater role in decision-making.

    John’s comments in the media – will not exactly have enamoured him to many within the group and if you are starting out with that type of a toxic atmosphere, then how can you possibly progress? Given that he was not part of the managerial setup, *in theory* you would imagine he was not privy to the players’ grievances, any more than the rest of us were. Safe to assume then that he was not exactly speaking from a neutral perspective, which indicates certain biases. Understandable of course, but it hardly places him in a favourable position if we have any hope of team and management working in unity.

    “Outside influences”, eh?

  26. Magic Mayo You appear to be negatively biased towards this fine squad. Difficult to see you as a Mayo supporter as hard as I might try. JM needed for discipline are you really trying to get us to believe that, just trying to wind the whole thing up I believe.

  27. On the face of it, a good night’s work by the County Board, maybe even a very good night’s work.

    Under 21 set up now looks strong, here’s hoping. Enda Gilvarry – right choice, one year, maybe.

    On the senior side, the lack of recriminations and the ‘move on from here’ approach is commendable, when spite and bile might have been tempting.

    On the appointment, time is moving very quickly, but the third week in November is a sensible decision-making date

  28. Absolutely no negative bias but I find it fascinating reading posts and the hand wringing in the dialogue and then finally opt for JH as the only viable candidate, anyone who proposes anybody different is a crank! I am in favour of JM with SR no agendas!

  29. Quincey, you appear very determined to imply that I am blaming Barry Solan for losing the game. This is the third time you have made such an implication and frankly, I’m getting a little tired of being targeted here. I clarified my original – clumsily worded – statement – and I will repeat once again that I have no issue with Barry Solan, as my post above – and his own reputation – clearly indicates. The fact of the matter is, Barry Solan was not the manager, and did not make the decisons about what happened between the drawn and real game, when the panel met. So it would hardly make sense for me to laying the blame at his door. Is that clear enough for you?

    Perhaps it’s you that has the issue here. You consider my views strange – well, what are your real motivations in so adamantly wanting the reasons for the heave laid out in public for the national media vultures, privy to nothing that happened all year, to feast upon? Has there not been enough division generated within the county already? It appears you do not think so.

    I have no desire to get into a public war of words on here with an anonymous poster, so this is, very emphatically, my last word on the matter.

  30. God help any talented forwards making the breakthrough if Maughan gets the job.

    Football by numbers is his approach – expect the expected at all times. Yawn.

  31. Thinking outside of the box, I wonder would Billy Walsh be interested in taking the role supported by Rochford.
    The determination and commitment of the team would be right down his street.
    Barry Solan must know him from working with Katie Taylor.

  32. One suspects Quincey has a particular agenda. Appears he was at the meeting last night too!

    Any reader of this blog knew there were problems last February. Events have proved that. It doesn’t really matter to anybody bar the players and the Board what they were, but they were there. I’m sure Ollie didn’t want to publicly humiliate certain people with the facts of what those problems were.

    Hopefully Mike Solan does well. It’s a shot in the dark appointment at a critical grade. I’m not sure that Arsene Wenger and Alex Sanchiz will accept Barry flitting back and forward to Castlebar for matches. His involvement can only be limited in any senior or under 21 setup (and it will be for the new manager to decide if he adds anything). It looks more like a name on the ticket

  33. There are no Freisin’s in Belderrig, all Angus and Hereford.

    I don’t think Maughan would be a good appointment and think there is little chance of it happening.

  34. It’s time to move on now and let the process of appointing a new manager begin there is no point in looking back and dragging up player grievances I’m sure they made their views and feelings made to the county board to be dealt with and as a supporter that travels the length and breadth of the country and abroad to support Mayo I certainly have no desire to find out what the grievences were its time to draw a line in the sand and go again

  35. How the fxxx can these ex service men McGarry/Fallon/Mortimer (30year playing at senior level, who have given the county great service and want to give something back) with successful managerial experience be over looked for the management team selected? CC have made yet another cockup. Maybe its the fact that they are all playing O-40’s football and we all know the CC attitude towards that grade!

  36. Get, Ollie obviously believed the spin that there were problems since last February but when probed had nothing to back it up. It is similar with many posters on this site alluding to issues but not one issue documented. Ger maybe you could shed some light on the issues / problems as you mention them in your post or are you like Ollie with rhetoric but no substance?

  37. Airing your dirty laundry in public is not something one likes to see. Some posters here seem to want to see every little detail outlined and printed for the whole country to see.

    That is not the way to do it. It’s clear there were issues but they should be dealt with behind closed doors with the players. I don’t think the players or Noel Connelly and Pat Holmes need that right now.

