Seven changes for Saturday

We named our match day panel earlier this afternoon for the game against Dublin at Croke Park on Saturday evening (throw-in 7.30pm). The starting team and subs are as follows:

Mayo (NFL Division One v Dublin 19/2/2022): Rob Hennelly (Breaffy); Lee Keegan (Westport), Rory Brickenden (Westport), Michael Plunkett (Ballintubber); Oisín Mullin (Kilmaine), Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore, captain), Donnacha McHugh (Castlebar Mitchels); Matthew Ruane (Breaffy), Jordan Flynn (Crossmolina Deel Rovers); Bryan Walsh (Ballintubber), Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber), Jack Carney (Kilmeena); Paul Towey (Charlestown Sarsfields), Ryan O’Donoghue (Belmullet), Aiden Orme (Knockmore). Subs: Rory Byrne (Castlebar Mitchels), Sam Callinan (Ballina Stephenites), Padraig O’Hora (Ballina Stephenites), Eoghan McLaughlin (Westport), Enda Hession (Garrymore), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Conor O’Shea (Breaffy), Fergal Boland (Aghamore), Conor Loftus (Crossmolina Deel Rovers), Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore), Fionn McDonagh (Westport).

Right, there’s a bit to unpack from this.

First, it’s great to see that we’re continuing to name the full match day panel a few days ahead of the game. I could be wrong but I’m almost certain we’re the only Division One team doing this – Monaghan didn’t even announce a starting fifteen ahead of the game in Clones – but it’s good that we are. There’s nothing like a bit of transparency.

Second, let’s take the seven changes bit. That was unexpected – well, it was to me at any rate, as anyone who has listened to the preview episode of the podcast will have heard me confidently predict we’d have just one (enforced) change to the named team, with the injured Eoghan McLaughlin dropping out to be replaced by Mattie Ruane, with Stephen Coen shifting to the half-backs.

I could argue I got that bit right – Eoghan hasn’t been named to start while Mattie has, while Stephen is at 6 – but I had no inkling of the slew of other changes we’ve announced. As well as Mattie, into the team come Rory Brickenden, Oisín Mullin, Donnacha McHugh, Jordan Flynn, Jack Carney and Paul Towey, while, in addition to Eoghan, out go Brendan Harrison, Padraig O’Hora, Paddy Durcan, Conor O’Shea, Fionn McDonagh and Jason Doherty.

It’s hard to know what the story is with this much-changed side. Seeing as Harry, Doc and Paddy aren’t in the 26 at all, then you’d have to assume they’re injured or unavailable for other reasons. Harry limped off gingerly late on the last day but James said in the media briefing last week (of which more anon) that it was just a “niggle” and that the Aghamore man was “moving well now.” Not well enough to make the squad for Croker it would appear.

I’ve no clue what the story is with Jason or Paddy, neither of whom were mentioned in any injury bulletin. There’s no point speculating further on this, I guess.

And what to make of Eoghan’s listing among the subs? This isn’t a shock – seeing as, incredibly, UL fielded him last night in the Sigerson final and the player who was stretched off in Clones less than two weeks ago played the full game: how’s that for player welfare? – but it does stretch in a rather elastic manner the credulity of what James said to the press last week.

Which was that although Eoghan’s injury “wasn’t as serious as it looked” the Westport player was likely to be out “for three to four weeks”. Instead, it seems to have been three to four days.

Other players name-checked by James last week and who don’t feature in the panel for Saturday are James Carr, Mark Moran and David McBrien. Jack Carney has, though, been named to start, while Enda Hession and Kevin McLoughlin are both on the bench.

The next question – a constant one for every inter-county Gaelic football teamsheet nowadays – is whether or not the named team will start. While I’d say it’s possible that we’ll make one or two changes from the team announced today, we could well go with the named team. There – for the second time this week I’ve shared with the world the fruits of my well-honed prediction skills.

Despite the much-changed nature of the team for Saturday night, the starting fifteen includes just one full debutant. That’s Paul Towey, who has made seven appearances off the bench for the county and, if I’m not mistaken, who has been named in teams before but has never actually started a competitive fixture for Mayo. He was in lively form for UL in the Sigerson last night and he’s well due a starting slot now. Good luck to him.

Rory Brickenden had two League starts last year (against Down and Clare), while Jack Carney had one (against Meath). Donnacha McHugh started against Donegal and was brought on against Monaghan the last day. Of the subs list, only Sam Callinan (who came on in Round 1 this year against Donegal) has yet to make his full debut for the county.

