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Mayo GAA issued a very brief statement earlier in the week (here) providing an update on the squad and, in particular, the status of a few players who are sidelined with injury at present.

The first point to note is that collective training has now restarted for the senior squad. That’s the one tangible benefit to be gained from being ejected so early from the championship and being back out together on the training ground in mid-November marks a fairly significant departure from the last few years.

This year it was the middle of January before the lads, just off the plane from their holliers, started back at it so this means that there’ll be two additional months of hard pounding put in before next year’s competitive action gets underway. You’d have to think that this should help us to get going with a bit more purpose right from the off in 2019.

There’s been no official confirmation as yet of a current squad list, nor, by the way, do I believe there’s any imperative for such a list to be published. Certainly not at this point in time.

The statement does, though, confirm that four members of the panel are out injured right now. Three of them – Cian Hanley, Fionn McDonagh and Tom Parsons – all have knee problems of some sort, while Ryan O’Donoghue has ankle trouble, an injury that saw his miss Belmullet’s recent Connacht IFC defeat to An Spidéal. All four have undergone surgery, in Tom’s case more than once as his long rehab continues.

Our first outing under the new management team takes place on Sunday, 6th January away to Leitrim in the preliminary round of the FBD League. Our first competitive fixture for 2019 is the NFL Division One opening round clash with Roscommon at MacHale Park on Saturday, 26th January, where throw-in is 7pm.

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30 thoughts on “Senior squad update

  1. The extra months training should mean that Mayo should be aiming to at least challenge for the NFL title. I know some will say its only the league but its a national title and something Mayo have not won since 2001 and if Kerry in transition could win it last year why can’t Mayo in 2019?

  2. Interesting that it confirms, at least, that Ryan O’D & Fionn McD are in the squad, and that they are significant enough to merit an update on their surgery progress. Great to hear that it’s ‘great’.

  3. Tom Parsons, now if that man gets back and wins Sam there had better be at least a street or a bridge called after him somewhere in the county.

  4. What I would hope most of all from this early collective training in Dublin/Mayo is that we get off to a good early start in the league. That we have the fitness levels to take care of Roscommon’s winter running, the strength and conditioning to deal with Tyrone’s bully boy tactics and a combination of both to take care of Cavan who will be throwing everything at it to just survive in Division one (past performance’s show that newly promoted teams usually do quite well early on in the league and fall away in the later stages). We have to be getting maximum points from these three games because we won’t get anything easy from Dublin or Kerry after that. If we get 6+ points early on, while we are not guaranteed safety, we will have the breathing room to crank up the experimentation, something the previous management were completely restricted in doing. And yes if the results work out for us there”s nothing to stop us from trying to win it

  5. I’m liking the regular enough updates from the Mayo Gaa twitter account on the happenings around the squad and totally agree there is no need yet to post a definitive squad. Leave it open ended. Gives every guy inside and out motivation to work hard to stay/break in the squad. As for the extra running in the legs. Surely can only be a good thing. Wishing all injured players the very best in their recoveries but in particular Tom Parsons. Keep up the good work Tom and please God sometime in the future we’ll be roaring you on on the pitch instead of while you take your seat in the stand. Up Mayo!

  6. Great news that the connacht gaa centre of excellence has been granted 2.1million for a full sized indoor pitch. With the weather conditions in the west of Ireland this is a much needed facility. Have always said that the facility in bekan was one of the best developments ever in the west of Ireland.

  7. The indoor pitch will be a mighty addition . Can you play proper competitive games in it? Great have. Spot on with your comments Trevor

  8. 2.1 Million to buy a tent to cover a pitch !! I’m no quantity- surveyor,in fact I’ve a pretty low I.Q. as it happens,but can anyone explain to me how a figure like this is reached ? I know ‘talk is cheap’ , but is hot air that expensive ??

  9. @Rober I can’t think of many if any good developments in the West of Ireland and i have my doubts if i’d call Bekan one great either.

    In the region of 10 million will be spent on the Connacht GAA now when that type of money should be spread out among Connacht counties IMO. A remember this centre of excellence isn’t even suitable for Mayo as if it was that project wouldn’t be going ahead in Castlebar.

  10. Paddyjoejohntom, the dome for the indoor tennis courts in Castlebar cost in the region of 250,000. One for a full size GAA pitch would cost considerably more. This would be a permanent structure not a circus tent. Whether it is actually required is another debate.

  11. Just reading the report, St. Gerards look to be the strongest team in Connaught Senior A this year. They beat Jarlaths with ease 2-8 to 3 pts. Team made up from Breaffy, Castlebar, Parke and Tubber in a year when Parke are strong. Daniel Forde is the coach, also part of the Mayo setup.

  12. JP, St Gerards i believe finished 2nd in the table behind Claremorris who beat Jarlaths 3-11 to 0-6. The two play each other in the final on December 5th.

