Shall we surf the wave? Mayo Football Podcast 2023 E7

In this latest Mayo Football Podcast episode, host Rob Murphy is joined by Billy Joe Padden and Colm Keys of the Irish Independent to reflect on Mayo’s fast start to the season and try to assess what it means for the team’s prospects for the Championship.

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2 thoughts on “Shall we surf the wave? Mayo Football Podcast 2023 E7

  1. Great podcast! Don’t think anyone is getting carried away but its great to be able to enjoy mayo football again and have the excitment back.

    Good point on mayo people being over cautious about getting carried away I think after 21 we all learnt not to..

    But it is great to be able to enjoy it again .

    Bring on the rossies another tough test one thing mayo do make it entertaining.. thought the Armagh/kerry game was flat but the Armagh/mayo game was entertaining that goes for other games to maybe thats just me being biased though ha..looking forward to sunday!

  2. A great pod, I find it interesting when you get an outsider view on progress by mayo.

    It was also interesting on the here comes the weekend pod that McStay was viewed as an attacking manager, sometimes to the detriment of the defence. It would appear based on performances to date he is attempting to strike a balance between the two and certainly looks to be stopping the concession of easy goals that kill us.

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