The best of luck to the lot of them on Saturday night at HQ.

89 thoughts on “Seven changes for Saturday

  1. Everyone scratching their heads at that team selection and the fact that Harry, DOC and Paddy not even in the panel. As you say, one can only assume they are injured but sounds like James as not giving the full story in his press report during the week

  2. Is Horan believing that Dublin are a much weaker side nowadays. The conveyo belt has jammed for the present.
    It is definetly an advantage to give potential panelists a run.
    The game is significant in my opinion in that our mental strength as a unit will be tested to the full. Freshning the team for this encounter is admirable, Dublin desperately needing a result will ensure pressure in both camps. Will we thrive as a unit in the heat of the battle?? We’ll soon find out

  3. Strange team to say the least. Don’t know whether its injuries or feeling sorry for the dubs, but I would have certainly preferred to see O Hora, Harrison and Durcan lining out in our defence. Good to see Oisin back but I am concerned that that team will struggle against a Dublin team desperate for a win. Also a strange selection coming on the back of such positive news on the injury front. Anyway we live in hope.

  4. A big chance for Jordan Flynn. Would be great to see him form a long term partnership with Matty Ruane in midfield and free up Diarmuid and Conor Loftus who would provide scoring options in the half forward line.
    Ive often thought that Jordan has the tools do do the job as long as he doesnt lose his head.
    Only one way to cement your place in the team. Go and put in a performance that makes you undroppable.

  5. Dummy team and why that needs to be done for a round 3 league game only James Horan knows. Except few of the named subs to start.

  6. 1971 was the last time Mayo won a league match against Dublin in Dublin according to Malaky Clerkin. 50 years ago. Amazing stat.

  7. That’s right, Liberal – and it gets worse, as we’ve never won a regulation League match against them played in Dublin. That 1971 game was a semi-final, as was 1954. We also beat them in League finals in 1941 and 1934 but we’ve still to beat them on their own turf in a common or garden League fixture. I’m not convinced we will on Saturday either …

  8. Am confident we will lose this one by 5 or 6 points.
    Dublin will have a serious kick on Saturday.
    Very hard to understand why Durkin is not in the panel and none of this jives with the good news on the injury front.
    Can this whole panel be changed and we show up with a different squad altogether or are we stuck with what’s named.

  9. I’d assume with Harry it is an injury from last game and hopefully Doc is just a precaution in his comeback. Still though, it’s great to see changes and other lads given a chance. Hession, McLaughlin, Aido and McLoughlin (even if some are likely to start) is nice to see a strong bench.

    Very interested to see this match, hoping to see some nice quick ball inside for our forwards.

  10. Some of mickey Hartes team naming tactics here. I hope. That or James is presenting 6 or 7 guys a chance to stake a claim. Odd team.

  11. Genuinely confused with the team selection..we need to beat Dublin and it all seems a bit too experimental.

    Durcan is a huge player for us now and hard to replace.

  12. Is there a chance Horan’s naming this panel so as not to show his hand for the championship, as well as to try out new/younger players? Just a thought (and probably totally wrong!).

  13. Some amount of negativity around the team selection on the blog.

    Can people not just get behind whatever 15 take the field and hope some of the newer lads step up and stake a claim for a starting position later in the year.

    Its an exciting experimental team with plenty of experience to come off the bench.

    We are trying out a new full back, a new half back, new midfield partnership, a new half forward / potential midfield option and 2 new corner forwards.

  14. It is experimental and I can see the logic. The experienced players dropped from the 26 are all proven and the league isn’t just about winning, it’s about trying things out. Jason is out but Towey, a free scoring forward is in. Harrison out and McHugh gets another chance with McBrien on the bench. It doesn’t matter whether it’s against Dublin or anyone else, options need to be tried. Giving Flynn a start could boost his confidence. COS and Conor Loftus got 2 games under their belt. Our bench is strong but I hope we don’t have too much to make up at start of 2nd half. James going with sink or swim; a 2 or 3 point deficit at half time to me would be considered swim. Then roll the bench and see what happens. I’d normally never drop Paddy out of the 26 but I can see the logic, fringe players should be bursting for a chance and now they’ll get it. I’m sceptical about Carney at senior inter county good and all as he was for his club simply because of the different pace it operates at. I hope he proves me wrong but in any case James must see him as a potential future player and knows what these lads are capable of from training whereas for us it’s just guess work. Oisin is the best possible replacement for Paddy at 5 and could make his loss less felt.

