Senseless fixture clash on Saturday

As some of you may know by now, bi-location powers or, failing that, ready access to a helicopter will be needed for hardcore Mayo supporters this coming Saturday.  Our first round qualifier date with Longford at Pearse Park at 7 pm will have been in most people’s diaries since the draw was made the other week but it now transpires that this date clashes with the minors’ first round Connacht championship tie with Roscommon at McHale Park, where throw-in has been fixed by the Connacht Council for 5 pm the same evening.

I know that two different sets of suits (or patterned jumpers, as the case may be) were involved in sorting out the dates for these two fixtures but you’d think that it wouldn’t have been beyond the intellectual capabilities of those involved to spot the obvious fixture clash and to shift one of the matches – most likely the minor one, which could easily have been moved to the following afternoon – so that people who want to take in both could be accommodated.

Instead, we’re left with the ludicrous situation of one Mayo team ending a championship match at one location while, around seventy miles or so away, a second Mayo team will be taking the field to start another one.  You couldn’t make this shit up.

Personally, it doesn’t inconvenience me as I had only ever intended to go to the qualifier match in Longford.  However, I’d say there are plenty of punters who’d be more than happy to get to both games but they’ll now have to choose which team they’d rather shout for on Saturday evening.  With the Johnno II era now obviously tottering towards its ignominious end while Tony Duffy’s reign as minor boss is only starting, I’d say that a fair few supporters will choose the brave beginnings option and head for the minor match at McHale Park, which in turn could mean an even smaller Mayo following for the seniors over in Pearse Park.

23 thoughts on “Senseless fixture clash on Saturday

  1. Any idea of a team for Saturday lads? I fear that the undroppable Parsons will get yet another opportunity at the expense of SOS. I also fear that T Mort will get another go. The more I consider the options the worse my outlook gets. Our half-back line that was wiped out against Sligo will probably stay in tact, except for Vaughan moving back out for Gardiner. My main concern is still the lack of leadership. If things aren’t going well for us, who is going to stand up and be counted. Not many candidates spring to mind!!!! One positive is the likely return of Dillon.

  2. am convinced T mort will get another go alright.. johnno has now moved into the making the same mistake every time and expecting a different result phase.. and its true trevor might shine against longford.. but will be found wanting at some stage later…

  3. I like the picture of the helicopter 🙂

    For me the season is already over. They have too many games head just to get to a quarter final stage. Johnno almost intimates that it’s a year like when he won it with the Herrin Chokers.

    Unfortunately lightening doesn’t strike twice like that.

  4. I’d share those fears – I’d say whatever changes that’ll be made will only be as a consequence of players returning from injury (e.g. Dillon, Harte, Barrett and Howley) or out because of injury (Cunniffe?). We’re at the stage of deck chairs on the Titanic now, I’m afraid.

  5. Still whats the best place to park the car that day is it any use coming up the shortcut that bypasses longford that comes out by Pearse Park? I’d say it gets chockablock?

  6. Is the game on Tv. Few people asking me that. The day the minors played in all Ireland replay parking was a pain in the ass as back road to pitch was closed. Took 2 hours to get out of Longford! Can’t see it been that bad this weekend though!

  7. Hard to believe Pasons and Trevor will start. Its beyond belief that it could happen again. Rogermilla is spot on though…if they do start and play well we’ll be stuck with them for the remainder(brief) of the campaign. Still, Im clinging on to the hope that he will make some refreshing changes like for example the decision to stick freeman in at FF the last day. At the time I thought it was a bizarre decision to start Freeman at FF but one that turned out to be a really good one. Another 4 or 5 of those
    please Johnno!!

  8. Most people I know at home will go to the minor game. It’s nearer, and you can be home for tea, showered and in town by ten for the Saturday night scoops. Lunacy would be nicest way of describing the scheduling here. Lunacy.

  9. John – dunno what’s the best way to approach the pitch or where to park if you’re coming from the west. The last two times I was there, I was coming from Dublin (as will be the case this Saturday) and you just park on the bypass. Does anyone know what’s the story coming from the other side?