  38. Paul I know a man who used to frequent dances in Healys hall in Glenamoy back in the day and he assures me there are Freisins back that way I was too busy shifting a caillin from Claregalway to go and see them for myself but sin sceal eille ah feck it you have to have a sense of humour

  39. Magic Mayo, ever considered that maybe it’s a case of having a bit of thought and consideration for the individuals involved rather posting the details for the gratuitious satisfaction of the public and the media?

  40. Quincy back in the day I used to work in customer service for cable TV in limerick. Every so often the service would go down perhaps due to roadworks or to someone trying to tap into the cable service. This was limerick in the 90s it was anything goes!

    Anyway when it went down at lunch time the phones would light up “Quincy is gone , get it back up, me Quincy has gone off”

    You see around lunch time every day a chap called Quincy used to solve medical mysteries and the limerick housewives didn’t want to miss a minute of it.

    Now you have transferred your forensic skills to this blog. You are the man to provide us with these facts that you crave. Get on the case, I for one and the limerick housewives for many more are right behind you.

  41. Anne Marie is a thoughtful and very knowledgable poster. Accord her that respect please.

  42. Hope SR or JH take the job or else the messiah will have to return, maybe third time lucky!!

  43. Thanks Digits, you just beat me to it. Everyone with an interest in the management issue should take the time to read what Mike had to say last night. Plenty of reasonable points made.

  44. All the successful U-21 counties the last 5 or so years Galway,Roscommon,Cork,Cavan,Tyrone,Dubin had separate managers and from what i know weren’t part of the senior management set ups. I think the days of county manager in charge of the U-21s and seniors are over.

    TBH i don’t know enough about Mike Solan he seems to be only starting out at management and considering the 2016 U-21 team has the pick of the 2013 Minor AI winners and 2014 semi finalist it looks like a left of field appointment.

  45. November 1st won’t come quick enough and hopefully an appointment will be made by the end of Nov for everyone’s sake.
    With regards to the players grievances and the departure of Noel and Pat I can’t see what a public airing would achieve. Those that are closely involved with clubs in the county will have a good idea of what the problems were. Players acted responsibly and management with dignity.

  46. What happens now re the nominations is what is important. Presuming many of the names being thrown about this past few weeks are going to be nominated, key Q is how will the best be selected? Who has the best “package?” It’s not a popularity contest. The incoming setup has to have credibility right from the start. That’s part of the problem of last year so has CB learned from that…? Interesting that there was no talk of an interview panel much less bringing in any external expertise. Also, and based on the way players managed to retain confidentiality, I’ll be disappointed if there are leaks until a final decision is made.

  47. Sometimes when a relationship breaks down, it’s not one big issue that causes it, but a gradual accumulation of issues. I don’t think there is a smoking gun, a single issue that can explain why the players lost confidence in the management. I also think that most right thinking people know this and know that no good can come of continually looking for the players to give an answer that they probably cannot condense into a press release or statement. This story is now gone dormant, the only people who continually press this issue are people who have nefarious reasons for doing so, such as the press and people who feel the players got above their station. All parties involved have by and large behaved with dignity, respect and the best interests of Mayo GAA. The delegates last night and the posters here continually picking at the sore and pressing the issue are behaving the complete opposite.

  48. The chairmans statement is a cri de coeur and that’s not what we need. Heavy on emotion, acknowledgement of an almost total unawareness of internal dissent or unsatisfsction within the squad.

    We learn a few things. One being that the chairman had acted as link man between the board and players before. Crucially when he became chairman he should have stepped down. He then adds that Pat Holmes asked him to remain on. Surely that was a call for the players not the manager. Here is a classic managerial/board doing what they deem correct.

    I am actually not shocked that the board, chair man etc weren’t aware of dissension or dissatisfaction within the players. It’s possibly an Irish thing. The players probably didn’t feel happy reporting to a liaison man who was chairman of the county and who was also asked to continue on by one of the managers. So a stasis or ennui took root. If the liaison man himself saw no issues but the players felt there was, what was the point in them relating them to him.

    I see a few comments about one delegate who referenced that he was aware of unrest back in Feb but he couldn’t be specific. That seemed to draw a laugh. Funny enough I myself with absolutely no insight into the team or board also heard the rumblings back then. As the months passed so did the rumblings from my sketchy poking around. Nothing major, no big ticket just a feeling that the fit wasn’t working.

    Ask yourself this question , why would 27 players look for the removal of the managers after less than a year ? Ask yourself the second question , how could those closest to it be so far off tune? And what is going to be achieved by keeping things in house again? Why Elverys? If we need answers and the future secured , appoint three people totally unconnected to the set up and give them the backing to compile a report.