  15. It is experimental and I can see the logic. The experienced players dropped from the 26 are all proven and the league isn’t just about winning, it’s about trying things out. Jason is out but Towey, a free scoring forward is in. Harrison out and McHugh gets another chance with Hession on the bench. It doesn’t matter whether it’s against Dublin or anyone else, options need to be tried. Giving Flynn a start could boost his confidence. COS and Conor Loftus got 2 games under their belt. Our bench is strong but I hope we don’t have too much to make up at start of 2nd half. James going with sink or swim; a 2 or 3 point deficit at half time to me would be considered swim. Then roll the bench and see what happens. I’d normally never drop Paddy out of the 26 but I can see the logic, fringe players should be bursting for a chance and now they’ll get it. I’m sceptical about Carney at senior inter county good and all as he was for his club simply because of the different pace it operates at. I hope he proves me wrong but in any case James must see him as a potential future player and knows what these lads are capable of from training whereas for us it’s just guess work. Oisin is the best possible replacement for Paddy at 5 and could make his loss less felt.

  16. I have no problem with trying new players but this seems a bit excessive for playing away to Dublin. Could we not have held off until later league matches?

    We need to beat Dublin for pride reasons as well as league points…I don’t care that the result is not critical…let’s bloody well get another win against them!

    What’s interesting here is whether our key defenders are injured or just left out. If injured, then why hasn’t Horan said so?

    I honestly don’t think he’d have left Durcan out if he was ok. It’s not a doomsday situation but I want to beat Dublin….again.

  17. Great to see all those players starting together against Dublin in Croker, it’s a huge occasion for them. Bringing players on for the final stages of games doesn’t really give lads a chance to prove themselves. Now they have that chance, so the best of luck to them all. It’s unlikely we’ll beat the Dubs with or without our regular players so for that reason I think it’s a great experiment.

  18. Tommiek, the negativity, and it’s quite muted despite the team selection, on the blog is very understandable and I agree with most of it. As WJ pointed out we’ve never, yes never, beaten them in a regulation league match in Dublin. Now it seems Dublin are on the ropes (though when we lose league games, sure it’s only the league, when the dubs lose a couple they’re definitely finished) so instead of going in for the kill, we’re tying our hands behind our backs. Exciting experimental team for a game when our league one status is secured is fine, but ffs not for Saturday v the dubs. This team with so many changes has to be disjointed, how can it be any other way.
    Can’t see anything but a heavy defeat if this team starts, and the momentum built from the first two games shattered.

  19. We did draw in 2014 – 2-14 to 3-17. Cluxton sent off for tripping Kevin Mac.

    Robbie, Leroy, Harry, Aido, Kevin, Jason and Cillian all featured.

  20. This is not, in any way, meant as a criticism, but this is a really puzzling team and panel selection. It almost looks as if James Horan is not too bothered whether we stay in Division 1,or not and is experimenting with fringe players and positional changes and wants to test them out in such a difficult game. But surely, if that was the case, you would have Paddy, Harry and Doc. in the subs-maybe they are unavailable for some reason, but I would like to know, if this is the case. I found it difficult to see us getting anything out of this game, even at full strength, as Dublin will be really up for this, and it is harder to see us having any chance with this team-I would love to be proved wrong. Maybe Horan is happy to write this game off, in the interest of experimentation and is playing the long game. It is interesting to see Brickenden at FB, as we all know it is a position that needs an upgrade, so maybe worth a try, if he actually plays there. Delighted to see Oisin in the Half-back line, Flynn at MF and Towey and Carney getting a chance.

  21. Horan knows that it is the long game that’s important. Beating Dublin Saturday evening will be forgotten if Galway were to beat us in April. The younger new players will get to experience Croke Park against what will probably be a strong Team. As regards the established players missing from the panel on Saturday night their are several reasons why they may not be available. For instance they may have slight injury or Covid issues or some other personal reason why they are unavailable . None of our business. We should support the Team that takes the pitch and hope to see new players put their hand up for selection. There are at least five to six established players in the last two years of their Inter County career for whom we need to unearth replacements

  22. Let me play devils advocate for a minute and assume most of the regular starters whom have been left out are available for selection but Horan has chosen to experiment . What if Dublin have a few players back and dish out a right thrashing to the experimental side , how will that be any addition to them or Mayo in general?

