Senior club final review – Mayo News football podcast 2021 E42

There was a real sense of occasion at James Stephens Park in Ballina on Sunday where this year’s Mayo Senior football Championship final was contested by Knockmore and Belmullet. The exchanges between these two North Mayo rivals were often tough and uncompromising but when the dust settled it was defending champions Knockmore who had come out on top, as they claimed their tenth Moclair Cup success. 

In this match-day episode of the Mayo News football podcast we take you into the heart of the action on county final day. Host Rob Murphy is joined by Mayo News sports editor Mike Finnerty and by me to get the show underway and then we dive into the in-game section as Rob and I follow the ebb and flow of the contest.

From there on it’s post-match reaction to and analysis of Knockmore’s win. We hear from goalscorer James Ruddy and also from winning manager Ray Dempsey, both in conversation with Mike Finnerty.

Mike then get the thoughts of Billy Joe Padden and Nigel Reape who explain how they felt the final was won and lost. We’ve more post-match reaction, this time from Knockmore duo Connell Dempsey and Kieran King, before Rob, Mike and I close out the show with a few final thoughts. 

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49 thoughts on “Senior club final review – Mayo News football podcast 2021 E42

  1. Unfortunately the match was a poor advertisement for Mayo club football. The two ‘blights’ on the modern game were very much on show…too much sideways handpassing and too many frees coming from too many pull downs.

    The GAA need to bring a rule to ban backward hand passes and a red card or 14 yard free for deliberate pull downs. Otherwise this nonsense will continue.

    The real worry is the lack of apparent forward talent in the county outside of ROD and TC (coming through the ranks).

    The CT are now rehashing the Examiner article on Mullen. Mayo GAA did never have an official goodbye for him and you’d have to wonder are they trying to negotiate a package for him to stay

  2. Willie Joe, just out of curiosity, why have the last 4or 5 podcasts being titled with the year 2020 ?

  3. From an atmosphere point of view Ballina looks a great venue for games of 2-4 thousand people. The crowd – especially on the dressing room side are almost on the pitch!!

  4. Have seen Aidan Orme a couple of times this year in club championship and for me the jury is still out. He’s shown flashes of quality at times (lovely ball in for the goal as an example) but doesn’t really impose himself on games as you’d expect a county senior player to do.
    Kieran King wasnt bad yesterday but let’s be honest – he’s a sweeper who reads play well, and not exactly a match winner. Could be a useful addition to the panel and deserves a chance but it’s a position we are already strong in. I’d say Conal Dempsey is a more likely county player in the long run.

  5. Orme had a poor semi final and final. He’ll certainly need to improve to nail down a jersey on the Mayo team. A poor return from frees also in both of those matches. I was expecting a lot more from him given his excellent form in earlier rounds.

  6. As someone who as no skin in the game I think it’s harsh enough to criticise Orme. Anyone who was at the game yesterday could clearly see he was man marking EOD and I thought he cleaned him out. He didn’t let EOD get ball in to ROD which made life very difficult for Belmullet. For a 21 year old who has been man marked and targeted all year I think he has done pretty well. Everyone can miss frees at any given time but you definitely can’t fault Ormes work ethic and football brain. He made the goal yesterday with an inch perfect pass to Ruddy. Give the lad time. He will turn into a top class inter county forward.

  7. @larry duff. Cian Osullivan won 6 All Ireland’s as a top class sweeper for Dublin. I would never under estimate a footballers ability to read a game. It’s what separates the best from the rest. In my opinion if Horan introduces some defensive shape ( sweeper?) it could go a long way in winning an all Ireland. Dublin, Tyrone and Donegal built their teams on defence first. I personally think King could be the best man for that role. It’s the only way you win an all Ireland, unless you have outrageous forwards like Kerry.

  8. Spotlight I’m going to take issue with part of your comment from earlier on which says no forward talent coming through in the county daithi Cosgrove who started at 11 for belmullet yesterday is 18 years of age and held his ground.
    Bourke came on for knockmore and had a serious impact remember the name
    Frank Irwin(ballina)has a huge future ahead of him
    Cian mchale was moy davitts main go to man this year he’s only 18
    Paddy heneghan nailed down a senior place for castlebar Mitchell’s this year he’s 19
    Aidan Cosgrove started half forward for kiltimagh this year and was arguably their best player all year including league he’s 19
    Paul walsh is a very good young prospect for Mitchell’s a very off the cuff type of player that has a bright future ahead
    And that’s only the forwards….