  49. Jesus thers some clic on hear, cronies in arms…..forget all the bull about about fresians an headford and the same about horan and maughan, they had there chances and blew it each time on the line mauhgan was so naieve against kerry in 97 that he thought at half time , we,ll win this playing football, unstead putting some one on fitzgearld and soften him up or bloody well mark himlike s… to a blanket , not like the poor buckeen he left to get scorched , out of his depth the crator …as for horan, his relutance to use feeny in the big games in croke , especially agaist the dubs in all ire final, is hard to figure, only he knows why…..Give the job to rochford and let get on with weeding a few off the panel and demoting a few them starters to subs bench, because we wont win all ire. with that foward line that started against the jacks……

  50. Remember Sean Rice, a very reputable writer had a piece in the Mayo News about some rumblings of unrest in the camp early in the season so if he was aware of that, then surely as the saying goes, the dogs in the street knew as well.

  51. Would that be the same Sean Rice who refused to write about Mayo football some years ago because he said the players were a disgrace?

  52. Just after reading the Chairman’s prepared statement to the County Board as reported in the Mayo News! Am I the only one to be gobsmacked by the way he has hung the players out to dry?? How , with his attitude, can he continue as Chairman is beyond me! He is obviously now anti this group of players. The players especially KH and COC are quiet men if they hold their tongues and not outline the causes of their discontent, here was a chance for the County Board to calm the waters instead MC twisted the knife!

  53. hueyandlouis, the point I was making was that if you had a journalist writing about trouble in the camp months ago and anyone with eyes in their heads could see in the Dublin game in Castlebar in the league that there was something amiss, that the county board could then turn around and say that it was a bombshell to them is very hard to believe.

  54. MayoForever, I am also gobsmacked but for a different reason. It is clear now that no reasons were given to the Managers or the County Board for all this nonsense. There was an injustice carried out here, whatever way people try and dress it up. I agree with the previous contributor that there is a clique who feel the players can take whatever action they desire, without any need to act fairly or with integrity. A couple of spin doctors threw out the ‘rumblings’ comment and most on this site fall over themselves to repeat this mantra without one example of what was at issue. How can a new Manager take over when they could suffer the same fate. I have supported Mayo since the 80’s but this has completely ruined my enjoyment of Mayo football. I feel embarrassed for our County and it pains me to say that. I hope Stephen takes on the job and does a good root and branch review.

  55. Trev,you’re looking for examples of what was at issue,(at this stage,almost demanding)yet you’re quick to fire out the old ‘clique’mantra without ANY evidence whatsoever……Lets turn the page.

  56. I think the detailed comments of Mike Connolly are, by and large, fairly reasonable.

    And, what is the problem of providing a facilitator to help draw up a charter? And what is the further problem of Elverys (presumably) picking up the tab for this person? Why would Elverys, as sponsors, have any interest other than contributing to an outcome that’s best for Mayo football?

    (For the record, I know nobody in Elverys, have no association with them – don’t even wear the jersey God help me, just the writsband).

  57. Trev

    There probably was reasons given by the players but it’s better that it be left unsaid. The players perhaps agreeing to take the rap may be the agreement on that particular point, they play along and just pretend that they gave no reason why they wanted new management! Just like Kevin mcstay was told to play along last year during the non interview, interview debacle.

    The whole year just gone would make a great movie, shady management choosing process, team lose by last kick of game against donegal to not make it to league semi, team battered by Dublin in league, team come back from dead in semi and almost win, team could have won replay, team overthrow management, and to cap it all, county board are surprised by events! What will happen in the follow up movie in 2016? New manager comes in and wins league and Sam in his first year? Only in Mayo and nothing would surprise me.

  58. Am I beginning to see the issue here. This is a classic case of see no evil hear no evil. You start with poor one way top down communication. You have no issues because the people you deal with accept the mediocre that is dished out to them from above. Nobody would have the courage to act against the status quo right. Then 2 all stars emerge from middle earth. Where did they appear from.? What do they mean higher standards?. Pass the First Aid box johnny, yea the one with the long bandages and sticky plaster.
    We have not got to the end game yet. Try to work out where it goes from here. Project your mind to the first week in January 2016. Will our bid for an AI be waxing or waning. Another exclusive from the county that put a politician in the hot seat not so long ago.

  59. Mike connelly seems to have a better relationship with pat Holmes than with his brother. He seemed to ring pat about everything. You’d think he’d ring the brother.

  60. -The reasons for the players action will be made public when it suits people to do so.
    -I know people keep refering to the shambles that was the managerial process last year. However cast your mind back 5 years ago when Tommy Lyons was the bookies favourite to take over as Mayo manager. John Maughan had withdrew his candidature because ?? With Anthony McGarry and James Horan also in contention.
    – How will the 2015 process differ to that in 2010 and 2014.?