    In saying that we don’t know , I can’t imagine how a fully fit paddy Durcan wouldn’t be selected for a game v Dublin , you have to suspect he’s picked up a knock in training .

  23. At times Horan just can’t win, how many times have we heard why is he playing x, it’s the league what will we learn from playing him? Five or six new, or relatively new players in the named starting line up have an opportunity to play in Croker against our nemesis and show what they can produce.

    We have wanted forwards, Towey, Orme and Carney now have a chance to show what they can do. With Tommy out, there is a jersey there for whoever wants it most.

  24. @We are Mayo.
    Correct. We hammered Dublin by 12 points in 2012 in the refixed game, 20 – 08.

  25. I’m surprised by that lineup but we don’t know who is carrying a knock etc. Having said that, I’m also surprised that we’re calling on the Sigerson lads to tog out.

    I fully expect a big kick from the Dubs this weekend. So we’ll need to perform to get any kind of result. We’ve started the league well on the points board, but the performances have been very uneven. We were very lucky to snatch a draw in Sligo and rode our luck in Clones.

    A win away on Saturday would be significant. Yes it’s only the league but it would also be another step forward for a new squad. I’m a bit like WJ – given our record in this league fixture I am not optimistic.

  26. Revellino and We are Mayo, I think that match was in Castlebar though? Clerkin’s point was that we didn’t beat them in League in the capital since ’71.

  27. Maybe James Horan hadn’t factored a win against Dublin into his plan at the beginning of the league. Just say for instance he had targeted 4 teams to get results against to give us 6 points and probably stay in Div 1 and as we have a poor record against Dublin in the league maybe he is right to get lads used of Croke park and a tough game under their belt. A win would be nice of course but in fairness where has brilliant showing in the league got any team in the last few years really? I have firmly believed that on balance 2023 is when our team will come to the fore and unfortunately it will probably be the end for a few household names but I think Horan is on the right track.

  28. If you were selecting a team to have a real cut at the Dubs that’s not it. I fear we will be in for another league game in Croker where we put in a poor display to the disappointment of the large travelling support. It is not cheap to spend a night in Dublin after you pay for the hotel, food and diesel. A few scoops on top to drown the inevitable doom and gloom of another wasted trip to the capital. James appears to use the Dubs game as an opportunity for the newbies to see what it’s like to play in Croker against a team we will likely have to beat there later in the year. He seems to be sticking to the team as selectedthis year so I don’t expect any big changes before throw in. In any case when was the last time we went into a Dubs game expecting to beat them?

    My advice is to enjoy the occasion and don’t worry too much about the result.

  29. Willie Joe, it’s none of our business why some of our best players are not even on the bench tomorrow. James must treat every player on the panel with respect and give every one of them a fair chance. Even at this early stage , James must plan on having the names of his best 26 players on the programme for the Galway match. Nothing else matters!! Up Mayo

  30. Result won’t matter when we play Galway later. James isn’t throwing the game it’s simply sink or swim for some new players. Who knows several might swim. What’s the point training to play with Mayo unless you get a chance to play a big game or 2. This a a big day for some lads and I hope they enjoy it and acquit themselves well. James doesn’t care about this pride vs Dubs argument, there’s only so many games to be ready for championship. Likewise James doesn’t think it’s a disaster if we go down. We bounced straight back up last time. If we want new players to bolt then they have to be thrown in. All teams are in the same boat. Next year in the league it will will be much more important to win games because of the new format.

  31. I agree with @MichealinCork. JH has never been too bothered with the league. It’s obvious over the last few years all training/ fitness is aimed towards championship… of course it would be lovely to beat the Dubs but winning Connaught must be our priority so blooding new players in the league is a must .. and who better to see how they go than against the Dubs in Croker…
    No point having sneaky digs at Horan as there may be 1 or 2 changes before throw in ..
    Safe travelling all …
    I’m after bagging 4 premium tickets so delighted..

  32. If that’s the case fair enough not that I think it’s the right approach when you’ve a chance to pile misery on your rivals but why play hennelly so ?