    North Mayo – the game isn’t on TV. RTE are showing the Armagh v Donegal qualifier live that afternoon and they’re streaming the replay of the Galway/Offaly Leinster hurling replay that evening. Apart from that it’s wall-to-wall vuvuzelas, I’m afraid.

  10. no problem with it not being televised….could u imagine the humiliation if things dont go well!!!

  11. V. true Ted. Humiliation and Mayo football are closer than distant cousins at this stage. I suppose one good thing is possibly that it’s not on in Croker.

    Maybe the team line up will be different. Maybe he’ll look at the WC and the Germans. and change the team completly and play players on form. Isn’t it a good attitude to have really?

    Q. is I guess do we have any form players ?

  12. JPM, Freeman, Moran, Higgins to name a couple….

    Mayo have a bunch of extremely talented guys, they’re human so they’ll have their off days.

  13. This game is a complete waste of time, win easy, so what, win struggeling we’re where we think we are, lose, and well sure it cant get any worse, it’ll be done quietly without much yahooing and hopefully Johnno will walk away and we can start scratching the itch again.
    I think Johnno actually is a good coach, his record proves that but this just hasnt worked. It must be that he has to spend too much time on the TD front, nothing else makes any sense. Sport isnt logical on any given day, but over 4 years with the fairly high degree of talent we have (we’re certainly in the second tear behind Kerry, Cork and Tyrone) we should be much further along. Anyway we’ve done this to death, roll on Saturday, there wont be much to say after it, we’ll either be discussing our next bainesteor or our next opponents.

  14. please please please mayo people and i am one try and see the wall before you hit it every time we as a county say lets stick together do that mean even when we see the blind alley or the dark wall we keep going looks like it………….. that word again please let the politicians and the tacticians do there own things ……. and let natural talented footballers play the game or is that to simple ….from a long time hurting mayo man football wise come on mayo

  15. Sorry to change the subject lads but several GAA forums were reporting the passing of the Legendary Dermott Earley yesterday evening and all traces of that seem to have been removed. Even Hoganstand had it as one of its headlines before removing it. Was it all nonsense? or is there more to it?

  16. I hadn’t seen or heard anything about that, Peter, but the fact that he was forced to retire early due to serious illness has been public knowledge for some time. There doesn’t appear to be anything in the media this morning but I guess we’ll hear about it soon enough if it’s confirmed.

  17. Dermot Earley’s death has now been confirmed – RTE report here. God rest him, the poor man – he was only 62 and was, by all accounts, one of life’s true gentlemen. I saw him play many times and was also at Hyde Park for the Connacht final in 1985 to see him chaired off the field by Willie Joe (the real one) and a few others of the victorious Mayo team that day. RIP.

  18. Never heard a bad word said about him. A Fine footballer and a more importantly a true gent. Was at that same match in ’85 WJ and remember there being genuine sadness amongst all supporters at his retirement! May he rest in peace indeed.

  19. RIP Dermot Earley, indeed a true gent and great player.
    Let’s lift the spirits a bit lads, be a bit more positive and hope for a good display and some hope in the heart! It’s only football after all.

  20. to all mayo supporters travelling to longford on saturday — watch out for the G.A.T.S.O. VAN. disguised along the route especially strokestown. remember the mayo /cork game SLOW DOWN – SPEED KILLS.

  21. Jim
    Amen to that (your advice on the GATSO van)! I got more points that day in Strokestown than most of our forwards got in Croke Park!
    But as regards the football I am glad that our frailties were discoverd at this stage of the season. At least we can do something about them this year – not having to wait for the FDB in January.
    Maybe we will see a change for the better. You never know – football is a funny auld game.

  22. The best place to park coming from either way is prob the bypass, because theres lots of parking there and it’s only a short walk from that roundabout up the slight hill to the pitch. Lots of parking on Battery Rd coming from the town- parking won’t be a problem in any case.

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