Seventy thousand and counting

As well as writing stuff, I do like to read what others are scribbling about and one of my favourite blogs at the moment is the economics-related one Turbulence Ahead, which never fails to come up with solid, thought provoking material.  There was a post on that site the other day referencing an academic study by some economic boffins on the topic of blogging.  This study is, in all likelihood, the first proper economic one in this area but, although the paper does contain plenty of nifty algebra (most academic economic papers do, unfortunately) the conclusions drawn by the researchers aren’t exactly earth-shattering.  Would it surprise you, for example, to learn that blogs with higher levels of content production and general blogging activity have a higher number of readers?  Get the fuck out of here!

Why is all this relevant?  Well, at some stage later on today, the hit count on this site will top 70,000 for the year to date and, at this run rate, it’s set to hit around 75,000 or so for the whole of 2008.  I only started recording traffic in April of last year, two months after starting the original site on Blogger, and the hit count for the whole of 2007 on Green and Red 1.0 only reached a little over 12,000, which means that the traffic has increased sixfold this year compared to last (see: I can do stats too).  Could the increase in traffic be related to “higher levels of content production and general blogging activity”?  The boffins would certainly have us believe so.

Given my modest ambitions for the site, these are quite amazing numbers.  As I mentioned in another post earlier this year, my motivation for starting the site was to mix my interest in writing with my long-standing enthusiasm for how the county football team fares.  Since then, the project has, to some degree, taken on a life of its own and has become one which now seems to drag me – and, to some extent, all of you lot – along in its wake.  And all this has happened in a period during which we’ve only managed to beat Cavan and Sligo in the Championship.  Can you imagine what the mayhem would be like here if we did actually win Connacht and start to kick some ass at All-Ireland level again?  That thought alone is enough to want to keep this particular show on the road for a while longer.

14 thoughts on “Seventy thousand and counting

  1. Heartiest congratulations to your site, yourself and the 70,000 +hits. I came across it by chance whilst trawling for stuff on the home county last year. Its now required reading each day along with Spalpin. I used to spin on to No One Shouted Stop! but obviously someone did because he dont write no more. Hoganstand and a few others have got a bit bitter and childish for my liking even though I still wade in when some ass h*** insults us. Keep up the good work, its a fair old achievement.

  2. Well done WJ, great to hear it’s going well.
    I’ve only been aware of this site the last 6 months. It’s now one I take a look at every day (while I’m supposed to be working).

    As ontheroad says above, Hoganstand can be very petty and full of shite really. Nothing but rumours and other counties coming on having a dig (and I mean counties like Cavan/Ros’ etc. – Jesus, come on!)
    I’ve never actually contributed to HS or any other sites, I tend to just be a ‘lurker’. Says it all about this site that I do actually contribute something, albeit a lot of waffle.

    Keep it going WJ, it’s appreciated

  3. Thanks, guys – a lot of the fun in doing this is the social networking angle that’s developed in the site. It’d be a lot less fun doing this if nobody was providing any feedback and it helps to ensure that I’m not talking total shite all the time.

    I was sorry to see that No One Shouted Stop dried up over the summer as it looked as if a GAA blogging fraternity was starting to develop (it still hasn’t: Come on the Deise is the only other county GAA blog I know of). Clearly, there aren’t enough nutcases out there!

  4. Congrats Willie Joe, keep up the good work. I’ve even got some non-mayomen hooked on it.

    Roll on year 3!

  5. Can I add my congatulations also. Its a terrific site, I only came across it following the Minors this year, but like Dan checking out the site is now a daily ritual.
    Keep up the good work.

  6. Thanks all for the kind words. Year 3 is nearly upon us so hopefully there’ll be some good exploits to report on in 2009.

  7. Well done WJ… it’s become must read stuff in the mornings for me now (I find that the work can always wait a few moments) Great stuff, and much appreciated.
    Re the situation in Cork: As a Rebel said to me, it’s like a couple having a row in a pub, everyone wishes it was hapening behind closed doors, but it’s a brave man who will intervene, and nobody’s leaving for fear of missing something!

  8. Fair play WJ, you’re some man for one man! Your dedication to the cause is beyond question. But you must have a very flexible work arrangement to keep it going! I struggle to get the time I need to scatter me few pebbles of knowledge in your direction. However you manage it, I hope it continues.

    I am confident that speak for many when I say that I enjoy the posts and all of the comments as well as dipping my own opinions into the pot as well.
    Roll on year 3.

    Keep the Faith!

  9. Thanks, FourGoal, work is flexible enough for me and it is at times helpful that it is.

    The increasing number of commentators on the site is great and certainly from my perspective adds greatly to my enjoyment in doing this.

    Oh, by the way FourGoal, just for you I included in the 1967 results the All-Ireland U21 final victory over Kerry, which, as you no doubt know, gave birth to your moniker!

  10. Thanks Ted (and Flying Doc and Innocent Bystander too). Keep the comments rolling too, lads!

  11. Most enjoyable website, both honest and thought provoking, with your passion for the green and red shining through, keep up the good work

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