  33. I didn’t agree with Enda when he said that Mayo people were world champions in complaining,but with some posters it is always complaining,if the manager picks the same team he should experiment,if he picks new players he should pick the strongest team,he sees those players three times a week so he must know what they are capable of,we have to trust his experience ,personally I believe that he is doing well and this team will beat Dublin

  34. Seven changes seems a lot but if you look at the team that finished against Monaghan then there are only 4 because he clearly decided to give the subs (Brickenden, McHugh & Flynn) another chance. Mattie & Oisin have to get their places now because they are probably chomping at the bit so that just leaves 2 changes .. Carney & Towey. I can only imagine that Paddy, Brendan, Padraig & Jason must have picked up a training injury so no options for James. Good luck to the boys on Sat, Up Mayo !!

  35. Some of the players not on the panel might have other commitments, they have lives after all. A good chance to look at fringe players before championship cull is done.

  36. Paddy Andrews in the football pod talked this week about the league fixtures Dublin targeted while under Gavin. Kerry and Mayo were always top of the list. They didn’t want to give either team an inch. However small the mental edge that might give them come championship, that is what they went for. Should we not be taking notes from the best team ever?

    @O SULLIVAN, Yes it is the long game that is important for Horan, but this feels like a serious opportunity to put some extra doubt in Dublin minds – players, management and fans alike. The doubt is there already of course – even when their (aging) first team is at full strength, the players now driving on their team in A v B games are a shadow of what they once had – all stars and all ireland winners. Winning Saturday would surely compound that doubt and give us some sort of edge during the summer should we meet them.

    Having said that though, I hope our team and bench selection that we take to Croker Saturday put in a huge performance and that we unearth some really good players in key positions.

  37. Surprised by this team selection. Dublin know they have to start winning soon and will now see this as an excellent opportunity. They would have feared a full strength team but not this selection. I hope I am proved wrong but I fear another miserable cold February night in Croke Park beckons.

  38. I feel like Horan has weighed up the importance of winning this match vs giving our youth experience in croke park (we’ll likely not play there again until an AI quarter final) and chosen the latter. For some lads this is a very important game to nail down a jersey in the 26 – sink or swim

  39. People reading a bit too much into the team named and what Horan’s thought process is. If you look at the 7 changes…

    Harrison, Durcan and Doherty – not even on the bench so are clearly injured/unavailable this weekend.
    Conor O’Shea – was always likely to lose out with Ruane back.
    Fionn McDonagh – has played 2 full Sigerson games since the day in clones.
    Eoghan McLaughlin – injury and Sigerson final means he could do with a rest.

    Padraig O’Hora is the one I don’t understand. Can’t see the point leaving him on the bench if he’s fit.

  40. It’s a squad game. We complained so many times over the years that we didnt have the bench or the squad when it really mattered. James is trying to build a squad of 25+ players who are all chomping at the bit to play and no place is given for any player. Good to keep people on their toes and players need experience at some. No point playing same people all the time then when it comes to the crunch in the championship having to turn to people who have barely played or people who you don’t know if they are up to the task.

  41. Hope I don’t cause offence commenting on a team that are not my own.

    On the subject of dummy teams, Dublin did it in Tralee and I honestly think its disrespectful to supporters and players and embarrassing for a league game in Feb.

    Hard to believe Mayo wouldn’t want to hammer another nail into Dublins self confidence on Sat and help send them into division 2.

    Honestly Dublin never took league games lightly against the other top teams and its a mistake in my opinion for James Horan to do it with Mayo.

  42. A deeper look at the selection will show that there are 5 changes in the 26. Oisin Mullin, Mattie Ruane, Jack Carney, Enda Hession and Kevin McLaughlin are in for Brendan Harrison, Paddy Durcan, Jason Doherty, Ruairi Keane and Frank Irwin. That doesn’t look like a serious weakening of the squad.
    James has to give game time to Mattie and Oisin, Jack is worth a look as he is flying at present, Enda and Kevin are proven from the past but also need game time either now or in the next game. If you look at the lads not in the 26, Brendan, Paddy and Jason have shown that they are worthy of a place in any matchday squad, so James is looking to see who else can step up. Ruairi Keane, Frank Irwin and Pierse Ruttledge will be like wild horses in training next week looking to catch the eye, as they have all been named in previous matchday squads but are not named for Saturday. Likewise, Fergal Boland and Sam Callinan will be hoping for a chance to impress and Rory needs to get time as well, to ensure that he is ready for the heat of battle if required. James tends to use 5 subs every match (despite being allowed 6) and that broke down as follows in the first 2 matches:
    Donegal – 1 Back, 2 Midfield, 2 Forwards
    Monaghan – 2 Backs, 2 Midfield, 1 Forward
    So we can see that he is spreading his subs throughout the field, so it’s not just the first 15 jersies that are being fought for, it’s the 26. The strength in depth is really developing now.
    And I haven’t even mentioned what will happen when Cillian O’Connor is ready for selection!