  9. The jury is very much out on orme. I would need to see a hell of alot more to convince me he is county standard. .Also alot more of the county panel had brutal club form.

  10. In the Senior Final the only new player for me who showed they may have what it takes to make the County Team was Dempsey. In the Intermediate Final Higgins was the stand out player at 36 years of age so not a good sign

  11. From the Mayo News

    The end of an era, Another iconic Mayo senior footballer has retired. No name published yet but what a warrior he was, wishing him a happy retirement.

  12. OSULLIVAN so rauiri keane or man of the match jack fallon didn’t impress u in the intermediate final? Thought they where both impressive.

  13. Jack Fallon had three points from play at midfield in a low scoring game. 18 years of age.
    That was man of the match type stuff.

  14. Over and above all of the retirements of Mayo senior players announced in the past 12 months, I think the retirement of Colm Boyle is the most poignant. If anyone embodies the never-say-die attitude of the Mayo squad from 2011 onwards, it is Boyler. I always thought that man would go through a brick wall for his teammates and for the county. Such heart, such enthusiasm, such a leader. My own young lad was 5 years old when he started coming to games with me in 2012, and the one player who stood out for him from the start, and who he would always look out for, was Boyler. I’ve never seen him so excited than when he got his photo taken with his hero some years ago.
    Go n-éirí an t-ádh leat, Colm.

  15. A lot of young players mentioned as being up to county standard. There are a huge amount of players potentially County standard. Potentially is the word. That’s where coaching comes in. I’m delighted to see so many been given some sort of a chance with the trials. Current team and panel members should also be trialled as many of them in the club championship didn’t look County standard.
    I remember Boyler on a cold night under lights against Armagh many years ago. We were winning easily and Armagh suddenly started coming at us from all angles and we were now in serious bother holding on to our lead. Game ticking towards full time an Armagh needed a goal. Ball worked in, Armagh player shoots, goalie beaten, GOAL, no wait a minute, saved on the line by none other than boyler literally flinging himself superman style across the goals. A memory I’ll never forget. A true leader leads by example and in Boyler we had a true leader. Thanks Colm

  16. @youngfella you saved me a lot of typing. Couldn’t agree more. For me he was the player who showed what mayo was all about. Enjoy retirement Colm

  17. The Boyler is up there with the best Mayo players ever. Teak tough, gave it all for Mayo – like so many of those great players over last 10 years. Never pulled out of any hard tackle and often went in head first.
    A great memory I have of Boyler – when he was coming off the field after winning motm against Meath in all Ireland quarter final in 2019 – he was getting a great reception from the Mayo supporters in Cusack stand – and he gave his unique fist pump up to the crowd – great memories of a great player.

  18. Sad to see Colm Boye leave without an All Ireland medal – he definitely deserved one. Why he wasn’t brought on in the shambolic recent final, I will never know (same as Keith in Dec 2020). That’s a great memory Southmayo Exile – everyone rose to their feet as he was coming off. He was marvellous in that match v Galway in Limerick. Loved to watch him play.

  19. Also I hope Mayo GAA officially thank Colm for his service – I see nothing on their social media yet.

  20. Greenand Red – I hear what you are saying about Orme. Obviously JH thinks highly of him, although I never saw the point of bringing him on with 5 minutes to go in the AIF.

  21. Congrats to Knockmore on a well deserved victory. Back to back County titles is a great achievement.
    As many have mentioned it’s terribly disappointing to see Boyler go without an AI medal. A tremendous warrior on the pitch..he has left us with many brilliant memories..his like do not come around often.

  22. I never see the point in bringing on players in injury time. Colm Boyle would make the exception though.

  23. Catcol I agree 100% made no sense throwing Orme on in the All Ireland final having only played 10 other minutes all championship. But I definitely think there is a player there. You could see him develop in the same light as Kev Mc and he gets to train with him day in day out.
    A lot of young talented players coming through at club football over the last few years. It’s all about coaching them correctly and to a style of play that plays to their strengths but also complements the team. The last thing I want to see is lads doing their own thing and developing egos. Hopefully Horan will develop that next season

  24. If we ditched the trackers and let him finish some of the finals we might have won. If he was tired he would put his hand up.

  25. Sometimes guys need to use their own judgement rather than rely fully on technology.
    Taking O Hora off in this year’s final was a big error, from the previous games this year I saw he grows into the game the longer it goes on.
    Also, Boyle would have been ideal for the second half, a few guys just were not in it.
    The key for older subs is to be able to get them into a game that has opened up a bit, but this requires the subs to be able to get to the pace of the game quickly.