    Note I have no connection with management, county board or players. I am just a ordinary supporter. We are now once again at a crossroads with no confidence that the correct road will be taken.

  61. There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know.
    Ok we won’t air our dirty linen in public, let’s just fold it up, place in wardrobe and take it out again next year. It might smell better then!

  62. Magic Mayo, the only known known for me is that i haven’t got a clue what you were just on about?

  63. I can see nothing wrong with the chairman saying his piece. He didnt hang the players out to dry. Obviously the players had issues but struggled to articulate them possibly because there were many small issues rather than one big one. 27 v 7 is a decisive margin.Maybe its possible that no major blame lies with anyone. There doesnt have to always be a scapegoat always someone to pile the blame on. H and C did their best but lost the trust of the team. The team did their best even allowing for the fact that they no longer trusted management. The Co Board gave everything that team and management asked for and were unaware of the problems due to a lack of proper communication. As the chairman said its time to move on and not to make the same mistakes. Lots of people feel sore and hurt and people have hurled accusations at all sides without knowing the facts. All of these guys are amateurs doing what they think is best for Mayo football. They dont deserve some of the abuse they have received. Not everything is simply back or white , there are loads of grey areas. Go easy on the blame game

  64. John Cuffe has already covered this point, that surely the new Chairman had no business continuing on as liaison office with the players. Doesn’t it show how cosy and out of touch the whole thinking was, that after last year’s appointments, Pat should ask Mike to continue as link man with the players, even though his brother was now the co-manager. What type of warped thinking would have allowed this complete conflict of interests to happen? This single issue was in my opinion, the root cause of the unrest that came to a head after we exited the Championship.

    It’s surely very normal with any group of players that tensions will emerge from time to time and it’s then the go-between person comes into their own. But for this to function properly players must have confidents that should they have a gripe they wont be hung out to dry. This surely was not the case last year, as I would imagine players would be very careful to avoid saying anything that might cause them to fall out of favour with Management. And then the Co Board had the nerve to come out and say how surprised and in the dark they were, about any grievances the players might have. Sometimes you have to wonder ???

  65. Connelly,s are outstanding GAA people but extremely foolish to think that
    they could be Co. Chairman, County team co – manager, and liason officer between each other,and not have or, be aware of, any problems in a hornets nest like Mayo G.A.A.
    “Mayo Mc Hale” hits the nail on the head in saying that this was a major issue with the players [deleted].
    A further bone of contention seems to have been the unofficial involvement of outside influences ( J.M & Co) in training / selection.
    In this regard the tipping point seem to have come with J.Ms additiion to U 21 nominees thus prompting now famous obscure tweet from A.O.S.

  66. Ah so the pieces of the jigsaw are falling into place. Thanks lads for shedding some light upon these matters. Your deductions seem to be right on the money. Things are beginning to become clearer. Now roll on getting the best manager available in place for the 2016 season!

  67. The more i hear and read about the disharmony that would have been in the camp all year, the more i wonder did Mayo actually miss their All Ireland breakthrough this year because of it. To have come so close to beating Dublin, in spite of what was going on in the background.

  68. Also, yet again, the references by the county board to people not being selected on the team …

  69. Feel a certain amt of sympathy for mc as he quite possibly had no idea what was bubbling under the surface ..naive to think he could handle a dual role and it not come back to bite him..but to say in a statement that there was no person given for the unrest in camp??and as for trying to cite player selection there will always be someone who feels hård done by..ironically the only issue that i heard about ages ago was a certain forward flying in training and none of team could understand his lack of game time..he got a few mins in semi ..

  70. Those on here looking for JM to be selected as the new Senior manager understand this, that JM was part of the problem with the just passed joint management, fact!

  71. The scurrilous comments in relation to the County Board chairman and the County Board officers have been allowed to go unchecked by our moderator. Equating this man to the devil and his colleagues to the ‘court in hell’ is beneath contempt. It is just a sample of the type of comment that has been allowed on this site without any sanction. It shows that anything is allowed on this site once it propagates the view of the moderator. A poll which was conducted to get our views on who the future manger should be was adjusted at the end when it didn’t give the desired result. Are all polls on this site adjusted behind the scenes? It is clear that anybody with an alternative view needs to find a different site to post.

  72. Gerard – where’s that comment (or comments)? I’ll let the rest of your comment pass but needless to say I don’t agree with the points you’ve made. I was completely upfront, by the way, in relation to the numbers in the poll that you mentioned. Also, good luck with finding a different site more to your liking: I don’t believe there’s another idiot out there willing to devote the same amount of time and energy to such an initiative.

  73. PS I’ve now found that comment and have taken it down. I’m out doing some work stuff at the minute but will deal with it properly later on when I have the time.