  43. Bit of an overreaction here.
    Firstly Durcan clearly has picked up an injury of some sort. He’s not even in the 26. Not James fault and he’s not obliged to tel us either if he is injured (which is annoying for us fans but that’s the way it is unfortunately).
    Harry came off with a niggle 2 weeks ago. No surprise he’s also out.
    Doc – he’s played a decent amount of football that last months and maybe needs a break. It was a long time on the sidelines after all.
    Mullin in for Durcan is not really making the team weaker anyway – the best young player in Ireland.

    Ohora is a strange one though. Expect he will be a late inclusion

  44. Horan just cant win. He has obviously identified this game as one to experiment and no better place than croke park. Over experimentation? Maybe, but i expect Mayo to be competitive. These are fringe players and good footballers. Might be a bit hard to gel together as a unit, but i would not be surprised with a win.
    I expect this team to start..

  45. JAMES HORAN and his selectors would not select the players for the team if he had not faith in them to do the job. We as supporters need to keep the faith and support the team which take the field on Saturday evening. Dublin ladies are playing cork in the curtain raiser to our game, so we need to be in early to cheer the Mayo team onto the field and roar them on for the entire match. Mayo have ground out a result in the first two matches and i think they will find a way to get a result against Dublin.

  46. I still think we will be able to win this game or at the least acquit ourselves well. This is a game across 70+ minutes, in which we can introduce subs.
    After some time, I can conceive of subs being introduced in the full forward, half forward or full back lines (adjustments as the game moves on).

  47. Surprised no update on the U20 panel or team news, believe it was the same last year don’t believe there was ever a panel released to the media except for the 24 match day players.

  48. This is a big game for Dublin. There may be issues in the camp but they will be keen to show a strong and united front in Croke Park on Saturday. They will want to produce a big performance for their supporters and with regulars like O’Callaghan, McCarthy, Fitzsimons and maybe a few others returning to the team, I’m expecting them to come at us with all guns blazing.

    This is also a big game for Mayo. It’s our first game back in Croke Park since the All Ireland Final defeat and I’m hoping we’ll see more structure to the way we set up and play. Will we see evidence of a new game plan taking shape and signs that we have started to learn lessons from past defeats? Will we give greater protection to our full back line or continue to concede soft goals in big games? Or will it be the usual helter skelter game from us on Saturday.

    I’m not too concerned about our team selection for the game on Saturday but I would like to see some progress in this vital area for the team during the remaining league games.

  49. 2 tickets free of charge to any fellow bloggers (*well none that I’ve had any arguments with!)
    They are section 307 lower cusack so excellent seats but are not exactly together (5 seats apart,welcome to the wonderful world of the new season ticket system)

    * only joking on that part.

    Can I ask Willie Joe to put me in contact with whoever wants them if that’s not too much trouble,would rather not publish number here.
    Thanks! FW

  50. Have to assume the 3 lads have niggly injuries or surely they’d be in 26.
    Doherty the biggest loss as forward line could do with leadership.
    Big chance for Brickenden and Mc Hugh to put down markers.
    Delighted to see Flynn getting a start and big chance for him to become regular partner for Ruane.
    Could be a couple of changes before throw in.

  51. U20 team and subs for tonights game v Roscommon

    1 Lee Tolan Jennings Tourmackeady
    2 Oisin Tunney Breaffy
    3 Alfie Morrison Louisbourgh
    4 Martín Carr Tourmackeady
    5 Fenton Kelly Davitts
    6 Sean Morahan Castlebar Mitchels
    7 Aidan Cosgrove Kiltimagh
    8 Bob Tuohy Castlebar Mitchels
    9 Jack Fallon Mayo Gaels
    10 Ryan Fadden Balla
    11 Conor Reid Bohola Moy Davitts
    12 Conal Dawson Westport
    13 Cian McHale Bohola Moy Davitts
    14 Rory Morrin Ballina Stephenites
    15 Cian O’Donnell Ballinrobe

    16 Luke Jennings Ballinrobe
    17 Tomas Waldron Castlebar Mitchels
    18 Shea O’Donoghue Beal an Mhuirthead
    19 Cian McHale Parke KC
    20 Ruaidhri Forde Salthill Knocknacarra
    21 Shaun Dempsey Balla
    22 Niall Treacy Davitts
    23 Paul Walsh Castlebar Mitchels
    24 Dylan Thorton Ballina Stephenites
    25 Ronan Hughes The Neale
    26 Brian O Flaherty Aughamore
    27 Charlie Bourke Knockmore
    28 Mark Cunningham Castlebar Mitchels
    29 Mickie Murphy Lahardane
    30 Cathal Corless Davitts

  52. If we look back to first half of Donegal game where we could not get our hands on the ball, think we could expect more of the same tomorrow night. If Dublin put away their chances which Donegal did not, could be a long night.