  13. The Dome is a great asset to Gaelic Football in the West , at last the players can train in winter in perfect conditions will help to close the gap on the Dubs

  14. Mayomagic,
    I quite agree that the money for the Bekan CoE should have been spread among the counties. I argued that from the start. Afterall, it is only suitable for approx 50 mile radius of Bekan. Both Leitrim and Sligo have developed their own CoE. Bekan was sold as being available to all clubs etc in Connacht but how useful is it to clubs outside that 50 mile radius? It is being used for lots of school matches ok but that is because it is a soft option for Connacht officials who do not have to make arrangements with clubs for school games. Years ago finding club grounds for school games was a major headache but club grounds have improved greatly in recent times so it is no longer a problem. Quite how John Prenty managed to convince Connacht Council to opt for the Bekan scheme I do not know. How or why Galway in particular agreed to it is a major mystery.

  15. Very impressed with Gerry Canavan for Mayo Gaels v Achill in Under 21 surprised he wasn’t at the recent trials games. Mayo Gaels won the game well in the end and play either Garrymore and The Neale in the final .2 big games in the A championship tomorrow with Claremorris v Belmullet and Knockmore v Westport.

  16. AndyD why wouldn’t Galway agree to Bekan as a location it is as near to the centre of the province as you could get there is a reasonable road to get to it. Farmers are always complaining about prices and costs but when it comes to selling land it’s a different story. As regards spreading the money across the five counties if that was done people would say why didn’t they pool all the money together and build one big centre you can’t please everyone hurlers on the ditch they are called.

  17. @Chris Kelly, How were James Jennings and John Gallagher in that Mayo Gaels u21 game?
    James Jennings scored heavily was one thing.

  18. Knockmore lost by point to Westport. 5 up at break but first of 2 big turning points was injury before break to Knockmore midfielder Joe O’Neill. Second turning point was when 6 or 7 up early second half point attempt for Westport that appeared be heading wide hit post and dropped in lap of Westport man who tapped home. From kick out off that knockmore win break went up field keeper made save followed by defender who cleared off line leading to Westport point other end big 7 point swing in space of minute.
    Westport probably should have been closer at half time. Some poor free taking on their behalf. Felt referee did not do us many favours but was great effort for Team missing minor midfielder Nathan Armstrong, mayo U21 Cormac Reape and senior player Nathan Hardy. Think team finished contained 8 of this and next year’s minors. McDonagh after surgery missing for Westport.

  19. Tubber got closer than most expected but in the end Corofin was too experienced. Worrying Tubber was cleaned out in midfield and Tubbers midfield includes D O’Connor who is earmarked to play in midfield for Mayo in 2019.

  20. Andy D, & Reekview… Don’t ye know that, their are things that we the ‘Unenlightened’ are not supposed to know!… Bulltoe, hopefully your optimism good wishes for Tom Parsons come true, maybe If it does we could have a feast day in honor of Tom!

  21. I think Diarmuid is class and on his day is as good as anyone in the country. He’s not your natural fielding midfield player (maybe he can improve here). That will be an issue against strong midfield. He’s very like Michael Donnellan of old. Brilliant ‘box to box player. Instrumental in dictating play and can chip in with the odd and often crucial score.

  22. Who were the best players on show for Westport and Knockmore? Any players of County standard?
    Mitchels against Westport looks set to be a great game with Claremorris strong favourites to come through against Ballaghadareen and Kilmovee in the other semi.

  23. Would not rule out east mayo amalgamation Chris. Claremorris beat knockmore side that was depleted and already through. They be no walk over.
    For senior county no one quite ready to transition to that level just yet in my opinion. But those with futures think Westport CB and was it corner forward who came out seemed very good no programs so names escape me. Not the usual names you’d hear from there I think alot their county U20 boys were quiet Fionn missing big loss them. But someone from westport be better give overview there as would know names and i was getting excited 🙂
    For Knockmore Peter Naughton is class act seems always have time on ball. His 16/17 year old brother played midfield and is another fine footballer. Marcus Parkes at full back was excellent. Westport couldn’t handle inside forwards Pearse Ruttledge (minor this year) and Caolan Hopkins(minor next year). Sean Holmes(minor next year) wing back and Aidan Orme also very good. Kieran King and Nathan Armstrong who missed todays games also serious potential.
    Great game by both teams today.l after some poor handling early on was great for late November

  24. Mayo magic

    dont know what match you were at today or witnessed but Tubber ruled the centre of the pitch for the 1st half of the connaught final. Corofin flooded the middle third and won 80% of the breaking ball in the 2nd half.
    to come out with a statement that they were “cleaned” is far from the truth.
    New glasses me thinks.

  25. Corofin are just a classy team so no shame in losing to them by only 4pts. Hopefully we will have a couple more lads from Corofin in the Maroon in 2019.

  26. @Gizmobobs
    Good summation there.
    Peter Naughton was class, Aidan Orme also very good.
    CB for Westport Niall MacManamon played well.
    Full forward Colm Moran had a big influence on the game when he came out the field, struggled to keep his feet and slipped a lot in first half. Alan Kennedy at corner forward, when he took over free taking duties seemed to grow in confidence, scored 5 from frees and 1-2 from play.

  27. Is Peter Naughton in the extended panel does anybody know? It would reflect badly on Horan if he’s not in my opinion.

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