  74. mayomanindublin – what was is the Indo was in the Chariman’s statement, which is available in an earlier post by Digits I think.

    They are ‘up to’ preventing a recurrence of the problems that led to the resignation of the recent managers.

  75. Aidan O’Shea
    Sep 16
    Aidan O’Shea ?@AIDOXI
    Logic & @MayoGAA rarely go together.

    16 Sept AOS tweet was about his father Jim being overlooked for the Mayo minor mgt. position.
    Enda Gilvarry was reappointed for an additional year, but has had to endure a relentless campaign to discredit and tarnish his name.

  76. In my opinion the only two original thinkers who also delivered (McGuinness and Harte) are not available so I have little interest in what remains, as all we will get is the usual naieve nonsense-play, so beloved by supporters. We are so so poorly prepared in how to close out a game when leading.
    Having said that JH progressed the whole panel preparation more than anyone in the history of Mayo football but appeared to lack a sustainable playing philosophy to build upon the physical/mental preparation – his credentials, depite my caveat, is superior to everybody else being touted.

  77. In my view this statement smacks of a group trying to protect their positions and hang the players out to try as John Cuffe said above.

    If the chairman could not spot the very many problems then should he be in the position?

    It was mentioned above that the shambles of appointing James Horan came before last years nonsense. Add in the process of sacking Mickey Moran too and appointing John O’Mahony, not to mention that Strategic Plan that is gathering dust. The Board are constantly moving the goalposts to try and push their problems away, and we are succeeding to a degree despite them.

    There is no process for the appointment of a new manager outlined. The appointment of the under 21 manager was baffling and brushed under the carpet also. Two nominees, then the Executive nominate a third after the deadline passes but fail to appoint the man they wanted. Why?

  78. catcol, seeing as you are upto date with the county board, would you mind enlighting the supporters on where the board is towards implementing strategic action plan submitted in February 2011, with particular emphasis on finance aspect of the report (fundraising & mac hale road procurement & tender process).

  79. mayomanindublin – where did catcol say that he’s in a position to make any statement on behalf of the county board? I know we’re in stupid season where it comes to the kind of comments being posted here but that one takes the biscuit.

  80. What’s being lost a bit in the media is that Keith Higgins read out the issues in the letter the night that the squad all went in. Now that we hear about team selection again in my view the senior players were stumped that Kevin Keane was relegated to the role of spectator like the rest of us for the majority of the championship.
    Few minutes v Galway
    Injured v Sligo wasnt it
    Few minutes v Donegal
    Overturned suspension but not played v Dublin.
    Not played in replay.
    This after the fairly accurate mayogaablog man of the match poll had him down for two man of the match awards during the league. As a corner back I would say Keith Higgins was not happy to see the rock that was Keane all during the league looking in from the other side of the fence.
    Reading Mike Connellys piece it comes across reasonable in the main.

  81. G.Brogan, while Willie Joe does not need my two p worth to defend him, you are completely wrong to say it’s only about the county board, in fact he has praised them in the past.this is an excellent website which gives everyone a chance to give their point of view, as well as keeping us informed about mayo gaa.that been said anyone who thinks the county board is fit for purpose in my opinion need to go to specsavers, if they had not known about unrest in the camp they should have known, and should now consider their position. As someone who was supportive of Pat and Noel and very sorry for them, nevertheless once they lost the players they have done the honourable thing with great dignity, and we should thank them for that.we need to move forward now, and appoint the new management as soon as possible, because new players need to be on S andC as soon as possible. As I have said before I believe we need an independent panel to strive to get the est possible candidate, I would be happy with either J Horan, or S Rochford, but J Maughan needs to forget about it to many chances, too many mistakes, and dont wait until after general election to see if another former manager is available

  82. Sorry, I must have missed something. What did John Maughan say about the players? Anyone have a link or can give a brief run down?

  83. G Brogan Your comments on our moderator are in bad taste. You are asking the man to scrutinize every line here. I didn’t see you offer your time or finances towards this. Easier to sit back and nag I guess.

  84. JP;

    You obviously haven’t read the statement from Mike Connelly. The issues the players supposedly had were never disclosed to the board or management!

    The players didn’t even have the decency, or courage, to disclose their grievances privately to the board or management.
    We have to ask why not?

    Also, the players want to pick the team now as well? What nonsense.

  85. I did read it in detail Sean and clearly the players communicated the issues in the letter as you can read in the extra below from the Mayo news article. The big problems referred to were clearly contained in the letter.
    “On Thursday night, myself and [County Board vice-chairman] Seamus Tuohy and [Mayo GAA administrator] Michael Cummins [were] in the office waiting for Keith and Cillian, and at 8.30, Keith and Cillian arrived with most of the squad. Keith read out a letter. I told them I wasn’t aware there was such big problems, and asked them why they took this route – could they not have met with the management and sorted it out? They didn’t engage in the discussion and left the office.