  53. I would hazard a guess that Jason Doc and Paddy might have been in the 26 if it were Galway we were playing tomorrow. With the games coming thick and fast if there is any doubt then the management are right to be cautious particularly so with Jason Doc who has slotted back in nicely. His return of 1-03 from play in 2 games was handy and we will need his scores throughout the summer in Tommy Conroys absence.
    A forward line of Ryan, Cillian and Jason Doc can definitely do the job for us.

  54. Mayo Magic,
    Quite a few players absent in that U20 panel, James Horan must be holding on to them unless they are injured all where involved last year
    Eoin Gilraine Ballinrobe
    Donnacha Mchugh Castlebar
    Ruairi Keane Mayo Gael’s
    Ethan Henry Mayo Gael’s
    Paddy Henegan Castlebar
    Owen Mchale Bellmullet
    Frank Irwin Ballina
    Sam Callinan Ballina still U19 not involved last year

    Surprised not to see Ciaran Boland Ballina Daithi Cosgrove Bellmullet both had good senior championship experience and Cosgrove was starting for GMIT freshers. Not so sure if you can take take many players out of a group and expect great things but there is some good U19s that is worth looking out for.

    The midfield is interesting was wondering how he was going to fit in The St Geralds pairing of Tuohy, Fadden, UL fresher captain Fenton Kelly, Jack Fallon Mayo Gael’s intermediated midfielder As well as GMIT fresher captain Conor Reid. Looks like he got them all in. All except Reid like Callinan are U19. No players from Claremorris minor A winning team last year. Just Davitts Cathal Corless from St Colman’s Connacht finalist team.

    I felt Corless and Conal Dawson where are best players with Ronan Clarke in our U17s from last, Clarke is still U17 and I see Dawson is starting on the half forward line whereas he was a halfback last year and a good one.

  55. Hi, if anybody has a spare ticket in the cusack or Davin give me a shout please. 0838854461

  56. I am inclined to go with the let’s see what happens if that team plays. JH may want to see who steps up.

    This is always the dilemma for anyone that manages people, some will want you to change/improve but then may give out if it does not work out as intended. JH is showing leadership with the move, and he knows that there will be criticism if we lose badly, he is likely thinking medium term while many of us are thinking short term.

    Also interested in West Kerry comment, do the traditional strong teams always look for a chance to give a rival a beating, does this come as a result of a winning culture?

  57. I don’t know how some posters equate losing to Dublin in the league in Croke Park ,with, winning versus Galway in the championship in McHale Park or somewhere else ? (depending on how the grass grows in the meantime).. The more you win now, the more likely you are to win in the future, goes the general theory, although I don’t know the mathematical formula for that theory, the Dublin of the most of the last decade, equated beating Mayo both in the league and the championship, with lifting Silverware at the end of both league and championship… We conceivably might lose both games, or actually win both games.. I don’t buy that the result of the game on Saturday in Croke Park will soon be forgotten, depending on the result v Galway on an Easter Sunday in the Championship somewhere else!.. After all we are still talking about our 2012 victory in the league in Castlebar versus Dublin, and we didn’t forget about that league victory, even though we added to it, another championship victory versus Dublin in Croke Park later on in the Summer .. I will be shocked if that team named beats Dublin on Saturday, but then again I will be surprised if that team named actually starts!..

  58. If the team that’s named starts and goes on to beat Dublin , we have one hell of a panel of players . Commentary in here has swayed me slightly, it does make sense to rest players in a condensed season like this one ,if that’s the case , still would of preferred to do this for Tyrone and Kildare games but maybe that’s my naivety or lack of understanding . Still baffled by James Carr not getting in to squad at a minimum .

  59. Hard to believe Claremorris have no Under 20 in County squad tonight along with no Senior panelist after winning lots of County Underage titles the last decade.Won the County A Minor and Under 16 last year.