  26. Spot on Youngfella, Boyler was the beating heart of the teams for so many years. He will be missed.

  27. Date for the diaries, A FBD semi final against Galway on January 9th in the Connacht gaa dome.

  28. Discussion for the posters. Last year we had a bruiser gap to complement Matthew Ruane. Shane McHale was the best midfielder in the club championship this year. He’s a natural bruiser. Yer getting cruiserweight Knockmore and yet getting it all day with a smile.
    He’s got a huge left boot that can hit the full forward line from midfield.
    He’s the same age as Aidan OShea.
    It’s not a close run thing that he was the best midfielder, by a distance he was the best midfielder.
    If he hasn’t got the repeatable speed then surely he’s a second half sub.
    He was with the county before.
    I don’t know his circumstances, but if he was available to commit we frankly need our head examined if we don’t bring him in.
    I understand him not being in if we had lots of midfielders. But we have a glaring gap.
    It was great to see James Kelly play well. James is a natural athlete with pace. He looked in great muscular shape. He’s a good ball carrier and I always thought a good kick passer.

  29. I dont know the extent of Kevin Keane s injury but it ended westport s challenge in the club championship. Mayo could do alot worse than stick him into 14 for the league and see how it goes. He was the standout player in the club championship until he got injured. After his mishap in 2012 .. it would be a great story to see him return 10 years later and lead us to the holy grail. Let’s face it we don’t have anyone better. The final proved that

  30. @craggy boglands, It’s near enough that we’ve overrated running ability ahead of ball winning and physical toughness. Kevin Keane would do a job at 14, not sure what his injury is.
    What full back do we have who would stop him winning ball?

  31. Craggy boglands, are you having a laugh with that one? I must admit I got a giggle out of it. Kevin playing at 14, thats simply never going to happen. Yes we do have someone better to play at ff, the championships all time top scorer will be available to take that position next year.

  32. Am1524. I would love to see both Ruauiri keane and Jack Fallon both be good enough to play for Mayo and they may well do. But don’t forget that this was an intermediate game where they were playing against intermediate opposition. It is a big step up to Senior and then an even bigger step up to county. If Ballyhaunis had a free taker (they missed two 14 yarders from the left hand side ) there was nothing between the teams. It is a big step up to Senior and then an even bigger step up to county. Higgins was the the best player on the field, he also scored two from Full Back and he is 36 years and to me that is a worry. I don’t at the moment see players to replace Andy, Colm, SOS. Parsons , Higgins. Barrett but hopefully Horan will uncover some. Plenty of names being mentioned but honestly I don’t see too many at the moment.

  33. Mayo mad. I laughed too..At what stage of 2022 do u think coc will be full y fit and how will he come back from his injury. The last time coc was injured it took him nearly 2 seasons to get back to his best which was 2020. If u read my post properly I said for the national league. Do u honestly think coc will start for mayo in January.

  34. JP, on club form, Shane mchale is definitely worth bringing in to the Mayo panel to strengthen midfield, ie sub or starter. However I doubt it will happen as i think Horan will go with youth which is understandable, ie Jordon Flynn to try and develop someone like him at MF intercounty.

  35. Fully serious Shane McHale would beat the Crossmolina midfield 9 times out of 10.
    Ya, unfortunately we do seem to miss a trick of looking at older players.
    David Drake was never played as a man marking corner back. Still one of the best.

  36. Flynn has an awful lot to do to convince me that he is mayo standard. I just don’t see it.

  37. Craggy, if Cillian isn’t available for the League and quite possibly won’t then James Carr needs to get the games at 14, he badly needs a run of games to settle into the forward line. If James isn’t fit then Aidan Orme, Conor Diskin, Frank Irwin, Darren Coen. Bringing back an injury prone converted defender in his 30’s isn’t a solution.

  38. Anything new is worth a look at. Let all those mentioned above start and let s see what this panel is all about because when reached for last September there clearly was no addition whatsoever.

  39. Craggy – it’s long-standing policy here that you can’t make generalised references to named players about whether or not they’re county standard. You’re sailing way too close to the wind in that regard so please back off from that line of comment.

  40. I don’t think there are any standout Mayo MF options from the club championship. On that basis, I’d probably go with Stephen Coen to partner Mattie in 2022. And obviously make Stephen captain. That’s a no-brainer. We’ve a number of players who can fill in for Stephen at number 6. Make it happen James.

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