  86. Complete “hear no evil ” stuff on behalf of the board.

    And why was the sponsor asked to help in what should be an internal matter ? This is mad stuff ted.

  87. Okay, I need to deal with a few comments from earlier.

    Outside the pale – I’ve had to delete that bit of your comment, which Gerard Brogan (the guy who made an accusation about scurrilous comments being made but then went on to make one aimed at me – such is life!) referenced earlier. A bit more decorum when making comments about County Board members wouldn’t go amiss.

    Sean O’Reilly – I think you’re the one who hasn’t read Mike Connelly’s statement. As JP has already pointed out, “big problems” with the set-up were outlined in the letter read out by Keith Higgins so your accusation about the players not having decency or courage is completely out of order. Also, if you now go and read Mike’s statement you’ll see that he also says “Knowing the reasons is not going to change anything”. The Board are obviously keen to move on and I’d suggest you should too.

    All – on a more general point, I can appeal to EVERYONE to tone down their remarks a bit. County Board, players and other commenters here have all become fair game for an increasing minority of people who seem to think this is the place to unload their anger. I think all fair-minded readers will see that I’m trying to let everyone, no matter where they stand on this debate, put across their views but comments have to be measured and fair to all parties involved. A bit more respect all round, please.

  88. Sean O’Reilly – Might it have anything to do with the story been leaked to the Connacht telegrapy inbetween. Could it be possible that the players had no trust in the CB?

  89. JP;

    You are taking that statement out of context. There are two relevant parts you omitted.

    “The message was that the team had a no-confidence motion passed 27-7 against them(the management). Pat and Noel asked them for the reasons, but they had none”

    “We(the county board) don’t know why all this happened, but does it make any difference at this stage? Knowing the reasons is not going to change anything.”

    Facts: Pat & Noel got no reasons. Mike Connelly and the board got no reasons.

  90. Sean, when Keith finished reading the letter, and Mike Connelly said “We didn’t know there were such big problems”
    How can it be interpreted in any other way than Keith had just outlined the issues.
    He is well capable of saying “We dont know why this all happened”, referencing to the fact the players went to a secret ballot rather than dialog through the player liason officer.

  91. JP;

    That’s the point. You are interpreting it to mean that, but you cannot take it out of context. He states quite clearly that both Pat and Noel asked for reasons and got none, and that the county board do not know the reasons.

    These are the facts.

  92. I have to say I think the idea of getting the players to list their grievances is the worst thing we could do at this stage……Unless it’s privately with the new management team (which shouldn’t be JM by the way!) to make sure things don’t happen again and that the lads have everything they need to get across the line next year.

    If the reasons came out now and weren’t great should we reinstate Pat and Noel and throw a few players off the panel?

    In fairness to Mike C he is in an impossible position on this and I think he has dealt with it relatively well so far. Hopefully the reason Elverys are involved is because they are independent and trusted by both sides, otherwise it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Anyway, fingers crossed the right guys are put in place for the new management team and we can all start looking forward to next season!’

  93. That statement is too emotional for me. Bizzare too about this claim there are “no reasons” given. Logically there must be reasons or else it wouldn’t have happened. Methinks it will come out eventually.

  94. Pat and Noel asked for reasons clearly when Keith and Cillian met them several days earlier. Which was in the past tense in relation to the meeting of the Execute that forms the basis of the piece in the Mayo news.
    In the piece in the Mayo news it does not reference that the county board does not now know the issues after Keith has read his letter, clearly they did not know the issues prior to Keith reading and delivering this letter.
    In classic obfuscation you insert an extra word to make things more general and you say “We still don’t know why all this happened”, rather than state in direct speech “We still do not know the issues”
    “All this happened” is vague and deliberately vague.

  95. Hear, hear Willie Joe.

    If the County Board can move on, why can’t all of us posters?

    Critical thing now is the applicants. Who?

    Rochford and Horan seem the obvious candidates. If neither apply we are in serious trouble, and I can see reasons why they mightn’t.

    Hope this pessimism proves unfounded.

  96. JP, I think the reference to the point about ‘we didn’t know there were such big problems’ was as a reaction to why they were going nuclear as opposed to the contents of what was in the letter.

  97. W J No problem with deletion from my post.It was not meant as a criticism of any individual or group but of the naivety of the system put in place to deal with player issues The reference to” devil” and” hell” was merely the use a well known colorful phrase to illustrate the unworkability of the set-up. Clearly Gerard Brogan choose to interpret it differently for whatever reason.