  60. Would be keen for more views and comments on the u20 team tonight. Cian machale from moy Davitts seems to be doing a lot of the scoring according to Twitter. Still u19.
    Definitely a few missing though. Henry & Keane, Callinan, Frank Irwin all walk up starts in that u20 side from what I’ve seen. Cosgrove from Belmullet would be another.
    Anyone at the game to provide an update?

  61. Good start from basically a young team
    1-4 from Mchale, 0-4 Cian o Connell,
    and one point apiece from Fallon Dawson Walsh and Morrin

  62. Hi Willie Joe and FW – I would like to take those 2 tickets please 🙂 – Hope you can connect us offline via email addresses – i thought there would be loads available online – and i will sort you out as well Thanks

  63. Im Very confused people. Alot of the u20s tonight played for the 17s last year. I know that if your good enough your old enough and all that. But I would have expected a lot more 19 year olds playing .

    Answers on a postcard please

  64. Starting team
    Sean Morahan Conal Dawson U18s plus Corless on bench
    Kelly Tuohy Fallon Fadden Mchale U19s plus Dempsey Hughes Bourke Cunningham on Bench

    Don’t know much about he lad from Salthill

    Our strongest 7 U20s from last years panel weren’t involved plus Sam Callinan who is U19

    Donnacha Mchugh and Sam Callinan names in the senior panel for Dublin game
    Ruairi Keane played in the fresher final last night and with Paddy Henegan Frank Irwin have been involved with the seniors already this year
    Owen Mchale Bellmullet had been with the seniors last year and started for the U20s last year
    Eoin Gilraine started corner back last year and got injured Donnacha Mchugh came in his place for the second game.

  65. Starting team
    Sean Morahan Conal Dawson U18s plus Corless on bench
    Kelly Tuohy Fallon Fadden Mchale U19s plus Dempsey Hughes Bourke Cunningham on Bench

    Don’t know much about he lad from Salthill

    Our strongest 7 U20s from last years panel weren’t involved plus Sam Callinan who is U19

    Donnacha Mchugh and Sam Callinan names in the senior panel for Dublin game
    Ruairi Keane played in the fresher final last night and with Paddy Henegan Frank Irwin have been involved with the seniors already this year
    Owen Mchale Bellmullet had been with the seniors last year and started for the U20s last year
    Eoin Gilraine started corner back last year and got injured Donnacha Mchugh came in his place for the second game.
    Ethan Henry Mayo Gael’s made the minor team of the year at U17s was also a starter last year.

  66. Anyone looking for a free ticket – can’t make it unfortunately. I can email it if WJ is willing to oblige.

  67. If Harrison, Durcan or Doherty are in any way fit to play tomorrow night, would expect to hear of some last minute changes. If Horan isn’t seriously trageting this game for precious league points then he is taking a major gamble with our Division 1 retention prospects. Dublin may very well come roaring back tomorrow night, but any chance that they don’t find form must be fully exploited or we could very easily find ourselves sliding towards a relegation battle.

  68. Great to see James giving the young lads a game in Croke Park as the experience will stand to them whoever will make the gameday twenty six for the showdown with Galway in the Championship as I think it will be played in Croke Park. Fancy them to give a good account of themselves and win by a point or two.
    @Hill16. Claremorris did not win the County A Minor title last year. They won the U18 title.

  69. Gonna be in premium section for the game so have cusack lower tickets (303) available no charge if any good loud Mayo supporter wants them? Maybe WJ could exchange emails…thanks!

  70. I’m afraid this has all the hallmarks of a Dublin ambush. They will be very sore after the losses in the opening 2 weeks, the loss last august to us and the comments of Dermot Butler.
    I feel like we are sleep walking into it a bit by comparison. Dublin to cover the handicap would be my bet of the weekend.
    However unlike some others here I think it will have no effect on what happens later in the year between us.

  71. Agree Larry Duff and Sean Burke. We were lucky in Donegal game that they missed so many chances in the first half. It would be amazing if we had the panel to put out so many new starters against Dublin and compete with them. However the evidence would show down over the years that it takes a very special player to step up to this level when thrown in at the deep end in Croke Park, especially against the Dubs. It is a major gamble of we go with this team that could go horribly wrong. Hope to see a few changes before throw in so we are competitive tonight and keep the positive vibe after 2 games going even if we don’t win!

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