  98. Lads and lassies, there’s no need to worry about John Maughan getting the job. His name has cropped up because some people are reading too much into the fact that he didn’t get the U-21 job.. If Rochford stays with Corofin, which he will, then quite simply James Horan is actually the only candidate. But what happens if, for some reason, he doesn’t get/take it?

  99. JP;

    The exact quote from Mike Connelly is;

    “We didn’t know why this all happened, but does it make any difference at this stage? Knowing the reasons is not going to change anything”.

    He was speaking to the meeting last Monday night when he made that statement, in order to bring everyone up to speed on the present position.

  100. No worries, Outside the Pale, I could see the remark was a metaphorical one though clearly not everyone could. By the way, it was Gerard Brogan (not Ger Bohan) who made the comment in question.

  101. I agree JPM;

    There have to be reasons, and if those reasons were related to management, or the County Board, then they should have been made known to them by the players. Why were they not?

    The fact that they weren’t, leaves a lot of unanswered questions, and is tarnishing the reputations of many fine individuals who have sacrificed a lot for Mayo football.

  102. Hi, can’t resist a comment and it is not about the CB or player selection but i recall some comment about the changing rooms. Is it possible that there were irritating nuisances proffering advice to get ‘stuck in there’ and the like. These would be back-up team staff who had not earned any respect with tbe players and were a perennial nuisance around the place. I know the pain of New’ people on the job telling you what to do.
    I have watched training and knew i was a nuisance.
    Those who are a anxious to make a fresh start with new Management need to hold off until the players are on board.
    Like it or not the players and James Horan gave us something to be proud off. It is not possible to welcome everyone with open arms.
    Of course there are bigger more important football issues but the discontent might have another root cause.
    I really feel James Horan for another year is the only way to resolve this dispute if that is what the players want.
    Everything can be in place for 2017 and Horan would not want to stay on for the ‘Double’. Ciaran 2
    P. S. At least we will find out soon just who is interested in the position. Andy Moran is by all accounts a great yapper? All is not lost. C2.

  103. In fairness to both of us Sean its vague either way whether issues are known or not. My own personal opinion is that the issues were in that letter and now it is being just ever so slightly adjusted to make it look like the players have still not communicated what the issues were.

  104. WillyJoe, Catcol responded to my comment what the county board are upto trying to appoint a mediator.
    Sure the county boards secretary didnt know about the players unhappiness. “This is a complete bombshell to the board and obviously to the Mayo management and indeed to their families,” as was reported on off the ball show. Sure Parkinson was aware of the unrest through the championship and our secretary hadnt a clue.!
    The board are obviously out of touch with the team and must go.
    The same issues Horan had with the county board, they will try and bluff the mediator angle and then hope it will go away.

  105. Here we go again. How could the County Board tell of the Players unhappiness when the players didn’t highlight it to any one of them. Again, what were they unhappy about? Same vague innuendo being spouted about rumblings! And now the County Board should resign because they can’t read minds!!

    And if they could read minds, should they have heeded that some players were put out at not being picked??

    Or that their buddy wasn’t part of the medical team??

    Or that someone says ‘Get stuck In’ and they didn’t like it???

    The charter will have to include some tips on how to deal with change and act like a grown up.

  106. WJ and a number of others have asked us all to move on and they’re right. The Chairman’s statement is fine, he wants to move on too. Elvery’s is a large and successful business with a big stake in Mayo and bringing in a professional business perspective to facilitate a protocol between players management and Co. Board can only be a good thing. Olive has no confidence the correct road will be taken, while Corick Bridge references an independent panel.
    I really want to see what the process will be with the nominations. Whoever is nominated and wherever they are from, the CB needs to deal with them all well and properly and to be seen to do so. I don’t think I am being naive in expecting that.
    Who is to say that a candidate can’t come out of left field and be given the role? There is no point in people saying it has to be JH or SR or JM as if there were no other possibilities. Remember Sean Boylan wasn’t really a football man at all when he was taken on in Meath.

  107. JP;

    That’s fair enough, but there is nothing vague in it for me. The County Board will have to clarify. The truth will out!

  108. Seriously, it has to be questioned how the county board were apparently so unaware of the player’s unhappiness and so shocked and emotionally affected, when every Mayo supporter on the street (evenTrev, who, it appears from his post above knows exactly what the issues were) had an idea that something was up, months ago? Are they really so oblivious to the mood within their own camp? Vague rumblings or no vague rumbling; if a county board even suspects that all is not happy within their set-up then surely it is in their interest and the interest of Mayo football to be proactive and find out what the problem is, then address it, rather than allowing it to fester for an entire season? It seems odd that the board had no idea (A) that there was discontent and (B) what the reasons for that discontent were.

    Now, perhaps it was the strength of the player response that came as a shock (and that is understandable) and perhaps the players needed to be more explicit throughout the year. I’m not privy to that information; I can only speculate. But when the chairman of the county board and the manager’s brother is the liaison officer, and when leaks are appearing so frequently in the local media, it’s understandable that there might have been some reluctance on the behalf of players to speak up. Particularly when the chairman (and some posters here) are so quick to imply that player petulance is the main issue. If there was unhappiness at the somposition of the medical team, as implied above, there might well be good reason for that, given the strength, consistency and trust of the relationship between team and medical staff that had previously built up, for instance. Trust and consistency are very important things in a tight-knit panel performing at such a high level, particularly when it comes to matters medical.

    I have no doubt that the individuals on the county board sacrifice a lot of a time and go to considerable effort to try and do their jobs well. I am very sure they only try to operate with what they feel are the best interests of Mayo football in mind. Being on a county board can be a thankless task and more often than not, members find themselves subject to unwarranted and abhorrent personal abuse. But county board members also have a responsibility to ensure that they are actually doing the best possible job, in the most professional manner, in the interests of Mayo football, both to ensure that our current teams have the best possible setup in which to thrive, and that the future of the county is planned for. This should include strategies to promote cooperation and continuity between underage teams, and putting in place fundraising mechanisms that capitalise on the goodwill at home and abroad that comes with our current position as one of the top teams in the country. (Look at the piece on today about Kerry fundraising and compare it to our NYC efforts last year, for example. Despite considerable progress being made with the introduction of the player welfare fund, we should be aspiring to that large-scale effort with our diaspora.)

    With theresponsibility of the position should come a certain level of introspection and self-assessment. The nature of GAA adminstration is changing rapidly and there are huge demands on executives at a more demanding level than every before. So perhaps there is a need for more top-level, professional expertise – either drafted onto the board or hired in from outside – within the group to assist with evaluation and strategic decision-making. These are not the words of someone with a vendetta against the board – far from it – though no doubt they will be misconstrued that way as such suggestions usually are. This is just an opinion from a business and indeed a mediation perspective. There is plenty of expertise out there (as evidenced in spades in the 2011 strategic plan, incidentally). Collaboration usually yields better outcomes than competition, and wise investment usually yields dividends.

    In the meantime we supporters sadly continue to tear each other to shreds on the outside in the time-honoured tradition of Mayo football. Plus ca change. The truth – or many versions of the truth – may well out in time, but it’s safe to say we will probably all come out the other side a bit more disillusioned one way or the other.

  109. I see Kerry have raised over 300k in London. Time for county board to up their game or leave the table.

  110. Anne Marie I agree with many of the points you make here, Introspection of the working of the various County Bpards over the last 10 years would be one painful exercise. I fear the best group of footballers I have seen in my time can look else where for a bit of fair play.

  111. Perhaps the reason the players revolted was as described in the following rhyme by the little known English,17th century, poet, Tom Brown:

    “I do not like thee Doctor Fell,
    The reason why I cannot tell;
    But this I know,
    And know full well,
    I do not like thee Doctor Fell.”

    Move on!

  112. In Ballagh this evening suggested to me that the likes of John O’Mahony and John Evans should be considered. ” Experienced boyos” he called them.

  113. The county board need to wake up and smell the coffee and sort this management out I say it could be Horan and Rockford that could work just I my guess

  114. PJMcManus why do you feel the footballers will have to look else where to get fair play? Fair play in what respect? The management stepped down, isn’t that what they wanted? Am I missing something?

  115. Magic Mayo, the way you are fine coaming every comment posted here, would suggest you are batting from inside the tent.

  116. There’s no bar, Mayo McHale, on anyone from inside the tent commenting here! Any and all contributions that help to inform the debate are welcome.

  117. Interesting that there is not one female delegate or county board executive. Your piece above Anne Marie perfectly sums up where we need to be but I’m afraid we’re as far away as ever. When the CB chairman visibly bristled at the mere mention of the Horan Plan at the last meeting then you know it’s not going to be dusted off anytime soon.
    The most depressing part of Monday’s meeting was not one, but two delegates actually singling out NYC last year as an example of top class logistics and fundraising.
    To think what we have achieved in spite of the obstacles these buffoons have placed in our way over the years boggles the mind.

  118. Careful what you wish for Anne Marie or we could end up with a combination of John Mawn and John Evans anyone there now for the last few cans of fake tan

  119. Rochford and Tony Mc Nee ex crossmaglen manager seem to be favourites now to get mayo senior management Anyone have any thoughts on this.

  120. I’d be very happy with Rochford Mc Entee and Buckley provided the Crossmolina man keeps Maughan out of the dressing room but I still think Horan will be back

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